code geass r2 13

Shirley lives!


For just 24 more minutes. Just when I thought Code Geass R2 couldn’t get more ridiculous, it got more ridiculous. That showed me! A lot happened this episode: Orange-kun returns, fights and kills a bunch of Lulu’s followers, then reveals that he is, in actuality, on Lulu’s side and wants to fight with him against the Order (even though the Order gave him his Geass Canceler). Three people, Suzaku, Shirley, and Rolo confess that they love Lulu, and after Shirley confesses in front of Rolo, he supposedly, allegedly shoots her. Meanwhile, Suzaku is doing his best Alex Dino impersonation, Lulu is prepping an anti-sakuradite weapon, and Sumeragi has a higher usefulness rating than Kallen.

My three word review: WHAT THE FUCK?



Shirley’s death is pretty gruesome for 6 JST. I don’t think you’re getting away with this on 6 PST, even on The CW. Last week there was a lot of build-up and second guessing about Shirley’s death. There were two big clues that she wasn’t going to make it (besides the fact that she’s a female character who could be a real heterosexual love interest for Lulu). The first was that she went shopping with Lulu and Suzaku. Nothing good ever happens shopping with the two main male leads of any Sunrise anime. The second was that the new OP, World End, was leaked a week early, and it didn’t feature Shirley in the OP at all. Sunrise never, ever gives away major plot points in the OP, right? When I first saw the OP, my first two reactions were: Shirley’s a goner and everyone will team up against the Emperor by the end (judging by how the mobile suits– bzzt– knightmare frames weren’t fighting each other… also noticed the imagery and symbolism of Lancelot appearing through Guren Nishiki’s legs).

(Thinking back on it, I probably should have linked to the OP, but eh, it’s more fun this way. Also, by the look of the OP, Schneizel is now the top bad guy, not Suzaku. You just know he’s going to do something crazy, and then Suzaku will team up with Lulu thus creating a triple play OH GEASS NO moment with Suzaku, Lulu, and Rolo rolling into combat, skipping and hand-in-hand, like the thirteen brave souls in Meet the Spartans. And can someone tell me how hard up for money Kevin Sorbo is to appear in that movie? Did he snort away all his Hercules money?)


No clue why Shirley ran back in and no clue why Suzaku didn’t personally make sure she was in the car back to Ashford. Oh well, I said I wouldn’t dwell on plot points. The thing that Shirley’s death does do is sever any connection to Ashford. Really, with Milly and Shirley out of the picture, they can finally move on from the ridiculous Ashford setting. “Hey Ohgi, I’d love to go over these combat numbers with you, but I have world history homework to finish up first.”


And Shirley telling Rolo that she loves Lulu and even tosses Nunnally into the mix? Oh man, that’s a bad, bad idea. I hope this is the beginning of Rolo going yandere for Lulu, and eventually Suzaku will have to protect Lulu from Rolo. It would set up the most uncomfortable ten minutes of anime ever, even surpassing anything the gay of demonic charm could accomplish. Maybe more so if Orange-kun is involved somehow too.

(The haziness of the last few minutes of this episode reminds me of the raging wildfires in Northern California. Bad times. Bad times.)


Odds Shirley will return… slim. The OP does not predict it! With Orange-kun and most other returning characters, they’re drawn into the OP before they return. I think Shirley stays dead. At least for Code Geass R2. For R3, all bets are off. But I can’t wait for a cybernetic Shirley to come back and challenge Kallen for who has the most “loyalty” to Lulu. Or just the breast missiles.


Loved this dating screen summary. Explains a lot. Let’s go through some highlights:

– Kallen rightfully gets maxed out combat ability, but I would have docked her loyalty for not putting out when Lulu ordered her to. I also would bump her charisma higher (bunny suits have tons of charisma!) and increase her intelligence rating a bit.

– Poor Tamaki. Even if Lulu doesn’t want him, the Rukia All-Star could use another… uh… what does he do again? What’s his job?

