emo facial distortion pantheon: #5 rena

Rena Ryugu
“USO DA!!!”Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
“S” Tier

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  1. The queen, and one and only.

  2. “S” Tier
    Damn straight.

    All shall be “taken home”. No exceptions.

    “Hau~ Onmochikaeri!!!”

  3. Woohoo, about time she makes her debut! Hail to the queen, baby!

  4. Which subbing group says ” Im gonna take you home” Triad subs say ” I want you for take out” -_-

    She scares me

  5. I miss this show, I’d prefer more of the random batshint insane stuff like first season than the group therapy sessions of the second season anyday.

  6. Rena! <3

  7. Logical progession perhaps? What does one do with “take out”? Either you eat it away from the restaurant, or you take it home (and eat it). Since eating the cute would seem strange if taken literally (As oppose to if she’d said, “I’m going to eat you up”), “taking home” makes slightly more sense. That and she did take the “Colonel” home.

  8. Ah, the good ol’ days of season one…

  9. Which subbing group says ” Im gonna take you home” Triad subs say ” I want you for take out” -_-

    Rena’s Key phrase when entering “Cute mode” is “mochi-kaeri” Literally it means “take home” as in to pick up and go home with something. However, this is also what’s used for “take out” or “to go” when ordering at restaurants. Personally I would translate it as take home though since she takes everything home and collects them in either her garden or her basement. (I don’t think they covered that in the anime, but they do in the game–The garden of her home is filled with all the stuff she’s taken home. Everything from the Colonel to a Post Office Mailbox. (Not the roadside ones, the big one.) As well as the constant jokes between K1 and the lolis about how Rena would use them to adorn her basement. To which Rena reacts just an otaku would react to the threat of someone giving him his favorite meido in body-pillow format.

    Also, you I don’t think the anime conveys it well, but after playing through Onikakushi, I’m more tempted to say all of it is K1’s paranoia-induced delusions rather than Rena herself being scary. The needle in the rice ball is done by Mion and she admits to it, but its within her normal range of action in regards to club activities, same with the injection. As for Rena, if you read what she says closely, none of it is that abnormal or horrifying, or even as out of character as K1 believes. My interpretation of Onikakushi was that after Oishi confronts K1 with his suspicions of Rena and the others, K1 begins suspecting his friends more and more, driving himself deep into paranoia that warps his perception and interpretation of the events around him. In other words, I think in Onikakushi we’re dealing with an “unreliable first person narrator” who goes psychotic. The various tips viewable throughout the story and the after-arc party section of the game support this, when all the other characters debate whether it was a curse or human that did K1 in, and his response when they call him up is that “it was both, it was everyone, the whole world, everything was out to get me”, in that passionate, frantic state.

    Therefore, I’d argue Mion deserves it far more. As her case is true yandere: Her twin sister starts stealing the guy she loves, and she goes crazy with jealousy and rage.

  10. yes well her “ohkiiiriiiii” has always sounded to me like “i’m gonna make you squeal like a pig feel purdy!”

  11. And the kicker?

    Even after all we know about her, we’d still do her.

    Oh, how sad it is to be both broken and aware of it simultaneously. ;_;

  12. At least it is not Mako-cakes broken.

    And yes Rena broke me..,.and I blame Jason for introducing us.

  13. My personal Favourite.

  14. Ah… cleaver girl. Who turns into a hot middle aged woman.

    Mmm. I’d be screaming “USO! USO DA!” if she didn’t make the Pantheon myself.

    P.S.: Jason, I caught a show tonight involving traps and immediately thought of you. Yes, you broke your readers.. who are now returning the favor. If you want the souvenir, let me know.

  15. Definately worth of the spot and the tier.

  16. S+ Tier

    accept no imitations

  17. @Kouryuu: Actually, it’s fairly well stated at the end of the first season, and in parts of the second, that the supposed “evil” actions on the parts of Mion and Rena were indeed caused by the induced paranoia of you-know-what (in fact, the so-called “injection” turned out to be a marker, I think — at least, that’s how it was expressed in one scene (but that might have been for one or several specific loops, and not for all of the Onikakushi-type loops; for some of those type loops, it was probably…well, if you’ve watched Kai, you know what I mean).

    Also, while not explicitly stated, Rena’s collection of stuff is shown at one point in one of the seasons (I think it was the second Answer arc, the arc that was at the end of season 1), having been tossed out into her backyard (I doubt it was by her, of course).

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