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It took me a while to plow through all the comments, but they all had a similar theme: this show is beyond ridiculous now. I’m not sure if it can be redeemed, but, more importantly, I don’t think I want it redeemed. I like the broken, ridiculous, melonpanriffic Code Geass, and I think they need to make it even more broken, more ridiculous, and more melonpanriffic.

wcq: You didn’t need to put that final picture there. You really didn’t.
Not only did it burn my eyes, it scorched away enough of my brain that I now think it’s okay to be gay.

You’re welcome! Derailed by Darry– breaking visitors since 2001.

Tetsuei: Jason!!! You fail!!! No mention of Miya-Miya in the Britannian strategic meeting?

Guinevere looks too much like a drugged-out, worn-out ho. At first, I thought she reminded me of Nina… but after sleeping on it, I decided Guinevere reminded me of Takano from Higurashi, especially during the last two arcs in Higurashi Kai.

I’m not sure what’s worse news this week: the Sonics moving to Oklahoma, Brett Myers being demoted to AAA, or Baron signing with LA, and then hearing Jim Rome rip on Northern California for two hours. I liked it when he told everyone to waste water to piss us off… except that LA gets most of their water either from groundwater or the Colorado River.


Tarage: Nina: “So, she canceled the engagement… I’ll mail her a table.”

12 episodes and no table humping. This is worse than 24 episodes of Higurashi and not one loli murderer.

Neriya: Why the focus on Shirley? Her only role in the series is being swimsuit-chan. Also why did Kallen, Nina, Nunnaly and Euphy not turn up at the school at the start of this episode in order to take part? And finally what a great education Ashford provides, upon graduating you have all the qualifications necessary to take up such high class and executive jobs as weather woman…

Well, at least a weatherwoman is a step up from being a stripper. Shirley was an unnecessary character from the start– hell, all of Ashford was unnecessary. Have you ever heard of a leader of a rebellion go, “Hey guys, I know we’re in the middle of this insurgency, but I need to get back to campus. I have this project report due, and I’m supposed to help decorate the gym for the school dance.” I felt that Code Geass just couldn’t decide what it wanted to be: a gritty rebellion / strategy show or a harem anime.

cpbong: I’m worried about Millay leaving. Now who will continue the shinanigans and hijinks at Ashford Academy? That was where the anime should be focusing at!

See, poor Milly-less cpbong would probably prefer a harem comedy at Ashford. I’m definitely worried about the dresses– without Milly, we’re down to just Cecile’s ridiculous cleavage overflowing dresses.

Yukimura: If anime has taught us anything it’s that teenagers win the battles adults can’t. I can’t think of many adult mecha pilots who can put up the kind of stats an angsty teen can. Since they’re so effective it would just be irresponsible not to use them.

I might have to disagree with you on that. The greatest modern mecha pilot is probably Simon, and his spiral power peaked when he was an adult. Allen Schezar was pretty damn good too, beating Escaflowne piloted by Vaan. Same with Belfangan Clouseau wiping the floor with Sagara (without use of the lambda driver, of course). Roy Focker, Isamu Dyson, Guld Bowman– Macross had a few memorable adult pilots as well. Then there’s Mr. Impossible and Kira from Gundam Seed (graduate student). You can probably even toss Spike in the list as well. There’s a lot of great adult mecha pilots.

For teens and kids, I usually have an image of someone who isn’t great at first, but somehow lucks into a winning situation. For example, someone like Renton or Shinji. Like, if my life depended on it, would I chose Shinji or Simon to pilot a giant mecha?

rikchik: Loved Anya’s use of Mordred and the overreaction of the Brittanian Armed Forces. Tell me again, why do we let 15-year-olds pilot the most powerful war machines in the fleet?

Because it’s moe. It’s the Juusoukikou Dancouga Nova / Gravion / Jinki Extend / Sky Girls strategy: you have to round out your fleet with all the crucial demographics, including epic melonpan and DFC loli. Britannia needed a counter for the Black Knight’s epic melonpan in Kallen, so they deployed Anya. It’s rock-paper-scissors.

(Wait, why are we discussing why Britannia is sending 15 year old girls into battle? It’s Britannia! They let a 14 year old girl with multiple handicaps lead a region currently experiencing an insurgency. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Britannia deployed Fuko in a huge flying wooden starfish next.)