– Why does Urd have a high charisma ranking? Blasphemy that she’s almost triple Kallen in that department. Who would you rather get locked up in a gym storage closest with? Case closed.

– Tohdoh… wow… Lulu, tell us how you really feel about him. He got the second highest charisma ranking… uh… yeah… sure. I’m beginning to suspect that Lulu wanted Kallen out of the way such that he could spend more time with Tohdoh– OH GEASS NO!

– You’re telling me Ohgi is 97.5% as effective as Kallen? Have you been smoking Urd’s smoke pipe?

– Why is Sumeragi ranked above Diethard in intelligence? If your life depended on either Sumeragi or Diethard answering a geometry problem correctly, would you go with the 14 year old loli or the guy who makes the impossible possible (media-wise)? Should any character named “Sumeragi” excel in an “intelligence” stat?

– Why aren’t the new bridge bunnies included?! They actually get more screentime in the OP than Orange-kun. I feel they need to be included and get their own Girls Next Door spin-off series.


Cornelia is looking pretty good these days. Crazy and melonpan are two favored moe modes of this blog. Loved her headshot. It’s almost as if Cornelia is really a grown up Chiko from an universe where Twenty Faces did die, and, of course, Tome kills her aunt, and then teaches Chiko the wonders of womenhood. Crap. I just got a fantastic fanfic idea.


Damn, just when Shirley was going crazy enough to qualify. Oh well.


Is it just me, or is Lulu’s train plan just a deus ex machina to expose Orange-kun’s sakuradite? I mean, the plan is pretty shitty as a train is not something difficult to blow up. Though I would have loved a train episode where Lulu is maniacally laughing on his train while Suzaku, in his command center, is deciding to blow up the train or not. Then Gino tells Suzaku, “Don’t worry. We have an ace in the hole. Steven Segal is on that train.”

(Under Siege is a ridiculous franchise, but it’s still enjoyable over a decade later. Steven Segal is to kung-fu action what Hasselhoff is to bad love songs.)


Why did Orange-kun switch sides, and why all of a sudden I’m getting OH GEASS NO vibes from him? If he wanted to befriend Lulu, why not just say so. And why kill Lulu’s underlings, including damaging the precious Sayoko. (Honestly, the only characters I want to stay alive are Kallen and Sayoko, just for the massive fanservice.)


I think he switched sides because Lulu broke him. He’s not switching because of that crap about Lulu’s mom– he’s switching because Lulu tore him open in season one, and Orange-kun liked it. He likes being the Orange-kun.

(Congrats fangirls. Not only was a well-endowed haremette removed, Orange-kun is now canon BL material. You must be as giddy as I was when I found out that, yes, there is an X-rated Clannad game, and, yes, it’s not focused on Nagisa.)


Greatest fight of this season. But Sayoko still needs to step it up if she wants to be in the Meido Pantheon; however, she has preliminary approval to join the Yoko Doombitch All-Stars.

(Sayoko’s role now is basically what Kallen would have been doing if she were still at Ashford and not Nunnally’s plaything. *thinks about Mnemosyne*)


The payoff for the fight wasn’t bad either, with Viletta’s triple-cross and Sayoko in bandages (and seemingly well like 30 minutes after being sliced). Bandages have always been one of my favorite moe modes. It’s not as high up as meido or bat shit insane, but it’s not far behind.

(Wilhelmina dominates the meido in bandages moe mode. She can star in my mummy movie fantasies any day.)


I also got some random e-mail discussions going about if Sayoko is a meido or a nurse. She dresses more like a nurse and that’s more of her role to Nunnally. Now, we can argue about meido versus nurse Sayoko, because I’d much rather discuss this than anything else in Code Geass R2 presently than “What did Nunnally do with Kallen? And did they censor their love?”


I found this scene to be so awkward. But Shirley calling Suzaku out and telling him to forgive Lulu does open up a possible everyone versus the Emperor ending. I just wrote about actual plot? BAD BAD BAD!

