five images: you can’t censor their love 2.0

Happy birthday, America.


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  1. Lulu and Suzaku.

    Jesus Christ you really, REALLY had to post that.

  2. I cried on reaching the last picture… and it wasn’t tears of joy…. started off so well T_T

  3. Screw it! lulu looks too damn much like a woman anyway.

    I’ve given up! I submit to you, Jason, almighty overlord of the broken.

  4. Pretty funny that half of these effectively canon!

  5. I’ll…just pretend that’s Sayoko in the last picture.

  6. I feel like you just dropped a Bridget on me with that last pic.

  7. Yes, yes…good … wait! What did I just see?!

  8. You know…it took about ten viewing to notice Simon was in the first picture at all. Boota on the third viewing (lucky rodent).

  9. ……my god

  10. Damn you once again Jason! That last picture ruined my precious day… but the previous four were bliss; so I’ll forgive you.

  11. @ Ithekro
    Now that you mentioned it, lucky Simon…

  12. *going down the list of pics*
    ohhh hot…
    very nice…
    yup me like..
    hehe sexy..
    oh yes!…
    Oh yes…wait hold on a second….NOO…I should be saying noo, but but but….I DONT KNOW ANYMORE! DAMN YOU JASON! DAMN YOU SUNRISE! DAMN ME FOR BEING BROKEN!!!!! GAHHHH
    *last words being brain breaking down*

  13. Strange…no effect.

  14. It won’t be long before “Derailed by Darry” will be known as “Broken by Jason” to the public…

    And I think I’ll second Incarnadine.

  15. Ha! I knew Suzaku would be the pitcher.

    Where’s my Kyou and Ryou?

  16. … Actually, I’d say that Jason could do better with that Seitenkan pic. If it were me, I’d choose, oh, THIS one:

    Or even this one, since the one above isn’t obviously Itsuki and Kyon (ko):

    And my first thought when I saw that last pic was: Hey wait, why is Tiera in Code Geass? …Wait that wasn’t right. THEN I realized it was a long-haired Lulu. All things considered, it felt right this time. o_o

  17. And hot and sweaty, ALREADY? Suzaku moves fast doesn’t he… Oh, wait.

  18. Myssa: I think that’s more because Lulu’s not used to moving around in heavy wedding gowns more than anything else, even if he has the figure for them… sorta. Kinda.

    Also, I suggest checking out the Tsundere Jason pic, just to see how the response is. ;)

  19. The first thing I thought was: NOO, don’t do it NIA! Its a trap! She give you kiss of death! TTGL broke me, too.

    The other pics were kinda Meh, except for SuzakuxLulu…strange how the Yaoi picture happens to be the most detailed and best colored out of all the list!

  20. He-re-sy~! I’d say the F/SN:HF pic was much better colored of the quintet of pics this time. Plus, the CLAMP-ish body proportions of the last pic don’t really do it for me (which is odd, since I liked manga version of XXXHolic), since they make it too obvious that it was Lulu (wide, square shoulders!).

  21. I’d rather see that with the versions of the characters here (click “Spoiler: Show”).

  22. Odd. The new poll is up: “Are you Broken?” And I was the first to vote on it… with the obvious answer. My preferred answer, “Not as broken as Miao-sensei” wasn’t present, but alas.


    Seriously. I screamed there at the end. You, sir, are a

  24. that second picture is going straght the chibi greko roman wrestling folder. That’s a textbook full body pin.

  25. FIrst thought: Lulu’s kinda…. cute.


    Oh, thank god. Reflex finally kicked in. I’m still het. I”m still het I’m still het…..

  26. firelovingdude: He’s not magnificient – he’s merely a bastard. There’s nothing to admire about this. ;)

    ubu: No… you’re not het. You’re gay for Geass. ;) Now, if you were lusting after Kallen, we could understand, but…

  27. That mole (what’s it’s name?) has the best seat in the gallery.

    Yeah, I’d grip that hard too…

  28. His name is Boota. Do not forget it.

  29. Say… Myssa, that Seitenkan pic brings one question to mind:

    If Haruhi and Haruki start making out, does that count as selfcest or blasphemy?

  30. Does she have a ponytail? Because if she has a ponytail, the classification does not matter.

    Otherwise it is mostly a Kyon faceplam momemt…likely both at once.

    And it’s been done already…..

  31. Haesslich: Neither, since at that point the universe would implode. God cannot kiss Herself. :P

  32. Like a youtube link posted on 4chan, I knew the ‘rickroll’ was coming but… I’ll be dammed if I don’t curse you for it Jason.

