top ten pre-bt anime that need sequels/remakes

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If both Slayers and Birdy the Mighty can get remakes/sequels (not to mention 90210) almost a decade later, then what about other franchises?

(As requested by popular demand. Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and arguments.)


This was a hard, hard list to put together. To help give myself some guidelines:

– I’m only going with shows from 2003 and earlier. This is pretty much the pre-BT era. As much as something like Umisho could use both a remake and a sequel, it’s still a bit early.

– If the series ended satisfactory, it’s not up for consideration. For example, would there be any point to another season of Midori no Hibi? Did the original suck enough to warrant a remake? No, no.

– If the series has a sequel in the pipes, it’s not on this list. For example, Full Metal Alchemist.

– Shows that have had recent remakes are also ineligible. I’m looking at you, Evangelion!

Top Ten Pre-BT Anime That Need Sequels/Remakes

10. Hoshi no Koe (2002)

The work that made Makoto Shinkai famous. I enjoyed the setup of this series, and I think the premise has legs. For one, it’s one of the few sci-fi space anime that treats the vastness of space with respect– which is the heart of this series.


9. Tsukihime (2003)

Kinda torn on this one since I’m not sure if it can ever be made into a decent anime much like why The Lord of the Rings can never be filmed. OH SHI–

(Just not JC Staff… I mean… I was shocked as anyone else that JC Staff actually did a het sex scene. I think Bones or Sunrise would be my top two picks. Bones, of course, because I think they’ll do a great job. Sunrise, of course, because I can’t wait for Shiki to toss some emo facial distortions, Ciel to be killed by Shiki’s new younger brother, and Ren to be animated as a support mecha.)

Seriously, Tsukihime has spawned numerous doujin works and even a remake of the original visual novel. Surely someone can come along and remake the anime into something that properly pays homage to the series and the fans.


8. Gate Keepers (2000), 21 (2002)

Quite possibly Gonzo’s finest work. It was a campy setting and storyline, but it was fulfilling and had a great hook. Music was fantastic… still get pumped after hearing Asu no Egao no Tame ni. Great animation (for its time). Likable characters. This was probably the first and last time Gonzo actually pulled off a believable romantic story. And then it decayed into the too cool for school crap of Gate Keepers 21. Ugh. I’d open the gates with a remake based on the campy 1960-ish nature of the original.

(Why should Gonzo remake this? Because if Strike Witches is your most popular show in the past three years, you, as a studio, need to go back and do what you do well: gratuitous panty shots. And Gate Keepers can deliver that… it is yet another alternate era WWII panty-fest.)


7. Outlaw Star (1998)

Technically, the original story concluded (they made it to the Leyline), and the ending was quite satisfying. The problem is… we want more! (Angel Links does not count.) The series ends with the crew reunited and looking for money to repair Outlaw Star once again. I can definitely use another 13 or so episodes of Gene’s and Melfina’s adventures as they try to make some cash not to mention Suzuka and Aisha hot bath scene 4tw. And, of course, Sunrise remaking Outlaw Star to better fit their modern sensibilities (hence why only at #7 and not higher).


6. Stellvia (2003)

A sequel as planned and scrapped in 2005 causing fans to despair. I think any modern remake or sequel would have to focus on the Yayoi and Ayaka relationship. That’s the right thing to do.


5. Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997)

Desperately needs a modern remake with Blu-Ray quality. While the movie did end quite nicely (lesbians going at it nakkid while phallic imagery speeds by), the TV series could use an update. There’s a reason why Anthy and Utena were recently tops in another top ten list.

(Plus I just want to hear Rinbu Revolution again.)


4. Kanon (2002, 2006)

Needs moar Nayuki ending. Oops, my bad. Dunno what came over me…

4. Otaku no Video (1991)

It’s kinda startling seeing a lot of the GAINAX personalities from Otaku no Video in real life, especially the ones that have, uh, lost significant hair. Though I’d love a similar styled remake… but instead of GAINAX, it features the production crew from Code Geass R2 and Gundam 00.


3. Excel Saga (1999)

I finally get it. This comic was the story of how Excel met Professor Ilpalazzo and the dog is Menchi! It all makes sense… wait a sec…

Excel’s trap status pending, Excel Saga is one of the greats from the turn of the century, and only 26 episodes were made. With an ongoing manga series that has already topped 20 volumes, I’m sure another 26 episode wouldn’t be hard to pump out. (And heck of a lot more entertaining than yet another Zero no Tsukaima sequel. Seriously, is JC Staff working on anything more important than Excel’s and Hyatt’s antics?)


