the world god only knows chapter 16

Too awesome. If Elysee didn’t spackle at the end of the chapter, she would be up for a Rukia All-Star nomination this time around. I enjoyed the Shiori arc, but it didn’t end the same way a lot of librarian pr0n ends… wait… am I thinking out loud again?

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  1. I don’t see the problem, a spackling Elysee is fine too ;)

  2. I really enjoyed the Librarian Arc, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  3. If you want a nice Librarian Doujin….Wait, it makes me looks like I only care for Pron Manga, that ain’t true. It just so happens that my recent posts have Doujins in them haha. I feel it ended quickly for me, well that’s just me. I wonder what’s up next….maybe a Meido ^^.

  4. It’s official. I love this manga.

  5. librarian p0rn…mmm

    what was the post about again?

  6. What you cant just causally mention librarian p0rn and then not follow threw with hot librarian melonpan.

  7. Elsee in the Rukia All-Stars? No way.


  8. This calls for more Kotomi-chan bullying.

  9. librarians are hawt and sexxxor!!!

  10. This has been my favortie arc so far with a close second being the singer. This manga is awesome.

  11. D’aww…that was a cute ending to the arc. *this blog post prompted him to go download and read the series from the beginning, up to its current chapter*

    What I find odd is how Keima reminds me of Lelouch, even though the only real similarity is that they’re both really smart.

    Also, this is just a gut feeling, but I predict a KeimaxElsee end. XD

  12. >>“What I find odd is how Keima reminds me of Lelouch, even though the only real similarity is that they’re both really smart.”

    Aw, come on. That’s not the only thing. They’re both card carrying members of the “Just As Planned” teen genius club, along with club founder Light Yagami. No club dues, but you have to outthink a certain number of opponents a month, snatch victory from the jaws of defeat via random choice that appears to be genius in hindsight at least once per enemy encountered, and perform even the most ordinary of actions (ie: drawing attention to your face, eating chips, playing on your portable game system) with an overexaggerated flair screaming to be filmed in slow motion in a Frank Miller movie.

  13. @quigonkenny: …Geh. o_o You’re right. XD

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