(Though I did like Suzaku also admitting that he liked Lulu. So far, two boys and one girl has confessed that they like him, and the girl is dead. I’m trying to guess who will confess next: Diethard or Orange-kun? Also, I like how Lulu seems to not care about any of them anymore, except for Nunnally. Maybe siscon is winning out against BL.)


Everytime Suzaku gets serious, he puts on a Bluetooth thing-a-ma-gig. ‘cuz nothing says uptight corporate citizen than a Bluetooth headset. For anyone who has seen Hancock, the same thing happens. Once Hancock becomes a good superhero, he dons– yes– a Bluetooth headset. And that’s how you page him for assistance– much better and much more modern than the Bat signal.

(I just wish they’d remake Batman properly with modern amenities. Gordon should be texting him instead of using a Bat signal. And they need a storyline where some blogger discovers that Bruce is Batman, because no way in hell does a celebrity like Bruce Wayne exist in modern society without loads of paparazzi or bloggers following them. They also need Batman driving a hybrid Batmobile with a yellow “carpool access ok” sticker on it.)


With most other anime characters, Shirley would have just died right here because they’d be trying to stare down her blouse instead of trying to pull her up. Because Lulu has no interest in that sort of thing, I knew he would be able to save her. So I wasn’t worried here at all.

(Plus, if Shirley died here, it would have been very lame because it couldn’t setup another ridiculous plot twist. Sometimes, I think I know Sunrise better than I know myself. Wait, why am I fantasizing about girls I would never talk to… why is my TV set to Food Network… and why is my shirt unbuttoned? I’m scared.)


If he’s frozen, how they hell did he activate his canceller after being effected by Rolo’s geass? Doesn’t Rolo stop all movement? Or does his other eye move by itself? And, even if it did, something must open up the eye slot to allow the eye to be used.


I like how once Sunday rolls around, everyone starts posting on posts that have nothing to do with Code Geass, “Hey, you should watch the new Code Geass episode!” Believe it or not, there are actually people who read this blog for things other than Code Geass. I also enjoy all the e-mails telling me that there’s a new Code Geass episode out. Guys, seriously, I know when it airs and gets subbed. I’ll have a post about it up no later than midnight, so chill. Secondly, if you want the process to go faster, the only thing you can really do is put the file on a fast FTP server for me to grab. (You have to be able to serve faster than 300kb/s for it to be worthwhile.) Otherwise, just stay cool– there’s a lot of great anime, so try watching something else to pass the time. My random suggestion: Outlaw Star.

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  1. dammit, and i really liked shirley’s “eye candy” value…

    In other news, I was surprised that you didn’t make any comparisons about the train with V for Vendetta. Seems Sunrise likes the Wachowski brothers/Alan Moore (delete where appropriate).

    And yes, women in bandages are always relevant. ALways. Ask Shana.


    And now Rolo will be getting what he deserves – a nice asssmack session for all the naughty things he’s done.

    And for some reason I totally forgot about Meer. MEEEEEEEEEEERRRR!!!!!! Both deaths were so ridiculously useless but emotional. ;_;

    I’m assuming there are no OH GEASS YES moments here due to all the defections and severing ties.

  3. Liked this episode, besides the Orange-kun haxs, and switching sides.

    One thing though are C.C. and Kallen dead? Or is it just that the yaoi is just to strong?

  4. Whats this? No BL pic of suzaku x lulu at the end? I’m actually disappointed. Why! You did this to me! I used to be normal……. ah screw it I want some pizza hut.

  5. Okie, I’mma say this to start…

    Jason, didja see Sayoko’s Ninja mode in the new OP? YOWZA!

  6. This makes it official – Sunrise has been taken over by the BL/yaoi contingent, and Code Geass R2 is their vehicle for the change from a general production house to making h-anime involving boy-on-boy manlove. Now, we just need Kallen, Nunally, and C.C. dead or otherwise out of the way (Kaguya is no real threat), to make sure that the BL ending is confirmed.