2. Ranma 1/2 (1989)



1. Kare Kano (1998)

1982. Berkeley 19, Stanford 20. Elway just gave Stanford the lead, and if they hold out the final four seconds, Stanford gets a bowl berth– and Elway finally goes to a bowl game. The whole Stanford bench is cheering like crazy. They’re euphoric. They’ve finally won one for Elway. That pretty much would be Kare Kano up to episode 18, with the Yuki x Arima sex scene as the go ahead score. Kare Kano was poised to be GAINAX’s defining work, showing that they are more than just Evangelion. Then it happened. The Play.

The Stanford band runs onto the field by mistake during the kick-off, and using the band members, Berkley manages to return the kick-off for a touchdown: Berkeley 25, Stanford 20. Crushing. That was basically Kare Kano from episode 19 to 26.

Though like The Play, it’s really no fault of the parties involved. The third lateral for Berkley was an illegal forward lateral, just like how Kare Kano manga was not finished by the time GAINAX started working on the final arc for Kare Kano. As a result, they kinda just made up some agonizing plot line that contradicted the original feel of the show. And since this was GAINAX’s second flubbing of a ending in a row, the term “GAINAX ending” was born. Kare Kano deserves a proper ending.


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  1. Definitely need a new Tsukihime series, or even a series of OVA’s which explore the various paths. The Kohaku/Hisui paths would be nice to see animated, especially Kohaku’s – they even have a cliche they can exploit for the whole reason for the OVA.

    Or they could do the oft-rumored Sacchin route which is supposed to be in the remake (finally)…

  2. Kare Kano and Outlaw Star, what amazing choices that i couldn’t have ever said better myself!

  3. Kare Kano…hmm i wonder. i’m only afraid that the same screw up may happen again.

  4. A lot of those I feel like you couldn’t remake or continue very easily. Hoshi no Koe, Excel Saga, and Utena in particular I really just can’t imagine being anything but what they are.

    Bringing up Excel Saga in this context reminds me that I still want more Elf Princess Rane, though.

  5. It may sound odd, but after 38 tankoubon, 161 TV Episodes, 11 OAVs, and 3 Movies, I still want more Ranma 1/2.

    Go go Ucchan!

  6. Going to have to be probably one of many to disagree with you on a number of points here.

    First and foremost, I totally agree that Tsukihime got a raw deal and deserved a proper treatment. Not Bones or Sunrise or anyone though. The clear choice is UFOTable, who are the only studio to have shown they know how to adapt Type-moon stuff without completely fucking everything up. And it would only work if they were given a completely free rein over the plot, allowing them to either produce 5 separate films, one for each arc, or if the TV route was preferred, merging the elements of the separate paths through the story into a single whole. This is the mistake that was made with Tsukihime and Fate’s TV adaptions – by animating one of many paths through the game only, they effectively remove a huge chunk of the parts of the story that people like.

    While they’re at it maybe they could give me an OAV where Sacchin doesn’t get fucked over by the plot. :(

    A sequel or remake of Hoshi no Koe would be a trainwreck and expanding it would not enhance the film in any way. Just let the man continue making new films instead.

    Gatekeepers probably won’t ever happen, since Keiji Gotoh left Gonzo back when they had a staff exodus (the bulk of the teams from Vandread and Kiddy Grade struck out on their own). Also I don’t know where they would go with the ongoing plot. I’d definitely give it a watch but I suspect you’d be disappointed with it.

    I totally don’t understand the huge fan love-in over Outlaw Star. Personally I only got around to watching it this year, and I thought it was exceedingly average. The only reason that any studio would consider this is if they really wanted a show that would perform well in the US, and given that the market’s bottomed out, I doubt it’d happen.

    I would watch the shit out of a Stellvia sequel, even without the yuri. But as we all know, it’s never going to happen. Japan hates good shows. Also didn’t Xebec lose most of their credibility with their back-alley abortion adaption of Negima?

    Utena just needs a remastered blu-ray release, as does Otaku no Video. They’re products of their time, and I don’t think remaking them would add anything. Instead, I suggest that they need to use them as inspiration for new shows. Which is sort of what Genshiken, Doujin Work and a few others did with Otaku no Video, I guess. Lord knows that we need a decent yuri show too, so anything riffing off Utena is fine by me.

