pinapple cakii!!! (macross frontier 17)




Ranka must be the love child of LOL FANG-TAN and genderswapped Haruhi Suzumiya. There’s no other explanation. That’s that only way to explain the fang, the green hair, the musical ability, and the sudden newfound courage.

(What’s with that crown?)


I trust you completely to… kiss me? Ravish me? To rub a cold ice cube up and down my body while making tiny circular patterns?

(So let me get this straight. Alto sneaks into Ranka’s room, avoiding all her bodyguards and picks a time when Ozmu ain’t there. And… why? To enjoy coffee with her? Is he getting Ranka confused with Yukine?)


I’ve discussed this before, but, basically, there’s no scenario where the US government would leave a seven year old girl in the care of a twenty-something single man if he’s not a blood relation. None. This is not up for debate– it’s just a fact of human society. For most industrialized countries, the adoption procedure goes: blood relatives, then stable married couples, and then Brangelina. So… how did Ozmu get custody of Ranka?


They’re pushing the Seikan Hikou dance pretty hard, and it’s nowhere as awesome as Motteke Sailor Fuku or Hare Hare Yukai. It’s just Ranka giving us hand signals… I mean… what could she signaling besides “Buy more steamed buns” or “Alto, push me down on the bed anytime!”?

(Whenever I see footage of seiyuu singing for Akibahara events, it’s always them just making hand signals. Apparently, singing and dancing is too hard. Or maybe just for Horie Yui. I kid, but she really does nothing but sway.)

(But bonus points for dancing iSlug.)


Not suggestive at all…


“Don’t go looking through my stuff.”


A. “I have embarrassing photos of me during my chubby middle school days.”

B. “My mom’s and dad’s skulls are under my bad. I might have to drug you, tie you up to a chair, and make you pea into a teapot if you find out.”

C. “My ‘toys’ are in the top drawer. Help yourself.”


Yep, we’re now in the “Klan’s new wrathful loli gig” portion of the post. My gosh, the way she was smoldering… if she brought up melonpan and specifically melonpan, I would have sword Big West secretly replaced Klan with Louise and didn’t bother telling us. Though that wouldn’t be a bad thing, especially if Michael’s love interest turned out to be an extremely well-endowed elf.

(But really, what does Klan have to feel ashamed about? Michael could use her melonpan as a big king-sized mattress… )


Maybe this is why it’s a bad idea to go around wearing clothing that bares your (hairless) chest. Brera would do so much better if he had a Batman-type suit.


Looks like none of the “men” have chest hair. More insightful analysis from Derailed by Darry.

(Did they purposely sensor Alto’s, uh, nipples by having that bar there?)


Brera’s explanation for the Vajra’s Borg-like adaption ability is interesting except… well… Macross Galaxy fought Vajra first, and I’m guessing they used missiles, Reaction warheads, guns, and the fancypants beam cannon during that fight. So… uh… wouldn’t the Vajra be immune to everything by now, including the fancypants beam cannon? Still, how do you grow biological immunity to nuclear bombs? Turn into a cockroach or an internet troll?

(At least in Star Trek, they just made the Borg adjust to the spectrum of the beam weapons, but physical weapons like bullets were still effective against them, like when Picard pulled out the tommy gun in First Contact. That made more sense from a physical and natural laws standpoint.)


Consider the contrast in Sheryl’s dominatrix on-stage persona and Ranka’s with the dancing Mario invincibility star. Sheryl’s the one you want to run away to Paris with in a private Gulfstream. Ranka’s the one you want to introduce to your mom before Thanksgiving dinner.


I laughed at this scene. I kept hoping for Exia to pop out and do the Crocodile Dundee “That’s a knife? This is a knife.” routine with that huge oversized buster sword.


Ozmu was pretty pimp this episode, until he confessed to loving Cathy during the middle of a knife fight. Ugh. Would Kamina do that? Would Kogarashi do that? My favorite part was how he leveled up once he put in the Fire Bomber music, which was by no means in the realm of rock and roll.

