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Flowers and condolences for Shirley.

I was flipping TV channels today, and I stumbled upon Melrose Place. For people who gleefully followed this “drama” back in the 90’s, it had it all: a female cast that looked great in swimsuits, a homoerotic male cast (including a character who later came out of the closest), incest, a ridiculous storyline, and deus ex machina a plenty. It got me thinking that Melrose Place is the prototype for Code Geass. Instead of Alison and Amanda duking it out, it’s Lulu and Suzaku. But I guess my point is, as ridiculous as Code Geass is, it’s still only par with Melrose Place… and Melrose Place ran for seven seasons and 226 episodes.

Okay, from both the episode 13 post as well as the spoiler post.

Aldrin: and here i was thinking that my vision was a perfect 20/20. yours is probably 100/100. YOU CAUGHT SAYOKO’S PANTY!

I cannot take credit for this. Three people e-mailed me– presumably absolutely drunk with giddiness– over Sayoko’s panties. ruffles e-mailed me first, so direct praise that-a-way.

rikchik: Re: Orange cancelling Rolo’s Geass when frozen: if I had an onboard robotic Geass Canceller, I’d have it set to go off whenever something strange happened to my body

You’re basically saying that Sunrise put logic as well as a good idea into their plot. You’re really stretching it now.

Tim: According to /a/, Kallen is going to defect to Britannia. I’m trying to figure out why, but I just can’t.

/a/ or /m/ is usually right about these things since Sunrise drops spoilers like Burrs drop Hamiltons:

Big text on the side: Kallen is defecting!?
Smaller Text: Even though Lelouch promised to save her, her life is in Britannia’s hands. The meeting with Nunnally and Suzaku will change her will.

I think how it’s worded… it makes it sound almost like a threesome. More troubling, if Kallen goes to Britannia’s side, then wouldn’t it be horribly lopsided? Unless Gino and Anya switch, which is probably what happens next.

And someone also made this apt comparison. If you have already seen this fifteen times already, a sixteenth time couldn’t hurt, right?

Unscrupulous Sousuke: funny enough, I did recently rewatch Outlaw Star, a remastered version without all the butchery done to it by CN. good times, good times.

The irony is that Outlaw Star is a Sunrise series. It’s a fantastic series in terms of just being fun and nicely written. It’s a bit campy at times, but it was the late 90’s. I think if you took Outlaw Star, updated the animation and character designs (so Melfina looks likes like a grunge rocker), and aired it summer 2008 instead of when it originally aired, it would just blow everything else out of the water.


(And, yeah, it really should be Kyon’s Imouto and Nia joining the Melfina “Found-in-a-Box” All-Stars.)

FlameStrike: I still think Orange-kun is faking it. He probably couldn’t kill Lelouch since his body was damaged, that or he has other motives. … wait I’m trying to make sense of a Sunrise plot? Oh Shi–

Nothing some whiskey and Red Bull couldn’t fix.

EvilDevil: people, we got the technology… Shirley could be the next bionic woman!!… oh please, bring her back!!! Damn u Rolo!!

Funny thing is that we thought Orange-kun bit it earlier, and now he’s back as a bionic man. I don’t think Sunrise will dip into that well again. I also think it would be hilarious if it turned out that Shirley shot herself. Knowing what we know about Shirley, what exactly qualifies her to use a sidearm?

Syaoran Li: Well, for those who never saw the DVD extras, Orange-kun told Viletta how he failed to protect Queen Marianne on his first mission. I don’t know if he admired her at the same level as Cornelia, but I can tell he tells Lelouch the truth.

I saw one DVD extra, and I was D-O-N-E for the day.


Mikamo: Wait, how did geass make it into my show? I’m terrified.

Well, at least you don’t have a Satomi Arai-voiced ninja meido… yet.

(I’m not sure if I would facepalm or OTL if it turned out that The White Haired Demon was really C.C..)

Keiya: Aww… hey dude, if yoy become Code Geass writer, you’ll bring Shirley back, right? RIGHT!?

No, if I were a writer for Sunrise, I’d actually keep dead characters dead unless I were adapting High School of the Dead for them. I probably would not have killed off Shirley. For one, I don’t believe in killing off minor characters– if you’re going to kill someone off, kill off a major story character. Shirley, while having impressive melonpan, brought nothing to to story. In that sense, I would have gone with Nunnally. Sorting out what happens after Nunnally dies would be more riveting than post-Kamina and post-Hughes. Lulu would make post-Kamina Simon look like Team Rocket after losing out on Pikachu again.

