code geass r2 11

All Hail Pizza Hut! Pizza Hut! Pizza HUUUUUUT!


Well, I was just thinking that it was about time for C.C. to show some skin, and the Sunrise deities delivered. It’s like they’re rotating through all the girls, trying to keep each one in the spotlight. I think this might be the best case scenario for Code Geass R2. Imagine the remainder of the series being focused on each girl, much like a typical harem anime. There could be the “get pizza with C.C.” episode or even a “plan a dance with Millay” episode. Can’t forget the “take Sumeragi on a date” episode or the “watch Shirley and the rest of the Ashford swim team compete against the Umisho swim team” episode. Of course, I’d be looking forward to “twittering with Anya” and “101 things to do with a tied up Kallen” episode.



Trembling loli-faced world leaders is fine too. To complete the circle, they should reveal that Mikuru Asahina is the leader of India.


Xing-Ke, if you want to bone her that badly, just propose on the spot. No, seriously. No one will complain, and she’s a guaranteed lay… err… I mean yes. Now if you just want to keep up this ambiguous relationship with an underaged world leader, then by all means, don’t.

(But, remember, she is the leader now. So she sets the legal age. *hint hint*)


I’m really bothered with Sayoko as Lulu… where did her melonpan go?! I mean, she was sticking out as per Black Knight regulations earlier, and now she’s as flat as Rolo. Ever heard of conservation of matter?

(Reminds me of the ridiculous movie, Face-Off, where Cage and Travolta basically swap bodies. Nevermind that Travolta is a few inches taller and about thirty pounds heavier than Cage, no one thought that this was fishy. Plus, the two have completely different voices. I also liked how they cut off the faces, yet there’s no visible scarring.)


Oh my. Oh my my. Very difficult to concentrate. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more: Kallen tied up while in her skin tight plug suit or the look on Suzaku’s face examining her? Good times… good times.

(I also liked how during this important battle, instead of piloting Lancelot Conquista into battle, Suzaku is checking out Kallen. Boy has his priorities straight! He does later go out and join the battle, but that was after getting a proper eyeful of Kallen.)

(And my prediction that we’ll be flooded with captured Kallen doujinshis hasn’t be fulfilled yet, but I’m sure that Comiket 74 in August will be rocking capture Kallen’s world. She has no idea what’s in store for her.)


If this is Suzaku’s “I got Nunnally pregnant, and Kallen’s next” face, then more power to him. And what happened to Nunnally… she’s kinda… uh… gone from the plot. Still, someone needs to whisper to Lulu… “Save Guren’s pilot, save the world.”

True to guess if my first draft of this item was either:

“Can’t… function… Kallen… tied… up…”


“Typical Sunrise logic break. Why give her food when her mouth has been completely sealed up? What are they thinking?”

You won’t lose with either.


She wore her meido bonnet under her Lulu wig? My gosh, that’s some dedication. But that alone isn’t going to get her inducted into the pantheon, but this sure helps…


… my gosh, I was fully expecting Shirley to break out a, “If you don’t know, then I’m not telling you” line. So Sayoko pretends to be Lulu, and, while she was Lulu, she manages to give Shirley an open mouth kiss?

(Andohbytheway, I did like Rolo’s expression towards Shirley. He was like a dog defending his territory.)


We get some Shirley love as well. Damn, speaking of Mikuru, isn’t this the exact same outfit that her All Woman self was wearing?


Man, this phone call between Shirley and Lulu was more frustrating than the call between Miya-Miya and Hiro. If Code Geass R2 wasn’t in this 6 JST time slot, I’m sure 80% of the call would be focused on Shirley changing instead of Lulu smirking.

(I definitely liked how all the women protested against Lulu about a forced marriage with Tian-Zi and how the men pushed for it. Of course, he ignored all of them and based his decisions on an emotional, brainwashed high school girl who is madly in love with him.)

(But I am glad that when Lulu said that he knows the feeling of love, it was just a Nunnally montage. I think I would have gone slack-jawed if they had shown a Suzaku montage. Honestly, if that had happened, I would have just closed down this blog with one final message: “I quit anime.”)

