おめでとう luluko

Gives new meaning to “bridegroom.”


And, if you are brave enough, the honeymoon.

(And, no, it’s not David Hasselhoff. But you’ll wish it was!)

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  1. I died a little.

  2. Bait the hook, cast the line, and just wait…

  3. Why does the last image look like Mikuru (genderbent) yelling at the girls?

  4. Also I remember a line spoken by a President of ours almost 20 years ago.

    “Not going to do it. Wouldn’t be prudent.”

  5. This didn’t break me as much as the picture of Suzaku in a cheerleader outfit.

  6. The goggles! They do nothing!!

    Please, please stick to fanservice ;)

  7. …the “honeymoon” was bearable…until I saw Lulu + nekomimi Louise. MINE EYES. THEY BURN.

  8. I was brave enough, but I only made it halfway. From the sounds of it, I should be glad I stopped when I did. I’m as broken as the next guy, but seeing Luluko in Kallen’s body with DFC while being flipped and pinned by Suzaku just…my brain feels like hurting. Probly doesn’t help that the song I’m listening too is saying “Just think about it” over and over.

  9. Dammit Jason. Your reign of terror-trap will end one day!!!

  10. I want to get married to Kallen, lol.

  11. That’s hilarious. Especially the second pic. :3

  12. I can’t get enough of Luluko-Bride stuff.
    -breaks into fangirl giggles-

  13. More please!
    We can have another season of CG this way, Code Geass: Rebirth — The Adventures of Luluko

  14. OH. MY. GOD. :(
    I don’t know that I should be turn on or disgusted. I perfer Mako-cakes though :D

  15. That second picture is hitting close to the state of “Brokeness” When somebody drew that pic, THEY REALLY WANT THE SUZAKUxLULUS END. :p

  16. Kallen looks really hot in the last pic…. then again so does lulu >_<

  17. Poor Shirley…XD

  18. 16 comments so far and nobody has said it yet?

    [clears throat]


    After seeing Lelouch in stockings and garters, it is now official. The internet has robbed me of all of my fetishes.

  19. I’m convinced the first pic isn’t even Luluko, but regular ol’ male Lulu.

    How many more days till After Story? More Kyou’s thighs, less Lulu in a dress!

  20. I’m so glad that I’m currently on a system which doesn’t have YouTube access. It sounds like they’re missing the Hoff already after that last link.

    I miss the Jason who liked melonpan. What happened to the Aki Hinata, All Woman Mikuru, and Wilheimina loving blogger?

  21. OH GEASS NO!! It was horrible. And the video just made it worse.

  22. Wait, all this trauma… and “she” is a DFC?!?!?

    I don’t know what hurts more, to say frankly…

    PS: Kallen does look hot, but Millay’s melonpan is making me forget that fact…

  23. Also, can I blame the people who voted for Mai-Otome being their favorite Sunrise show for this Plague? Because they ALL deserve to get fucked by Suzaku. Just like Lulu there. ;)

    Still, this plague of Luluko is unsettling. There’s an unholy scent about it.

  24. There are few things that can save us now. And only one of them is known to be coming soon (Clannad After Story with more thighs).

    That new mech girl show might distract Jason, but it might also be broken.

    Other than the eventual return of Haruhi and Mikuru, all we have are traptastic shows for our blogger: Gundam 00-2 and sometime in the near future….Minami-ke 3 (the Joys of Mako-cakes). Let us pray for more Haruka is Amazing and Hosaka’s imagination to balance our brokeness.

  25. I saw some Japanese characters and “Luluko” in the RSS feed. I clicked anyways. Does this mean I’m broken already? Or is it the fact that I would gladly get in a dress to hook up with Millay and Kallen?

  26. Come on … honestly how many male characters cannot just have a pair of tits slapped and on and be able to pass as female?

    The only thing I hope is the inevitable backlash towards drawing men as women.

  27. dear god my EYES!!!

  28. Comrades! I have a cure for the eye-gouging presented by this episode. It is in Macross Frontier 22, right at the end. And it involves Evil Kikoku Inoue and melonpan!

    Now to see if Jason captures that shot in his next post. Mmmm….

  29. My thoughts: ‘Wow, good shops’ ‘Even Wise Wolf Horo isn’t safe…’ ‘That ending was very well done’

    I think… I’m at the level of broken where this sort of thing doesn’t bother me. However, Luluko licking the twin cherries… did make me want to vomit a little… not broken enough for that one.

  30. on the sunrise poll… i’d say gintama by far

  31. Haesslich: I’d think that if it was TRULY melonpan Jason is after, he’d have switched off his brain and watched Koihime Musou. Well, melonpan and DFC, respectively anyway.

    Kind of funny how things turn out. Itsuki when turned into Ichi-hime (basically Itsuki spelled with the kanji for princess) has become VERY popular for a simple meme mutation. Even women (I’ve horrified some of my friends by admitting that Ichi-hime looks nice) like the transgendered version, and these are the STRAIGHT ones.

