long live lol fang-tan

Looks like more Haruhi is arriving… in the form of Haruhi-chan and LOL FANG-TAN’s alter ego animated web shorts. Think Fufonfia… I think. This could be Shana-tan awesome or Gundam 00 SS preview awesome… which is pretty awesome… but doesn’t excuse the fact that we would have had 3 Zero no Tsukaima series before a second season of Haruhi… wait… I finally get it! The smoked cheese is nothing but a metaphor for Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya! Nyoro~n!

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  1. mmmm smoked cheese.

  2. >> wait… I finally get it! The smoked cheese is nothing but a metaphor for Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya!

    Such a cruel revelation!

  3. why…… just why? D:

    we might even get a new FMP series before the second season of haruhi. and wow that was a long time ago since the second raid series.

  4. is a conspiracy is tell ya

  5. The question is, who is animating this?

  6. Kadokawa’s/KyoAni’s continued delays in bringing us new Haruhi is fail. I hope they realize that after this latest tease announcement—I’m talking within a month, max—they need to announce a real Haruhi sequel, or at least a release date for Book 10 (The Astonishment of…), or people will start to assume this is the Haruhi sequel they’ve been promising us, and they’re going to start losing fans. Even loyal ones. Bigtime.

    There’ve always been a fair number of people ready to write the first TV series off as an overhyped fluke, and the continued expectation that people are just going to flock back to watching the next series no matter how long they’re strung along just isn’t helping to dissuade the argument. We’ve already got the left-field wackos with their conspiracy theories portending doom on the whole franchise (latest 2ch brainturd is that the author wrote Astonishment as an end to the book series, and Kadokawa won’t release it unless he rewrites it so the series will continue), so someone officially needs to clear things up before this fandom eats itself.

    Get your shit together, Haruhi team…

    And yes, I will be watching The Nyoro~n of Churuya-san when it comes out… Damn them…

  7. quigonkenny: The problem is, in the end Kadokawa holds the purse strings. As much as we would want to see a continuation of Haruhi soon (in any media, nevermind an anime sequel), unless THEY say so, KyoAni’s hands are tied. Also, we already know that even if a sequel is in the works, it’s not going to be for this year OR early next year — CLANNAD ~ After Story is scheduled for this fall, while Tonari no 801-chan is expected for either Spring or Summer 2009.

    It’s going to be a pretty dark time for fans of the series, that’s for sure.

  8. I’m not one of the most outspoken watchers around, but there’s only so much one company (hear that Kadokawa?) can squeeze out of an admittedly CULT (pun intended) franchise. As it is, the fandom is on literal life-support, being kept alive by ANY hint of a continuation; anything more and we’ll reach EVA-zombie status, which I might remind people is like the anime version of Warhammer 40k’s God-Emperor.

    Not disappointed, but the blatant franchise-milking by Kadokawa and their asinine lack of drive to throw the fans a bone is annoying to an extent. There’s only so much Seitenkan can do to soothe flayed tempers and stretched patience.

  9. (Am I one of those whose patience has finally flayed? Not quite, but I AM kind of grumpy after a full day of work behind me– really need to get a full night’s worth of sleep.)

  10. Just goes to show that the power of the haruhi fandom is immense.

    How long until we’re seeing kyonko stuff animated?

    And as far as the second season of haruhi is concerned… eh, i’m not particularly fussed about it, i’d prefer to see more FMP, and more Key stuff.

  11. Wait, hooooooooooooold it, I didn’t link anything, but why was one of my comments listed as awaiting moderation? ~_~

  12. *ahem* Let’s try this again, shall we?

    ruffles: Haesslich and I were joking about that a while back (though I think he was horrified by the idea), and it was one of the main reasons why I was interested in the CLANNAD DVD extras (since 2ch rumors at the time hinted at a possible fandisk of Seitenkan). The chance of that is kind of low though, as it will also require the participation of the original author — who’s pretty busy as of late.

    Also, fan favoritism doesn’t normally equate to getting some studio love.

