emo facial distortion pantheon: #4 akira

Akira Kogami
“OHA~LUCKY!!!”Lucky Star
“S” Tier

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  1. Perhaps simply due to her lack of air time, I wouldn’t rank her this high… then again what she manages in such little time justifies her presence. Ok, I’ll watch through LS again before making a judgment.

  2. Nice choice. Its the contrast between nice her nice and real additudes that makes her top notch.

  3. Ignore that second nice…

  4. great facial.
    Kamen no Maid Guy ep 10 is out !!!
    does Kogarashi’s smile counts as an emo facial distortion ?

  5. I didn’t even think of her. All the same I give my round of applause.

  6. No the radio shows for with Akira-chan are great. XD you don’t even need to see the facial distortions to know they’re there.

  7. D-d-drill!


  8. I’ve completely forgotten that she pulled off several EFDs.

    Well done, well done.

  9. Akira = “A” tier
    Shiraishi = “S” tier

    Since Kogarashi = “GAR” tier, where would he be ranked? Or does he have his own separate pantheon?

  10. Kogarashi would be in the GAR pantheon with Simon and Kamina.

  11. “does Kogarashi’s smile counts as an emo facial distortion ?”

    I don’t think Kogarashi can be “emo” so no. Not this pantheon anyway.

  12. I’d substitute Akira with Gotouza. After all, when an emo facial distorter is scared by your own emo facial distortions, you’ve earned it.

  13. So deserving to be put in the pantheon.

  14. Kogarashi is not emo, therefore does not qualify.

    Akira, however, has earned her spot.

  15. Gotouza-sama would be nice, but she has no “known” consistancy with her emo facial distortions. Superior quality perhaps, but no quantity to provide enough sampling material. Great mix of Mikuru and Kaede though. Makes you wonder how close that was to her normal personality.

  16. Haha, I loved Akira’s massive mood swings from trying to be extremely cute to excessively depressed. I think the highlight was when she spat out the mount Fuji water she had asked for and said she would rather drink something out of the vending machine. This evil idol has definitely earned her spot in the pantheon. She was more that 50% of the humor in lucky star.

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