    Or, they could pull out a traditional Sunrise ending and kill a hero or two. Lulu and Suzaku could die in one another’s (figurative) arms, finally on the same side. Now, we just need Orange-kun to take care of Rolo…

  7. Greatest fight of this season. But Sayoko still needs to step it up if she wants to be in the Meido Pantheon

    And you have Mariel in there, who does… absolutely nothing.
    I don’t get that rating of yours.

    If he’s frozen, how they hell did he activate his canceller after being effected by Rolo’s geass? Doesn’t Rolo stop all movement?

    Rolo’s geass freezes the “mind”. Orange’s eye is mechanical, and probably had some Geass-detecting feature.

    …Wait, why are we trying to make sense of Sunrise in the first place? Does it really matter?

  8. As much as I (really REALLY) hate Rolo right now, I’m soooo betting that he is going to kidnap Nunally around episode 21~22, then dress up as her (wig, dress, chair, everything) as his last card to win Lelouch’s love.

    …And I think I wouldn’t mind that at all.

    *clicks “Yes” on the “Are you broken?” poll*

  9. This just in from the rumor mill:

    Next episode, Rolo confesses to killing Shirley and says the cult made him do it. (or something like that) So, Lulu is going to attack the Cult HQ, and try and get Rolo blown up while hes there.

    Thats such a lame ending for Rolo. he needs to die an extremely bitter and lonesome death.

    Also, Deus Ex Machina’s are now called “Orange Kun’s.” That scene with Jeremiah was THE most contrived thing I’ve seen so far. Unless it was revealed in season 1 about this “loyalty”. Don’t think so; they literally made up his motives while they were making this episode.

    Random Thought: I’d love to get to see Sunrise’s story board someday.

  10. So you’ve watched Antique Bakery :)

  11. yep, definately need a third season of Minami-ke. It is the only way out of this mess.

  12. Finished the episode, and a few thoughts…

    – Now that Orange is on Lulu’s side, I want Rolo dead. Really, he’s the Shinn Asuka of Code Geass, AKA the one lead character the EVERYONE HATES.

    – You gotta feel for Lulu when he was commanding Shirley to live. Wait a minute. If Mao lived after being Swissed by bullets, why not Shirley? Ah, well… I gotta lie down before this mystery kills me…

    – By the way, is there even gonna be an R3? I thought this was just a 50-episode anime.


    – Um, also, about Rolo stopping movement, Rolo can only stop a person’s perception of time, but not physical stuff (i.e. he couldn’t dodge the sniper bullet that shoulda owned him). I’m guessing that since some of Jeremiah’s body parts are mechanical, they’re the ones not affected. As for the power thingy, I think he has a GN Drive installed. ^___^

    – Aww… hey dude, if yoy become Code Geass writer, you’ll bring Shirley back, right? RIGHT!?

  13. I still think Orange-kun is faking it. He probably couldn’t kill Lelouch since his body was damaged, that or he has other motives. … wait I’m trying to make sense of a Sunrise plot? Oh Shi–

  14. If he’s frozen, how they hell did he activate his canceller after being effected by Rolo’s geass? Doesn’t Rolo stop all movement? Or does his other eye move by itself? And, even if it did, something must open up the eye slot to allow the eye to be used.

    They eye is completely robotical, and Rolo’s geass only effects a person perception of time. Meaning, inanimate objects like super special awesome robotics can work in it.

    So, in theory, Rolo could have:

    -Killed Shirley
    -Killed Marianne
    -Had buttsex with Lulu and Lulu would never know. Or has it alrea– OH GEASS NO!

    I like that Kaguya is the only one with Max Charisma, shows that LeLouch really is a lolicon.

    But anyway, Tohdoh’s charisma is high because he has the network of people that obey him. Good relations. Soon his power level will be over 9000.

  15. people, we got the technology… Shirley could be the next bionic woman!!… oh please, bring her back!!! Damn u Rolo!!

  16. After Shirley’s rebirth talk, I had visions of R3 where a sunrise geass’d (revives people) cyborg ninja meido pilot with inflatable melonpan Shirley coming back to save Lulu from Suzaku…in bed.

