meido pantheon: #7 mikuru

Mikuru Asahina
Ruined For MarriageFranchise of Haruhi Suzumiya
“S+” Tier


God knew what she was doing when she recruited this busty lolita-faced beauty (her words, not mine) as the personal meido of the SOS Brigade. Mikuru Asahina is meido perfection. Her ageless (confidential!) beauty is a fantastic match for the meido uniform (as well as many, many, many other kinds of costumes). She has a charming smile, she has a caring heart, and she has a warm disposition.

She has an impressive list of moe modes: melonpan, babyface, ruined for marriage, bunny girl, future waitress, waitress, all-woman, overwhelmed, bullied, cowering, terrified, ear-bitten, etc.

Her meido skills are top notch as well: her tea brewing is rivaled only by Belldandy, her Mikuru beam spam is as impressive as Lulu’s geass, and her capacity to be bullied far outshines Kotomi-chan. (And there’s evidence to suggest that Mikuru likes being bullied with the choice of her nighttime playmate.) Mikuru also has her own epic theme song that has been covered by the manly man himself, Minoru-san. Adding to Mikuru’s charm, she also has a secretive side in that she is a time traveler from the future, and her future self is an even more improved Asahina-san.

Plus, to take things really over the top, since she is the personal plaything of God herself, inducing jealous from God by paying too much attention to Mikuru might cause the end of the world as we know it. In essence, if God wanted the perfect meido, she would have created Mikuru. And she did.

Mikuru, even if you are ruined for marriage, the Meido Pantheon will always welcome you. Mikuru Asahina, two tea cups to heaven.

Awesome Meido Moment: All of them, past, present, and future.

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  1. She is God’s own definetion of Moe. What more needs to be said?

  2. S+ tier? That is way over 9,000….90,000 even.

    Go Go Mi-Mi-Mi-Mikuru-run!

  3. The complete package. Meido that transcends time and space!

  4. The meido that has it all, although she never did actually cook did she? Will we ever know her prowess in that field?
    God I miss this show.

  5. She can cook. But then, so can Haruhi.

    I miss this show too…

  6. I despise everything about Mikuru.


  7. >>I despise everything about Mikuru. Heresy?

    Probably, but I hate her too.

    The only reason I watch Haruhi is for Haruhi herself…

  8. I am also the two above posters. Disregard my comments.
    Mikuru ftw.

  9. I’m also a tall man formed by three midgets stacked up on one another.

  10. I think you’re streaching on this one…

    Mikuru does dress like a meido. She does look like a meido when she dresses like a meido. She does act like a meido at times. However she is not a meido. She was not hired to do a meido job. She was not trained to be a meido. She is not a meido all the time. She is Mikuru. As awesome as she is and as beautiful as she looks and as moe as she acts… she is simply not a meido… sorry to break this to you.

  11. So good she broke the pantheon almost as soon as she arrived.

  12. Meido is not to be defined by mere occupation or wordly descriptions. Meido is in the heart!

    Meido in the heart, meido for life!!!

  13. Asahina made my meido radar go over ….9…0,000!!!
    And Jason I am so happy that Sekirei is being made into an Anime, you will be forever in my debt if you blog this series :P

  14. hum… I would definetely not make her a S+ tier meido. She is (maybe) a S+ tier Moe character
    but the moe specific meidoness Definitely not. Not even close.
    She has a more cosplaying moe then that of a meido. It just coincides that she cosplays as a meido.

  15. KyoAni… wtf are you guys doing???

  16. Hired as a miedo, no. Trained as a miedo, no…to our knowledge.

    Hijacked into being a part-time miedo, yes. Whenever Mikuru is in the clubroom after the first month or so she is the SOS-dan’s private miedo as per Haruhi’s command. She even changes without needed Haruhi to “help” her.

    Mikuru is only not full-time because Haruhi doesn’t take her home.

    Mikuru observed the Island’s miedo carefully as if she was studying to be a better miedo. She also seems to take the part-time roll seriously…at least as far as making tea is concerned. So one could say she is training to be a better miedo. Her future self doesn’t appear to be a miedo anymore, but then don’t see her all that much, and when she is she is “working”.

  17. S+? I cant agree with that. I cant imagine the argument that can be made where Mahoro, a full time, fully devoted maid is just an A class and a forced labor/cosplay maid like Mikuru is S+

  18. All Woman Mikuru > Regular Bullied Mikuru.

  19. Also, Mikuru is more suited to cosplay at a meido cafe than being a REAL meido like Maria or Mariel. Or even Tachibana, who is more bodyguard than meido… but who appears quite competent, perhaps even KoGARashi-level.