(Now if they had gone the other way and shown a Kallen montage, I would have put up “five images: kallen in restraints.”)


Developing urge to play some Ninja Gaiden II.

Now this is the part of the post where I go through elements that remind me of Gundam 00:


Number 1! Welcome, whatever your name is, to the Felt and Christine All-Stars! Extra bouncy bridge bunnies, check.


Number 2! Because it worked so well for Soma and Allelujah, let’s bring back the same condition for C.C. and Anya. Modified soldiers that don’t play well together, check.

(Damn, there goes my dreams of a possible five some involving C.C., Anya, Kallen, Millay, and Shirley. No, you really don’t need a guy in there.)


Number 3! “New Black.” Awesome. The most powerful new mobile suit goes to the person who can barely pilot one. I like how its specialty is defense. Is it going to be the Ben Wallace of the Code Geass world? Ultrapowerful mobile suit held out until the last moment, check.


Number 4! Sometimes I think that Sunrise only introduces characters just so they can re-introduce them. I’m positive this is why Rolo hasn’t done much yet– he hasn’t died yet. Bringing back long lost and/or dead characters, check. Well, technically this hasn’t happened yet in 00, but you just know it’s only a matter of time.


Number 5! Virtue, check.

(I’d say more, but we’re getting more Anya shots because of this development, so I can’t complain. And why does her plugsuit reveal her midriff? Not that I’m complaining or anything.)


Number 6! What is Sunrise’s fascination with stuffing as many characters into Ashford as possible? It’s almost like me complaining about Nagisa over Tomoyo and Kyou and Kotomi at every opportunity. Lame plot twist at the end of every episode, check.


And, finally, from last time

Haesslich: I’d still marry Sayoko. Or Maria. Or Hinagiku, even though she’s not meido…

Haess, I believe that from you as much as I believe in Lulu’s conviction to save Kallen. You’re just trying too hard to overcompensate for your real love of Mako-cakes.

K.K.: Also, I have a D-Cup and over requirement as well, but unfortunately, it’s not going so hot. Harder to do in real life than you’d think.

Only difficult if your criteria is both d-cup and weighs under 250 pounds. This reminds me… why are all the characters in CLAMP series so damn skinny? Please, someone get Shirley and Lulu-Sayoko a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

(Watching an episode of Real Drive right before Code Geass R2 for maximum effect… fantastic.)


Keiya: To make myself even more clear (or maybe unclear), what’s happening in Code Geass is exactly what makes Yu-Gi-Oh a gloriously stupid card game: stacking your deck with 40 rare cards that each cost AT LEAST an arm and a leg is STILL INFINITELY MORE EFFECTIVE than forming a deck that has an actual working strategy.

I’d stack my deck with Black Magician Girl, if you know what I mean. Actually, it’s always a bad sign when the plot of any anime is compared to valid Yu-Gi-Oh! card battle strategies. This is even worse than being compared to Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.

FS: So people have claimed that the spoilers say doppelganger Lulu=Sayoko. Best cosplayer ever?

Well, she was geassed to be Lulu last season, so I’m not surprised. I was surprised at the open mouth kiss she shared with Shirley. I’m heavily, heavily disappointed that it wasn’t properly shown– damn you 6 PST! Damn you to hell!


Syaoran Li: Wait, I don’t remember Sakayo playing Lelouch’s role in the series (this and the first one); but if you said so, I believe you.

He geassed her to pretend that she was him during some Ashford event. I had assumed that when Nunnally was taken away (not really explained how she was taken), Sayoko would have gone with her since Sayoko wasn’t involved with the knights. Now that we know that Sayoko didn’t go with Nunnally, why did she team up with Lulu? She’s just a meido– not a spy– unless she’s from the same meido school that produced Tachibana and Lilica.

Kadian1364: Who is this Sayako everyone keeps mentioning? Is it that maid?

Looks like the Meido Pantheon went up just in time. My gosh, to think that there’s people out there who don’t know each and every single anime meido. I better not get questions asking who Tachibana and Lilica are.