    This way, they could bring back Euphy in a concert sung by Maaya Sakamoto where we can watch Nina orgasm with Table-kun until Euphy finds out Lulu slept with Suzaku. Then we could have Euphinator pt2, only with more guns. And a mecha. Because sunrise geass gives hax pilot powers too.

    Then I realized this won’t happen because Code Geass is more broken than this. <3 CG

  17. @Komidol


  18. It does seems like both sides(Lelouch and Suzaku’s)will be teaming up soon (though the question is will it be against the emperor or the so called god they keep talking about).

    And that they’ll also gain some valuable information of the Gurren current design to implement a system similar to the Destiny’s and Strike Freedoms Wings of Light…making Code Geass R2 seem even more like Code Geass Destiny.

    Also Shirley dying should have happened last season when Lulu Geassed her instead of now. She didn’t really add anything to the story and she didn’t do anything but be another girl in Lelouches Harem. While it’s sad to see her go like that it’s long overdue.

    Also couldn’t they have added some good music like they did for Euphie when she died or when Shirley got Geassed?

  19. and here i was thinking that my vision was a perfect 20/20. yours is probably 100/100. YOU CAUGHT SAYOKO’S PANTY! in that fast action scene. i didnt even caught a glimpse of it that would give me reason to watch the scene in slowmo. after i saw the pic, i didnt finish reading your blog first but immediately watched the scene in slowmo. and surely, there it was, your Sayoko Panty Shot moment. i am all hands down. you are a god!

  20. Great. Less woman harem for Lelouch and another one for his Yaoi-buddy-candidates: Orange-chan!

  21. I hate this. Lelouch looks at a big screen with Black Knight’s stats. Kallen is on said screen. Yet he fails to remember that she was captured at all. SAVE HER ALREADY.

    The thought of her being in the clutches of Suzaku, having to listen to his annoying craptacular attitude about how everything is everyone else’s fault and how he’s the one “good guy” just pisses me off. She doesn’t deserve that kind of cruel and unusual punishment!!!

    I love that stats screen though… except they were missing a lot of characters. They’d better pop up in the future – though seeing Rollo’s loyalty rating being OVER 9000! might be a little scary.

  22. Re: Orange cancelling Rolo’s Geass when frozen: if I had an onboard robotic Geass Canceller, I’d have it set to go off whenever something strange happened to my body. Brain functions not responding? Geass Canceller Activate! Heart rate spikes? Geass Canceller Activate! Stubbed my toe? Geass Canceller Activate! Burrito disagreeing with me? Geass Canceller Activate!

    Hopefully it doesn’t cost much to activate.

  23. As many have pointed out, when Lulu first made Rolo switch sides, they discussed this by utilizing Lulu’s watch–the Watch kept ticking away time, while Lulu’s counting of it was stopped, thus Rolo only has the capability to stop people. So since Orange’s body is mechanical, it would in fact maintain its effectiveness.

    Now that that’s done….

    I disturbed my Japanese neighbors as I shouted that out right along with Lulu as Shirely died. I was seriously hoping he could have pulled another Suzaku with the “Don’t die!” geass. DAMMIT! DAMN THE FUJOSHI! I want Shirley back… She was finally FINALLY a good person…..NOOOO! Rolo needs to die with a thousand tentacles rammed up his virgin ass. Goddamit, even Suzaku would’ve given up if his rival was Shirley or Nunnally, that much was clear by the way he’s protected, or tried to protect both of them. Rolo is an evil bastard who must die. Yandere men are not moe, they are evil psychos! Even Oragne-kun probably wanted to bed Lulu’s mother.

    GAH. That’s it. If they don’t start trying to Kill Rolo next episode, I don’t think I can’t watch more….

    I’m gonna regret saying this, but I want ep 12 back. That was far better. T_T

  24. …gay of demonic charm.
    Referencing Antique Bakery makes me sad.
    Me recognizing the reference is even worse.