    What the hell is the US love-in with Excel Saga all about? I’ve watched the show twice, and most of the time it’s completely stupid and only periodically amusing. Japan has produced so many other shows that are better at parody or better at comedy (or both, eg Shinobuden). Is it just a nostalgia thing, or what?

    We need more Ranma 1/2 like we need a hole in the head. Eight seasons of that wasn’t enough for you? It’s not like anything actually ever happens, though it’ll keep teasing you and stringing you along with the illusion that it does (I refer to this as being Rumikowned). If there’s any Rumiko Takahashi stuff that should get a sequel / continuation, it’s Inuyasha, since that actually has a sort-of-kind-of plot resolution. But I guess that’s technically BT-era?

    Karekano’s manga ending is kind of crappy. Not sure that you really want that. Also the author’s a huge dickhead and chucked a huge hissy fit over the way that Gainax adapted the thing in the first place, which is why they never got permission to finish the thing properly. I think they missed the boat on this one already. In fact I think it already sailed about half a decade ago.

    Since I’ve done nothing but criticise, let me make a suggestion too! Rurouni Kenshin. The third anime arc was shithouse and caused the ratings to drop, so they canned production of the adaption of the third manga arc. Which would have also been the best arc. Fuckers. That absolutely bullshit horrible Reflections OAV they made a while back in no way makes up for them canning the real thing. Especially considering it was a horrible pile of crap with an utterly shitty ending that ran absolutely contrary to everything the series had been about. Give us the proper arc, dammit.

  7. I would like a remake of Gundam 0083 mostly because I think it could benefit from better character designs and better integration of why Cima stabbed Gato and Delaz in the face. Still as one of the weaker links in the UC Gundams it would probably benefit the most from a remake, sadly part of me thinks that with the current Sunrise it might be impossible. I miss guys like Captain Synapse, South Burning, and Monsha…

  8. Given how drastically the Kare Kano anime veered off from the manga (especially in the chapters post-festival), it doesn’t need a sequel, but a full remake to do it justice. The problem is though… Will ANY studio be able to pick it up? And will the author be be actually willing to let the manga be remade, after the fiasco that happened at GAINAX.

    The same could be said about Excel Saga. The manga, while goofy in its own way, is totally different from the anime adaptation. I recall it even jumped genres (from shounen to seinen)!

  9. But Jason, there is no Tsukihime anime.


  10. This is somewhat ironic. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the final volume of Karekano on dvd like 2 years ago? I had this horrid feeling they were going to split up. So last week.. I finally got the disc. It was my time. I was going to deal with whatever came to me. What happened? WTFBBQOMGKILLSOMETHINGNOW happened. I am ruined. What could have been the best shizz ever turned into the most badly anticipated ending of a show I have ever encountered.


  11. Kare Kano would top my list too

  12. If they ever remake gatekeepers, they need to scrap GK1985 and make Shun end up with Ruri.

  13. Excel Saga? Yes, not because it was all that bad, but because it was really good and there’s more to see. Plus, something needs to erase the memory of Puni Puni Poemy from my mind.

    Kare Kano? OMFGYES?! As it is, it’s one of the most memorable anime series I’ve ever seen (out of 200+ completed series) and it’s certainly my favorite 18 episode series ever /jk. If only one thing can be changed, it has to be this: less recaps pleez!!

    Outlaw Star and Voices of a Distance Star? Not so much. “If the series ended satisfactory, it’s not up for consideration.” Outlaw Star finished it’s story and is good as is, and considering how many people count Voices a modern anime masterpiece, I don’t think either blew enough chunks to warrant a dire need for a remake/sequel like other, more deserving titles on the list.

  14. maor ranma k thx! (maor Nadesico too i believe that one qualifies especially after that movie bs)

    Definatly agree with V though. I’m not prepared to admit that I want to see any more Inyasha, but damn i could go for some hot Ranma action. It would need a few tweeks, 1 more girl ranma: there were entire sections of the first series where I was going “hu megumi’s in this series? where? not in any on the openings or closings….” 2 Uuchan > hoposi I swear takashi makes charicters like hoposi just to derail her own plots for 30 or more volumes. 3 Akane is in that class of prototype tsundere, in the anime she just comes off as a cold bitch all around. this needs to be fixed if we’re gonna be stuck with her as a main love interest.

