some late night dedications

Open phones. Call in your requests now. The Love Line is open, 1-866-555-BRKN.

(As usual, +1 pop culture point for every song correctly identified.)


“Ooh… I’m not your average type of girl
I’m gonna show the world the strength in me
That sometimes they can’t see
I’m about to switch my style”

… from Ranka to everyone

Why don’t we get commercials as awesome as this one in Britannia? Much better than yet another Ford Focus ad or craptastic promo for House of Payne. Anyway, Ranka is making the leap. Whether or not she goes Minmay on us… well… chances are high. And, yes, the same twitch I had for Ayu over Nayuki is returning… hey, speaking of which…


“You know I’m right
She’s like so whatever
You can do so much better”

… from Tomoyo to Tomoya

Even though Tomoyo’s story will only span one disappointingly short episode, it’s still better than nothing. It has also shattered the record for most e-mail’s that I have received on a single topic that didn’t involve Mako-cakes. I think it just re-affirms my belief that if you are going to make a visual novel, it’s a bad idea to have the fourth best character as the end girl. No, seriously. It’s like going into the NBA draft and walking out with Darko instead of Carmelo, Bosh, or Wade.


“I just want to hold you close
So far I only have dreams of you
So I wait for the day”

… from C.C. to Cheese-kun

For the time she waited between when she mailed in all her Pizza Hut stamps and when her Cheese-kun arrived. And then the Cheese-kun action set. And then the stickers. And Ms. Cheese-kun. And the Cheese-kun bobblehead. And the Zero outfit for Cheese-kun. And then the Cheese-kun vibrator. You get the idea.


“It’s all right, it’s all right
She moves in mysterious ways”

… from Neeba to Jil

Kinda blindsided that 12 was the last episode of this season, and I hated how the ending was anticlimatic. Still, 2009 can bite my shiny metal ass… that’s like forever in the internet age. Though it may still be sooner than the Haruhi Suzumiya sequel. Tower of Druaga could have been a lot better if the story spent more time developing and less time on poorly animated battles. Of course, it could have been awesome if it spent more time with ropers and roper dances. And, not to be forgotten, it could have been pantheon class with a Coopa ending.


“Promiscuous girl, wherever you are
I’m all alone, and it’s you that I want”

… from all hot blooded males to Fubuki

Remember, she’s not a clumsy meido. She’s an easy meido. That’s a very important distinction.


“I’m sorry you seem confused
He belongs to me
The boy is mine”

… from Cecile and Millay to Suzaku

Wait, what happened here… OH GEASS NO!


“I want to suck not kiss (not kiss)
I want to fuck not love (not love)
I want some hardcore dick
(Mmm, put it in there)”

… from Chizuru to Kouta

Pretty much sums up Kanokon. Actually, if I had to write a review for Kanokon, this chorus would be it. No, seriously, what else could I add that isn’t covered by these four simple lines?

(If you went back to 1994 and told me that this singer would be singing lyrics like this, I would have been like, “No way. And no way does George W. Bush get elected to two terms.”)


“Let me know what you want
I would give you
How fantastic to be with you”

… from Chiko to Twenty Faces

I’m pretty sure Twenty Faces ditched Chiko because he was afraid she would jump him once she realized she could. Reminds me of the rant Jim Rome had about how certain athletes should wear condoms at all time… you know… just in case they get jumped.

24 Responses to “some late night dedications”

  1. The post says Cecile, but the picture clearly says “Lloyd.”

    See what your brokenness has wrought over the internets!

  2. Again, AGAIN with the Nagisa hate from Jason! I’m in despair! Jason’s (and by extension, the blog readers’) moe preferences have left me in despair!

  3. I got the U2 and the Timbaland/Nelly Furtado, but I totally missed the Mariah Carey. I’m with you Jason, there’s no way in 94 that anyone sees those lyrics coming, heck she was still hot on Boyz 2 Men at that time….man, gettin old =_=

  4. Wow Mariah and Boyz2Men? That IS old school short of busting out a boombox and kicking out a skittles into a flair….(WOW can’t believe I just brought that up…..) By the by….Sorry you got third place in the blogger awards but if it counts for anything I voted for you cause I believe in meidos. Yes We Can!!!

  5. wtf….i nearly had a heart attack when i saw that suzaku pic >_>

    may the banana god bless mai soul….

  6. no, no, no we’re all missing the major problem here: We have a Nagisa ending, and now, even though it may be only one episode, we have a tomoyo ending… But dammit, there’s still no Kyou ending! We want our delicious thigh meats!

  7. Damn it, Mako-chan! You broke Jason enough that not only is he posting Kyonko pics, but now he’s doing Lloydette pics too. Damn you RmX! Now does thou see what thy heresies have wrought? ;)

    By the way, is anyone else thinking that the weird coloring makes Chizuru’s ass look more like bubble gum than flesh? Also, non-upscaled Macross Frontier is superior. Very sharp.