(Joss Whedon would have definitely offed Nunnally as well. Not that this hurts or helps my case though.)

teabeans: The aforementioned would give great opportunity to show how Nunnally would’ve coerced her into defecting. I vote yuri-rape by paraplegic. Who’s with me?

I think 90% of my readers. See, if I were writing for Sunrise, I’d definitely toss in a Nunnally x Kallen scene. It’ll be so epic, Nunnally wouldn’t survive it. (Maybe it’s better if I didn’t work for Sunrise.)

Yukimura: Much to our collective joy/dismay it would appear Kallen has been placed in some sort of mind rape machine by our loveable loli Governor-General.

Yeah, but it’s 6 JST. More importantly, it’ll turn off Sunrise’s key demographic: the pro-yaoi fangirls. Can you imagine how disappointed they would be if we got loli x melonpan fanservice before Suzaku x Gino fanservice?

Kantaro: The issue I see here is that Rollo has been aiming for [Lulu’s] ass all season. OH GEASS NO!

*too terrified to put up a “favorite CG BL couple” poll*

Incarnadine: The front page makes it look like Birdy is looking up Shirley’s shirt

*shakes head*

Beowulf Lee: I do not trust AniDB ratings anymore. Code Geass has a rating of 8.7 while R2 has a temp rating of 8.95. WTF. Though I do think this says a something about anime fans.

I think it’s pretty accurate. Ratings should be about entertainment value and not absolute quality. Anime is all about entertainment, and Code Geass R2 delivers entertainment in spades. I think the first season suffered a little because Euphie went batshit insane– it turned off the more moderate fangirls who just wanted to appreciate Euphie’s hair and hope for the Suzaku x Lulu make-up sex. R2 so far has delivered bunny girl Kallen, possibly brainwashed Kallen, and three (Gino, Rolo, Orange-kun) more canon BL characters.

tidal: Oh…the plot and the writing? Kick that to the curb! We’ll pierce the ratings with our geass!

It’s a fallacy to believe that good writing leads to good ratings. Melrose Place lasted seven years! Firefly didn’t even last one. Train wreck can be just as or even more enjoyable than a well-written show.

Roy Mustang: The narrative has made it quite clear that Lelouch is a lolicon. Of course the loli would be more useful to him.

Uh, no. He’s a siscon plus a BL star. A real lolicon would have offered to marry Tian-Zi himself.

Erin: I’ll miss Shirley very much. She was one of the last normal ones… Ah, I know it’s sad when the next two characters who spring to mind as “normal” are Lloyd and Kaguya. They wouldn’t fall into that category on any other show.

I think we’re all rooting for Miya-Miya (the girl who called Lulu “MY HONEY!”) or any of the bridge bunnies to replace Shirley’s role in Code Geass now. But you bring up an interesting point– who is the most normal Code Geass character? I might have to go with Tohdoh. He hasn’t gone insane yet, and he’s acted rationally. Then again, I said the same thing about Graham Acre, and look how that turned out.

Spaniard: Well played Sunrise. Well played. I rather enjoyed him trying to keep Shirley alive via Geass. That was a nice touch.

I liked it too. It was probably the second best thing Lulu could have done in that situation. The first, of course, would be to tell her that he loves her (even if it’s a lie). She’s gushing out pints of blood! Comfort her a little.


Ithekro: yep, definately need a third season of Minami-ke. It is the only way out of this mess.

As much as I like Minami-ke and Haruhi Suzumiya, I’d rather get new franchises into the mix. Fresh blood is always welcome, and too many sequels eventually chokes an industry. Right now, I’m debating if I should watch the new Mahou Tsukai series just because I never finished the original. Sure, there’s people who like that series, but I think if Hal Film Maker adapted, oh, Mirai Nikki or another five tool prospect, they’d get a larger audience than just people who enjoyed the first Mahou Tsukai series.

Minikui: Hässlich …. did you just conclude that Antique Bakery is less gay than Code Geass? ……………. XD

I like how Haess is the authority on the homoerotic overtones in Antique Bakery and Code Geass. Very fitting. But I will say that comparing Antique Bakery to Code Geass is a bad sign… for Antique Bakery.


Onion: I’m thinking his mom shows up inside of C.C. and eagerly await the ‘Marianne was inside C.C.? I came’ jokes that are bound to be cracked.