  20. thx to this post, I’ll rewatch Haruhi. damn

  21. Sorry Jason, but even Kyon mentioned that the only skill set Mikuru seemed to have was her ability to brew tea. Many of her moe-modes are seen with her out of a maid costume as well.

  22. Am I the only one that took an half an hour to read the post because he kept looking at the third picture and thinking, “my god, that woman looks so good in formal wear that I’m really glad her name isn’t Ashford? Because then my idea for Milly x Mikuru doujin still works? Unless… no, that’s… BAD! BAD!”

    Just saying…

  23. Well, Mikuru was hired (forcibly kidnapped) by Haruhi herself to become the personal meido/mascot/recruitment attraction for the SOS Brigade. She could have backout anytime (but she couldn’t because Haruhi herself ordered it and it was within her mission parameters).

    I approved of her S+ level. Hey, her Mikuru beam can spam the gundam meisters themselves. What more can you ask for? Mi-mi-mi-mikuru run!!! ^_~

  24. Damn, there is definitely a strong debate here. Is a meido of the mind a real meido? Frankly, I have a hard time determining my own position.

    I think her S+ is justified as a character, but as a meido specifically it’s definitely stretching it. I mean, what would prevent her from entering the nurse pantheon, or the bunny girl pantheon? Or would she be a multi-pantheon character? OOOH, I’d like to read/analyze a runup of that

  25. For anyone who was around the Great Meido Revolution (circa 2001-4, led by our great leader, Narg), you know that being a meido is as much a state of mind or being as looking cute in an uniform. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not a believer of the meido faith.

    “As cute as the uniform might be, it’s the character that makes the uniform. Even nakkid meido are meido.”
    – Meido Counterrevolutionary Handbook

    The Meido Pantheon will not tolerate this insolence thinking that the uniform makes the meido or that the uniform is a requite of being a great meido. Some of greatest meido had their best meido moments outside of wearing their uniform– Maria, “the ninth inductee,” and Yoriko included.

  26. Mikuru is under the protection of Haruhi Suzumiya. As such, any heresy or assault against her meido will be dealt accordingly. Heads will roll!!!! ^_~

  27. The once and future meido!

  28. I fear the day K1, L, and Mako-cakes enter the pantheon…..

    …Okay I only fear L in this matter.

  29. I really need to make a FAQ, but only female characters qualify for this pantheon.

  30. Pffft no Kogarashi? Or K1? USO DA!

    I thought I was the only one who didn’t really like Mikuru. Cool. And I am an atheist! I fear no god! Bring it on! Jun Maeda is closest to god in my book. Or perhaps the guy who discovered coffee. As usual, I have some semblance of a point but am too lazy to figure out what it is.

  31. To the one that actually made me ANY interested in Meidos.

    Long live Mikuru.

  32. “As cute as the uniform might be, it’s the character that makes the uniform. Even nakkid meido are meido.”
    – Meido Counterrevolutionary Handbook

    I need this book!

  33. Mitsuru should be given some kind of honorable mention in this pantheon.

    perhaps a carving on Mikuru’s pedestal.

    Also let us not forget her being-force-fed moe mode.

    I’m thinking the U.S. military should look into the Mikuru Beam as a viable attack option. It would render nuclear devices obsolete.

  34. Long time reader, first time poster….

    Excuse me for my ignorance, but what exactly is the Tier levels? “S” is obviously top, but whats next? I’m used to American A, B, C, D, F so if someone could explain that’d be great.

    On the subject of Mikuru, I don’t think that it’s a question of how good of a meido is she, but more a question of Mikuru is so amazingly awesome that even though she is a part time meido she instantly earns “S+” rating.
    She could probably do this to any other Pantheon Jason decided to come up with. Therefore I suggest a new Pantheon to fit just Mikuru as Greatest Moe-mode Pantheon of All Time.
    This would encompass all of Mikuru’s many moe-modes while leaving those poor beings that only excel at meido tasks to their own Pantheon.

  35. Mm. Actually, not ignorant at all, Green. “S” ratings are ususally considered “above” A grades. You’d see these in, say, the dance game In The Groove when someone’s done particularly well on a song– Think of it as “Super Good”. The ratings would go:
    With their appropriate Pluses and Minuses.

    And… I approve of a Moe-mode Pantheon.

  36. S++++!!!! Very nice. Welcome to the pantheon, Mikuru-chan. Geez, there’s nothing to beat her. The perfect loli-meido-moe-inducing-S cup… that’s Asahina Mikuru. Good God…

  37. She’re my maido goddess of 2006, before Siesta Siesta appear on stage.

    I’m with you Jason, just the outfit doesn’t make a maido; in Mikuru’s case, she’re destinated to be a maido.

  38. i’ll marry her too.

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