1,500 GET

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  1. Congrats! Here’s hoping for 1500 more.

  2. congrats on 1500

  3. Congrats Jason.

    Also good pic on 1500 get. Nekomimi meido>Trap

  4. Finally, the meido return! And with nekomimi, no less. As long as this isn’t a trap, we’re back on the right track.

  5. This is good, right? I mean, it’s an accomplishment to be sure, but 1,500 posts on an anime blog… *shakes head and whistles* wow. Just, wow.

    Erh, yah, anyway, congratulations! ^_^

  6. Well, at least it’s a meido. Enough of the non-Kyon genderflips, geez. Lulu as a girl made me want to burn my eyes out, nevermind Suzaku in the cheerleader outfit.

    Need to ask though, does the meido count as DFC as well? Just to cover all bases, you understand.

  7. Myssa Rei: The worst part? Lulu in that bridal gown and Suzaku in the cheerleader outfit are OFFICIAL Sunrise art. Yes, Sunrise panders to all tastes… especially by making the guys look like traps.

    And I’d say she’s not DFC, this nekomimi meido; those are at least a B-cup (American) based on the decolletage that we can see and the rise of the apron at the bustline.

  8. Hooray. As a new visiter, I havn’t seen many of the first 1500, but can’t wait for the next 1500

  9. Myssa Rei: The worst part? Lulu in that bridal gown and Suzaku in the cheerleader outfit are OFFICIAL Sunrise art. Yes, Sunrise panders to all tastes… especially by making the guys look like traps.

    No, by making guys look like guys who are cross-dressing.

  10. Haesslich: I’d think that Sunrise wasn’t trying hard enough — all I saw were guys dressed in girls’ clothes and looking BAD in the outfits. For all the CLAMP character designs, Lulu STILL looked like a guy, and not a flat-chested woman (unlike, oh, Tiera).

  11. Nope, they weren’t even cute, which is the bare minimum to suspend disbelief and let a viewer accept the fact that the character was a trap. Compared to Mizuho, Jun Watarase, or, Haruhi forbid, Mako-chan, MAJOR failure. I’m disappointed in you, CLAMP.

    Genderflipping doesn’t work either, because if anything, Lelouch looks like NINA. That’s not a complement.

  12. Also… So an American A-cup counts as DFC? Wait, do American ladies that are A-cups still EXIST?

  13. Gender switch festival, from the code geas dvd’s…..

  14. Sunrise, seems to be like obessed with gay lately…

  15. *coughs* Sorry, I have a few cousins my age who are half-caucasian, and I’ve never seen them wear anything smaller than the higher-end B-cups.

    Anyway, not a DFC then, since DFC technically wouldn’t be wearing a ‘true’ bra yet. Or a training bra either.

    (remembers the recent episode of ZnT Hime no Rondo)

    Ah. Poor Louise. I’d imagine that Ryofuko-chan’s sidekick had more potential for ‘growth’ than her…

  16. Gratz
    For some strange reason this just reminds me of an MMO,

  17. Woot! congrats Jason!!

  18. wp: Um, look at Atalude’s blog for the original shots. Ral there has padding – HEAVY padding… and doesn’t look as as ‘manly’ as Suzaku, which says something.

    Myssa Rei: Ral in the background was pretty feminine, but that’s because he’s a standard bishie… which is to be expected in what’s basically a dating sim. It didn’t help that they stuffed him in a dress, gave him a wig, and then a padded bra which puts Shirley’s rack to shame.

    And Nina in Ep 22’s pretty cute, actually, now that the crazy’s been burned out of her. As for American A-cups, I have to presume they still exist… if only because there are supermodels out there who are starved to the point of having no breasts at all. And they’re considered ‘ideal’ as far as feminine beauty goes, for some reason… well, the ones who manage to not look like skinny boys with implants that look like oranges stuffed in their shirts.

  19. Congratulations.

    …but that maid’s really Hayate, isn’t it? [cries]

  20. w4: The eyes are all wrong for Hayate. Hayate’s would be teary right now…

  21. It’s not even the right hair color for Hayate, Haess. Sheesh.

  22. meh.. my meido folder passed 3000 pics long ago. ;)

    congrats, i feel guilty about all this free entertainment. Thanks.

  23. MEIDO GET!!!! Congrats for 1500 points of insanity. :D

  24. Grats Jason… and thanks for posting a photo of you!

  25. Congratulations. And thanks for the neko-mimi meido breath of fresh air.

    Wait a sec… Those hair clips…
    Thats Mako-cakes, isn’t it? CONFESS!

  26. My eyes read: “Moe: Nekomimi Meido” And there is no Yoriko picture?!?
    But congratulations anyway, I’m reading your blog everyday now, getting more broken everyday too. Huzzah to the (un)holy-trinity of DFC, meido and traps!

  27. I approve. Grats.

  28. Funny how it took you less than 100 posts to make everyone’s trap radar go off on every pic you post.

  29. 95% are broken comments, generated from 70% of traps posts…

  30. Myssa Rei: wigs can be used, and they seem to change eyebrows too in anime.

  31. Congrats on 1.5k GET!

    I only have 237 posts to catch up now :P

  32. Buahaha. Still reveling in brokenness and loving it I see. Grats on 1,500!

  33. Congratulations on making on the big 1500.

    It’s a trap isn’t it?

  34. 1500 couldn’t get any better. Congrats.

  35. I don’t know if this is related to this post but TONY TAKA released a Macross Frontier doujin, the bonuses are characters from other animes like Gurren, Hayate, and Geass are mixed in the bunch ^^ And yet, it’s another doujin out of me. It’s a TONY TAKA work so I don’t know if you guys can pass it up. The Title’s “What a Deculture” look it up in the net for yourselves ^^

  36. Congrats to a great site- can never have enough catgirls

  37. So much well placed/devoted time! o_o

    Congratulations. :P

  38. Wow, I’m realllllly late on the draw, though school is a good enough excuse to use for it, right? :U

    I remember when I first started reading Anime On My Mind, before it was Derailed by Darry. Couldn’t get enough since then. Here’s looking forward to another 1,500, and beyond even that!

    …And, nekomimi meido un-breaks a tiny fraction of me. :P

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