    Well, I think we can say that the theme of the first 13 episodes is a return to innocence for Lelouch-him wanting to eventually get all his friends back, some day go back to school. That’s over. Milly graduated, Shirley died. Everyone’s moving on, one way or another. There not too many ties left to Lelouch the ‘smart guy who is good at chess’. Rivalz is pretty much it and he never interacts with Lelouch anymore.

    I think the next theme (if you can call it that, I realize that I’m basically sifting through a river of crap for a few specks of gold here) will be Lelouch maturing, becoming more cynical (again). Thesis and antithesis. And then in the last episode he reaches a balance-synthesis. Or dies. Or opens an all male staff bakery.

  25. > “Orange-kun returns, fights and kills a bunch of Lulu’s followers, then reveals that he is, in actuality, on Lulu’s side and wants to fight with him against the Order”
    As far as I can tell, the “motive” here is that Orange-kun goes “OH SNAP! The Zero guy who has the same first name as Marianne’s deceased son, uses her maiden name, and shares his features, is really the guy he resembles!” I don’t predict his survival time being too many episodes though; for Zero it would be difficult to explain his new sidekick to his allies, and Orange-kun has an attitude problem with Elevens. My bet: he dies while saving or protecting Lulu’s life.

    Also, I’m with people who are predicting this’ll end up as the Emperor versus everyone else. Previous episode dropped hints that Cornelia would go against the Emperor when the monocle dude started spilling beans on his god-slaying plan, which made me think there could be another front opening against the Emperor. But now with Orange’s sudden switch and some other stuff discussed on 4chan (which I forget about right now) it seems more likely everyone will instead ally with Lulu, for some reason or another.

    > “I mean, the plan is pretty shitty as a train is not something difficult to blow up”
    But this is Lulu we’re talking about. He will have a Plan, and everything will go Just As Planned.

  26. that’s a thing, not panties, btw.

    Also, the Orange-kun being loyal to Marianne was in one of the DVD Picture Book episodes, so its a (gasp) hinted at plot twist. A pity he didn’t realize it sooner (that Lulu was her daughterson sooner.

    P.S.: Antique Balery isn’t half-bad. Certainly better than Sekerei, and unlike Geass we only have one gay character, and the other character already rejected him onscreen, unlike Lulu.

  27. >>>and Sumeragi has a higher usefulness rating than Kallen.

    The narrative has made it quite clear that Lelouch is a lolicon. Of course the loli would be more useful to him.

  28. I support the watching of Outlaw Star!

  29. “I also got some random e-mail discussions going about if Sayoko is a meido or a nurse.”

    Neither, she is a OTOME … watch the ending so you can see her in a Coral dress.

  30. So since Kallen has a maxed out loyalty stat; wouldn’t it make the most sense (read: sunrise-y) for her to betray Lulu and side up with Britannia? At least until Emp pulls out next super weapon Sunrise concocts threatening to destroy the world. The aforementioned would give great opportunity to show how Nunnally would’ve coerced her into defecting. I vote yuri-rape by paraplegic. Who’s with me?

  31. No wonder Lulu doesn’t bother to save poor Kallen. Charisma-wise, he’s got her rated below most of the males on that list (no surprises), and he even considers her the second-dumbest among his underlings! Pity they don’t show his stats for CC, though.

  32. I’m with you teabeans! Anything that gets Kallen naked and in the loving care of another female, paraplegic of not is always worth supporting. Now if only Lulu would order Sayako on a rescue mission so she could discover her old charge and her target during on of these coercion sessions…

  33. Friend: So I’ve been reading about this “Code Geass” on the intrawebs lately. But I don’t want to watch the whole first season to catch up with the latest episodes. What do I do?
    Me: Just watch the OPs. It’s got everything you need to know.

    Sunrise OPs, better at forecasting the future than the local weatherman.

  34. I’ll just throw in a quote from someone.

    “Orange went from Epic Fail Guy to Lelouch’s new badass BFF in a single chapter. Bravo Sunrise, bravo.”