Nekonron: Sunrise must be using the same scriptwriters from Gundam 00 and GSD for R2. This is slowly turning into Gundam and away from what made Code Geass awesome in the first place.

Actually, the script is handled by two people: Hiroyuki Yoshino, the mastermind behind Mai Otome and Gundam Seed Destiny and Ichiro Okouchi, who did Azumanga and Shigofumi. I think you guys should start petitioning Sunrise to hire me as the scriptwriter for Code Geass R3. I’ll make it my campaign platform to feature more bunny girl Kallen, more C.C. butt shots, and more slutty Millay dresses. I also won’t write myself into a corner. Vote for me! YES WE CAN!


AeS: How old is Anya? Was she blogging 10 years ago?

It’s a moot question because when Suzaku becomes the Knight of One and takes over Area 11, he’ll lower the legal age so he can keep banging Nunnally. Well, at least without any guilt.

Nodspy: Hmmm kallens trapped in the cockpit of gurren……. think I could squeeze in with her? Maybe if I brought some baby oil with me….. mmmm oily kallen(and now I wont get any work done…)

Why are all of last week’s YTAMR candidates lacking so lacking in punctuation, proper spacing, and capitalization? Even from someone like Nodspy who usually writes coherent stuff? Maybe they’re all typed with one hand. I somehow think episode 11 will only produce even more poorly typed comments.

Cyclops: (and yes, I seriously did do maniacal laughter when the Scatter-Hadron cannons fired. And when the plates collapsed. Twice. And during the building walkway. And I think I did some during the 999,997 Zeros. Higurashi broke me like that…. Okay, I am going to go watch Shion go crazy a bit…)

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. <blockquote cite=”Jason”
    Haess, I believe that from you as much as I believe in Lulu’s conviction to save Kallen. You’re just trying too hard to overcompensate for your real love of Mako-cakes.

    Ah. I think they call this ‘projecting one’s motives onto others’. ;) Seriously, after this episode, I’d propose to Sayoko. Accidental yuri is lovely, especially when it’s with Shirley, who consulted All Woman Mikuru for her accessories this episode (frilly bra, open shirt).

    And for some reason, I expect Anya to break out the “Niiii-pah” thing on Lulu, just so we can see his “WTF!” face again, along with Rolo’s. Instead of the mere ‘oh SHI–‘ one we got this time. Or maybe an “OH GEASS NO” one.

    PS: Sad C.C. = new Moe Mode.

  2. The Blockquote has failed me!

  3. Good catch, the .2 second clip of Cornelia in the preview – very well caught.

    So… Who are Tachibana and Lilica again? I’m assuming they’re some manner of meido…

  4. I wouldn’t mind a girl of the episode focus for the rest of CG…but that brings in the danger that we could get the reverse as well, like a “beach day with Suzaku” episode or a “shopping with Rolo” episode. If enough delicious thighs came before the male bonding episodes though, then it’d be worth the risk. I’d just have to abandon CG and flee at the sight of suspicious previews. Might get tricky if they pull a Mako-cakes though.

  5. Your asking for proper grammar and punctuation when a tied up Kallen is just waiting to be groped?? Are you mad? Sentence structure be damned! Now if you please I’m off to buy more baby oil and maybe some whip cream.

  6. I’d be angrier about Kallen being captured, except she was captured by eunuchs first, and the Knights of Rounds second. The one most likely to try anything out of that group is Nina.

    My guess is that Anya is a witch, like C.C. and she’s gonna give Suzaku the power to make Nunnally appear as a boy. Yeah, I went there.

  7. Sooo… did anyone notice how Kallen’s bottom buckle was undone?

  8. The .2 second clip may not be Cornelia—>

  9. Anya in her plugsuit piloting Mordred looks like she should belong in the Angel Tai. (Must sing catchy Galaxy Angel tunes now…)

    @V.C.: Good catch! (even if you’re now called Wince Carter ;)

  10. Dear god… what the hell is Lulu wearing on his head in the preview?

    All in all, good episode.

