minami-ke third season

I woke up this morning, and I saw 4 e-mails telling me the same thing: Minami-ke third season announced. I gotta say– I’m pumped– if anything, I can bust out those old meme once again. Haruka is amazing! Mako-cakes! I AM BOSS! Shout out to Nemo_N for being the first to point this out. (Though I am worried about not knowing the studio… Doumu, of course, would be best.)

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  1. Sweet I’ve been reading the manga lately and laughing my butt off at all of the same old jokes :).

  2. Is now the time to start rumours that the reason Tonari no 801chan was cancelled was so Kyoani could work on the third season of Minami-ke?

    I mean, they could quite well choose a different company to make the third season, couldn’t they?

    (Although I’m still hoping the people who made the first season will make the third…)

    Mako-cakes is amazing! No.. wait…..

  3. I approve. Especially if the third season involves more physical misunderstandings between Natsuki and Haruka. Throw in some more Banchou-ism, too.


    And Mako-cakes fro SaiGar2009!

  5. Black Lagoon AND Minami-ke both returning…now all we need is a Maid Guy 2 announcement and this season will truly be broken.


  7. First Madhouse granted my wish to animate Marvel sueprheroes, and now more Minami-ke in the way. Am I dreaming? Ohh Mako-cakes, we’ll be waiting for you…

  8. I find myself hoping it’ll be Kyoto Animation doing this season of Minami-ke, just to see my dream of Minami-ke getting the treatment from every major studio out there, each putting their own marks on it.

    As I said before…

    (Boy I hope that blockquoted properly.)

  9. Well, obviously it DIDN’T….Grrrrrrr…

    The part that I TRIED to blockquote:

    Gonzo(?) could make it all about Banchou-Haruka and her minions, rulin’ the school an’ killin’ dudes for profit! In maid outfits with a russian chick!
    CLAMP could make it all about the firey romance between Hosaka and Mako-chan!
    Bandai would give everybody giant robots!
    Studio Ghibli would make it freakin’ EPIC.
    Broccoli could make it even MORE Random!
    Milky or Pink Pineapple could make the hardcore porn we all want!

    ….did I say that last part out loud? *cough*

    Gainax could remake Evangelion…again…with the Minami-ke cast!

    C’mon, who’d make a better Asuka than Chiaki? Misato is Haruka…Fuyuki is Rei…

    Hosaka would naturally be Gendou.

  10. …what…whaaaat…WHAAAAAAAAAT?????

  11. Hopefully this won’t end until every singe animation studio has done a season.

  12. Mouahahahahahah! I am watching the first season again, and I love this! Can’t wait for the 3rd!


  14. Just as planned! Mako-chan broke two studios and now did the same for the guys who schedule and green light shows.

    Here’s looking forward to more broken Jason when this airs.

  15. YES!!! So happy to hear about this. That’s an awesome pic by the way.

  16. hmm gotta finish season two now. hmm speaking of the season two use torches maybe jc staff. =P

    p.s. mad house and wolverine has me just a bit excited. as long as they’re not adapting that x-men shojo manga i keep seeing about. *sparkle magneto, and pretty boy logan wtf!* the series needs logan being logan, and dfc tag along jubilee to take the edge off the carnage (and don’t even get me started on spider man) that will ensue.

  17. Three seasons of Minami-Ke/Zero no Tsukaima and only one of Haruhi. It’s been so long… more than two years already! Well you know what I mean. Kimochi-warui! -_-

    Speaking about “gross”: Don’t forget about fish-hugging Hosaka! How can you forget that manliness?

    *fingers crossed hoping for Doumu* Though a KyoAni is fine too.

  18. waow happy to know that ^^

  19. W00t!
    If only Ayako would finish the second season already, I have episodes unwatched because I want to marathon the last part in one sitting.

    I know, “Letting Mako-cakes sit unwatched in your hard drive is a travesty!!” you say, but he already is…

    And Haruka may be amazing, but at the end of the day you know who is the boss that drives this show…

    …. Ok, I’ll stop before I get banned from this blog…

  20. >> Hopefully this won’t end until every singe animation studio has done a season.

    I’ll be looking forward to Sunrise’s interpretation. I hope it involves giant genderbent mecha.

  21. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

  22. I’ll be looking forward to Sunrise’s interpretation. I hope it involves giant genderbent mecha.

    Sunrise schmunrise. I can’t wait until Watanabe “Nabeshin” Shinichi takes a crack at Minami-ke. I’d also be interested in versions by Shaft (along the same lines as Pani Poni Dash or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), Gonzo (with a similar outrageous sight gag style as Seto no Hanayome) or Broccoli.

  23. if it’s doumu, then this will have made my day, week, and month.

  24. I’ll be looking forward to Sunrise’s interpretation. I hope it involves giant genderbent mecha.

    Mako-chan + mecha is within the realm of possibility. I am reminded of that bit in Bubblegum Crisis where one of the Knight Sabers playfully hip-bumps a cop and says, “Even this armor can’t hide our figures.” That’s kind of like something Mako-chan would say, except the complete opposite.

    So the trap is the mecha itself, not the pilot? Odd…

  25. Yeeesss,it’s coming back… wait… I have just this second imagined an Excel Saga/Minami-ke crossover. Mako-chan will play Hyatt. It is the best thing ever.