  35. Fuck Yeah, Outlaw Star!

  36. They need to bring back Shirley with machine gun jubblies.

  37. Top Five Reasons Sayoko Deserves to be in the Pantheon:

    5. She’s a ninja meido (always a bonus)

    4. She wears a black thong with garters and thigh holsters

    3. Her instinctive solution to problems is to kiss a girl

    2. She’s an expert at arranging dates with every cute girl in school

    1. She’s very understanding about your imouto-con

    Considering how little screentime she’s had, it’s remarkable she’s become so awesome in this season. Who would have thought in S1 that the best fight scene of the series would go to the maid? (Oh, wait, this is anime… never mind, then.)

  38. funny enough, I did recently rewatch Outlaw Star, a remastered version without all the butchery done to it by CN. good times, good times.

  39. Well, for those who never saw the DVD extras, Orange-kun told Viletta how he failed to protect Queen Marianne on his first mission. I don’t know if he admired her at the same level as Cornelia, but I can tell he tells Lelouch the truth.

    Since the beginning Lelouch knew his Geass will bring him despair and loneliness, that’s why C. C. told him that she’ll be the only one by his side.

  40. P.S.: Antique Balery isn’t half-bad. Certainly better than Sekerei, and unlike Geass we only have one gay character, and the other character already rejected him onscreen, unlike Lulu.

    Antique Bakery is the anti-Sekerei. It is the fangirl equivalent. Bishounen helping each other (some relunctantly-oh you male tsundere’s) with emotional problems/sordid pasts/everyday life while performing some gentle emasculating task (gardening, baking, calligraphy-maybe I’m being stereotypical but you have to admit: these are not activities you do while rocking out to AC/DC and banging cheerleaders). Is AB better written, more watchable, less likely to turn your brain into cheese? Yes.
    But it’s still yaoi in sheep’s clothing.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  41. Well played Sunrise. Well played.

    I rather enjoyed him trying to keep Shirley alive via Geass. That was a nice touch.

  42. Note how Gino appears in the op before Kallen…BURN! …and double burn, the loli whose only purpose is keeping a certain portion of S2’s viewers watching is listed as having thrice her intelligence.

    Also note in the tunnel of characters in the OP Gino starts off smiling then is one of the few that frown, and Anya starts of frowning then smiles (cute!). This definitely signifies Anya’s going to take Lulu’s side against Gino by the end of the series.

    >> With most other anime characters, Shirley would have just died right here because they’d be trying to stare down her blouse instead of trying to pull her up

    Fuu, it’s just a good thing Lulu wasn’t wearing gym shorts is all I’ll say.

    >>Considering how little screentime she’s had, it’s remarkable she’s become so awesome in this season.

    No it isn’t. Sunrise just decided they wanted a ninja in S2, and bang, suddenly the nondescript meido from S1 was one! Good forward planning, and intricate plotting Sunrise!

  43. Ah crap, why she had to die, she was the only normal one.

    By any chance did anyone first thought that the crease on her blouse was where Shirley got slashed when the camera zoomed in on her? I was thinking, slashed melonpan, ouch…

  44. I’ll miss Shirley very much. She was one of the last normal ones… Ah, I know it’s sad when the next two characters who spring to mind as “normal” are Lloyd and Kaguya. They wouldn’t fall into that category on any other show.

    Speaking of crazies, I love it when Cornelia’s on screen. I know she’s gone off the deep end, but her hair is just so darn pretty.


    Your screen cap skills hold me in awe. I honestly didn’t even see that the first two times around. (7:02 if anybody else is searching)

    Also I know I’ve said it before but

    I love this Lulu…… errrrrrr…. I love this show, I definitely meant show. Also I miss Kallen, all 250 points of her.

  46. Hmm, I see Iceland’s back on the map.
    In the OP it is, at least. ;)

  47. I’m completely at a loss.

    What in the hell is going on? What possible reason does Villeta have to stick with Zero?

    Why on earth is Lelouch back to causing problems in area 11? What happened to his “NOPE, GONNA LEAVE NUNNALLY ALONE CAUSE SHE’S SAFE WITH SUZAKU” revelation?