    -Loved how Lulu’s new mech has an AT Field.

    -Also loved how Anya is looking much more important than she was looking 5 episodes ago.

    -Loved the fact that they stuffed Kallen into exactly what C.C. was wearing waaaay back in Season 1.

    @Pidgin: Look at the hair. It’s Cornelia.

    >>Sometimes I think that Sunrise only introduces characters just so they can re-introduce them.

    I am patiently waiting for them to resurrect the Euphinator. Won’t that be a blow to poor Suzaku.

  11. I’ll vote you as scriptwriter! Then we know we’ll be getting awesomefanserviceandtotallywtfscenesoverload! :D

    Lelouch must really be gay. There’s absolutely no straight guy on earth who could stop himself with C.C. lying down with barely anything in his room like that. I almost had a nosebleed from here.

    But finally a good ep after what felt like forever!

  12. And now all I can think of when I see Zero walking around and talking is him doing the kirby dance (DAMN YOU NICOVIDEO).
    How do they incorporate so much bullshi- into every episode of CG? There’s never a dull moment, and now there’s a Geass cult…. It’s like they introduce more elements and plotlines every episode than they reconcile, it’s going to be one hell of a series from here on out.

  13. >Sooo… did anyone notice how Kallen’s bottom buckle was undone?

    so what. Suzaku forgot something, he had to hurry to get back to Lulu … no big deal.

  14. suzaku clearly has no interest from what i can see in that screenshot. we all know he’s thinking that kallen isn’t his type. not having a penis is a real turn off when it comes to suzaku.

  15. >>How


  16. [ID Sojourner]

    Fufufu. I thought the new Knightmare Frame was going to dance upon appearing on stage.

  17. When the new knightmare Zero was piloting came out I was reminded of DBZ and thought how this is exactly like that, just without actually saying the power levels.

    Also, it seems all new knightmare technologies are innovated by Lakshaka’s couch laying and pipe smoking techniques. Poor Lloyd really loses in comparison.

    Interestingly enough, I did a random search on CG ratings on ANN. Out of the 2k ratings the 9s and the 10s are about equal, but out of the 400 ratings for R2, the 10s doubled the 9s. The power of random fan service and unexplainable plot line is amazing…

  18. Well… looks like Lelouch got last weeks memo: GET YOURSELF SUPERSTRONG MECHA. He now just needs Mazinger Z, Voltes V, Guren-Lagann and Gaogaigar, and he can basically steamroll Brittania. Coz, you know, just having shields is LAME. XD

    “This reminds me… why are all the characters in CLAMP series so damn skinny?”

    Haha, I guess you’re just kidding, but that’s CLAMP’s signature art style right there (tall, slim profiles, square-ish eyes, the ability to work ANY HAIRSTYLE, no matter how much of a disaster it is… look at V.V., Euphie and the Emperor), much like shoujo mangaka and freaky eyes and excessively tall men, Takehiko Inoue and thick lips and fat necks, and Akira Toriyama and overall ugliness.

    “Vote for me! YES WE CAN!”

    YES WE CAN! And while you’re at it, you MUST write one episode where the girls are all cheese-wrestling on top of the giant pizza (like mud-wrestling, only with several hundred pounds of warm, melting mozarella *___*)

  19. You know what I’m most thankful for? The fact that we didn’t get a Lulu ass shot like we did with everyone else in this episode. OH GEASS NO!

  20. Nothing on the gag balls the Chinese use?

    Also wasn’t Shirley Geassed into forgetting Lelouch then why does she still have a crush on him? Does love really conquer all?

    I wonder where this is going is Lelouch ever going to use his Geass again, will the next arc finally deal with C.C.? Will we finally learn what happened to Marriane?

    Ah F it Kallen in C.C.s season 1 Bondage outfit FTW!

  21. >Nekonron: well don’t you know, Lulu is gay..he passed up Kallen for Rolo..

    i guess i’m pretty satisfied this week watching a fair amount of CC…FINALLY!!
    goodness, it has really been a long time since CC was shown in any sort of compromising position.
    but i’m pretty disappointed the R2 artists did not draw Kallen in a bondage situation where the bonds eat away at the clothes..damnit..

    looking forward to next week, for my weekly supply of ridiculous anime plotting..XD

  22. oh btw, is it true Anya is Lulu’s mum?