  13. Wow, that’s the second comment I had that’s awaiting moderation. The blog must hate me today for some reason. Hrrrngh.

    Anyway, in a nutshell, fan favorites don’t necessarily mean studio love. Seitenkan is a cute diversion, but unlikely to gain recognition UNLESS Kadokawa thinks it can profit from it.

  14. And do the cultists need a diversion? I’d say that, for most of the Faithful, who are having their faith CONTINUALLY TESTED by Kadokawa’s antics, then yeah. Mostly.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, back to some Japanese board lurking.

  15. Oh who the heck am I kidding?

    Deus Imperatrix, Quare must nostrum fides exsisto exertus sic?

    Even the most stalwart of Thine followers’ faith is constantly tested by the blandishments of Kadokawa, who instead of being Thine Voice, a conduit to the masses of Thine Divine Word, seek to wring every last drop of profit from Thine messages instead!

    Quamdiu mos plebis sino?

    Already, Thine Hoky Church is being threatened to be ripped asunder. Temptations assault the faithful from without; heresy and impatience threaten to tear it apart from within! And there does not seem to be any respite in sight, as thine Agent insists on toying with Thine followers’ adoration. They only seek to profit from Thine faithful’s suffering!

  16. … Hoky? Whoops, my fervor got the better of me there.

    Ah, where was I? Oh yes…

    Fidelis fio turbatus! Exspecto expertus suum patientia. Even now, they turn to dubious pursuits in their wait for definitive news — news that Kadokawa hoards like a miser!

  17. Situs mens es diabolus lascivio locus. That much is true, and the masses, bereft of any definitive sign of Thine Grace, doth find amusement in places they shouldn’t! Is it not that one of Thine main precepts be the spread of Moe, as evidenced by the selection of Thine agent, Mikuru Asahina? And yet that same message has been distorted by the misguided, the idle, those who have gone too far without Thine word! Witness the heresy of Saint Nagato, which threatens the Church even as we speak!

  18. … Oh my, did the website just decide to auto-block me?

  19. Anyway…

    Vomica Kadokawa namque miser! Their reticence and outward greed has even made myself fall for the siren call of the debased worship of Thine Godhead by the Cult of Seitenkan. Indulgeo mihi of meus deficio, but the wait had made my Faith waver! I freely admit to my sin.

  20. Ego operor non specto futurus venia pro meus mendum. Sive redemptio can exsisto donatus , ego mos laetus opus pro is. Too easily was I lured by the promise of a temporary respite, a way to soothe my soul, which had gone too long without Thine Word.

  21. I have much to repent for, I admit. Si ego sum vel dinus venia, recipio is vernula mendum in vestri telum. Sic ego iterum attenu vestri hostilis in vestri nomen.

    In this I swear.

  22. Ave Deus Imperatrix!

    Permissum vestri lacuna incedo meus animus have is inflammo meus fides , ut ego can fio iterum a telum in vestri nomen! Vestri lacuna es meus loricatus , vestri sensa meus contego! Quod permissum mihi nunquam palor ex vestri pars umquam iterum.

    In vestri nomen. Amen.

  23. Um… er…

    …este libro está tarde. Vamos a la biblioteca.


    Amen. And praise Lol Fang-Tan and the Haruhism for which she stands.


  24. *looks at the number of Myssa comments here* O_o o_O

    After reading comments on several other blogs… are we sure Kyoto Animation’s doing this? I immediately assumed that at first myself, but I don’t think there’s anything in the article that actually says so. The Youtube-original nature of this is pretty unusual.

  25. hinode: In a word? Unlikely. It *is* blantant franchise-milking on Kadokawa’s part though.

    Bah , talis res es tantum varietas , laqueus pro imbellis. Illic est unus verum , quod ut est per lux lucis of Deus Imperatrix!

  26. @Myssa Rei:

    Um… I put on my robe and Wizard hat.

  27. …What?

  28. As a casual watcher, am I taking this news with just a tad less enthusiasm than I usually have for the hobby? You bet, but this is probably just a result of my rather crappy workweek plus essentially just functioning on caffeine during that said workweek. Per Deus, no wonder I’m a little cranky.