    Wasn’t the whole Arthur chase scene from last season? why didn’t that set off red flags with Suzaku and Lelouch?


  48. haha shirley’s dead, and im not sad. though wasted melonpan is bad, shirley gets on my nerve bad..
    CC and Kallen got nil screentime, which goes to show how important they are in Lulu’s plans compared to Rolo and Suzaku. ahah

  49. They also need Batman driving a hybrid Batmobile with a yellow “carpool access ok” sticker on it.)

    You see the size of that thing? Instead of the yellow carpool sticker, it needs a Wide Load placard on the back…



    Otome Sayoko should get her own spinoff.

  51. What in the hell is going on? What possible reason does Villeta have to stick with Zero?

    “Purist” is Britannia slang for “Masochist”. Both her and Orange are masochists. That’s why they stick with Lelouch :-P

    …Nah. It probably has to do with her becoming Ougi’s enemy if she joins Britannia again. Last time, Ougi almost got killed by them, and it was Lelouch himself who risked his life to save him.

  52. Even though I stop watching Code Geass since episode 9, i think the part of the scene was Ninja Gai___, oh I mean Ninja Sayoko, even the scene for the male viewers :P

  53. “If Lulu had been on top…”

    I got derailed right there. The OGN klaxen sounded. I need some Meido now… hey, there should be a new Maid Guy… SUBS WHERE?!

  54. Hässlich …. did you just conclude that Antique Bakery is less gay than Code Geass? ……………. XD

    Now the question is: is the fanservice aimed at the male audience in Code Geass able to compensate this? ………. I heard that a lesbian pair is going to show up in AB, so CG might actually have some difficulties ……

    >But it’s still yaoi in sheep’s clothing.

    If CG isn’t Yaoi in sheep’s clothing the way they keep hinting at it, then I dunno what is. At least AB doesn’t try to hide it.

  55. The front page makes it look like Birdy is looking up Shirley’s shirt.


    I have a special soft spot for “evil” traps. But, he must get merc’d in the end. That’s the rule. He’ll die, just don’t have it be lame.

    Code Geass is a funny show.

  57. ..OH GEASS NO-HOMO, is the vibe i’m starting to get.

  58. Minikui; I’m convinced that any fanservice for non-yaoi fans in Geass is purely accidental or is snuck in by rogue animators. They’re killing off or marginalizing any female haremettes (Lulu seems to have forgotten about his vow to rescue Kallen along with the one to kill Rolo), they removed all the fanservice (non-yaoi$ characters (Millay, Shirley, C.C. is absent, ditto Nunnally, Viletta can no longer be forced into it, Anya doesn’t provide it), and not only has Suzsku admit to liking Lulu but added a devoted and less psycho harem member to replace shota Rolo (Orange-kun).

    Antique Bakery only has one gay main character and he goes after everyone else, plus they don’t focus on him. Lulu, Suzaku, Rolo, and Gino are all flaming in comparison, and there’s multiple suggestive groping and flirting shots. Oh, and they kill all the girls who keep competing for Lulu off, or otherwise neutralize them. Of course it’s more BL than AB.

  59. owke, I get why almost everybody thinks that lulu has forgoten about Kallen but did you guy’s forget episodes 7,9 and 10? And don’t tell me that those episodes were just fanservice -_-.

    I’m sure that most of you know that japanese studios(sunrise),… can be pretty vague(eg. interview gundam 00 season 2).
    the same goes for those ES and OS, ok it’s sunrise but until now Code Geass has been pretty good and had a lot of plot twists so how knows what will happen. As a Kallen fan, I hope that she won’t defect and that it just looks that way.

  60. Suzuka does something to karen in episode 14 watch and find out and see if she will be ok in the following episodes

  61. “he’s frozen, how they hell did he activate his canceller after being effected by Rolo’s geass? Doesn’t Rolo stop all movement? Or does his other eye move by itself? And, even if it did, something must open up the eye slot to allow the eye to be used.”

    Jeremiah is half robot that’s why he can use his Geass because Rolo cannot stop the movement of nonliving objects.

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