your thoughts summoned me from hell

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  1. Go To DbD!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is Hayate’s doing.

  3. It’ll go platinum in no time.

  4. And the Chinese letter is for the lily

  5. Hurray for crossovers!

  6. I just hope she won’t try to do the 11th time Nanoha in one second, I do not want Fate to bite her tong ^^.

  7. At least she’s not shouting “rape” between those shouts…

  8. That, Haesslich, is where you are wrong.

  9. …Not the first time I’ve seen a similar parody.

    Well, I guess the interesting part about that is I saw the last one last week. (Watched They Are My Noble Masters.)

    I’m slightly disappointed by that show, though; I spotted no references to Akiha Tohno or Tsukihime in general (both voice actors for Akiha [the one from Melty Blood and the one from the anime which some people claim doesn’t exist] were in the show; the game voiced Mihato while the anime one voiced Shinra), even though there was a Fate/stay night reference (’twas a reference to one of Archer’s lines, though the person who said it, Ren, was voiced by Gilgamesh’s voice actor, not Archer’s).

    Although…I suppose Mihato’s bro-con could conceivably be considered a reference, even though that was more something from the original material than anything else. (Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the manga past chapter 2, so I can’t say if some of the rest of the stuff was in the manga as well.) But still…

    However, the above doesn’t mean there wasn’t a good reference to it; it just means that I, personally, didn’t spot one.

  10. *game one

  11. I heartily approve. This world needs more Detroit Metal City.

    …with one exception. I call a pre-emptive ban on “ten traps in one second.”

  12. Incidentally, what is DbD anyway?

  13. bento-cube: Incidentally, what is DbD anyway?

    Look at the top of the page. Derailed by Darry. Derailed By Darry.

    DbD. ;)

  14. Lilly can also stand for yuri

  15. I just choked on my dinner of baked beans.

    This brightened by day. Thanks for the laughs.

  16. Oh lawl. Awesome crossover is awesome.

  17. @Akumaten

    Actually The Kanji for Lilly are read as “Yuri” and “Yuri” truly does mean Lilly in Japanese. But It’s kind of like using the word “fruit” just because it should mean a succulent moist edible object… doesn’t mean it should refer to ….oh, god why did I write that like that… >_< *bangs head into a wall* Think of Nanoha, nanoha, nanoha, nanoha, nanoha…

    Dammit. I swear only this blog makes me derail in horrible directions when trying to explain something.

  18. Sweet Georgia Brown, what kind of dastard uses Comic Sans for a scanlation? I’m a rather pedantic aesthete, so the font completely ruined the comic for me. The art’s well-drawn, though.

  19. Sweet Georgia Brown, why is the text written in Comic Sans? As I’m a pedantic aesthete, it made the comic rather unpleasant for me to read. (The art is well-drawn, so it’s a real pity.) Remember kids, friends don’t let friends use Comic Sans.

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