    P.S.: I have found a way to break Stripey/the tanuki – have a picture of Mako-cakes asking for nii-san. Someone, get on that for me please. ;)

  8. HEY HEY! YOU YOU! +1

    And I for one would like to see a druaga amv featuring Fantima vs the roper and the roper dance, with Mysterious ways playing in the background.

  9. > “can bite my shiny metal ass”
    We’ve already established that Jason’s a trap, but a cyborg/robot too…?

    As for the songs, U2 is the only one I recognised.

  10. Hmm, 0 points. You know what? I’m perfectly fine with that.

    Druaga 2 strikes me as going to be a direct continuation. If you think of it as one season with a long hiatus in the middle, there’s still plenty of time for a Coopa ending. Don’t give up the dream!

  11. No, he’s quoting Bender from Futurama and WKRP in Cincinatti for his lines. Now, did Lloydette steal Ms. Rohrmeyer’s dress?

  12. Jason, you need to actually play Clannad before making judgments about Nagisa.

    But that’s just me.

  13. “Watch Me Shine” I only recognized because I’ve seen the Kiddy Grade AMV to it. And that last one is Sheryl’s song, isn’t it?

  14. U2’s “Mysterious Ways” was the only one I got, but if the rest of the lyrics show what is to be expected from current pop music, then that just reaffirmed my decision to stop listening to pop music around the same time “Mysterious Ways” was pop… God I feel old…

    >>>“Remember, she’s not a clumsy meido. She’s an easy meido. That’s a very important distinction.”

    Actually, she’s both. Moe mode + payoff = WIN

  15. Instead of all this despicable POP music, you should have used good ol’ tunes by the late, great, Porter Wagoner instead.

    Match up the shows with such classics as:

    “Tomorrow be payday tomorrow be payday
    It’s gonna be payday in the log camp
    Gonna take my money to town
    Gonna chase all the women around…”



  16. Nagisa is my favorite, to the point that I’m actually kind of iffy about watching the Tomoyo episode out of stupid, blinding loyalty to my favorite. No other character’s ever made me think that way. Fourth-best=NONSENSE.

    Also, recognized 3 of the songs. I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

  17. I’ll rally beside that person and say that some of us really think Nagisa is the best match for Tomoya (maybe not the best CHARACTER, but the best pairing. They don’t have to be mutually inclusive!) An episode of Tomoyo going around being Tomoyo would be nice, but really we’d prefer to watch Tomoya and Cockroach-tan blush at each other for 21 minutes anyday. Woohoo!

    (Though it’s awesome that Tomoyo is getting her route… “expanded”. Lucky!)

    And the top image broke me a little. Does Jason hate genderbent Suzumiya Haruhi, or love it? Or is he just tsundere?

  18. We shall forgive the lack of miedo update because there is miedo in this post. Both broken and easy types.

  19. I’m disappointed in each and every one of you. Can’t believe more people got Mysterious Ways than the last song… after all, I just linked it to a few days ago.

    >> The post says Cecile, but the picture clearly says “Lloyd.”

    Post got it right if you are familiar with the song.

    >> Jason, you need to actually play Clannad before making judgments about Nagisa.

    Kaisos, you should stop assuming that one must play a visual game to enjoy an anime. Anime should be able to be enjoyed and appreciated independently of other forms of media. Also, other forms of media should not be counted to or against an anime… it’s like saying, “Hey, Michael Jordan sucked at baseball, therefore he shouldn’t be considered as the greatest NBA player ever because of that.”

    But that’s just me.

    >> Actually, she’s both. Moe mode + payoff = WIN

    I don’t think Fubuki is clumsy. Yoriko is clusmy. Fubuki is actually pretty solid as a meido, except she’s easy. Then again, didn’t Maria get in the hot tub with Hayate?

  20. “Then again, didn’t Maria get in the hot tub with Hayate?”

    Yes, but Hayate’s dense.

  21. Or Maria isn’t easy enough?

    Do you think Hayate is more or less dense than Kouta?

    Anyway, the real Kallen and Lulu after I get home tonight…reasonable facsimile of Kallen and Lulu now.

  22. Maria got into the hot tub by ACCIDENT with Hayate, and then they were at a loss for what to do after that. Fubuki admitted she’d be easy, on the other hand.

    PS: Anya needs to call Lulu ‘nii-sama’ in order to trigger Rolo’s psychosis. You KNOW you want to see that. That, and Lulu’s “WTFWTHBBQ” face.

  23. Remember, she’s not a clumsy meido. She’s an easy meido.

    More like, she is a QUALITY meido.

    (God, that pic makes me shiver…)

  24. I pray for the day I learn to stop trying to argue with people smarter than I am.

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