    I don’t think it’s going to happen to Lelouch anytime soon though.

    Dumping an androgynous character in a dress and adding boobies does not a good character make. Lelouch turned into Leila (!!) will still be a big douche, something that would increase exponentially once a month, I might add. Not really attractive. Transgendering Lelouch also reminds me too much of Nina too…

    Turning Itsuki’s vaguely-homo tendencies into full-blown hot-raging lesbian attraction helped a little, I think, but the fact that nearly every portrayal so far also made Itsuki actually PRETTY (compared to transgendered Kyon who is, y’know, plain and flat) could be a major factor as well.

  32. (compared to transgendered Kyon who is, y’know, plain and flat)


  33. EDIT: Well, not really. It’s actually been determined that, as she is supposed to be “average” in most respects, her breast size is around B. So she’s not actually flat. (Some people just prefer her that way [like beanbag {inside joke}].)

  34. Ok. I see it now. And it is dreadful. Is it now the golden age of traps???? are loli’s, DFC’s and melonpans now extinct???? We are dooooommmmeeeeedddddd….^^

    Jason, you must resist the call of the dark side of the force!!!! Come back to the soft and loving embrace of ALL-Women Mikuru’s melonpan…^^

  35. Myssa Rei: He USED to be all about melonpan and occasionally DFC. Now it’s trap, trap, genderswap, trap…

    Damn it. Maybe he can at least post a screenshot of Grace and how she brings Peace through Power.

  36. You guys who couldn’t make it through that video are weak… but then, I work on Seitenkan over at AnimeSuki, so I’m pretty broken already…

    What was the song used in that video, by the way?

    >>How many more days till After Story? More Kyou’s thighs, less Lulu in a dress!

    I have doubts we’ll be seeing much of Kyou in After Story… they really need to release an OVA of her route…

  37. I just…I can’t think anymore.

    Which makes it all the more fearful when we get Gundam next season.

    Remember when I said the world will end when Jason blogs Junjou Romantica? That day looks awfully close now…

  38. Well, I’ve no doubt any /b/tards reading this blog are already Rule 34’ing your challenge as we speak, Jason. Way to bait ’em.

    Mizuho was enough for me, and to be honest I don’t find Luluko all that attractive in terms of genderswap/traps (as well as not following the series– not enough time. Blasphemy, I know).

    And, Kyonko being flat? Depends on the doujin artist, or (God forbid) any Kyoto Animation staff that’s all too aware and all too sneaky.

  39. AHHHHGGGG Damn you Jason, the first two pictures were fine, but that last link destroyed the last piece of reason inside my head. thank you.

  40. The sad part about this is that Antique Bakery is less gay overall than these Lulu posts have been… Talk about your double-standards. ;)

    At least he didn’t post Cheerleader Suzaku and Trap Ral again.

  41. “Ok. I see it now. And it is dreadful. Is it now the golden age of traps???? are loli’s, DFC’s and melonpans now extinct???? We are dooooommmmeeeeedddddd….^^”
    No, this is nothing but the Dark Ages, a barbaric time of traps, and genderbenders. But fear not, this reign of horror will be over and there will be an oppai-renaissance of melonpan, DFC, lolis, and the ocational yuri…

  42. zuopzuop2: It’s very likely SOME of KyoAni’s staff (though not the higher-ups) know about the insanity that is Seitenkan, but I doubt they’ll think of it as anything more than an amusing development. On the other hand, if KADOKAWA knows, well, that’s troubling, as they’re the people who are holding the purse strings, and if they decide that the dementia is PROFITABLE enough to be abused… Well, that’s trouble right there.

    And Kyon being ‘flat’ is a relative term, given the fact that the template of her figure (in the beginning and still prominent among artists) is Yuki — and she wasn’t really buxom to begin with. On the lower scale of B, methinks.

  43. What about broken the good way? Like in Twenty Faces ep 15 where Tome comments that she used to kiss girls when she was young.

  44. Mmm, Grace holding her Hope and Dreams in the palms of her hands….

  45. Grace doesn’t hold hopes and dreams in her cyborg hands – it’s peace through power. I love cyborg women, especially the ones voiced by an evil Kikuko Inoue with a variation on her I-No voice.

    By the way, that CG is from Lost Colors, the CG PSP/PS2 game and is official CG art of cross-dressing Lulu with cross-dressing Rai edited out. Not Luluko.

  46. They’re magnificent either way.

  47. So… who’s the better Princess? Lulu or Alto?


  48. Skane: Alto makes straight men confused non-transgendered. Lelouch still looks like a guy, despite the CLAMP design (must be the frown). Alto wins.

  49. Wait a sec… Second picture…..

    Happy Birthday

    Does that… mean…

    Wow… Oh crap. Ummm…
    It seems that I share my birthday with Lelouch, Walt Disney, Frankie Muniz and Shizuka Ito…

  50. how come in the last pic, Milly’s tits blew several proportions while Kallen’s deflated?

    and how come Myssa Rei gets a Philippine flag behind her and i get austrailian? im sure i live in manila.