  23. Another YTAMR? Looks like all that mental instability is getting put to good use.
    ( For those wondering, I started maniacal laughter the moment the new Mecha appeared from the dust. It didnt need to do anything but just stand there. )

    A great episode, moving from a seemingly hopeless situation, to captured Kallen… to.. errr… captured…. capt….

    *resets* A great episode, moving from high tech mecha battles, to loli-protection, to NEW MECHA to political plotting to the power of YouTube to Orange-kun to Shirley changing to… to… change… Shir…

    *resets* A good new episode, moving from Lulu-Sayoko kissing Shirley, to CC and Cheese-kun to… err.. cheese… chee….

    *resets* A mediocre episode, moving from an aquarium to Ashford academy, where apparently all the Knights of the Round are now stationed…. As well as a potentially dangerous Shirley…
    Of course, it had me laughing my ass off….

    I dont know why, but I feel I missed most of the episode…
    (Timeslot Accepted – if they can get away with that, I wish them best of luck in continuing to get away with that!)

  24. “…mastermind behind Mai Otome and Gundam Seed Destiny.” lol

    Lelouch is a homosexual unless “you stay here and inform me when you find the cult’s bat-cave” is code for “when the camera pans away I’m going to bang you like a screen door until the couch/bed thing you have draped yourself across splinters into a million erotic pieces.”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just see this episode as definitive proof.

    Those hats from the next episode-Lelouch should have geass’d that idea out of Millay’s head.

  25. I happened to check a Japanese figure blog after reading this – check out the last picture. Silly hats are go!

  26. you know jason, sometimes you praise/encourage sunrise… sometimes you say they a crap/shit…

    what is your ture feeling for sunrise? do you want to join them or something? or is it because of CC butt that you are staring at right now?

  27. >>what is your true feeling for sunrise?

    anyways it’s my theory that Jason is tsundere for Sunrise. It’s the only word I know that describes it. Sort of like a CANNOT CENSOR kind of relationship.

  28. Did anyone else notice that the final moments of the battle was pretty much the chess match from ep 9, only with the roles reversed?

    As for that voilet-haired swordie in the preview, it’s either a new character or Cornellia. Either way, more melonpan is always welcome.

  29. Did anyone else get the feeling that Lelouch was going to play some funky psychedelic electronic music for some aliens to communicate to them when he took out the controls for his mecha??

  30. it’s my theory that Jason is tsundere

    “Jason” has a flat chest, wears her hair in twintails, and has long hidden her true feelings for the likes of Sunrise and True Tears behind a screen of scorn. 99%! She’s that type of woman! If only she were short, it would be 100%.

    Pictures to follow… on second thought, maybe not.

  31. ^
    So a taller version of Cannon-sensei?(

    Do Want!

  32. Well…what can you say about Code Geass nowadays? Sunrise are just making it up as they go along, with a handy ticklist for guidance each episode, composed of handy components like “Last minute plot twist”, “loli content”, “OH GEASS NO”, “Exposing outfit of the week”, “Necromancy”, “fanservice apology for the earlier timeslot”, “5 minute escape from last episodes plot twist”, “A new mecha!”, and a couple of others…

    But that’s not to say I’m not enjoying it. Quite the contrary! This episode I’m especially enjoying what Kallen does to CC’s season 1 outfit. And the Power Of Love definitely blindsided me. Lulu was evidently as bemused as I was, since he was dazed enough to both ask Shirley’s advice, and to make it one of the new central pillars of the Black Knights.

    However I’m disappointed that Nina rationally suggested destroying the tomb with Mordred, and didn’t immediately start frothing at the mouth and screaming at Anya to do it.

    And speaking of Anya…what artist signed off on that perspective in the 4th from last image? Her head’s the same height and twice the width of her body! Britannia’s starving their elite knights!

