the right way to move

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I’m moving, and it’ll be a week or two of chaos for me. Don’t expect updates beyond “ZOMG FANSERVICE!,” “ZOMG KYONKO!,” or “ZOMG CODE GEASS R2 LOL!” for the next two weeks. In other words, not much has changed…

(Trying to pick between Comcast and A&T for internet service is like trying to pick between getting kicked in the groin or getting punched in the groin.)

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  1. I’d choose getting punched in the groin, for what it’s worth. A standing punch is a more difficult striking angle, compared to the natural, ball-crushing arc of a kick. Of course, the puncher could crouch, but then there’s the running start a kicker can take…

  2. Not to mention people generally have stronger leg muscles than arm muscles.

    For the record I’d pick anyone over Comcast.

  3. Depends. Are you planning on using cable model or DSL? (Or does AT&T have cable now as well?)

    If you have TV cable through Comcast, then it’s just something more for your bill.

    If you don’t care, then it’s tied to your phones through AT&T.

    Either way you got to pay (unfortunately the free wi-fi service that was being experimented with in Concord failed for some reason..otherwise you’d only need a receiver in that region).

  4. no money for better services?

  5. Wait, you only have DSL and “internet through the TV cables” (coax) to choose between?

  6. Good luck with the move. Hope all that chaos doesn’t break you too much .

    Now about picking Comcast or AT&T: A much as I hate to say it I’d just stick with Comcast. Their customer service can be….questionable but after a little complaining they tend to fix things right away unlike my current cell phone people.

    *stares angrily at Cingular phone*

  7. i sure there are better internet providers then that… right?

  8. Whichever you choose, make sure to play the rivals off against each other for lower rates.

  9. There is the wireless type internet through Sprint and Verizon, but those tend to cost a lot more than anything Comcast or AT&T (Pacific Bell, SBC…whatever…the old AT&T is gone) can do. And it is digital cable in this region, so I imagine fiber-optics at least for the main lines.

  10. (Trying to pick between Comcast and A&T for internet service is like trying to pick between getting kicked in the groin or getting punched in the groin.)

    Personally, if getting hit in the groin was all it took to get high-speed internet, I’d line up. It beat’s my situation: Getting hanged at the stockade by a 28k dial up noose with AOL written on the side.

  11. Comcast has horrible customer service, and the Internet is LIMITED and Throttled. A basic Explanation:
    1) Limited, You have a 250gb total upload&download Limit per month. If you pass that you are directly cut and unable to use Internet anymore for that month.
    2)Throttled, They will slow down significantly any Bittorrent traffic, or actually any traffic that really isn’t “Basic Internet” which is basically just HTTP and FTP. Try googling “Comcast Throttled”.


    Stay away from Comcast, and keep the Internet how it’s suppose to be, OPEN!

  12. Nooo!! The next two weeks will leave me in despair again!

  13. oh man, been awhile since i’ve posted but, i saw you were even considering getting comcrap.. don’t even bother. they’ve been on full out dick you mode for the past year or longer, and i didn’t want to deal with anymore of that. i have no idea how bad at&t is, but just don’t get comCRAP.

    you need verizon fios in your new neighborhood..

    anyway, i hope you have a safe and enjoyable move. PEACE!

  14. Count yourself as very lucky if you have FIOS in your neighborhood. AT&T offers U-verse that is fiber up to neighborhood switch then relies on copper to get to the house so it is not as great as FIOS. Comcast is also implementing a hard 250GB/month cap that if you go over twice they kick you off for a year. I think AT&T is going to do that as well.

  15. Yay ZOMG Kyonko

  16. Oh for the love of god do not get AT&T if you live in the southeast US.

  17. AT&T, both crap but at least att hasn’t been found to have cap bt and other file sharing networks.

  18. I’m one of the few people who have had nothing but good dealings with comcast. They customer service has been good and they are fast. Comcast also isnt shitastic like verizon.

  19. Here’s the soft count from the peanut gallery (i.e. your readers):

    Comcast – 2
    Not Comcast – 3
    AT&T – 1
    Not AT&T – 1
    Neither – 6
    ZOMG Kyonko – 1

    It’s like picking the lesser of two equally terrible and mortifying evils…

  20. I have AT&T DSL. I have no problems that I know about. I use an old Pacific Bell business line that basically is only for the DSL now…so it might be more expensive than it should be…but it works. I have the phone’s ringer off so even if I get calls, I won’t know about it.

    I the Bay Area at least (I assume you arent moving far), AT&T….or at least what use to be Pacific Bell, has been the main phone service.

    My friend who works for them has Spirit or something else. He was somehow able to talk the compeditor down to a price below what his employee discount would be from AT&T. He’d go with cable over DSL, but I have no idea what kind of bandwidth and whatnot you need.

  21. Good luck with the move.

  22. “It’s like picking the lesser of two equally terrible and mortifying evils…”

    it is like the presidential election.

  23. If you care about your privacy, pick AT&T.
    Comcast is known for violating privacy.

  24. comCRAP also ratted out my cousin’s friend (who was also a photographer at her wedding) who almost had to pay 18 grand, but was lucky to get out of most of the charges.

    just something you might want to be aware about if you decide to choose THAT company..

  25. Good luck Jason, and try not to loss something in the way….

  26. … Is it wrong for me to think of Black Lagoon when I first saw the meido with the assault rifle?

  27. a ZOMG KYONKO is fine too.

  28. I think people forget that all of AT&T’s servers are tapped by the NSA:

    Trust me, it’s a shitty choice and a shitty choice:

    I’d love to use other companies, but if you live in San Jose, your choices are pretty much only Comcast or AT&T for broadband. Speakeasy and Sonic both use AT&T’s network and have the same restrictions.

  29. Myssa Rei: Reminds me of a Tanaka Rie shot I saw with her cosplaying a Nekomimi Meido with an assault rifle…

    Jason: My suggestion is to commit unspeakable acts that create horror and despair until a third ISP shows up.

  30. You can always choose the pringles can

  31. Good luck.
    I have bad memories about the last time I moved (well it was from a country to another so that was quite different I guess), I wasn’t able to access to Internet (and, to this blog…….) for something like 2 months…… thanks to god I had my collection of animes dvd (“chineses” dvd ^^, tons of it), or else I would have died.
    so I hope it’ll be better for you XD

  32. @Jason,

    having the NSA snooping in the att’s network isn’t the same as having comcast monitor your private internet usage.

  33. well jason, my area doesn’t have at&t, or at least not that i know of. i’ve only had AOL for dialup, comCRAP for cable, and verizon for DSL and fiber optics. (fios)

    so i couldn’t care less what at&t was up to, but more of what comcrap was up to since i was their customer for over a year.

  34. What about Speakeasy? Any ISP that has a program like NetShare ( and encourages customers to use their connections to do things like host servers can’t be all that bad.

  35. Is satellite affordable yet?

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