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. Yay for a Meido Pantheon link.

    I like how all the good images of Shirley are only busted out once she’s dead. It seems the moe modes of this website have switched ever so slowly from melonpan and DFC in the days of Haruhi and Shana towards the more… iffy… moe modes of dead/soon to be cyborg girls and genderswaps.

    I fear for humanity.

    P.S. The thought of Kallen working for Britannia confirms my belief that everyone on Geass is so gullible, the war could end if somebody just told both sides that the other side said they surrendered.

  2. ! just don’t F$%KEN get it!!! whats the point of killing poor Shirley?! all she did was wear reveling outfits and her almost going stab stab or snoo snoo
    on lulu.

    Whats with sunrise killing off minor characters?! and refuse to kill off useless main characters (like Nina the table humper)?!

  3. Flattered as I was to see my quote included, I would’ve thought my mention of Cornelia’s pretty hair would have meant that I would be recognized as a female blog reader and not an Eric. But then again, there’s so much broken-ness abounding on this blog that I don’t think any comment can confirm a poster’s physical gender. Just to be safe, though, let’s not put that theory to the test.

  4. … The hell? Is that a barechested MALE Kallen I see, AND a longhaired girl Lulu?

    *looks again, and shudders*

    … Holy Emperor on the Golden Throne, is that girl-Lulu in Sayako’s getup during the China visit (or maybe Cecille? Memory’s a little wierd at this point)? Uh, uhm, wow. If I didn’t know BEFOREHAND it was a genderswapped Lulu, I’d have said it looks good on h-…

    Ah crud.

  5. >>I cannot take credit for this. Three people e-mailed me– presumably absolutely drunk with giddiness– over Sayoko’s panties. ruffles e-mailed me first, so direct praise that-a-way.

    In all fairness, I simply included the pictures to demonstrate sayoko’s pantheon worthiness. I can’t take credit for picking out the panty-shot in the first place, that honour goes to some obsessive pervert on 2chan.

    And as far as the writing goes… well, in all honesty I don’t think it’s that bad. I mean, sure it’s not great, and some things (like the chess game) had me spitting coke at my screen, but as far as keeping it interesting goes sunrise is doing a decent job. I don’t mind the odd logic break if it advances the story a bit. Besides, there’s much worse out there, ever seen an episode of “Neighbours”(it’s a shitty Australian soap.)? The writing (and the acting) in that is more damaging than pouring vomit over a gaping wound.

    Oh well, now that Shirley is out of the picture… more Millay? Please?

  6. Given the CLAMP designs though, I’d say that it’s par for practice. So Genderswap is okay. Mmm, surprisingly no homoerotic pics from Jason this time though…

    What? Oh yeah, Code Geass. Right. I never really had any expectation from Code Geass aside from the fact that it was going to be an entertaining ride. That said, I was disappointed that Sunrise chose Shirley to off. Sure, her death would sever any remaining tie to Ashford, but it was a low blow nonetheless. I think the only thing that could have been worse (and a REAL kick to the gut) would be if Rolo went bezerk and killed Nunnaly (a real possibility).

  7. “But I will say that comparing Antique Bakery to Code Geass is a bad sign… for Antique Bakery. ”

    Well that’s for sure, demonic charm wouldn’t last a second in Code Geass XD Brittania turned all their gay bars into a ghetto last season after all.

  8. Most normal character has always been Rivalz (weirdest name-and that’s saying something).

    I always thought he was going to be a bigger part of the anime.

  9. In terms of most normal characters, my votes go to Euphie, Shirley, and Rivalzzzz. On that note, if we get more than 20 seconds of dialogue from Rivalzszsz in an upcoming episode, be warned: his death flag has been raisedzzzz.

  10. >>>Ratings should be about entertainment value and not absolute quality.

    This can’t be right. Grave of the Fireflies should have a rating of -5 then.

  11. I chuckled when Lulu was trying to keep Shirley alive. It reminded me of this for some reason

  12. >> Erin

    I apologize. It’s a typo and nothing more. To make it up to you, how about some shirtless Lulu and Rolo?


    >> Mmm, surprisingly no homoerotic pics from Jason this time though…

    To make it up to you, how about some Viletta x Cornelia?


    And, for people not derailed by Cornelia, is it just me, or would Shirley be the greatest WNBA player ever with that wingspan? It’s like twice as long as Suzaku’s.

  13. Uuuhhh…


    *Brain functions shutting down*

  14. also think it would be hilarious if it turned out that Shirley shot herself.

