the new rie kugimiya wrathful loli looks familiar

… don’t you think so?

I have a bad, bad feeling about this. No, this isn’t Minami-ke season 3. No, this isn’t some new Keroro movie. This is Taiga from Toradora. Definitely liked Taiga looking like Shana more than Taiga looking like Chiaki. (Can I really take her seriously when she’s not even boss over Kana or Haruka?)


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  1. Wow, its not just similar looking, its the exact same looking.

  2. 100% agree

  3. image


  4. She doesn’t look much of a fury with the Chiaki look. Hopefully this is just a bad dream… Hopefully they will give her the same face as in the manga…

  5. You’ve got Asakura, Chiaki, and some red-haired girl who likes to balance things on her head. -_- I’m a big fan of the character designs in the manga, but these just seem off to me.

    You’d think that Toradora having a different character designer would mean anything, but it seems like J.C. Staff’s got the wrathful loli design on lockdown.

  6. You’re right. The anime version of Taiga looks just like… [squint]… Jesus Christ! it’s Kogarashi! Get in the car!

    Seriously, I see little significant resemblance between manga Taiga and anime Taiga. And why is Yurika Misumaru on the left hand side of the picture?

  7. maybe her long lost twin?…

  8. >> Toradora?


  9. Wait that is the character design for the anime? Cause If so that really hurts my chance of watching it Bleh.

  10. I completely agree with the Chiaki resemblance. The one good thing in this situation, though, is that Taiga’s sticking-up bit of hair is actually just the base of a long clump of hair rather than being like Chiaki’s. Doesn’t really make much of a difference when seen from the front, though.

  11. Looks like animation quality will be not be priority number one.

  12. Very glad that’s not the next Minami Ke. Here I was thinking “What happened to Haruka?!” but false alarm.

  13. It could look better in motion-I hope. If not, they better crank up the SD of her to match the manga.
    Either way the manga is so awesome that the anime will almost certainly dissapoint.

  14. J.C. Staff already found a way to screw up the show, I see. Take character designs that belong neither to the manga or novel illustrations, and then pass it off as ‘anime’.

    And Minori looks nothing like herself either. If they start having Taiga go ‘Uruchai, uruchai, uruchai!’ and drop the SD, then I know exactly how far into hell J.C. Staff’s gone.

  15. I always thought Taiga looked like a slightly older Chiaki, even from the original light novel artwork. Almost like she leveled up her ahoge from the dozens of times she’s faced off with Kana. It’s a shame that the anime isn’t using a more detailed art style though; Yasu’s drawings felt just about right when I was going through the light novels.

  16. I mock J.C. Staff by calling then J.C. Fail but damn it, are they hellbent on proving me right?

  17. Taltros: I prefer Taiga with her hair more ‘wavy’ as it fits the doll-like image better, especially the one that’s supposed to have drawn all those confessions before her temper was revealed. And those eyes just look… wrong.. on all of them. Minori looks more like a dullard than a cutie, and Ami’s got nothing outside of her breasts going for her.

    … damn you, J.C. Staff – I was actually anticipating this anime. Did you HAVE to go Gonzo on everyone?

  18. I was already pretty convinced that this was going to be generic tsundere toss when they announced the cast, but this pretty much seals it.

  19. Negs: Pity – the manga and novels aren’t quite so generic… or at least, not as psychotic as Louise. But seriously… it looks like they stole character designs from two popular shows in the hopes of catching people who might be thinking ‘Oh, Haruhi’s on!’ and then seeing if they’ll stay to watch the rest of the show.

  20. Holy hell the design is a freaking polymerization of Louise and Chiaki. Kinda creepy, kinda do want…

  21. @Haesslich: After looking at the novel art, and then looking at the above image, I think there’s actually less of a difference in the looks of the two Minoris than in the looks of the two Taigas.

    Also, forgot this before:
    @Karedis: Ami looks even more like Asakura in the novel art.

  22. no! and I was already looking forward to it… I loved the old look toradora had. It’ll still be good, it’ll still be good, right!?

  23. Cat Megex: The eyes and mouth are all wrong. She’s cuter in the novels and the manga. This just makes her look somewhat retarded, albeit without the Down’s Syndrome look of Toei’s Key adaptations.

    Deranged: If they do to this what they did to Shana and ZnT, there is no hope. Ever.

  24. Is it wrong that I’m finding the first 11 chapters of the manga/two volumes of the novel more enjoyable than ZnT or SnS? I hope the anime follows through.

  25. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the manga/novel, they’re not bad. What’s disappointing is the direction of the anime, which will suffer unless a good amount of effort into it. I’ll probably end up watching it anyway, but the lost potential will continue to lurk in the back of my mind.

  26. Taltos: It’s starting to look like J.C. Staff is the new Gonzo of manga/light novel adaptations. This is shaping up to be the next To-Love-RU with worse art and less ecchi but similarly hacked stories and character designs. Seriously, they had good examples to work from in the manga which weren’t TOO detailed… and the turned it into this! It’s like they’re the Soviet Russia of anime adaptations; piss-poor quality from people who don’t care about what they’re doing, with the end result that the thing falls apart as soon as you look at it.

  27. I liked the comic designs better. Oh well. =(

  28. Now now, let’s reserve the judgements for AFTER we’ve seen a couple of episodes of this, alright? J.C. Staff is know for it’s good comedy. (potemayo especially)

  29. I meant “known” of course. ^

  30. I think what’s worse is, quick glance and I thought, “oh, I don’t like the new designs for Chiaki AND Uchida AND Yoshino”

  31. IMO, even though she doesn’t look that much like Taiga, she looks like she has the attitude down.

    That being said, I did RAGE a bit at the designs. Then again, I was also slightly uncomfortable with Seto no Hanayome’s adaptation’s designs, and it turned out to be a pretty awesome show.

    If LOLGONZO can pull it off, I’m kinda hoping JC Staff can too…

  32. @tidal:
    You’ve got to remember, Seto no Hanayome was a joint venture with AIC. Don’t keep your hopes up, especially given J.C. Staff’s recent track record (except for Slayers. It’s alright). However, the fact that they did Potemayo gives me hope (one of my favorite shows ever, really). I really wish they kept the manga/light novel’s character designs though…

  33. I think I pointed this out a while ago.

  34. owww what a pity, I just had a look on the post for Minamike Third Season earlier and now this………. well I’ll endure I guess…..

  35. I was looking forward to Toradora but I don’t know if I’ll be able to suffer through a season of Rie Kugimiya as the wrathful loli female lead. =(

  36. Okay okay.

    Here is what the Taiwanese people are saying about the toradora anime and it’s hilarious. This is from Komica. I don’t know how to post image to this blog so here are the links.

    **comparison from left to right, toradora book illustration, toradora anime, minamike**

    **comparison of yuugi-oh with minori***

    if this doesn’t concern you… I don’t know what will…

    Can anyone say “作画崩壊” (さくがほうかい, sakugahoukai)?

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