perfect fit

The Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei team is bringing us a romantic comedy about a lesbian attending an all-girls school because she hates men. Then she promptly falls in love with a crossdressing man attending that school. Should I be disappointed or relieved that I had never heard about Maria Holic until today?

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  1. Ah Shaft; chalkboard sight gags and “clever” and “incisive” comments on otaku lifestyle.

    I hope it just happens to be, you know, fun.

  2. Disappointed. You should definitely feel disappointed.

  3. Yep…this is our blogger.

  4. The description on ANN says “cross-dressing sadistic boy.” Why is “Lelouche” the first thing that comes to mind?

  5. eh, he’s totally a masochist.

  6. It’s Shaft, and the Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei team is making it — be prepared for:

    A. Fansubbing hell. (long releases).
    B. Sight gags/random comments in the background.
    C. At least one episode concentrated solely on puns.
    D. A nickname for the protagonist.

    What I’m wondering about, is why the hell is there a crossdressing guy at an all-girls school? Is this some sort of yuri/Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru crossover?

  7. So Aya Hirano as a lesbian harem lead.
    And Yu Kobayashi as the main end “girl”.

    Broken series is broken?

    At least the sadistic/masochist character’s actress has experiance with crazy male characters (Higurashi’s Satoshi Hojo for example).

  8. AH, brilliant. I am loving shaft more and more

  9. I foresee many Symmetrical Docking tags.

  10. God, the plot of this series screams “ANIME!!!!”
    Thanks, Japan.

  11. Someone somewhere needs to point a finger at Jason and all of his commenters (myself included) and angrily cry, “This is all your fault!”

  12. I wonder if Kanako thinks of Maria as a DFC…

  13. just shoot me, there is no way this one isn’t blogged by our almighty jason

  14. This actually sounds awesome. (Both the plot and shaft)

  15. I fully expect to see you listed as a consultant in the credits, Jason.

  16. The manga needs to be scanlated. Even for just one chapter T_T

  17. You should not only feel disappointed but like a failure for not being able to bring this to our attention sooner. Who else are we suppose to rely on to bring us such things than “Loli-Broken-Sensei” Jason?

  18. Lol, I agree with Beowulf. This blog has completely broken me and I really really don’t care … It’s sad how no matter how much I look I can’t find any scans or downloads for the Drama CD … I don’t want to wait for the anime. ==;

  19. YES WE CAN!

  20. at first i was happy with the idea of yuri, finally something i like… then i read the cross-dressing part…
    Damn you Jason!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The exciting times of lesbians and the crossdressers who love them may sound interesting, but I’ve already been to art school.

  22. I’m coming buckets here.

    I have been reading that manga for more than a year already. I already read volume 1, along with some magazine scans for the latter chapters (all raw, of course). Damn, I feel so giddy now…

  23. After all the subtext in SZS this is just the natural progression that must take place.

    It is inevitable.

  24. Shameless self-promotion:

    I posted some manga scans there, in case anyone is interested. Also, I might scanlate it, but I promise nothing.

  25. According to Wikipedia, it is scheduled to be broadcast in January 2009. Now let’s hope it will be subbed and we’re set! ^_^

  26. I’m certain a section of the internet fansub-base is broken enough to pick this up on-the-spot.

  27. I feel this tingly sensation in my fingers…this isn’t supposed to happen. I don’t understand this. Logically, I should be repulsed by the very concept, and yet…what are these feelings? I’m…actually looking forward to this.

    Jason, what have you done to me?!

  28. These are tears of joy running down my face…I’m sure of it.

  29. It’s something that I could definitely see you loving, so embrace it when it does come out. This seems like it could be all kinds of awesome. :3

  30. Sweet, the world needs more Yuri manga. And I say Jason needs to blog the manga. I think trains of conversation about “Lesbian Harem Lead Haruhi” would be far more interesting than Kyonko.

  31. I find that I’m weeping acid I’m so excited for this. I also find that I’m going through all my OtoBoku image folders and doujins again…and then double the excitement. Like the Doublemint Twins, only one came slower than the other. Wait…what?

  32. Figures that Jason’d be all over a project with a trap in it, much less a sadistic one. ;) The meido does look promising, though, as does the whole ‘Ouran Host Club of one, but with someone evil ordering Haruhi around’ concept.

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