  33. And now the they’re at high school. Erghhhhhh. Why. Why.

    I’ve finally given up on the story.

  34. Well, at least now that Lelouch has conquered the Chinese Federation (or an alliance with them), his original plan of seeking The Order (or Cult as gg-fansub put it out) can be put in motion by C. C.

    Just love it how SUNRISE solved some plot lines here but created a lot more instead. Like CC and Anya’s encounter; Sayako’s (Lelouch) kiss and The Knights of Rounds enrolment in Ashford Academy.

    I know SUNRISE doesn’t put attention on the relationships aspect, but I’d be happy if they already decide someone for Lelouch…

    Nothing more to add.

  35. Odds TIan-zi makes an appearance at Ashford: 2 to 1

    Odds Tian-zi transfers to Ashford: 6 to 1 (considering she’s not of high school age/lives in another part of the world, but hey, that didn’t stop the Knights of Round did it? (Why doesn’t it surprise me that Anya and “tall blonde guy” have nothing better to do than loiter around Ashford when there’s an escalating global conflict occurring? Is it that I’m getting used to these anime-only cliches, like girl-in-a-box and end-of-sentence-nonsensical-sounds? Shudders.)

  36. Did anyone notice that in order to get Kallen into that C.C outfit, they had to strip off her plug suit? Mm nekkid captured Kallen….

  37. @Kadian1364: Actually, Firefly did the girl-in-a-box too… though it was more of a homage to Outlaw Star than anything else.

  38. Also, it wasn’t all the men who were pushing for a forced marriage – seemed like it was just Diethard.

  39. Kallen tied up…check.

    Kallen imprisoned…check.

    Kallen wearing C.C.’s outfit from R1’s first episode…kinky check.

    Now all we need is some garlic sauce and we’re ready to party. Wait…then what was that green sauce C.C. was in in the first episode? Meh, who cares. It covered her and she eats pizza all the time, it all tastes the same


    I suppose there’s a resemblance.

  41. So I was completely expecting Lulu to have a Kallen montage for the love realization. But I’ll take the bondage shots in exchange willingly.

    Also I like that Kallen is wearing the season one C.C. prisoner outfit, it gives me hope that we’ll see C.C. in the season one Kallen outfit… and then they’ll have hot lesbian sex. Like in Mnemosyne ep5… CG needs that time slot, or direct to DVD, however they’re doing it, CG needs it desperately.

  42. I will give CGR2 this, it is breaking new boundary’s in ridiculousness.

    As for this new poll, I am sticking with Kaguya. I like a loli who knows what she’s doing. If you know what I mean.

  43. this episode gives the final nail to lulu’s siscon coffin… no way susaku can compete with that…

  44. @KG: You have a good point there rofl.

  45. “Trembling loli-faced world leaders is fine too. To complete the circle, they should reveal that Mikuru Asahina is the leader of India.”

    lol… it will be more better if you have Kana and Chiaki govern South Korea and have Haruka govern North Korea. And now the complete circle became a sphere :D

  46. or konata izumi as the president of South America with Kagami as her adviser now that make me watch code geass with earnest.

  47. Wow, that line of reasoning for world leaders is probably better than anything Sunrise could come up with.

  48. Let’s think about for a Little bit.

    I was wondering what will be the outcome for Code Geass R2. I can’t be something like GS or GSD, forget about Idolm@ster and ZegaPain, even Mai Hime or Otome are out of the question. Over the past 36 episodes, Lelouch has been fighting against Britannia, against his Father’s power in order to bring a new world for his sister Nunnally. Then, everything got more complicated when Area 11 became part of his plan, when he knew the Japanese people mattered to him, since they’re the ones his Order of the Black knights were trying to save. Now his fight has become worldwide after the incident with the Chinese Federation; his new ally.

    My only guess for now is that Lelouch will succeed or fail against his Father’s wishes, since HE let him live for his own purposes. Lelouch has to defeat the Emperor, his father, and take Britannia with it. Otherwise, everything he has done so far will be a sad memory.