  15. The god damn Cyber Formula GPX.

  16. whoa you choose ranma?! i love that anime! thats the anime that got me into anime and anime… anime… crap what was i saying again?

    anyway i love it how ranma change into a girl and then change back into a guy “at the right time” :D

  17. and about Gate Keepers… isn’t that a hentai anime ? i mean it sounds like “open my door you the only one that got the key to open my door!”

  18. Isn’t asking for more Ranma like asking for more Inuyasha?

  19. The only problem with remaking Ranma 1/2 would be needing to strip out all the early-90s camp to make it appealing to today’s audiences. But once you do, how much series are you really left with?

    @kaze: Akane only seemed bitchy because Takahashi chara are never afforded any chara development. It’s the only way she can get 30 volumes out of the same bloody joke. In the OAVs and movies Akane was much nicer.

  20. Tsukuyomi, we need another season of loli tsundere vampires. Seriously.

    Claymore needs a sequel too… but not now, the manga needs more time to spawn more chapters.


    and another season of the Mai franchise would make me a happy panda… Code Geass is good… but I cant compare with the Himes… psycho lesbians plus absolute plot wreckage plus delicious melonpan for the win!!!

  21. “psycho lesbians”


    “plus absolute plot wreckage”

    Episode 21

    “plus delicious melonpan”

    Kallen in a tube

    ” for the win!!!”


  22. How about Berserk? The poor animation and lack of ending really haunt what was otherwise a brilliant series. Either a remake or sequel would work here.

  23. >> Gatekeepers probably won’t ever happen, since Keiji Gotoh left Gonzo back when they had a staff exodus

    This is not a feasibility study. This is a wishlist.

    (Besides, did you really think Slayers Revolution would have happened two years ago? The original studio is a shell, Megumi said she “retired” from anime, and it’s not following a story from the novels. And it ended up turning out great. Same with Birdy, which went through even a larger staff turnover.)

    (And most of your problems come from watching anime recently and thus compare new stuff to old stuff. The animation and production value differences are easy to see, but storytelling has evolved over the years too. But, for the time and with what they had, these shows were great. And that’s why I think they deserved a shot at being remade or continued. So new fans who only know stuff like Code Geass, Lucky Star, and Strike Witches can appreciate some of the classics.)

    >> A lot of those I feel like you couldn’t remake or continue very easily. Hoshi no Koe, Excel Saga, and Utena in particular I really just can’t imagine being anything but what they are.

    Excel Saga anime only covered like 6 out of the 20 volumes of manga, so, yeah, it has room to continue. Not to mention the anime dropped one of the main characters (Elgala). I also wouldn’t argue for continuations per se of Hoshi or Utena… but they could use remakes. Hoshi definitely could have been fleshed out more, and Utena needs to be updated with HD imagery. And if they ever did an Utena remake, they need to introduce Hinagiku as the new transfer student…

    >> And Jungle Wa Itsumo NEEDS a sequel…

    It had two… Deluxe and Final. And Tsukuyomi is 2004, Claymore is 2007… why not ask for a Toradora remake while you’re at it?

    >> I would like a remake of Gundam 0083

    Gundam doesn’t qualify since there’s new Gundam every so often anyway. They already remake the original Gundam, and now they’re working on reimagining Wing. Eventually they’ll get to 0083.

    >> How about Berserk? The poor animation and lack of ending really haunt what was otherwise a brilliant series. Either a remake or sequel would work here.

    I think this is definitely up for consideration, since I remember it disappointing enough I stopped watching after the first DVD.

  24. Hmmm….wishlist, wishlist…well I got some these (base on what anime from the past that I remember):

    a. I guess I want some “proper” Dragonball Z ending (not the copout and the trash that they have done with GT).

    b. I wasn’t that satisfied with Nadesico either. And I lov…errr like Ruri-chan too…^^

    c. Although not anime related, I also want a proper ending for Transformers (although with its popularity right now it may seem not possible for the moment). Let Megatron finish what he started and finish off Prime and let Cybertron burn as the autobots watch by…(but wait, Cybertron has already burn for countless times already so its redundant anymore).

    d. I also want a remake or at least a better plot for Saber Marionette (?)(whatever letter it is)

    e. Is Chobits in? Or is it post 2003 already (can’t remember that one’s age)? If that’s the case, I want to substitute Magic Knight Rayearth and Card Captor Sakura. Self-explanatory…^^

    f. Last is El Hazard (just a remake) and the classic Irresponsible Captain Taylor (for anyone who remembers it then good. If not, then watch it. Highly Recommended).