(Shades of Iron Eagle, the movie where a 15 year old boy hijacks a F-15 fighter and flies from like Texas to the Middle East, without refueling, without the US military looking for a missing F-15 fighter, and then taking on a whole enemy air force by himself. How does he do it? He puts in some crappy rock and roll music into his cassette player. If you haven’t seen this movie before, it’s worth a Netflix stream. The ridiculousness just blows Code Geass R2 out of the water. It’s an amazing feat… but trust me. Chappy!!!)


Would have been great if Ozmu and Cathy got trapped in that room. Typical harem moments are always welcome.


Sheryl’s getting left in the dust these days. Only 15 seconds of screentime this episode. I can’t believe she’s playing catch-up now… in terms of falls from the top, if Britney’s were a 10 out of 10, Sheryl is about a 3 right now. But it is interesting that Sheryl is struggling for screentime right now.

(Vajra earring… interesting…)


Are they mass producing Ranka-puppies? My gosh, this could get epic. (I’d even settle for the Futurama episode about mass produced Lucy Lui.)


And we end this week with the obligatory Ranka-puppy is cute montage.

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  1. This ep was pretty dynamite.
    The way Ai tore up that paper air plane makes think he’s a baby Vajhra. Maybe everybody already thought that or something but that must be foreshadowing something.
    So Ozma seemed to recognize Brera, wonder if he’ll tell Ranka?
    I don’t want to seem mysoginistic but I hope Grace dies again. What a backstabbing, soulless whore she is, even for a manager of young music talent.

  2. Ah, but what a glorious 15 seconds. 15 seconds of Sheryl > 15 minutes of Ranka.

  3. The reason Ozma survived is because his Pinpoint Barrier System is powered by GAR – thus being able to stop shots which blew up whole destroyers while losing only one nacelle of the armor pack. But man, he really digged his pineapple cake. I do think that sex saved his life, along with the fact that he’d had some BEFORE going on that mission, where he confessed his love for Cathy over channels, before going Kamina on the Vajra.

    As for Ozma, you have to remember that most families in the Macross-verse start young, as a consequence of mass cloning combined with the whole ‘Earth got depopulated, so we have to reproduce quickly’ binge that led to the fleets being sent out to colonize the galaxy.

    Oh, and Galaxy? They didn’t fight the Vajra at ALL – you keep forgetting about that last shot of Galaxy in Episode 15, duriing the Grace-talking-to-herself thing. It’s intact and floating safe and sound while Frontier takes the hits, so that they can swoop in and steal the information and technology, thus controlling Galactic civilization through their monopoly of Fold Quartz-based technology, allowing them to send troops and things to all points in the galaxy, regardless of distance or fold-faults.

    Now, Kawamori got in a good shot at the fans towards the end, via Mikhail: “If he had died, this would be really emotional, huh?”

  4. Roy Mustang: Ah, but what a glorious 15 seconds. 15 seconds of Sheryl > 15 minutes of Ranka.

    10 seconds of Sheryl standing stock-still to save animation budget is glorious? You should look forward to Episode 18 instead, which promises much more Sheryl, and in motion.

  5. hah, i thought Ozma was a real goner…but then again, looking at the scriptwriter, i must’ve thought wrong.

  6. Did someone order pineapple salad?… wait, my bad, is pineapple cake…

    “I trust you completely to… kiss me? Ravish me? To rub a cold ice cube up and down my body while making tiny circular patterns?”
    knowing Alto-hime, i dont think it will happen…

    “there’s no scenario where the US government would leave a seven year old girl in the care of a twenty-something single man if he’s not a blood relation. None. …So… how did Ozmu get custody of Ranka?”
    what makes you think he went to the proper channels? after all she is the only survivor on that fleet, no one would notice her missing…

    “(Did they purposely sensor Alto’s, uh, nipples by having that bar there?)”
    if they didnt the brokeness would have gone out of control…

    “Are they mass producing Ranka-puppies? My gosh, this could get epic.”
    did i just drool a little?…

