teika springs a trap card

Not that it was hard to guess or anything, but funny nonetheless.

(And this is the second time they used Gekka as deus ex machina to clean up an awkward ending…)

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  1. You mean reverse trap card.

  2. It was the scars and MANLY Bister King voice that threw everyone off. If it wasn’t for the bird I would have in fact believed that Gekka made him a reverse trap. I would have also believed it if instead of being a reverse trap, Madara was instead just simply gay.

  3. With Madara sounding like Marina Inoue, it kinda gives it away.

    I am also shocked that you did not comment on Chika getting “aquianted” with the snake.

  4. maybe they hired a couple of Sunrise’s writers for this show ?

  5. >>dood

    I think you mean Doumu. Or Asread. Whichever one is more broken.

  6. Wait… Yuuka’s a boy?

  7. @W4: No, Yuuka’s a girl. Madara’s the (reverse) trap.

  8. is not enought they want to corrupt humans, now they want to corrupt and confuse the animals too!!!

  9. @EvilDevil: What’s next? The sentient rock-creatures? XD

  10. Nice…that was a big and hairy pussy cat….^^

  11. I too am surprised by the lack of Chika + Snake Dome in this post :\

  12. @FFVIIKnight
    it is the sign of the times… broken… beyond brokenness…

  13. “The sentient rock-creatures?”

    No. no.
    It is Miedo Trap sentient rock-creatures. This is Jason after all.

  14. I haven’t seen this yet, but I’m pretty sure whipping out Gekka to save the day can hardly compare to Geassing god and all of creation. especially in this show, where pretty much anything goes.

  15. In the words of Admiral Ackbar
    “It’s a trap!”

  16. NOOO!!! Our Melon Pan supplies!!!

  17. I saw the title of this post before I saw this and the previous episode, so the whole time, I was assuming that Madara would be revealed to be *MALE* at the end of the arc. Silly me for forgetting that lionesses aren’t supposed to have manes, but this is a talking albino lion we’re talking about. They could at least have made Madara a little more masculine…

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