K.K.: Geass Canceler is gold. Finally we can kill off Suzaku. I cannot be the only one who wishes a million deaths upon him.

I don’t think Suzaku is killable. He brings in the valuable fangirl demographic.

saimaisama: Forgot everything I just read. Too busy staring at the last picture to care anymore.

See? Fangirls everywhere are dreaming of Lulu x Suzaku or Gino x Suzaku. To take that away from them would be just too cruel.

Kouryuu: Rather than that I think “We finally had Lulu paired up with a real woman for a viable, possible heterosexual relationship, and they decide to kill that by removing her geass.” is the more disappointing factor. I mean he’s been hinting at his interest in her this whole time: He asked her for help with regard to the Chinese Wedding Crisis, He says this episode that he doesn’t want her involved precisely because of her love for him (which is a somewhat twisted sign of love) and other signs–compared to Kallen’s one-sided love, this could have actually worked…. but no. They have to keep Lulu available for the yaoi fangirls. OTL

Yaoi fangirls 4tw! Don’t you guys feel bad watching an anime that appeals to yaoi fangirls as much as anyone else? Reminded me of when I watched some weapons of Iraq special on Military Channel, and all the commercials were either for “I can’t get it up, not even for delicious Kyou!” drugs, medical help alert bracelets, or McCain for president. Needless to say, I felt very uncomfortable watching that show.

(Good thing fansubbers don’t include commercials for their releases. For all we know, Code Geass R2 is brought to us by tampons, Hannah Montana, and the T-Mobile Sidekick.)

Myssa Rei: That last pic! MY EYES! YEAARGH!

Pseudo-yaoi aside, Geass is still still proving entertaining, but, by the God Empress, I wish that they’d just stop with the side-jaunts already and just resolve some of the major plot threads! Well, okay, Millay’s story’s been put to rest, but there’s everything else left over from the first season, AND the stuff that the seem to love adding in this iteration. Sword of Akasha! Jovians! The Chinese Federation! Lulu’s siscon!

Myssa, the fangirl federation called, and they want their membership card back. How could you be advocating for plot above Suzaku x Lulu action? That’ll be like me writing about how awesome the dialogue writing is for Clannad during an episode where Kyou stretches in her gym outfit for 23 minutes.

Hedric: Suzaku dies because Lulu’s geass wears off… there goes all the suzaku x lulu yaoi pairings. Highly unlikely, since he retains his memories. just a few I could come up with in 2 minutes… So is Lulu still a siscon or do his actions w/ protecting shirley redeem him?

A deus ex machina will save Suzaku. He can’t die, Lulu won’t die, and Code Geass will not die. It’s amazing that Code Geass won the Anime Kobe Award back in 2007… over Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

But Lulu… I have no clue. I think he’s still hot for both Suzaku and Nunnally– I mean– 100+ dates and nothing! The guy’s like Flavor Flav, but at least Flavor Flav tries to get laid during his dating process.

Dissent: I liked the girl who called Lelouch, “my honey.” I think we might see more of her as she has her own page on the geass website.

She’s Miya, I think. I had flashbacks to Full Metal Panic when she called Lulu, “My honey!”

Sixten: Oh, speaking on behalf of my masters at J.C.Staff, if you’re going to watch an action series with mild Boys Love elements, why not Nabari?

There’s nothing mild about Code Geass R2. I had my finger on my TV’s power button when Rolo dragged Lulu into that closet space with him, ready to turn it off if Rolo and Lulu started smooching like Ranka and Sheryl in my dreams.

Minikui: Did you read this on wikipedia?

She (Sayoko) is the 37th successor of the Shinozaki School (篠崎流, Shinozaki Ryuu?) of martial arts, and is referred to on her official profile as a supermaid (スーパーメイド, suupaameido?).

That technique probably includes changing her breast size at will.

Another rule-of-thumb I generally have when watching anime: I shouldn’t have to search through Wikipedia to find out why the meido’s breast size is constantly changing. Actually, I just remembered that I talked about inflatable breasts before, and, surprise, surprise, it was in the context of Code Geass R2.

teabeans: Upon closer inspection of that Risk game board/strategic military display; which half of the AEU–er EU exactly did Schneizel conquer? Looks like Britannia hasn’t even touched the continent unless that peace treaty he negotiated with France counts as “half.”