    Damn it, I’m trying to see logic within a SUNRISE series; seriously I need to sleep more time each day…

    I’m going to sleep now, but before that I’ll see some pictures from my DFC VIP folder. See you.


    I suppose there’s a resemblance.

    Oh man… can you imagine how ridiculous Geass would be with time travel?

    Actually, you won’t have to imagine it, because Sunrise is going to make it happen. YES THEY CAN.

  50. Xing-Ke, if you want to bone her that badly, just propose on the spot. No, seriously. No one will complain, and she’s a guaranteed lay… err… I mean yes. Now if you just want to keep up this ambiguous relationship with an underaged world leader, then by all means, don’t.

    (But, remember, she is the leader now. So she sets the legal age. *hint hint*)

    Actually, he probably doesn’t have to change the age at all.
    The age of consent China is 14, and Japan is 13. Don’t ask me why I know these things, but the link here validates my statement. This is why Japan is in love with their DFCs, they’re completely legal, with no moral dilemmas attached and still at a nurturable, trainable age. That said, the same applies to Suzaku and Lulu, or rather, Lulu is at the disadvantage since he’s a blood relative. Japan unfortunately still discourages sibling relationships, however cousins are A.O.K. So Suzaku has legality over Lulu.

    Also, theoretically speaking, Britania hates the Black Knights, so they probably gave Kallen the food for torture purposes: placing food right before her, knowing that she was incapable of eating it. So there’s actually a vague thread of logic that can be applied here.

    Lastly, don’t worry, these Sunrise elements aren’t merely from Gundam Seed or Gundam 00, they’ve been pulling them since the 80s. Bringing characters that should have been dead back to life is already traditional sunrise trademark now. (I can name several 80s shows they did that pull of this stunt).

  51. To Dissent,

    I just read seven chapters of “Cannon-Sensei Tobashisugi”.

    As an aspiring comic artist, that manga destroyed my soul. The lessons Cannon inflicts upon Binta hurt me with their truth. The balance between feeling and technicality, the difference between love and lust, and the dangers of perfectionism are something I can relate to all too well. I was almost crying when Cannon talked about resisting that urge to redraw that line one last time.

    Now I will think of Cannon whenever I work with Jason, who has become my mentor and my inspiration. And I don’t think I’ve fully realized how sick and wrong that is. You have just broken me beyond repair. Congratulations. If you see a “Miao-Sensei Tobashisugi: Tsundere for Sunrise” in the future, you’ll know who did it, and it’s all your fault.

  52. Mission accomplished.
    I don’t just proliferate pornography (a noble goal in and of itself).
    I change lives.

  53. @Sixten:

    So you’re Binta-kun to Miao-chan’s Canon-sensei? OHSHI-

  54. Meh, as if Cornelia had ever died on screen. She was wounded, but there was no indication of her being dead (same thing for Orange. He was very much alive when the Code-R scientists found him after the Gurren blew him up, and being lost in the ocean in Stage 25 doesn’t say anything, since C.C., who is also related to Code-R, managed to survive). I guess that little fact doesn’t matter, though for the record I wouldn’t mind if she had died.

    On the other hand, Euphie pretty much did die unequivocally, there is no conventional coming back from that…unless it ends up being related to the World of C, as there are indications of some sort of communication with the dead, via C.C. and the Emperor, from the very beginning of the series.

    But I’m sure you all will completely forget about that and either bash or mock whatever happens, all the same. LOL SUNRISE.

    The only real case of “necromancy” I would count is Mao, because he did appear to die on screen and the show pretty intentionally mislead us about it, but even that was quickly resolved just one episode later.

    Oh wait…guess I should comment about maids and Kyoani or Gainax or random lolis, that should make everyone happy.

  55. I’m not really sure what else to say to this other than that it was an amusing read. Sunrise can’t seem to take itself seriously enough; there’s so much crack in this series it’s ridiculous. But hey, that’s half of why we’re all still watching it anyway.

    God, I can’t wait until 12. LEAPLOUCH~~ shall become a meme unto itself. Take that, Spinzaku!

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