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Ecchi Na No Wa To Ikenai To Omoimasu!Mahoromatic
“A” Tier


Three awesome things about Mahoro: she’s a combat android capable of fending off an interstellar invasion, she hates– absolutely hates– pr0n, and she won’t hesitate to fly to Taiwan to pick up shaolongbao for her master. Those traits combined with her unique DFC charm and her steadfast protection of her master propels her to the Meido Pantheon.

One unique thing about Mahoro is that she was constructed as a combat android, and because of the stress and fatigue of combat, she is down to her final year of operation at the start of the story. Mahoro was given the choice to do whatever she wanted with her final year, and she chose to spend that finite time with Suguru as his meido. She felt that as her meido, she could make his life easier as well as watch over him and fulfill her promise to his father. One of the best and saddest subplots of Mahoromatic was keeping tabs of how many days of operation that Mahoro has left. Seeing Mahoro and Suguru happy during the Christmas episode was only a reminder that they will not share a second.

Mahoro suffers from an interest character paradox. She has a strong personal dislike for pr0n, and she even has a catchphrase built around that personality trait. However, during the course of Mahoromatic, Mahoro herself provides a substantial amount of fanservice and ecchi.

Mahoro is GAINAX’s finest meido, eventually parodied in later GAINAX works including Konomimi, He Is My Master, and Gurren Lagann. The Meido Pantheon welcomes Mahoro, ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu.

Awesome Meido Moment: The scene where the other girls set up Mahoro and Suburu in the hot springs, and the two have a heart-to-heart while the girls bawl Clannad-style over giving up Suburu. I would have been fine if they ended the series then and there. No, seriously, this would have been a much better ending than the Cowboy Bebop ending

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  1. GAINAX = Never a fair ending.

  2. GAINAX, Hating female charcters since….well……kinda….forver.

  3. Cowboy Bebop? I thought it was a Chris Hansen special meets Mai Otome trainwreck, minus the yuri tensions. I think this ending actually got me more ‘WTF’ than End of Evangelion did… since at least that one was an enjoyable, epic wreck rather than a squicktastic one.

  4. Wasn’t End a squicktastic wreck too?

    (Not that it was bad at all. In fact, it’s the reason I try to get people to watch Eva…)

  5. What a fool, Mahoro had to be my maido # 1 instead of Mariel (it’s hard to decide between each other), but MahoroMatic was the first ecchi series that I saw. Funny that Mahoro (as you said) contradict herself by hating pr0n but at the same time she wished for gibber boobs. I just love it the two episodes where her DFC was fundamental (you know what I mean).

    Sadly, GAINAX ruined everything with the end of the 2nd season. Seriously, life improved a lot in twenty years (colonies in the moon) and Mathew’s selfish wish to return Mahoro all those years later. For me, MahoroMatic: Something more beautiful only had 13 episodes.

    BTW, Mahoro’s AMVs are awesome. Two thumps up for those who really know the meaning of an AMV.

  6. Mahoro’s not even an S-tier?

    As far as AMVs go, I did make one back in 2003 called “Derniere Danse” (french for Last Dance) based on the song of the same name:
    The song lyrics and rhythm feel right for Mahoro’s fate, I believe. Lyrics in english can be found here:

    As far as meido goes, Mahoro is my all-time favourite (and let’s not forget it’s because of her I got this meido fetish >.>)


    If you can understand french very good amv.

  8. Mahoro’s already more well-endowed than 90% of Skygirls. No wonder her petitions for larger breasts were rejected.

  9. Now that I look back on Mahoromatic, several years removed from my bright-eyed, neophyte otaku status and several years wiser about the joys of fandom, I can truthfully say I fondly remember the anime (which differs from my opinions in the past, just so ya know). I liked the character interactions and appreciated that trademark Gainax style and flair. But man, that ending still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  10. I actually liked the manga ending better than the anime ending, as it fills out most of the stuff glossed upon in the anime ending. Plus, Suguru looks less scruffy, which is always better than the one we saw at the end of the series.

