the vajra queen (macross frontier 23)

Most E. coli strains are harmless, but some, such as serotype O117:M7, can cause humans to be controlled by interplanetary species, and are occasionally responsible for spontaneous outbreaks of jpop songs.


So the end plot is the the Vajra are just space E. coli gone horribly, horribly wrong. And because Ranka is a human who can tolerate these special E. coli, Grace intends to use her to dominate the galaxy. Fantastic. Ranka really was the Minmay Defense– only she’s going to end up using her singing to conquer humanity for the Vajra. Interesting twist.

(I’d love a Macross Frontier / Moyashimon crossover about now. Especially if it involved lesbians, s&m, and brokenness. And I’d never expect that an anime about bacteria would be so awesome.)


Slipped my mind the previous episode, but… Dizzy!!!


Wow, a domesticated lovely-dovely couple. Three things crack me up here. The first, are they living in Ranka’s and Ozmu’s old place in Frontier San Francisco? Was Alto’s thinking, “Ranka’s gone… Ozmu went pirate… I’m going to make their old townhouse my love nest with Sheryl!” I can wait for Ozmu to return just so he can make the same face Sunohara has everytime he stumbles across Tomoya and Nagisa in his room.


The second is that Sheryl’s cooking. She seems more of the type to be lounging around some penthouse screaming (while topless) at her assistant for not properly warming up her catered meal.


The third, of course, is that Sheryl is more interested in jumping Alto than cooking. She definitely has the “Damn, I knew I should have gone nakkid apron” face going.



I think this was the exact moment when Alto realized, “Wait, I should have picked Ranka– dammit!” thus leading to his “I must kill Ranka because I love her” speech 12 minutes later.


If she can infect others with bodily fluids, didn’t she just hook up with Alto the previous episode? Or is this one of those, “Wait, Nina, I thought you lost your otome powers!” kind of thing. In any case, I still feel strongly that this plot arc should have been brought to us by Trojan condoms.


Not a surprise that Brera is Ranka’s brother. What is a surprise though is that Brera got Bristol Palin pregnant.


So she changed into that tight plug suit… and then changed back out of it to pilot her fighter craft?


Even Leon is mocking the Sheryl cover pose…

(And why is Leon suddenly acting in everyone’s best interest after killing the past president. Why is Alto cooperating with him? Didn’t he get the “Leon is evil” text message?)

(Definitely sad that we haven’t seen Ranka’s iSlug like forever. I still want one.)


It was just five episodes ago when no one gave a flying fuck as to why Sheryl was, and, now, she’s more popular than Barack Obama.


Grace needs to team up with the new evil chix0r CEO from Sarah Connor Chronicles. My gosh, they’d make a good team if they didn’t devour each other first. Though I’m glad we finally got two lines and some coughing out of Maaya Sakamoto– how is this better than having her voice and sing for Sheryl Nome again? Hell, I’d even settle for Inoue Kikuko voicing Sheryl with Maaya sliding over for Grace… though… I’m not sure how well does the cake song goes with Sheryl’s image. Okay, bad idea.


Can’t we give Klan some memento from Michael to carry around? Maybe one of his old USB keys.

(You guys are sick.)


Zombie– zombie-da!

(Needless to say, 3 weeks until Gundam 00 S2 airs. I’m pumped.)


This week’s Ranka-loli is cute montage.

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  1. Congrats Jason, you just made me look up what “E. coli” means…

  2. I’m in a rush, so will note only that Grace is shown in cyberspace here, and that suit is what her avatar wears. She’s still in a plug suit, but it don’t show in cyberspace. She’s like Major Motoko Kusanagi’s evil twin.

  3. One can only imagine what Sheryl’s cyberspace avatar would wear, considering some of her past stage outfits.

  4. Sheryl in an apron?! My goodness, only in anime can a boy’s wet dream come true.

  5. They are in a new House Ozmas place was wrecked by the Vajira. Sheryl can´t cook, that was the joke. Sheryl and Alto are definetly a couple right now but since they want to keep the tension up it´s unclear if they wouldn´t break up next epsode. There are loads of possible outcommes and I´d really aplaud some of the more uncommon ones – like Alto actually killing Ranka.

  6. Note 1: Pic 7 – Assuming they’re using utensils similar to those found today, I don’t know how more awkwardly you could possibly use… what are those? Chopsticks? A fork?

