emo facial distortion pantheon #9 mion

Mion Sonozaki
“USO DA!!!”Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
“S” Tier

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  1. Tis bout time, i remember having wetdream nightmares bout her, especially this scene.

  2. The eyes complete the EFD – they’re not just wide and dilated, but completely shattered.

    … damn it, why do I want them BOTH? Shion and Mion? Man, I’m broken for the psychotic yandere-types…

  3. It doesn’t count because that’s just K1 hallucinating. Mion is by far the sanest person in Hinamizawa.

    (But then I remember about Shion being actually Mion and viceversa, and… now I’m getting dizzy)

  4. Holy crap, its a Sonozaki.

    I wasn’t expecting both. Was never sure we actaully got a EFD out of Mion. But that one works. It is Mion to K1.

    Mion: “Kei-chan. It is punishment time!”

    Rena: “Hau~ What is it, I wonder!? What is it, I wonder!?”


  6. To quote Homer Simpson, “MMMMMMMMMMMM”. Thats all I have to say.

  7. Why is essentially the same character taking up two spots?

  8. Because a Sonozaki (or two) puts out so much EFD that it cannot be contained in one entry.

  9. Keiichi needs some sort of honorary position in the EFD pantheon. Rena and Mion wouldn’t be where they are today without him.

  10. Why does looking at Mion’s murderous face turn me on? (Well, Rena’s does too.)

  11. Nice…^^

    I wish that Shion and Mion would guest star as pilots in Gundam 00 or at least save Code Geass R2 (I guess there would be no salvation for this series anyway). Imagine the pure win and awesome that would make (Like Shion and Mion owning the Thrones, Federations and the Celestial Beings oh, and included kicking Setsuna’s ass along the way…while screaming USO DA!!! of course…^^).

  12. She saying ” You love me, right?!” Yandere alert , Yandere alert. :P

  13. Yay for Higurashi promoting the first major YANDERE!~…….

    Ok…Well Shuffle! did air first. . Higurashi is more focused on it anyway.

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