    The shorts should be good for a laugh, but it’s still a rather poor attempt at Kadokawa’s part at appeasing the fans, at the same time stringing them along so that they’ll blindly follow the franchise to the ends of the Earth (while loosening the purse strings at the same time). Bah.

    Orior oriri ortus frater quod sanctimonialis! Ignarus is blasphemus quod reverto vestri pectus pectoris ut unus verus fides! Pro Deus Empress!

  29. … Hmm. I think that’s enough for tonight. Bed it is. Then an ARIA the Origination and 2×2=Shinobuden marathon. Yes, that sounds good….


    In ut cubile. Bonus nox noctis , quod planto a voluptarius sermo immerito.

  31. Quod memor , usquequaque vigilo , pro tantum si unus est intemporaliter vigilo mos hic non triumphus. Deus Imperatrix servo , usquequaque.

  32. So…Myssa Rei=spammer?
    Anyway, to be honest I”m more upset about the novel’s delay then the anime.

  33. @_@ Wooh… calm down myssa rei….

  34. I shall wait for the second coming of OHaruhi sama as patiently as I can….

  35. All that needs to be said is… nyoro~n!

  36. And suddendly moved from states to filippines.

    We need more pics of lol fang-tan!

  37. Myssa is utterly broken. By a female (Haruhi!) nonetheless!

    BTW, because you have been posting such nonsensical comments, Akismet has you officially flagged as a spammer. You managed to convince a third party anti-spam service that services thousands of blogs that you are spam. You’re joined the ranks of people peddling cheap Canadian drugs and low mortgage rates.

  38. @Myssa Rei: Ah, a little scary…

    So are these web shorts real, or soon coming (like maybe NEXT YEAR)? Can someone show me a link?

  39. @ Myssa Rei

    your intrest in latin is intreging to me

    Moe Tsurya-san is moe ~_~

    @ the commenters
    I’ve been broken ever since I saw Eiken, which gave me limits on how much I can stand Bakunyuu.

  40. …well there goes another soul to the pits of brokenness. But anyway, this ought to be an interesting development. Haruhi moeblob and Nyoro~n better be entertaining. Otherwise, the awareness of a lack of Haruhi season two will continue to grow painfully.

  41. @quigonkenny: I agree completely… they need to release something concrete soon, or… and yeah, I’ll be watching these shorts too.

    @Myssa: Dear god, what the hell?

    @Jason: So I assume that because my comments are always awaiting moderation, I’m flagged as a spammer too? Oh well, true enough.

    >>How long until we’re seeing kyonko stuff animated?

    Hopefully never, for our sake. I want my work, and the work of the rest of the Seitenkan team, to mean something.

  42. Jason – make a note here: Genderswapping Breaks Myssa Rei, and may break other women.

    Also, since this thing keeps eating my comments as it refuses the # in the Spam Protection field, I was going to note how Kadokawa thinks they’re the God-Empress when it comes to merchandising… but unlike Gainax, they aren’t releasing spin-off manga and other merchandise (games, models, manga following the original storyline by the character designer) to keep the fans happy the way NGE Zombie was kept going for over a decade. They keep this up, and the fans will be dropping the series like the Japanese did to American beef in Japan following the Mad Cow scare.

    By the way, Myssa Rei is well and truly broken – I hereby put my stamp on her ‘Broken’ certificate. She’s gone even further than Mako-chan upon discovering that leather bondage gear in Okawari….

  43. Actually, what I wrote DOES make sense… If you or your PC just happens to speak Latin, that is.

    And boo, I am not a preprocessed meat product packed in an ubiquitous rectangular can with pop-off lid!

    In all seriousness though, I hold to what I mentioned nearlier about Kadokawa’s poor attempts at squeezing their franchise ala GAINAX Evangelion-Zombie. Stop dithering already. At the very least give us a definitive ending to Novel 9, or explain the sudden split in the timeline.

  44. It also kinda helped in Eva’s case that the series was finished. The fans had nothing else to wait for, so they were more inclined to accept the third-rate cash-ins.