    I also want a “good” remake of La Blue Girl too…if it’s not too much to ask…and if they will do it, let Kyo-ani handle it or …Sunrise…^^

  25. If they ever remake gatekeepers, they need to scrap GK1985 and make Shun end up with Ruri.

    QFT. QFT. Except you forgot the “and not die” part.

    Tsukuyomi, we need another season of loli tsundere vampires. Seriously.

    I’d prefer to see a Melty Blood OVA involving both the story of Melty Blood story mode (from Melty Blood and Melty Blood ReACT) and the story of Melty Blood arcade mode (from Melty Blood ReACT on) (in other words, one with White Len). >_>

    or if the TV route was preferred, merging the elements of the separate paths through the story into a single whole. This is the mistake that was made with Tsukihime and Fate’s TV adaptions – by animating one of many paths through the game only, they effectively remove a huge chunk of the parts of the story that people like.

    The problem here is that both Tsukihime and Fate/stay night have routes that vastly diverge from each other (not in backstory, but in events that occur during the game that are not under the control of the player). (Admittedly, while there were five “routes” in Tsukihime, there were only two diverging “story routes”, Near Side of the Moon and Far Side of the Moon; differences between the routes of each story route are comparatively minimal.) In such a situation, and if a TV series is the chosen route, choosing one path to be the main one while still involving stuff from the other routes as much as possible seems to be the best answer. (And yes, I am aware that neither the Tsukihime nor Fate/stay night anime did this well. The Tsukihime anime focused mainly on Near Side of the Moon, with almost no Far Side bits, and specifically focused on Arcueid’s route; the F/sn anime was mainly the Fate route, with Unlimited Blade Works stuff thrown in and pretty much one bit of info from Heaven’s Feel [not gonna say what it is, ’cause it could potentially be a big spoiler, even if it’s not that big of a focus in the plot of the anime]. In my opinion, the Tsukihime manga (which I still need to finish, ’cause I can’t find the chapters past 50) was a much better adaptation of the visual novel than the Tsukihime anime was, because of how it combined different aspects from all of the routes while still keeping one route as the main focus. No comment on the F/sn manga, as I haven’t read it yet. I will say this, however: I did like the F/sn anime, even if it wasn’t as good as it could have been, if only for the Archer vs. Berserker fight scene [well, that’s not the only reason, but it’s a big one. XD])

  26. @bLAh!: There was already a remake of El Hazard. It was called “El Hazard: The Wanderers”. There was much MakotoxRose Venus.

  27. A lot of these won’t ever happen, which is sad. I agree with GateKeepers, I sadly saw 21 thanks to Tech TV long before I saw the original but 100% agree that it could use more.

    Tsukihime could have been better, but, I don’t see it ever happening. And I personally think Outlaw star is fine where it’s at. Sure it would be nice to have a sequel but I think it’s been long enough now that it just wouldn’t be the same.

    For Utena, “introduce Hinagiku as the new transfer student…” is wrong it SHOULD be “introduce Hinagiku as the lead.” THAT RIGHT THERE, is the winning move. (She already has the outfit, knows how to climb the stairs, and is an ace at Kendo)

  28. AMEN!!! Kare Kano manga is soooo…. good. I would certainly place it among my top 10 overall manga of all time. The anime on the other hand completely crashed and burned. Gainax ran out of money and story, so the last 8 or so episodes were total garbage.

    For a series not mentioned I will toss in Love Hina. This one needs a remake, as the anime does not do justice to the manga. Plus the ending for the manga is very good. And hey it would give us to see adult Shinobu in anime form, which is a good enough reason for me to watch another series.

  29. yeah I would like more of these 10 and MORE of a lot MORE other animes…….
    now we can still dream about it, at least for most of them.
    I really feel sad when a good show end when it shouldn’t end, or end when we would like to have more, or when a show that already have a good plot (from a manga, visual novel, light novel) isn’t exploited to it’s full capacity….
    —- slightly look at Tsukihime with tears in the eyes—- “heeeh”….. yeah I was talking mainly about you……

  30. Yeah I really didn’t like the Tsukihime anime. I see it like this
    Nrvnqsr fight in VN: Pretty long, with very cool descriptions
    Nrvnqsr fight in manga: 5 moderately long chapters, nice illustration
    Nrvnqsr fight in the anime: 1 minute 20 seconds yeah…’s not good.

