meido pantheon: #10 wilhelmina

Wilhelmina Carmel
Manipulator of Ten Thousand RibbonsShakugan no Shana
“A” Tier

Unlike most meido in the pantheon, Wilhelmina is hopeless for most meido tasks. It isn’t until after meeting Chigusa (an Akio-class housewife) that Wilhemina starts learning how to cook things that do not involve the microwave or soaking in hot water for three minutes. Wilhelmina is, though, a Flame Haze and one who keeps the balance between the human world and the world of the guzes.

What she cannot do in terms of cooking and cleaning and tea breaking, she makes up for in her combat abilities. Her combat skills are top notch, and with the power from her sponsor Tiamat, she lives up to her title of Manipulator of Objects.

She is also a friend of Alastor and takes it upon herself to train and careful the Flame Haired Hunter’s successor, Shana.

Her moe modes include melonpan, bandages, hostess, doting caretaker, and delicious speech patterns. The Meido Pantheon welcomes Wilhemina, de arimasu.

Awesome Meido Moment: When she bought Shana melonpan for the first time and got the poor loli Flame Haze addicted. Remember, the first one is always free.

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  1. Wilhelmina can be my addiction anyday, even if the first isn’t free.

  2. I was going to cry if Siesta got into the pantheon but the Specialist of Everything didn’t. What a relief.

  3. They should introduce a rival meido in the third season.
    Hell it woulda made the second season more enjoyable for the first 13 eps

  4. “It isn’t until after meeting Chigusa (an Akio-class housewife)…”

    we need someone to make a housewife pantheon.
    I just fell like it.

  5. Wilheimina and Tachibana need to team up – one is a supermeido who happens to be a combat master, while Wilheimina brings more power and -dearimasu to a situation with rather hopeless meido skills. That, and when she’s with Chigusa… mmm…

  6. Aaaaah… Wilhelmina. Who needs cooking skills anyways.

  7. Shana would argue for cooking skills, given how that cabbage turned out. ;)

    Wilhelmina and Chigusa need to spend more time together; the latter is a good influence on everyone around her.

  8. If combat skills can get you in even if you suck at being a meido where the hell is Roberta?

  9. One word explinations, expert minimalist, melonpan flawless victory. This Carmel does more than just dancen.

  10. Kikaifan: If combat skills can get you in even if you suck at being a meido where the hell is Roberta?

    She’s coming. Jason’s still probably getting over the Symmetrical Docking Roberta scans. But she and Fabiola need to show up together – the latter is supposed to be an actual meido who has combat skills, versus a combat meido who lacks meido skills.

  11. That last bit needs to be out of the blockquote. Forgot to close the tag.

  12. And… DFC Revy. Pre-Lagoon Company.

    Young Fabiola.

    … and to break Jason some more, I present Gretel and Hansel

    Ah, to be young again.

  13. … and we lost the rest of the pics. DOH.

    Ah well. Young (DFC) Revy, Young (and still DFC) Fabiola, Young Balalaika… and the traps:

    Still, Fabiola/Roberta need to make this list as a tag-team.

  14. Ah, the spam filter ate my posts. No wonder.

  15. Is this pantheon gonna get listed under Omakes eventually? It sucks having to scroll through all the posts when they could be placed in a nice little Meido Pyramid by their rankings.

  16. WAITWAITWAIT- Isn’t AKIO a guy? Like as in Nagisa’s dad? What is Akio class anyway? This blog is breaking and devouring you jason… its too late to turn back to the human you once were, I wish I had Freeze Voice ™ and a fishman wang video to put you out of your misery….

  17. The Blockquote has failed me and left me in despair!

  18. Wilhelmina is the bad-ass of the meido pantheon. Despite her faults as a meido, she’s a brilliant Flame Haze with Tiamat as her partner. Maybe she doesn’t know how to raise a child liek Shana (when she was a child), but she sure knew how to make a fiighter out of her.

  19. I think he means Akiko.

  20. Maybe one of the accidental double-posts could be removed? Although the charms of DFC Revy, for those who enjoy such, may be shared. Certainly, the Melancholy of Balalaika should be.

  21. damn this meido pantheon is driving me nuts…i’ll sell my soul to marry every single one of them, especially Maria.

  22. Her name should be Wilhemina Caramel, because she’s sooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet ^_^

  23. Yep. I will always be reminded of Wilhelmina whenever I come across another rendition of Carmeldansen…. dammit people with those avatars!!!

    Along with Hinagiku, Shizuka Itou sure does the voices of some of the sexiest characters today… due to her sexy voice. o_O

  24. I think she should be on the S tier ~de arimasu.

    (If you include the fact that Kogarashi’s mask looks like hers on “battle stance”, it’s worth a S+. Even that gar recognizes she’s awesome.)

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