  7. The episode title, Pineapple Cake. The VERY first thing I thought was OH SHIT, Ozma’s going to die.
    Pineapple Salad killed off the GAR character in the original so Pineapple Cake must be the Frontier version.
    The fact that the episode was 70% about Ozma confirmed that he was in the ranks to be killed off.
    He protects the bridge at the last moment taking a heavy blow, and just like Roy he continues on fighting.
    Then as he’s talking to the love of his life and listening to Ranka sing her first real concert, he goes to a better place. (Right after she tells him that she made him some Pineapple Cake.) I CAN”T BE THE ONLY ONE WHO SAW THIS COMING!

    Then I realized that obviously Cake isn’t as awesome as Salad…….. and he lives another day to get yelled at by Ranka.

  8. As a girl, I’m grateful for the hairless chests.

    Hairy chests in anime usually makes one as popular as Kondou.

  9. enjoyed the iron eagle reference, but come on, everyone knows they hijacked a pair of F-16’s. :)

  10. Spike Lee and Iron Eagle references in the same post… YTIOB.

  11. Though that wouldn’t be a bad thing, especially if Michael’s love interest turned out to be an extremely well-endowed elf.

    what? you mean like Klan’s giant form?

  12. This is the second time I was in disbelief with what happened. The first was when I saw Michael’s VF-25 equipped w/ speakers and thought “don’t tell me Ranka is going to start singing now” and now the whole time I thought Ozma was going to die in this episode and almost yelled out “you’ve got to be kidding me!” near the end. Kawamari must have had a good laugh tricking us fanboys. Ozma was bleeding in his cockpit, bleeding on the way to the concert, and bled enough to make a sizable puddle during the concert. Where did all that blood come from?

    Also, Ozma and Cathy did not have sex. That scene was a memory Cathy had of them about 10 years ago about to have sex but then Ozma gets a call from what I think is the National Elementary Care Center. Apparently little Ranka got sick and Ozma had to leave (Cathy still had her blouse on). Sheryl might have a grudge against Ranka for stealing her fame, but Cathy has an older grudge for being reversed-cock-blocked (did I get that right?) by a little girl.

    I also loved how Alto was quick to rat-out Michael by giving up those trade secrets so Michael would share in some of the blame.

    And to be fair to Iron Eagle, they snuck in a flight plan so the Air Force wouldn’t think anything was wrong (they even managed to authorize a mid-air refueling) until those 2 F-16s starting firing missiles and dropping bombs. Ah I remember renting that movie when I was 10 or so…

  13. Oh, Jason, shouldn’t the title be Piine cakii!!?

    I think the following recipe might be it:

    I am so tempted to try to make this, but my baking skills are poor. Anyone want to try and send one to me? Seeing as how Ozma didn’t die from it, I figure it should be safe…

  14. First of all, I want to say that the makers of Macross Frontier need to DIE for not killing off Ozuma… or rather, for doing all that pinapple’ing and then not killing him! I was tearing up at the end!

    Here is a few interesting thoughts. Pinapple Salad is Death. Once it begins being mentioned that character is dead, no question. However, Pinapple Cake is Not-Death. Rather, the person spirals downwards at the same angles as Pinapple Salad, but manages to survive in the end. Now, when you break that down, it means that (Pinapple) Salad is death, while (Pinapple) Cake is fake death. So the (Pinapple) Cake is a lie. And im also happy that I avoid salad – My unhealthy lifestyle has finally been prooven right, since Salad equals Death.

    Not suggestive at all…

    Correction: Not suggestive at all again…

    “Don’t go looking through my stuff.”

    Right before she said that, my brain thought “Now its time for Alto to go looking through her stuff!”

    And we end this week with the obligatory Ranka-puppy is cute montage.

    Actually, there is a picture to rival the whole “Ranka-puppy” movement…
    Is that a Ranka-kitty? Ranka-neko-puppy? agh… *watches for overloaded peoples*

    Also, I wish to bring something up that I said last post.

