emo facial distortion pantheon: #8 shion

Shion Sonozaki
“USO DA!!!”Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
“S” Tier

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  1. Yay I’ve been waiting for Shion/Mion since the beginning. I think her crazy laughing face is better though.

  2. Shion!

    Where the hell have you been girl?

  3. No ladder face?

  4. Well, the whole cast is ‘S’ tier.

  5. Shion is “S” tier. That cap is not.

  6. Probably because this is one of the few “Shion” pictures with an EFD that doesn’t get into the whole who is who plot. And that was a very painful scene…finger…nail….


  7. There is no better place for broken crazy people than here, welcome home Shion.

  8. this certainly isn’t shion’s best emo facial distortion

  9. feRfe speaks the truth

  10. Best spot yet. When I think emo facial distortion, I think of Shion. She is definately more twisted of the two.

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