emo facial distortion pantheon: #10 suigintou

“I AM NOT JUNK!!!”Rozen Maiden
“A” Tier

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  1. Delicious evil/emo laughter, plus Rie Tanaka
    (or even Mamiko Noto for the Drama CDs)

  2. What!!?? From Rie tanaka to Mamiko Noto for Suiguintou. I lovr Noto-sama, but I don’t see her as the emo JUNK

  3. Good ol’ Junk. I thought she got more mileage out of her voice than her face, especially when she was getting all seriously emo with Shinku, but that screencap is pretty good.

  4. @Syaoran: Assuming the drama CD was made before the anime, it would be “from Mamiko Noto to Rie Tanaka” rather than the other way around.

  5. Rie Tanaka was the better choice. Mamiko is a good girl! lalalaMnemosyne?lallalal can’t hear you

  6. Im a big fan of Rie Tanaka. So seeing this was pleasing….I still need to rewatch that moment.

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