    But then again of course as it was said earlier the Tsukihime does not exist.

    Im with NegativeZero. Ufotable has done the best adaptation of a Type-Moon work to date. Nasu himself has even commended their work.

  31. Remake of Tsukihime? There is no Tsukihime anime.

    In other news, Im enjoying the Kara no Kyokai preludes so hard its indecent.

  32. YKK, because lesbian androids can never be overdosed.

  33. I’m surprised no one mentioned Flame of Recca needing a remake. I’m pretty sure it’s pre-BT era anime, and the ending was rushed. Now that the manga has been finished for quite a while, I really hope they remake (but following the manga) or just do the second season like they were SUPPOSED to (and as implied by the final episode…)

  34. Kare Kano needs a sequel so badly!–but it’s never going to happen. The hatred that blossomed between GAINAX (particularly Anno) and the original mangaka during the production is so huge that GAINAX can’t even get Kare Kano on its front page images anymore. It’s nuts.

    Now, in a perfect world Anno and Tsuda would realize that their mutual loathing is actually intense tsundere passion, then kiss and make up and the series would get started up again with a renewed budget and the right director in place. Profit!

  35. Remake of Otaku no Video – wouldn’t that be Genshiken?

    Seriously, I already think of Genshiken as the sequel to OnV. What would be in a remake that isn’t in Genshiken?

  36. I must be a very rare species since I actually enjoyed the Tsukihime anime. Of course, the VN is leagues superior, but that doesn’t mean the anime’s story sucks hairy monkey cocks. It has decent rythm, it’s coherent and respects the ending of the Arcueid rute. And I truly believe it has one of the greatest anime OSTs ever.
    But that’s just me, I guess.
    Anyways, I’d like to see a remake. Basically because I really, really REALLY DESPERATELY REALLY want to see Akiha’s route animated. I just love her. All in all, I think a Tsukihime remake is pretty feasible, given that the VN is getting a remake this year.
    Oh, and I second the UFOtable suggestion. Kara no Kyoukai gives me mental hard-ons.
    What else would I want to see? I think an awsome-ly animated Slam Dunk movie would be great. I’d also like to see Matsumoto classics (Captain Harlock, Queen Millenia) in 1080p kick-ass animation, but it’ll probably never happen.
    Oh, and it’s from 2005 (though the first one hails from 2003), and many think it’s a piece of crap, but I’d like to see more Munto. A 17 year old Yumemi would be high-class hot.
    And, lastly… how about some more GTO? It never gets old.

  37. Oh, and I almost forgot: Shampoo is absolutely fucking win. Madarame from Genshiken is right with his 2D vs 3D theory. If you can’t get excited from looking at a 2D girl like Shampoo, then something is very wrong with you.

  38. Well, as much as I wish I could erase the last few episodes of KareKano… The manga ending wasn’t that great either.

    I was fine with all the drama leading up to the last volume but a few things just seemed half assed after Arima’s issues were resolved. Yukino’s “condition” (I’ll call it that to avoid spoilers) didn’t seem like it was taken seriously considering her age and how much it would screw up her life. Also, the story after the time skip just dragged it down closer to typical shoujo. Disregarding the last volume, it still ranks high for me.

  39. Second on finishing the rest of the GTO manga. And on finishing the rest of the story from Genshiken, even if it has to be done with a set of short OVAs. As for Kare Kano, well… if they depart too far from the manga, it’s not really Kare Kano is it? But most of the story that remains (everything post-Kyoto Trip arc, basically) is probably better left as manga.

    Animating the play would be pretty good though; the whole “14 DAYS” arc might make a pretty good feature-length movie, or a 6-10 episode OVA.

  40. Ai Yori Aoshi still needs some closure. That series won’t really be over until Aoi and Kaoru finally announce to the rest of the household that “Oh yeah… we’ve been secretly going at it since before you all even moved in.”

  41. My wishlist: a remake of Getbackers following the manga and the divine design arc. And Angel Sanctuary. I’d love to see more of Yuki Kaori’s work animated. Finally, more Hunter x Hunter please : D

  42. It’s weird, I got bored of Inuyasha after 15 volumes, but I can always go back and reread Ranma 1/2 once in a while. I would also want another Hare+Guu sequel (as mentioned before by someone else) even if it does have two sequels, it just ends out of nowhere. I doubt I would be able to read the manga either to find out what happens (but I think the manga’s different anyways)

    Although this series can’t qualify. I’d want an Ouran sequel after the manga finishes up. Maybe more Mushishi too.