    Is it a good thing if the first movie to come in mind is Robocop 2?

  15. I would like to state for the record that the current survey is broken. It needs at least two more choices:
    I don’t know and please don’t ask!
    yay! patchi patchi!

  16. The best theory I had heard thus far was that it was Nani-Mai-Hanni-chan who shot Shirley. She had to do it because that’s the only way she could give Lelouche his ass-hat back.

  17. Myssa Rei: this is what the Kyonko heresy has wrought. And people thought nothing would happen… ;)

    Ruffles: Denied. More Millay would take away BL time and expose her melonpan to Death by Sunrise.

    Jason: I would fear, given how Geass is going, that a “Gay of Demonic Charm” Geass would end the series in two episodes – just use it, and everyone will be on Lulu’s side save Nunnally.

  18. I’ve always wondered why BL is so much more popular with girls then yuri is with guys. Now men like lesbians don’t get me wrong-that’s true for both American and Japanese cultures. But I don’t see nearly as many Yuri mangas/animes as I do BL. Only ones I can think of are Marimite, Strawberry Panic, and the classic R.G. Utena.
    Partly its probably just cause more girls than guys are scanlators, but still it just seems like yaoi is so popular its like a cultural phenomenon. It can get confusing.

  19. Man, if that spoiler you said was spot-on, I give up. This series just became Gundam Seed Destiny. DAMN YOU SUNRISE!!!

    And then I’ll wish Gundam 00 won’t end up as broken, but I guess it’ll end up the same way too.

    By the way, guys, didja know that I actually almost got into a fight with some Code Geass fangirls (and guys) at the Bandai display at AX? I said something to my friend about Code Geass’ plot being batshit insane, and well…

    If I didn’t say “I like the series nonetheless”, I dunno who’s more dead, me or Hans Grubber.

  20. Please watch the first episode of the new Mahou Tsukai. I want to hear your thoughts on the, uh, artistic decisions made. I thought it just added visual pain to an otherwise really dull episode, but I’m curious on your take on it.

  21. Snoopycool why is Shirley a minor character and Nina (The humper of Tables) is a major one. Shirley has at least twice the number of lines Nina has.

    The reason Shirley died is because . . . well I do not know, but Nina’s Fanatasic table related death can not happen until she intvents the Ultamate weapon. Since, Hydron cannons are as powerful as a Nuclear weapon and reuseable, so the Ultamate weapon must turn everyones gay fanatasies true and Ohgi and the bridge bunnies are the only ones spared and are in charge of repopulating ther earth.

  22. PS: Jason, you forgot the most important comment I had from that last post

    Haesslich: Minikui; I’m convinced that any fanservice for non-yaoi fans in Geass is purely accidental or is snuck in by rogue animators. They’re killing off or marginalizing any female haremettes (Lulu seems to have forgotten about his vow to rescue Kallen along with the one to kill Rolo), they removed all the fanservice (non-yaoi) characters (Millay, Shirley, C.C. is absent, ditto Nunnally, Viletta can no longer be forced into it, Anya doesn’t provide it), and not only has Suzsku admit to liking Lulu but added a devoted and less psycho harem member to replace shota Rolo (Orange-kun).>/blockquote>

    I may be broken, but at least I’m still broken for Haruka. You, sir, on the other hand…. ;)

  23. “this is what the Kyonko heresy has wrought. And people thought nothing would happen…”
    why dont we just put a big banner “We are broken for Kyonko” and stop denying the truth… we are all broken…

  24. EvilDevil: why dont we just put a big banner “We are broken for Kyonko” and stop denying the truth… we are all broken…

    No, Jason’s broken by Kyonko. I’m merely appalled at the devasation that it has created – look at all the BL pics that’ve shown up recently, or genderbent Lulu or Lloyd shots. :P

    Besides which, it’s a waste not to post Haruka-neesama is amazing pics. Just read Chapter 32 of Minami-ke. Damn, she makes those jammies look good.

  25. In terms of power balance, Kallen switching sides seems pretty fair. So far, Lelouch has gotten Rolo, Li Xingke, and now Orange-kun (is he Orange-kun now that Lelouch has some respect for him?) to switch. One has a Geass, the other is a combo of Lelouch and Suzaku (a bad thought ran through my mind…), and the last has a Geass Canceler that only works against his side (this is a good thing?). Kallen switching to the other side balances things out.