  33. Myssa Rei: Haesslich: Neither, since at that point the universe would implode. God cannot kiss Herself. :P

    Sure She can – She’s omnipotent, which means She should be able to create the situation that makes it possible. Whether She WANTS to, or if she’d prefer to force Mikuru/Mukuro into it, both time-warped and original versions, is another story.

    And Myssa… present for you.

  34. …thats odd… that last picture… gave me some strange feelings…

  35. Need a Long-haired lulu making out with female Tieria pic… GO JASON GO

  36. Haesslich: It’s a trap!

    Seriously, not touching the link with a 10-foot pole. I love Sixten’s art, but with you doing the linking, I fear for my sanity. XD

    Back to Guild Wars for me after work, still 40,000 points to go before I hit Legendary Spearmarshal. FINALLY, after 2 years, I’ll be able to get ‘I’m Kind of A Big Deal’…

  37. Myssa Rei: It’s a Tsundere Twintailed Jason image, like the one you were fearful of earlier. It’s a crossgender, not a trap; Jason-ko’s a tsundere 12-year old girl with a Sunrise fixation.

  38. By george, Jason. Code Geass has so many female distractions edging on overkill, and you’re still hung up on LeaplouchXSpinzaku.

    Maybe you really are a girl after all is said and done…

    so THAT explains why you were commenting on blogging Junjo Romantica

  39. Oh Lord, let’s pretend that’s Sayako on the last picture… imagine Sayako… imagine Sayako… imagine Sayako… imagine… imagi… Lelouch…

    Damn it.

  40. Myssa Rei: And my first thought when I saw that last pic was: Hey wait, why is Tiera in Code Geass? …Wait that wasn’t right. THEN I realized it was a long-haired Lulu.


  41. Wait, in that last pic, where did Suzaku put his hand…

    OH GEASS NO!!!

  42. Any chance that one of these times the subject will actually rerail the topic from being derailed?

    “Your face is too close”

  43. “Jason-ko’s a tsundere 12-year old girl with a Sunrise fixation.”
    thats it, i am leaving this blog, I am fearful of what I am starting to turn into…

  44. “Lulu and Suzaku. Jesus Christ you really, REALLY had to post that.”
    Isa was right….
    that was wrong. What is so wrong about it I can actually believe that last picture can happen. Lockon and Tieria pics, I don’t see happening and I thank GOD for that. Suzaku can man-handle Lulu and make him his bitch if it ever come to that scenario.

  45. @ zodmaner: Damn you to hell. That comment made me look at it a third time just to notice that.

    @ EvilDevil: You’ll be back…they’ll all come back eventually. Once you’ve been derailed, there is no saving you.

  46. That 3rd picture…for a worrying moment I though it was Mao returned from the dead along with Lulu and Rolo’s love child…

  47. I was thinking this post had lost its point when over half the comments here were about the last pic. Then I realized it just achieved it.

  48. Stop… doing… that…. *eye twitch*

    Stop… posting… stuff… *eye twitch* like… that…. as…. *eye twitch* the…. last… picture… *eye twitch*

    I feel I need to get revenge on you for that now…. In fact, I have an idea about that…

  49. “Derailed by Darry: or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Trap”

    In other news, I didn’t see Simon until somebody mentioned he was there. Also, it took me like five seconds to do the math for the spam protection. This blog is eating my brain, dammit!

  50. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  51. Jason, why do you want to break all of your readers!! why!!?
    but, i’m not going to fall i tell you… i’m not going to fall!!1!

  52. Cheez-it you derailed my day.
    I just spent 2 hours going through tv tropes.
    I had no idea KagamixKonata was Word of God.

  53. I’m kinda glad the I went “Gah!” at the kyonko picture first. It reassured me I’m not yet that broken, and softened the following blow.

    Thanks for the lucky star image!

  54. <>

    OH GEASS NO!!!!!!!


  55. Funny, cute, cute, funny, cute, D’AAAAAAAAAAARGH! MY EYES! THEY BURN!

  56. SuzaLulu FTW

    not only would I marry you for that last one, I love you enough to file the divorce papers as well. <3 More BL

  57. The fact that I didn’t see that coming means I deserved it.

  58. Kawaii desu ne! Especially the last pic. ^_^

  59. I’d do a double take, but I think I’ve been struck blind.

  60. ma eyes, THEY BURRRN, THEY BURRRRRN!!!!

  61. uuuuhhhh ….. I keep thinking that there are some positive traps… but this one wasn’t

  62. But the Sakura X Rider pic was gooooood ^^

  63. … by the way, Lucky Star manga licensed by Bandai. Also saw the first volume of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion manga in store.

    First thought: “Damn, I wish they’d done Knightmare of Nunnally”. OTL.

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