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USA 118, Spain 107

(Great game, and I really enjoyed the old NBA on NBC music. Kobe is the greatest basketball player on the planet. But we knew that already.)

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  1. First comment GET

  2. Is that Sunohara or Munsch’s “The Scream” there? I guess Kobe WAS serious about the “if we dontbwin, we don’t get to go back home” comment? ;)


    i missed that so much, brought back the memories of mj’s fade away on bryan russell or a YOUNG tim duncan on the block or even vince carter being able to fly to the moon with those hops..

    good times it was, back when the nba was on nbc.

    WELL congrats to both men and women’s bball teams for getting gold!

  4. Sorry man, I just can’t bring myself to watch professional sports anymore. I only have to point to Kobe as an example.

  5. I saw the game and am disappointed in the boring way they won.

  6. Isn’t a footprint on the face an obvious evidence for a foul?

  7. It’s Kyou, she has to get 1-2 free footplants per game right? Tomoyo would get lik 16 though.

  8. wouldn’t it actually be an assist since they are on the same team?

  9. I was glad the US team was able to pull it out after not being tested the entire Olympics. That was the first actual game I watched (they’re all so early in the morning), and it ended up being a good one!


  10. Can you even get a foul off your own team?

    And why bother with Kobe…get Kyou as your three pointer queen.

  11. Redeemed indeed.

    Actually this was the only entire game I saw; I guess they did what it was necessary in order to win, nothing else. Thanks to them, those awefull memories of japan, Athenas and Indianapoliss will fade away.

    I believe again, I believe again in the NBA.

  12. Yeah, the NBA on NBC theme music is the music I will forever associate with the NBA, not that TNT bullshit, or that ESPN crap…

  13. Sadly Australia didn’t get the NBC music but we did get the final quarter of interrupted by an hour of news followed by fastforwarded 4th quarter (for all I know the quarter was played in 5 minutes).

    >>I saw the game and am disappointed in the boring way they won.

    It was close till the final minutes I’m not sure how it could have been more entertaining (maybe if it went into OT).

  14. >>I saw the game and am disappointed in the boring way they won.

    You must hate basketball.

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