    Note 2: The Evangelion USB key honestly looks like a tampon.

    Note 3: More Clannad VN write-ups!

  7. I personally believe that Grace’s suit works like Sheryl’s stage outfit.

    Lets just hope that they don’t troll us in the end. They already had fun with us with that Pinapple Cake episode, I wouldn’t put it past them.

  8. bluemonq: It’s a chopspork, of course. They’re deculture, and all that.

    Kabitzin: Given that Sheryl’s all-natural (even the Vajra-bits are natural), that isn’t going to happen… especially not now, when even her brain’s been invaded.

    And I still say Grace is Major Motoko Kusanagi’s evil cyborg twin – they’ve both got great (cybernetic) bodies, both change bodies at whim, have purple hair, and tend to dress scantily. And I love them both.

  9. ah, i’ve remembered a why i voted for Sheryl a long time ago and not Ranka..Ranka’s dumb, nuff said. Sheryl, well i’m darn sure our Alto-hime did jump her bones last ep, which basically led to this ep.

  10. I am starting to wonder about this being just 25 episodes … so they get to the Vajra planet then make peace with then (one way or another) but that still leave us with Galaxy and Grace co-conspirators.

  11. > Sheryl and Alto are definetly a couple right now

    Sheryl and Alto are so definitely NOT a couple, if we can believe that Klan had seen through Alto’s true intent when he said would rather killing Ranka than allowing her to be a tool for Vajra.

    And Sheryl knows it too. This is why when she asked him for courage, he could not muster up the three words phrase.

  12. Male anime leads breaking into the awesome tier seem to be a dying breed lately.

  13. bakaneko: Wanting to protect someone doesn’t mean you love them romantically – if I want to protect my sister, that doesn’t mean I lust for her. Ditto, if I protect a child from being run over by a car, that doesn’t mean I want a relationship with him or her. He’s shifting his ‘reason to fly’ from ‘protecting Ranka’ to ‘protecting Frontier’. Big difference.

  14. One more thing to note – I love how Ai-kun kinda remembered he was a Vajra after he got close to the rest of the nest… and that’s the point when Ranka realized ‘wait a second, maybe the Vajra might be angry with me…’ – and THEN Brera got brain-hacked by Major KusanagiGrace O’connor.

    bluestreak: No, Grace is in cyberspace. Compare this to earlier episodes where she was hacking a laptop camera to listen in on Leon’s meetings, or when she was in the school records while driving Sheryl to Mihoshi Academy in Episode 8. If this was the inside of the VF-27, we’d be seeing her floating in space with blue-white circles around her, the way we see Brera, not the green light with multiple computer displays that Cylon Number 7/Grace O’Connor has.

  15. you would think that a super star like sheryl has partied enough to know how to open a damn bottle of cham-pag-ne

  16. Vajra = bugs from Ender’s Game.

  17. Epi: Ranka’s sure no Ender, that’s for sure. Ender at least UNDERSTOOD the Bugs/Formics, and they understood him. So far, we’re not seeing that same level of empathy or understanding.

    ensei: She probably had Grace open them with a bottle-opener attachment built into her arm, the way Brera has a knife in his own.

  18. “I’d love a Macross Frontier / Moyashimon crossover about now. Especially if it involved lesbians, s&m, and brokenness. And I’d never expect that an anime about bacteria would be so awesome.”
    if only… let us hope Grace will provide some of that…

  19. my take:

    Grace doesn’t give a flying fuck about humanity. Her goal is to become like a goddess, by using Ranka to give her complete mental control over the Vajra. She may even load her persona into the Vajra Net and corrupt it (thus removing Ranka’s necessity from the picture.).

    She’ll then use the Vajra to try and completely annihilate Frontier.

    Of Course, Alto and co, SMS, and maybe even Ranka, will join forces and destroy the Vajra/Grace.

    Sheryl will watch the victory before passing away. ;_; (While they did flash all the death signals for Ozma and he didn’t die, I believe the death signals being flashed for Sheryl are for real.)

    Ranka’s fate is a toss up: She’ll either die with the Vajra or end up with Alto. If she ends up with Alto..uhm…poor guys gonna have to make a choice. Vajra Aids or Abstinence…

    Personally, I’d choose the Vajra Aids, me’self..

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