France should never count. Conquering France is as difficult as getting to second base with Fubuki. I’m still disturbed by the fact that Iceland is nowhere to be seen on that map. I’m also peeved that America is the root of all evil here… I mean… just because we’re the home to George W. Bush, Starbucks, Microsoft, United Airlines, the RIAA, the MPAA… nevermind. ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!

Megaman0: Isn’t it funny that no one even referenced or remembered Kallen…I mean here your personal bodyguard is in mortal danger and you just go on a hundred dates.

Okay, there’s two ways to look at this one. The first is that I would do the exact same thing. My hawt, nubile bodyguard who would do anything for me just got captured by my archnemesis, and she could be carrying his child for all I know. I can’t rescue her because I suck at mecha combat, and he doesn’t. So what would I do? Audition hundreds of girls to find a replacement. Honestly, if I were going on hundreds of dates, I probably would just scrap the whole rebellion thing.

The second way is that Lulu doesn’t care for Kallen. He tried so hard– twice– to redeem Suzaku, even wasting a geass on Orange-kun, and he decides instead to join his ridiculous student council game instead of trying to free Kallen. Honestly, with the effort he put in this game, he could have rescued Kallen and Nunnally by now.

EvilDevil: “This is going to be one heck of an interesting doujinshi.” cant wait for the yuri-rape…

Just who would have thought it would be Nunnally on top of Kallen.

pakxenon: I really recommend a Guardian Character for Lelouch. It would really help him by preventing his plans being foiled by yaoi undertones one after another. Unless Sayako is already one…

Just had an image of Saito being summoned by Lulu, and then being whipped by Lulu when Saito drools after Shirley.

melange: My take is Sayoko got Lulu hooked up with as many girls as possible in a hopeless attempt to ‘cure’ him of his Gay-ness and Sis-con in a Kira-esque beam-spam way On the gundam-shopping-ish preview… It’ll look more similar if the Alex Dino glasses was on black haired Lulu..

I think you are right about Sayoko’s ulterior motive, but it doesn’t seem like it worked. Her only real chance is for someone to geass Lulu and go, “Women are wonderful!”

Yes– Alex Dino! Another hilariously bad Sunrise name. Honestly, I racked my brain for hours trying to come up with awesome dinosaur mecha names for Heart’s Content, and Alex Dino just trumps them all. Can’t you just picture Alex Dino as a friendly tyrannosaurus rex?

Xellos-_^: I need to hired my own Ninja Meido, setting you up with 108 girls that fast. Sayoko is better then any internet dating service. Even through Sayoko is not as hot as other Meido in the Meido pantheon She stills needs to be inlcuded. Able to feed you both DFC or Melonpan when using her Ninjstu arts and setting you up with dates with upto 108 high school girls. Whats not to like.

Another Sayoko question! I like answering Sayoko questions. I think right now, the three meido who have a shot at the pantheon are Sayoko, Tome, and Fubuki. I just wish more fanart existed of all three. Though in terms of moe, Tome is at the top of that list. I mean, if she seduced Chiko, she would be fast-tracked for the pantheon.

(Why does every Megami spread for Kamen no Maid Guy feature Naeka? This drives me nuts… almost as nuts as five groups fansubbing Macross Frontier with 0 on Maid Guy anymore.)

Galen2: A few nights ago at work, a friend of mine told me “Your new nickname should be Rolo!” Of course he was holding a box of the candy of the same name, but that wasn’t where my brain first went to. I shouted “OH GEASS NO!” in front of about 25 co-workers and my bosses, walked into a corner away from everyone else and whimpered for a few minutes. A few hours later, I requested to be sent home sick as I was feeling slightly nauseas and was ready to spew at any moment. As soon as I got home, I opened up my meido picture directory just to see if I still was my good, old, normal self. It probably doesn’t help that the first picture I saw, for some reason, was of Kogarashi. I got derailed twice that night, and not the good way let me tell you. I think I’ve gone to a new level of broken

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. Pfft, my fangirl-ism has limits Jason. :) I normally turn a blind eye with my friends’ procilivity for BL and hard Yaoi (and I used to read CLAMP religiously too, plus all sorts of shoujo) , but as it a particularly bad day at work (Bear market! OH GOD! Sucks to be a broker these days), my brain just fritzed after seeing Suzaku feel up Lulu.