    Fact no-one might have noticed past flustered loli-Klan…. In the background you can see at a lower level Luca getting out of a black car with guards…

    It was into, not out of. But still, I picked a plot point from previews when everyone else just wanted Klan to get flustered at then….

  15. B. “My mom’s and dad’s skulls are under my bad. I might have to drug you, tie you up to a chair, and make you pea into a teapot if you find out.”

    WTF? What’s the referance here? I would guess Higurashi but I know Jason didn’t see any more of it past the first season (I think) and neither did I.

  16. Was I the only one that noticed this post was full of ( hilariously appropriate) spelling mistakes? “sword” = sworn, “sensor”=censor, “pea”=pee (?). Ah whatever, I got no point. But I am currently eating pineapple in the bathtub. I loled.

  17. “I would guess Higurashi ”

    I’d say no at this point, unless I missed some context someplace.

  18. It’s Mirai Nikki ~

  19. Strange, how Ozma can open fire on another military official and not be Court marshaled.

    How did they so seamlessly transfer from life or death battle to watching a Ranka concert? All the while Ozma is bleeding like spigot. Didn’t anyone notice? “Hey, uh, Ozma, is that a sausage hanging out of your coat or are your intestines just happy to see me?”

    I like how Alto replied “Of Course” when Ranka said he wasn’t that kind of a guy. Sounded like he was covering up for something. Maybe Alto-hime is that kind of guy, except what he really wanted to do was play dress-up, with makeup, frilly cloths, and whips.

    Also…they had cassette players on F-16’s? lol?

    Lastly, regarding the whole immunity thing.. I think Ozma made it sound like they can only be immune to one or two things at a time. So if they’re immune to reaction weapons, bullets might be more effective. (which makes no sense, of course)

  20. I would guess Mirai Nikki

  21. For me, New ED for the Macross F >> New Opening for Macross F.

  22. Just pointing a little something out:

    Notice how the shape on the lower right matches? I hadn’t noticed at all until a poster pointed it out on a message board.

  23. If Ozma still dies then this episode was a massive waste…so I hope he stays alive in that retrospect…

    I’m just getting into the whole Macross experience so I don’t really know but how is Macross on the whole death thing? Is it just like Tomino’s Gundam where Tomino kills 90% of the cast? or is it more like the post Tomino Gundam where just a few main characters die per series?

    Also I liked this thought I’d share it:

  24. This is not Sunrise that kills off characters to show they are not afraid of anything.

    Roy death had a purpose, Ozma death at this point would have no purpose … especially considering his speech, if he died it simply would give Brera words value.

    Also as pointed out before Galaxy did not fought the Vajra …

    And Jason you did not mention the Fold Quartz that are further developed in the episode, even if it does give reason for the Galaxy to harvest the Vajra for then I still think there is more that meets the eye in all this.

  25. @blademun
    he is a private contractor/mercenary

  26. Is it just me or does the new OP sound a lot like an early Maaya Sakamoto song. It really could have come straight out of Grapefruit or something.

    Jason: As an EE I totally snerked at the “The Vajra use *feedback* to adapt” line.

  27. I think it’s worth pointing out that unlike Tomino, Kawamori has never really believed in killing off charecters; Macross is meant to poke affectionate fun at Gundam, afterall, which is why we have Diamond Force in grunt suits kicking ass. Look throughout Macross: if you’re a named charecter, you aren’t dying anytime soon. Roy Fokker and Hayao Kakizaki/Ben Dixon were the only named Valk pilots to be killed off in SDF Macross. Guld was the only named KIA in Macross Plus, and off the top of my head, Macross 7 only had Kinryu who died, paving the way for Gamlin to become Diamond Leader. (And Kinryu died while being gar, while listening to Fire Bomber…) Basically if you’re an unnamed grunt you’ll die, but if you’re a name charecter your chances of dying aren’t like those of Gundam.

    Ozma’s whole speech about missiles, guns and fists was simply him making a point to Brera. As well as being gar. :p

  28. Can’t wait for Ai-kun to pull a Boota and show off his humanoid form.

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