megumi nakajima, seikan hikou

Megumi Nakajima’s (debut) album for Macross Frontier. It has the dance instructions (I wonder if this will be as popular as Motteke! Sailor Fuku) as well as Neko Nikki (Cat Diary). Very good listen, especially if you’re in the Ranka camp.

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  1. Hells yeah. I was all over this one the second it popped up on Tokyo Toshokan.

    Seikan Hikou and Neko Nikki are just one tiny step below What ‘Bout My Star on the Ranka awesomeness meter. Watashi no Kare wa Pilot is slightly lame because we don’t get a “full” version, and her Ai Oboete Imasu ka cover is… meh. But that’s okay, because it was a meh song to begin with.


  2. By the way, there better be a RANKA-CHAN POLL VICTOLY GET post in the making. Just sayin’.

    P.S. Vote Tian-Zi. She’s getting crushed by that Satoko wannabe.

  3. Definitely rooting for Ranka. She has a lot more room to grow and I’m betting that she’s going to be a different person at the end of Frontier unless she sacrifices herself.

    The Kaguya/Tian-Zi match isn’t even fair. For the last 2 episodes I kept praying that someone would give Tian-Zi a change in clothes. Her staying in that wedding dress the entire time reinforced the fact that she was the prize for someone at least 4 times older (and in Odysseus’ case, 8).

  4. Nunka:


  5. No, Nekki, it´s only that cute Ranka is cute.

  6. I actually preferred Seikan Hikou song then the version of Watashi no Kare ha Pilot version they have on this CD. It didn’t feel as awesome as the one I heard from the anime even without the dogfighting in it. Either way Megumi Nakajima is still a great singer in my books. P.S. I loled when I saw the dance instructions on the scans, I eagerly await fan video dances on nico nico if not for the lulz :)

  7. On an another note, Yuki Kajiura’s Kara no Kyoukai OST 2 came out today, along with the second movie.

    BTW, shouldn’t there be “Threesome” as a third option on the pole? But I guess that’ll make it too easy…

  8. A new this album was coming, but today.

    The three songs have that air of a new seryuu making her debut as a singer. Personally, my favorite singer (seryuu) is Nana Mizuki; her voice has a unique timber that melts me every time I listen to her songs. Megumi has talent; it will be interesting to follow her career.

    Damn it, I’ve to by more aware of the upcoming singles.

    By the way, the three songs has a 70’s air to me.

  9. I have to say Ai Oboete Imasu ka is my favorite. Hopefully the next OST will have a longer version. Also, where’s my non-vocal Neko Nikki?!

  10. I love her voice. It’s so adorable.

    Ai Obete Imasu Ka is definitely my favorite on the album, vollowed very closely by Neko Nikki.

  11. Again, I seem to constantly go against the flow of the masses here, but I’m not really a fan of this single… and yes, I’ve listened to it. Maybe it’ll grow on me, but my initial reaction is that I’m not terribly impressed. It’s not horrible, but it doesn’t blow my socks off.

  12. Tetsuei, I thought I was alone in thinking that. Only one song on the single really grabbed me, which was disappointing considering Sheryl’s song have all rocked my socks. I’m hoping the series is long enough to get some better material out of her.

    In the meantime, Sheryl Banzai!

  13. The songs have an old school feeling to them, and thats awesome!

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