  2. Another comment I forgot to make the last time is that with the Gurren in the hands of Loyd and Britannia they’ll most likely reverse engineer the Gurren’s ridiculous upgrades meaning that the Knights of Rounds will receive even more overpowered Gundams…I mean orbital frames…I mean Knightmare Frames. I’m betting we will be seeing the Knightmare Frame Arthur pretty soon…

  3. Yeesh. Yaoi fans scare me sometimes…
    I once saw a Genma Saotome cosplayer holding a Yaoi paddle, while I was cosplaying his son Ranma Saotome, and couldn’t help but think…
    “Boy, this is going to hurt me FAR more than this is going to hurt you. Now assume the position.” *Raises paddle*

    At any rate, perhaps one should seperate their non-standard meido pics from their standard meido folders? Perhaps a seperate “Gar” for Kogarashi, or “Traps” for, say, Hayate. (Or, should God ever answer my prayers on this front, Mizuho-neesama.)

  4. When you think about it, Orange-kun having a Geass-Canceler isn’t exactly that useful but we are long passed realistic strategy by now.

    Some options are :-

    1) He could save Wall-chan from making those marks until she dies.
    2) He could stop the Black-Knights from shooting him … hold on, Zero hasn’t geassed them – Sunrise plot-hole alert!
    3) Remove Suzaku’s “live” command – too sensible and anti-yaoi to happen.
    4) Remove Kallen’s “wasted opportunity” geass – please, please let this occur as surely Zero couldn’t pass up this chance a second time!

  5. Maybe they putted in the whole Millay Graduation thing to focus more on the rebellion (good God, I’m being desperate)

  6. You know what this show is missing? A guy who takes none of the drama seriously/cares more about the individuals then the causes they fight for. The reason I bring this up is that this show is starting to remind me of X without the only character I liked, the cool monk guy.

  7. Myssa: you still need to click on some of Sixten’s links. ;)

    You know, when the ratings are lower than the first season despite targeting the BL demographic as well as the loli and melonpan factions… maybe its time to change directions. But the last time Sunrise did they, Kira took center stage despite it being his successor’s show.

  8. Hm. Just realized we had a good three “What a twist” moments in this ep.

    I have a feeling there will be some more geass users soon.

  9. I for one, welcome this onslaught of sexaul fluidity in the Geass universe. Kallen is good for sweet-sweet hard loving, but sometimes, at the end of the day, you need a little Rolo to top it off ;)

  10. new hair-style Cornelia is win. ya know what else would be win for her? make her into loli with melonpan that could fit in the palm of your hand. delicious

  11. @ Okami:
    What is this, fine wine?

    [Insert YTAJR here]

  12. >> Well, at least a weatherwoman is a step up from being a stripper.

    Stripper? Please. Millay’s definitely more of a high class escort.

    Forgot to mention the cast inflation syndrome in this episode too. Since the start of the season we’ve had 6 new characters introduced in the Rounds for Lulu to get through on the way to his revolution, and we’ve now doubled his known siblings too…Sunrise really needs to learn how to let older characters die properly if they’re going to do this…

  13. There has been a lot of talk about Shirley dying next episode. I can’t quite understand that since the preview for next ep has them on a shopping adventure, apparently. They say that she saw Orange Kun, but so what? I don’t think Orange-Kun is at Gundam status, as in: “Anyone who lays eyes on this Gundam, must die.”, At least, not yet anyway.

    On another note, with those 3 together, Imagine the awkwardness of the situation. Shirley knows about Lulu, Suzaku thinks Lulu is still geassed, and Lulu thinks every things ok. Can’t wait to see the broken hilarity of when Shirley goes Yandere on a unsuspecting Lulu while Suzaku trys to rescue him.

  14. Oh! GEASS YES!

    The 1rst and 4th picture on this post made my day a happy one. Anya looks delicious on that pose (I can’t wait to see those doujins on ComiKat 74); seriously I need to search those pictures more often or else I don’t know if my mind can stand it.