    The image comparing Lancelot/Guren and Freedom/Justice is a beginning of more connections to Gundam Seed. If you think of Nunnally as Lacus, Suzaku as Kira, Kallen as Athrun, I can see Nunnally forming her own faction that tries to get in between Lelouch and the Emperor. Then Nunnally and Suzaku go off to a small island to take care of the orphans. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Cagalli character (she must be female) for Kallen, so the similarity is breaking up here. But if a Code Geass Cagalli does appear, then we will know how R3 is going to start (Rollo holding onto that cellphone of his wanting to avenge Lelouch’s death). Ah Sunrise, recycling plots since 1999!

  26. Jounin: Let’s call him Jeremiah, as Lulu’s likely to do, or Lord Gottweld. But in this case, if Kallen goes over… well, then the Black Knights WILL kill her, and in turn that reduces Lulu’s female harem again. Especially as C.C. wants to die, which means she’s going to get herself out of the harem too… leaving us with Kaguya-hime. Who must die at some point, or otherwise be removed, so that the fujioshi contingent is satisfied that Lulu won’t be going off with some girl at the end.

  27. ok. if you and ruffles wont take credit, ill just give my cheers to the great pervert who started it all!

    ill join you in the Derailed by Cornelia Fan Club anytime!

    Sunrise must justify Shirley’s death. Give me a Kallen nip slip again! (just rewatched CG Ep 3 shower scene DVD version)

  28. Jounin: I noticed that Lulu calls him “Orange” (sans honorific) when they meet… of course, that was before Jeremiah confessed his loveloyalty (OGN!).

  29. (Just noticed you have to spell out “strike” tags…)

  30. The most ‘normal’ character in the show is Rivalz. He actually like girls!

  31. Syaoran Li: Well, for those who never saw the DVD extras, Orange-kun told Viletta how he failed to protect Queen Marianne on his first mission. I don’t know if he admired her at the same level as Cornelia, but I can tell he tells Lelouch the truth.

    What’s this? There are actually people who haven’t seen all the picture dramas yet? They’ve been out for nearly a year. Anyone who hasn’t seen them yet are missing out big time. So if you haven’t gotten them yet, you can get them here

  32. “Besides which, it’s a waste not to post Haruka-neesama is amazing pics. Just read Chapter 32 of Minami-ke. Damn, she makes those jammies look good.”
    …ah yes, she is the only one that can cure the brokeness… she is amazing…

  33. EvilDevil: Count Jason among the folks who deferred watching the CG DVD extras. :)

  34. Haruka-neesama is AMAZING. Especially when she’s angry.

    Incidentally, it’s 7AM in that shot… but Haruka-neesama’s lying to them. This chapter was the whole ‘staying up’ one from Episode 9 of the first season.

  35. that shirtless Rolo x Lulu shot looks alarmingly like an official artwork … if it’s a fanart it really has exactly the same art style oO;;

  36. I just want to see Rolo begging for his life when Zero kills him in a way that makes current time slot cry. Shirley must be avenged.
    When Lulu used geass again and again with Shirley, I was afraid that he might turn her into some kind of zombie. Euphienator scarred me deeply.

    I felt a change in series. (as in many other Sunrise shows) It’s going to more darker and serious direction. Yes I know that I’m gonna regret for saying that when I watch the next ep. I like this direction but for some reason I got more gay vibes too! Maybe some Sunrise big shot came back from vacation and said: “OK! No more fun and fanservice guys. It’s serious drama and yaoi now!”

    And I can already see the ending! It’s the last pic of ed.

  37. Now that I’ve finally stopped crying…..I would like to see Lelouch, as Zero, take his revenge on both Rolo and Suzaku by making them both go the YAOI route!!

    “Okay….now switch positions!! Keep it up!! Dont stop!! Dont even THINK about stopping!!”

    FUCK them all!! Literally, and HOW!!

  38. I can take the shock of shirley being killed because that was bound to happen sooner or later but what really compels me is what suzuka does to karen in episode 14 it really through me off I wonder whats gonna happen to karen I wont post it here but it is like 5-10 seconds of ep 14 that will throw it all off i seriously cant believe it.

  39. In more worldly news, the Rebellion in Area 11 will gain more support from a nuclear aircraft carrier later this summer. The U.S.S. George Washington will be forward deployed in Japan, replaced the last conventional powered American carrier in service (U.S.S. Kitty Hawk).

    The 11s will now have a vessel named after a real leader of the rebellion.

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