  26. Ooh,and Hosaka will play Excel. He heh ha haahaaaa *is broken*

  27. Greatest news. I can’t wait to be broken again.

  28. I wonder if the unexpected high numbers from Saimoe for Minami-ke girls is a factor here?

    But so far a approve.

  29. I am rooting for Shaft. Especially to see Hosaka’s fantasies getting the Shaft LSD treatment.

  30. I really want to see Gainax, KyoAni, and whatever the company is that did Black Lagoon do seasons of Minami-ke.

    And of course CLAMP.

  31. Sounds like Minami-ke should become the new studio drug show. “Hey man, have your people done Minami-ke yet? No? Aw man you should total do it man. It’s some whack stuff man. You’ll get hella viewers. Yeah the broken ones, but its cool man, its cool.”

  32. I knew Mako-chan wouldn’t leave us just like that.
    Wait, I meant Hosaka.

    Shit. I meant Haruka-neesama.

    Oh, what the hell. You know what I meant.

  33. No…No I don’t kow what you mean. I need picture to qualify what you meant. If it was the third choice, very large HD picture in bikini are required.

  34. So I was doing some research and found something interesting. The seiyuu for Kana is also the seiyuu for Yoko.

    Fan art with Kana dressed up as Yoko!

  35. I’m surprised that Jason didn’t mention Hosaka in this post. But then, God’s everywhere, so he doesn’t need to. :/

  36. It seems the third series will be produced by Aslead again. Hopefully they learned something last time around and will stick to the first series comic timing more than they did early in the second series.

    Better framing of the Bible Black faces, better Hosaka moments, and less drama. Also again, better practice with their comic timing. The jokes were all good, but the delivery lacked early in the second series.

    Also Jason and the Broken want there Haruka-neesama, Hosaka (GOD belt on), and Mako-cakes. Also Chiaki and Kana moments.

  37. We’ll see how they do. They said they brought in staff from the first season, but whether that improves the timing is something else entirely.

  38. Perhaps its Sunrise? LOL I’d love to see the looks on your faces if it ws =).

  39. Bring on the Brokeness, it is time. Time for blushing Haruka. Time for stripping Hosaka. Time for blaxploitation music to lolis. Time for Haruka is Amazing.

    Only one things remains…Mako-cakes….

  40. Older thread but it is the last one to be topic related:

    Does “devil” Chiaki corrolate to her “actual” adult appearance?

    If so….wow!

    Also confirmation of full on Hosaka fantasies.

    Question of voice: Fujioka’s “devil”…is that a familiar character voice he does? If so…who?

  41. Ithekro: Yes, I think it will – basically, how she and Haruka will look like once they’re all grown up. And yes, the Hosaka Delusion is back… and Touma. And then the OTHER Minamis.

    Jason will blog this one: i have foreseen it. If he doesn’t, then I’m derailing this blog to blog about it myself.

  42. If Haruka looks like that and Chiaki will likely look like that…what about Kana?

    Feels like the first season. They’ve not gotten to the “near-porn” style angles and style of Doumu, but I’m sure one can get use to this style.

    Also something close to the “Bible Black” eyes are back. (The extreme closeups with realistic eyes)

    (Curry song…the Spices must flow..from the Curry Fairy.)

  43. I didn’t realized just how special pudding can be.

    Also: Minami-ke is the real food animu. Makes me hungry.

  44. Episode 4 makes me giggle in places even without subs.

    (Makoto will be in the fifth episode…no confirmation on Mako-cakes yet)

  45. Episode 5 came around… and MAKO-CHAN HAS ARRIVED, and is drawn better than Haruka.


    And Fujioka gets a Hosaka-style sexual harasser face.

  46. Episode 6: the beach episode returns, including that frilly (and small) pink bikini, and the twin-tails for Haruka. It looks like they’re pulling the beach chapter from Manga volume 2 for the story as well. Which means it’ll be Mako-chan free, unfortunately.

  47. Missing Mako-cakes in favor of Haruka is Amazing (in a bikini!) is a fair trade.

    Chiaki is back to computer like analysis of her situations…71% water?
    Of course it comes of funny or cute at times. Also still shows her having a thing about swimming.

  48. Haruka’s ass is Amazing. I want to touch it.

    Also more Mako-chan…Chiaki still doesn’t know. They remind us that Chiaki thinks Mako-chan is a middle school student. (Kana’s junior)

    Also it looks like much more Mako-chan next week.

  49. Well on Mako-chan and no Jason yet? (I hope he is waiting for subs)…but honestly…this is a blog worthy episode…if only for the camparisons to the first season introduciton of Mako-cakes. Chiaki even scans her again.

    While there is no Bible Black faces they do have eye closeups and voice changes still.

  50. To clarify: Episode 7 is a serious Mako-cakes overload episode. Down to what some would call “near softcore pron” levels of Mako-cakes and Chiaki time. Plus Haruka is Amazing….

  51. Yeah, and I ended up sending the composite picture to THAT Anime Blog this time, instead of here. It’s always Episode 7 when something big happens to Mako-chan. Last time it was the maid outfit – this time it’s six outfit changes and Chiaki getting closer to him.

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