emo facial distortion pantheon #6: revy

“FUCK YOU!”Black Lagoon
“A” Tier

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  1. By “Clannad” do you mean “Black Lagoon” or did I just miss something really important in my school-life love story show?

  2. That captured line is so very appropriate!

  3. Fuko when you take all her starfish dreams away from her.

  4. oo i vote for this one thus far

  5. LOL Clannad…

    Black Lagoon is one of my all-time favorite series/manga’s so I’m happy this made it. Never really thought of Revy as a EFD candidate but now that you mention it…

    Oh yea, for those who care, chp 56 has been translated. Heres a link: http://www.onemanga.com/Black_Lagoon/56/01/

  6. Eh.
    I’ve seen better from a Sonozaki. Only difference is that Revy will kill you.
    A Sonozaki will make you suffer first if she has her way.

  7. “Fuko when you take all her starfish dreams away from her.”
    now she just got more interesting

  8. Didn’t see this one coming. Bravo.

  9. My host screwed around with the server’s time and this ended up being posted a day early. Oh well.

  10. Jason: Code Geass 19 just called, and delivered three EFD’s in the form of Nina, Suzaku, and Lulu. Enjoy!

  11. I voted for Revy. Because beauty can be so ugly :D lol.

  12. Is Revy both #6 and #7? Jason you must have been tired when you wrote those.. four lines.

  13. Crikey! Look at that jaw size! One bite and you’d be dead 20 times ovar!

  14. woots…i pity Rock

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