  43. Ooh! I just remembered a few! Specifically, Dragon Half and Elf Princess Rane.

    And though I know that it’s American fare all the way, I’d love to see some more Angry Beavers. Hell, if Japan can anify the Powerpuff Girls, they can anify Norbert and Dagget.

  44. First I have to say Hell Yes to Kare Kano. But after that the one show that comes to mind fastest when I think of this kind of thing is Nadesico. If there is one show that is in need of a proper sequel is that. What would be awesome is if they rebooted the story from where Prince of Darkness is and handled that whole story as a series. Man just thinking about that makes me excited but I am sadly not counting on it ever.

  45. Problem with Kare Kano is post-festival it quickly turns into a far much more serious series with much drama and most of it are about the side characters and not the “main” couple.

    As said, .Revolutionary Girl Utena is a product of its time … and even more, its a product of not having much of a budget so since they lacked resources they had to improvise and that is why it turned out so good because of its highly symbolic minimalist style that have to concentrate on substance instead of style.

  46. Hoshi no Koe remake? Ugh, I’ll die if that ever happens.

    One of the reasons why that work is so great (outside of the powerfully emotional plot) is how it was done by one person alone. The artwork… it may not be Macross Frontier/Code Geass R2 quality… but it doesn’t need that to bring its point across.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s really about space/sci-fi itself. The story is about romance, how time and distance stands between Noboru and Mikako. It’s not about how “vastness of space” but the distance between them. There’s been plenty of series where the lovers were separated by long distances. However, that problem could be remedied by the two traveling to each other. But in Hoshi no Koe, there’s that issue of time… and that’s one thing that can never be recovered.

  47. THANK YOU for putting KKNJ up there, and not to mention #1. It’s one of my favorites and it got butchered so bad. I used to say if i win the lottery one of the first thing I’d do is donate lots of money so gainax can finish that anime properly.

  48. I would love to see more of Excel Saga and of Kare Kano, and Tsukihime truly deserves a remake
    . But what I want most is a Cowboy Bebop Prequel, about the time when Spike was part of the Red Dragon Syndicate. We need more CB. And Julia fanservice.

  49. Hoshi no Koe had an amazing manga adaptation. I read it in the bookstore once 2 years ago and haven’t been able to find it again. I’m sad because I actually can buy it now, but I can’t find it.

    also, Outlaw Star was what brought me into anime as a strong interest. I would love to see a sequel to Outlaw Star.

  50. An Utena DVD box set just came out in Japan (with the 2nd half coming out in October). Anyone know if there was any sort of restoration done for this release?
    But seriously, Director Ikuhara needs to re-form Be-PaPas and get working again. I’ll settle for that.

  51. @BT
    oh ya.. Flame of Recca definitely needs a sequel of sorts. it’ll also be awesome if dragonball gets a remake.
    other than that and Kare Kano, i dun expect much. but it’ll be pleasing if there is moar Ranma action of course

  52. Hoshi no Koe only works as a short story. It features little animation but rather a bunch of NICE stills which is something I really dislike. There’s nothing to expand upon. Hoshi no Koe wasn’t even original. The plot is a blatant Gunbuster rip-off.

  53. I would love if a Tsukihime anime was made (preferably with a Sacchin ending).

    The third lateral for Berkley was an illegal forward lateral
    Lies. The entire play (the greatest play of all time, mind you) was perfectly legal.

  54. I had thought that the last couple of episodes of Kare Kano came back to the manga storyline, then just stopped. It’s a non-ending, really. :/

  55. VERRRRRY agreed on Ranma, in the sense that it needs to be RE-DONE, as in more than just “sequel’d”– with better adherence to the manga, and better animation, it’d do pretty well.

    –wait. Didn’t they demonstrate something close? Something about a new episode?


  56. “(preferably with a Sacchin ending)”

    Yes, because the lack of a Sacchin route is not one of the longest running gags on Tsukihime.