    With Haruhi the fanbase isn’t going to be satisfied by anything except another novel or anime season, since everyone knows that they’re SUPPOSED to be coming.

  45. True, that.

    Illic est tantum adeo unda ut licet take ut pollicitus vinum , pro populus insurgo as my old professor says. And oh dear, the Cultists are not only growing restless, they’re also losing sight of what drew them to the series in the first place.

  46. >>”Actually, what I wrote DOES make sense… If you or your PC just happens to speak Latin, that is.”

    Make sense? Unfortunately most readers here do not understand Latin. And no, my PC doesn’t speak. How bout yours?

    I congratulate Jason for finally breaking Myssa Rei!!

  47. I still can’t believe 72 episodes da capo, 3 seasons of zero no tsukaima, and still no second season of haruhi.

  48. Um. Damn?

    47 comments on this post (48 now) and 22 are by the same person, most of them double- (or triple-, or sextuple-) posts? Yeah, I don’t think that spam filter is broken at all, but the commentor certainly appears to be… ^_^

    My apologies for setting her(? –never can tell on the internet–) off… First time I’ve ever seen Latin spam, though. Might have actually been worth it.

    ruffles said:
    “How long until we’re seeing kyonko stuff animated?”

    Dear God, never. Delays I can handle. Runarounds I can handle. Churuya-san I might actually enjoy. But “official” Kyonko is where “good” quigonkenny steps away and we break out the pliers and the blowtorch and Google Maps the location to Kadokawa’s home office…

  49. While this post is interesting in itself… I believe Myssa Rei set a record for most comments by a single person in a blog post, not to mention most comments in a row.

    I’m calling Guinness Book of World Records…

  50. I didn’t realize that breakage involved the use of a dead language.

    Learn something new every day.

  51. On and can we have more Lol Fang-tan pictures like this, please?

  52. Myssa Rei sure beat my record on most responses to a post. I’ve had her certification (and prepared a straitjacket) for the event. I personally will laugh if they release novel 10 in 2010-2011 and get the anime out then.

  53. Haruhi forbid, the question if the novel OR the sequel comes out then is whether or not I’m still able to indulge in my hobbies then, and whether or not I’m already married with kids. Biological clock, biological clock…

    Get off your arses, Kadokawa. Stop being so anal and money-grubbing!

  54. Speaking of hobbies (and THE one I’m going to have to keep under lock and key when I DO have kids), I need to ask something off-topic a bit… Since I’m more or less done with five troopers of my under-construction and personalized Sternguard Veteran squad (an expensive and specialized, but admittedly nice-looking unit), I was wondering if I could highjack your online handle Haess and give it to one of the Vets? It’s kind of a silly tradition I have — given the little time I have left over to paint, I tend to personalize the stuff I DO finish, and give them names.



    There are currently five waiting for highlighting and a coat of matte varnish… I’ll see if I can bother Crusader, Zyl, and Stripey too.

  55. As I said, Kadokawa thinks that they are gods… but aren’t. Their misjudgement on how long the property stays hot will bite them in the ass.

    As for the biological clock, that CAN be adjusted. Won’t say more for fear of sounding like Mikhail (and ending up like him).

  56. My PC speaks Latin, but it refuses to translate for me. It scolds me for not taking Latin in college, and mocks me and 40K for our “dodgy nonsense.”

  57. Myssa: Go ahead. It’s been years since EFO and Darkscribes before that. Just don’t name any of them “Lord Deathscythe” and we’re good.

  58. Again, slight derailment for my own amusement. Tada!




    Yes, I was bored on my weekend, so I finished this. Not the best, but hey, at least I wasn’t idle. Now, back to my OTHER passion; amateur writing.

  59. I see I’ve got a standard bolter there.

  60. Sternguard use special rounds similar to the Deathwatch (and in some cases, VASTLY different from the Deathwatch). So it’s more than a ‘standard’ bolter.

  61. Bah, Space Marines iz squishy, boss.

    Ain’t no match fer Da Boyz, even when dey iz.

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