emo facial distortion pantheon: #2 lulu

“NUNNALLY!!!”Code Geass
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  1. Oh? This is surprising. I knew you’d have or two from Geass but I though Orange was more deserving with his “ZEROOOOO!!!!!” from last season.

  2. EDIT: one or two from Geass

    You need a comment editor so I don’t look like and idiot with my writing.

  3. From what I’ve read in the past one of the requirements for being considered for the pantheon is the ability to consistently do facial distortions. Lulu fits that, Orange-kun might have it down but not enough screen time to be considered ‘consistent’.

    That being said… when’s Sunohara being inducted? Regardless of everyone else I think that spazz is funny.

  4. Oh come on, Code Geass HAS to be Nina’s face after she heard Euphemia died. I still have nightmares…

  5. That’s an emo facial distortion? Surely you can do better than THAT…


    Now THAT’S an emo facial distortion.

  6. Geeze Haesslich that just scares me!

  7. Haess…dats a good EFD.

  8. I knew I should’ve said “You call THAT an emo facial distortion? Now THIS is an emo facial distortion…”

    A pity he doesn’t pull off the Shin-style faces well.

  9. I have a question: will all of the members of the emo facial distortion be thrown into an arena for a fight to the death? Because that would make my…

    …what’s the word for “a million millenia?”

  10. If you’re making an Emo Facial Distortion Pantheon like a hall of fame, where the most deserving nominees go in first, I have to believe Nina deserves to be inducted before Lulu. Sure Lulu might have a greater quantity and prominence of EFDs throughout Code Geass, but that’s all Nina does: be CRAZY. That’s her thing. Crazy characters in other, lesser anime series either have normal, sane parts of their personalities to contrast with the crazy portions, or they die within a couple episodes of their introduction. But Nina… she’s just insane, the end. Obsessive, crazy, table-raping lesbian girl was made for this pantheon. I call Shenanigans!

  11. Omisyth wrote, “Oh come on, Code Geass HAS to be Nina’s face after she heard Euphemia died. I still have nightmares…”

    Why not have the best of both worlds?



  12. Damn it Skane, I was eating when I looked at your image. Nearly choked to death from a mixture of laughter and terror.

  13. Shouldn’t that be Nunnalluphemia?

  14. Next week’s ep will be a pantheon goldmine. Can’t wait for Lulu’s PMS attack.

  15. Omisyth: Nina’s face still gives me nightmares DX

  16. Oh. My. God.

    Shinn Asuka + Dead Sister = #2 failing of GSD
    Lelouch vi Britannia + missing Nunnally = ?????

  17. = CAKE! I win.

  18. Depends on the cake. Some too light a fluffy, others might be a lie,
    but if its mother’s own and you can’t take your chocolate, then you might die.

    Homemade triple chocolate cake for the win.

    (There is no such thing as “too much chocolate” or “too sweet”.)

  19. Shouldn’t that be Nunnalluphemia?

    Shit, that sounds like a venereal disease.

  20. Shit, that sounds like a venereal disease.

    You mean it isn’t? Because I’d wager Lulu has a bad case of it.

  21. Am I the only one wondering when we’ll get to see Shinn?

  22. I am hoping for the Sonozaki twins. I can’t remember an episode without and facial distortion. And the episode with the ladder is liking a michael phelp’s moment in the olympics: A gold medal among gold medals.

  23. Oh teh horrors…

    By the way, I saw something in the TV magazine I just had to say here. My favorite Olympic sports now are “Men’s Double Trap” and “Women’s Trap”. Olympic sports are broken too! When does EFD qualify as one?

  24. I’d think EFD would be a winter sport.

  25. Poor Lulu, everybody else gets their name in full. Lulu just gets lulu, not Lelouch or Lelouch vi Britania.

  26. how about?
    Lulu vi siscon nunnallyloverkiller

  27. nodspy: Poor Lulu, everybody else gets their name in full. Lulu just gets lulu, not Lelouch or Lelouch vi Britania.

    No, the name Shirley gave him is all he really needs and deserves. “Lulu” is both short, to the point, and fits his effeminate manner and siscon-tracked mind.

  28. Yeah but even Shinn got his actual name.. not emo dickhead extraordinaire like he deserves.

  29. That’s because Shinn was ALWAYS known as Shinn, in-series. Lulu is a name given to Lulu by a character in the show, and one that he’s been referred to on-screen with; “Lulu” it is. Shinn gets called “Shinn” by everyone else on-screen, in contrast to Lulu.

    Plus Lulu is part of a yaoi fangirl pairing with Suzaku, which makes the feminine name more appropriate for the uke. :P

  30. Your logic is irrefutable, I submit.

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