    You’re right Jason, is useless to try and understand Code Geass R2 anymore; how can we took Lelouch’s rebellion seriously if he’s more concerned of Sayako’s agenda about his dates than rescue Nunnally or Karen; even in the aftermath of the Chinese Federation incident, he had C. C. on that seductive outfit and didn’t make a move on her. What’s wrong with that guy? Oh sorry, rhetoric question here.

    I’m going to sit down and enjoy this train wreck that SUNRISE has made, once again, and saw it until the end, even if Lulu choices Suzaku over his vast harem (just like Sister Princess).

    BTW, it’s me or the writers for HANCOCK forget to add a “D-” in the middle. I wonder why…

  15. >> There has been a lot of talk about Shirley dying next episode. I can’t quite understand that since the preview for next ep has them on a shopping adventure, apparently.

    Well, Meer did die at the end of a shopping adventure, so I can see it. I don’t think Shirley would die; she would “die” but come back 6 episodes later with a mask.

    >> I normally turn a blind eye with my friends’ procilivity for BL and hard Yaoi.

    Well, that’s just Haess being Haess. ;)

  16. No, that’s Oguie Chika. Now go blog Loli-Ranka and Loli-Klein Show episode 13. It has young Ranka, and (arguably your favorite, to judge by the “no way there’s a penis” comments) half-naked traps looking womanly.

  17. Shirley dying would be like Euphy’s massacre – a complete trainwreck. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sunrise pulled that one. Code Geass can only go from bad to worse to even worse and beyond. Yet that’s what makes it so attractive at the same time. Just like Gundam 00, it’s so bad, it’s good!

    Or maybe they’d kill off Kallen. Then Zero and the Black Knights will be screwed and we’ll have an even greater trainwreck than Shirley’s death. Or maybe his entire harem will end up dead other than C.C. who’s pretty much immortal.

  18. Why didn’t anyone mention that the odds of Shirley going stabby on Lulu in episode 13 have gone through the roof! I also predict for episode 13 that Orange-kun will die before you can say Geass-canceler.

  19. Well, “Assassin from the past” could have mean various things, since Shirley recovered her Geassed-memories from Lelouch’s Geass. We’ll see if Shirley will pay the price and made Lelouch more insane.

  20. “Well, at least a weatherwoman is a step up from being a stripper.”

    It’s a step down. She had ample melon pan. ;.;

  21. Considering that when I want to know what the weather is like someplace else that I’m going the next day, I’d rather see the map and not the guy or woman standing in front of it…blocking the details I need to now about. And with those huge tracks of land she has, I’d never even see the screen.

    She needs to be a field reporter that tends to lean towards the short cameraman a lot.

  22. Today I bought a sandwich because it was called “The Lulu”. Is that wrong or am I more broken that I thought?

  23. >> Today I bought a sandwich because it was called “The Lulu”. Is that wrong or am I more broken that I thought?

    Depends what’s in the sandwich… Oharuhi-sama help you if it had Jamaican jerk beef in it.

    But, if I were you, I’d vote “Yes” in the poll just to be safe.

  24. Well for everyone’s information. Yes, Lulu is tasty.

  25. Val: Well for everyone’s information. Yes, Lulu is tasty.

    I didn’t need to know that. Never though about Lulu that way.

  26. You guys so freaking called it.

  27. Rhine: That’s because this is Sunrise, and they’re trying to keep the fujioshi happy. No way in HELL they’d let another ‘shopping trip’ episode pass by peaceably. It’s like someone ordering pineapple salad in a Macross series…

  28. The last picture on this post has future no more, since Shirley is dead.

  29. Hey it could still happen only Shirley wouldn’t be as responsive as she is in the picture and Lulu would probably have a look on his face worthy of the Emo Facial Contortion Pantheon…

  30. At least Shirley got to see him, if her eyes still worked, going angsty over her,,, so she’d know, going out, that he did care about her. Even if she probably didn’t have a chance, she would’ve seen him going emo and been happy about it.

    Isn’t it sad, SacchinShirley?

  31. i posted this in the wrong thread ><

    but if you look closely Shirley’s not in the new opening.

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