    … Serious people …

  57. @Drakron: It’s not a gag; it’s…dammit. I can’t come up with the right word. “Travesty” was the first one that came into my mind, but when I double-checked the definition, it turned out to not mean what I thought it meant, so now I have no idea what word to use. XD


  58. It’s true that Tsukihime is in serious need for a remake, especially when you see what they are doing with Kara no Kyoukai. It took them three tries to get a Nasuverse work right!!

    Let me add Fate/Stay Night to the list. And I could not care for Ranma 1/2, for a fear of yet again a Rumiko ending just like only her can do.

    Now, if they do a remake of City Hunter or Record of Lodoss War, I am fucking in.

  59. @cat megex

    Sacchin can have a ending, just not a happy one. otherwise Sacchin won’t be sad.


    Hina can’t star in Utena because she isn’t bi. All the girls in Utena are Bi.

  60. Gate Keepers: Quite possibly Gonzo’s finest work.


    I finally get it. This comic was the story of how Excel met Professor Ilpalazzo and the dog is Menchi! It all makes sense… wait a sec…

    That… greatly disturbed me.

    2. Ranma 1/2 (1989)

    (Sequel, of course)

  61. Actually, I revise my previous opinion. I don’t want a Ranma sequel; just a re-do. Kitty Animation and their overall work simply did NOT do the manga justice, and– well, could you simply IMAGINE if, say, Kyoto Animation or another studio took the helm and (le gasp) actually STUCK with the Manga?

    By all means, keep the original seiyuu. By all means keep the music (or use Eurobeat for maximum 90’s nostalgia). All they’d need to do is actually use the Manga storyline and pacing and they’d already have a winning formula.

    And, the sheer breaking power that the redone series could have with updated graphics? He who understands, would shudder for the sake of earth.

  62. What about continuing the Irrisponsible Captain Tyler? The OVAs just sort of ended with a cliffhanger.

  63. “But what I want most is a Cowboy Bebop Prequel, about the time when Spike was part of the Red Dragon Syndicate. We need more CB. And Julia fanservice.”

    Naw, we need Sunrise to make a Cowboy Bebop SEQUEL. They could bring Spike back from the dead! And have him fight the resurrected Julia who’s being controlled by the resurrected Vicious! And then, through the magic of carpet WTF bombing the plot with “what a twist!” moments, Julia would somehow disappear, leaving Spike and Vicious free to pursue the love they always denied: each other.

    Of course, there are some issues to be worked out: what the exact plot twists would be, what moe catchphrase to give Ed, what random new ships to give Spike in order to allow him to defeat the challenge of the week, and how to reintroduce the trap guy as a trap cyborg, but he, it would be SUNRISE writing it. I’m sure their exceptionally talented writing team would be up to the task.

  64. I forgot to mention another series that was only animated as a two episode OVA but DESERVES to have a full blown anime production: Battle Angel Alita!!! That series if epic win.

    And I do agree with Berserk and Ranma 1/2 needing a modernized remake. I wasn’t old enough to watch Ranma 1/2 when it aired, so I can’t endure the old, crappy animation quality now. I tried watching the first episode, and the quality doesn’t even come close to how it looked in the manga. But that Rumiko video that someone linked to on youtube…!! That would be awesome :D

  65. wow zoup that was pretty amazing. even had the much neglected ranma hadoken. fer real, who learns how to use a ranged fire ball in battle and then just stops using it after the first few times? I think i could even go for a rumiko series mix up show after watching that. (always thought that Ryuga would make the best inuyasha cameo, just a short “where in the world am i now” and then poof off again)

  66. I just remembered that I always wanted a sequel to Nadesico…. I mean the movie wasn’t good enought, we should have something like at least a 12 ep OVA with Ruri who looks like in the anime (’cause I was really disapointed by her in the movie ^^ ) and have a plot at least more descent than the movie’s one.

  67. Personally, I don’t think Outlaw Star needs a sequal, but more or less a Movie or short Mini-series. For gods sake, give Gene a chance at “making it big”.
    BT, OMG! YES! MORE Battle Angel. It’s been what, 18-20 years since the original and only 2 Anime Episodes appeared, and for what? It never got off the table. Yet, the manga is up to what, a whole bookself? Definately needs more attention. I’ll admit, most of these that have been sugested I have not seen, but a few I’m going to be looking into, they seem like interesting anime. Excel Saga, meh, even more random than Tenchi Muyo! (which should have stuck to the original plot.) Far as that goes, haven’t took the time to watch the Movies and mini-series, since I was so disappointed in everything past Episode “Here comes Jurai”.

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