    For example, the real identity of the Mahoro that Suguru met (she’s the daughter of that SAINT android-turned teacher and one of his students), the fate of the three members of Triomatic (one becomes a teacher at Suguru’s school, the other a gourmet food critic, and the last married the kendo guy), and what happened to Minawa (she married Hanaji, and was expecting her first child).

    Shikijou-sensei stays pretty much the same, of course.

  11. Myssa: That, and it doesn’t have that whole pedobear feel that the anime did with the ‘dying cyborg Suguru’. For one, Suguru was younger… and another, we got to see that he REALLY hadn’t gotten over her, which is why he ended up as he did there. And what he did in order to compensate for her loss (work himself nearly to death), while everyone else around him moved on to other things as he stayed in the same house, with the same gardens, just trying to return to a past that he couldn’t go back to.

    Plus, that daughter/Mahoro was an adopted daughter – she was actually the daughter of the original SAINT unit which created Mahoro, who in turn was modeled after her own creator. But it brought a much better sense of closure to everything than ‘oh, I’m juts going to resurrect now… after forty years. For some reason’ that the anime’s ending did.

  12. i like cowboy bebop’s ending…..


    Other than that Mahoro made the anime win.

  14. Two words: Breast Missiles!

    Mahoro was also parodied in Genshiken with Kawasumi Ayako’s Ono-san cosplaying as Mahoro which was pure genius.

    By the way how do these classes work? Is A class good? Cause I know Mahoro used to be near the top of the original Maido pantheon years ago…

  15. You’re all very confused. Mahoromatic actually ended after 26 episodes and that thing labeled as episode 27 was actually another show that was accidentally mislabeled. I mean, everybody knows that anime episodes come in multiples of 13, who’d believe there’s a 27th episode?

    So yeah, with the big boom in the Yucatan and the massacre of the bad guys Mahoromatic ended at a very good Cowboy Bebopish place even if it was a bit sad.

  16. One thing I’ve always wished is that I could somehow unwatch the final episode of Mahoromatic. What a series killer.

  17. Symmetry: You forgot the spinning Brainwashing Detective Hisui finger to go with that ‘there is no Episode 27’…

  18. Well, you have me watching Hanaukyo, I might as well add this series too. I like sad endings as well so I’ll probably enjoy it.

  19. If I recall the classification system is was S, A, B, C, D. I don’t think any miedo that made it to the list could be ranked lower than a D rank…as there is typically no E in English grading systems and F is Fail. U is normally Unsatisfactory (where normally S is Satisfactory is a good-bad grading system, but here it is Superior). There are no Unsatisfactory miedo on the list. Though there have been “traps” of one type or another.

  20. Was the ending THAT terrible in which I shouldn’t watch it or else I will shoot myself in despair?

  21. Jason you have one of my best meido next to Asahina-chan …

    An combat android with the power an photon cannon telling you that you can’t have any kind of porn in house is like heaven and hell to me.
    ” Ecchi Na No Wa To Ikenai To Omoimasu! “

  22. Yeah Mahoro’s ending is kind of….. well you know…..
    BUT I’ll say that this anime would be 100/100 “hyakuten manten” even if there was no plot no story and no other characters than Mahoro ! Mahoro is one of the best, greatest, most awesome and most moe character in this world and in all the other worlds existing (and even in those which do not exist if it’s possible).
    Mahoro is my favorite Maid character…. maybe even more than Mariel… well that’s a kind of difficult choice…..
    PS: If that’s possible I’ll like to see a Mahoro VS Kogarashi fight… I’m sure that it would be awesome ^^

  23. MrChantastic:

    Yes, its that bad. Episode 27 isn’t just tedious to watch, it retroactively made the rest of the series less cool. The director had a scene at the end he wanted to get to, and if he had to discard a lot of the motivations and positive traits of characters I liked so be it.

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