  51. “He USED to be all about melonpan and occasionally DFC. Now it’s trap, trap, genderswap, trap…”

    And… what’s wrong with that? :P

  52. To Myssa Rei:

    /me points at “Bride Picture”

    That’s the non-transgendered Lulu, by the way.


  53. Non-transgendered Lulu in a dress? Dear Buddha there really is no hope any more, not the way CG is going, now it looks like we ARE heading towards an OH GEASS NO! ending. One of epic proportions, and not in a good way, unless you’re into that kinda thing. Wait…broken…OH SHI- *bashes monitor on head*

  54. Oh, and I forgot to mention something in my earlier post. That first picture? It from the VN-spinoff, so it’s official art and not fanart of male Lulu dressed as a bride.

    For more info… read on. Just be warned… there are some things you can never ever un-see once seen…


  55. Waterfall scene!!! ahhhh that was really a BL moment right there ah!!!!

    P.S. What did they do to my precious Horo~~~ :(

  56. Becaues the first genderbent Lulu we were exposed to was actually hot and had nice curves. These pale in comparision.

  57. The video has broken my fantastic fantasies of a perfect Rei world… I hate you now.

  58. By the way, Shin posted the Suzaku Cheerleader outfit on his blog, and now Kurogane’s posting transgendered Ranka and Sheryl shots.

    … damn you, Jason – this Plague of Brokenness is now spreading like the hideous contagion it is.

  59. I’m surprised some of you still have some sort of sanity left by the things Jason posts. That and the fact that though Kannon (Schneizel’s aide) is a transvestite in the novels, he has yet to have any fanart shown.

    Oh, and the joke about him aiding Schneizel “publicly and privately.”

    So, this would mean that either my google-fu sucks or that fangirls have more restraint than I thought.

    Anyway, I’ll marry Luluko. Of all the dresses he could’ve put on, why the wedding dress though?

  60. Well, I’m pretty broken already, but sometimes, a voice in the back of my head tells me that’s wrong, wrong, wrong. Then it goes as fast as it comes.

    Luluko is kinda cute, but still doesn’t win against Mako-cakes.

  61. “Well, I’m pretty broken already, but sometimes, a voice in the back of my head tells me that’s wrong, wrong, wrong.”
    strange… i used to have that voice too… now instead it just whispers… ‘just do it, you know you want to…’ i think i should be worry…

  62. Isn’t it about time we just faced up to the facts & admitted that Lulu’s kind of gay?

  63. It not so much that lulu’s gay(he’s a siscon) its more the fact that suzaku wants to bed him(and for all we know did in ep21) That and he does look like a girl.

  64. OMFG!!! marry me Lulu!!!

  65. Wow. Is BL and crossdressing as disgusting to guys as ridiculously proportioned melonpan is to girls?

    …Interesting. Very interesting.

  66. Not all guys find ridiculously proportioned melonpan attractive, ya know…

  67. This is MADNESS!!!!!!!!

    In Sparta, no genderswapping, gender-confused and gender traps exist!!!!

    Luluk0 and Mako-cakes belong to Persia with Xerxes, the King of Traps. Or should I say queen? (Well, based on the movie…^^)

    These people that contaminates Rule 34 with traps should be thrown with the persians!!!!!!!! ^^

  68. This is MADNESS!!!!!!!!

    In Sparta, no genderswapping, gender-confused and gender traps exist!!!!

    Luluk0 and Mako-cakes belong to Persia with Xerxes, the King of Traps. Or should I say queen? (Well, based on the movie…^^)

    These people that contaminates Rule 34 with traps should be thrown with the persians!!!!!!!! ^^

    Onto the Hot Gates then? We’ll have to fight against the flood of trap supporters. I hope ya mental defence can block the traps then haha.

  69. Whoops meant to blockquotes there. Sorry.

  70. This is MADNESS!!!!!!!!

    Code Geass writing staff: Madness? THIS IS GEASS!!!!!! *edits script*

    Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

  71. Hey, Rule 34 delivers, it is YOU who has to specify what to be Rule 34ed. Rule 34 does not have to conform to anyone’s appeal, for it is Rule 34. Be careful what you wish for. It may not always be what you want, but in the case of this blog, may be what you need.

  72. The breakage continues to expand.
    Kyonko is becoming a fuctional sub-universe unto itself
    Now Luluko is derailing the derailers.


  73. *frowns* You didn’t give credit where credit is due, Ithekro.

    Oh, by the way, Jason, I posted some of your Luluko (REAL Luluko, not crossdressing Lelouch) images in the Seitenkan social group over at AnimeSuki.

  74. Sorry.
    I was trying to be limited and vague on the matter.
    And maybe see if our blogger will blog soon.

  75. WTF!!! OMG!!! HOLY @#$% the 2nd pic was life threatening

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