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Hulu has added anime including dubbed Mushishi. Little Busters Ecstasy OP… are we going to get Little Busters before or after Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya? Interesting YouTube clip of Wario. Japan gets a new Alice Prime Minster, some Code Geass with a side of gar, the final Gurren Lagann Parallel Works video (disappointed it wasn’t a hot springs one but still a cool prequel), and, finally, the original Gundam Wing Toonami promo. Toonami used to do GODLY promos, and then they went away from that, and I think that’s a major factor in its demise. If they can do that with Gundam Wing, think of how exciting they could make Code Geass seem.

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  1. are we going to get Little Busters before or after Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya?

    This depends on whether KyoAni is animating it too, or Toei gets a turn again.

  2. You can only watch videos on Hulu if you are in the US? Now that’s just silly.

  3. Chucky: NBC demands it, and NBC runs Hulu. This whole region-locking thing they’ve got going is another reason video piracy’s doing so well, outside of ‘people are cheap bastards’ arguments.

  4. I found the Exctasy version of Little Busters a little disappointing — the extra content really didn’t grab my attention, nor the routes of the new character (and the expanded routes for some of the secondary characters). Also, the ecchi events really feel tacked on, more so than Tomoyo After… It wasn’t as bad as the scenes for KANON, but still…

    By Haruhi, I can’t believe I just said that. ~_~

  5. Heasslich: I see. Now, it doesn’t matter much for me because I already watched Mushishi through “other means”.

    I don’t watch Code Geass (maybe I should be thankful of that), but now I feel like I’ve already watched the whole show after watching Geass Hell II.

    That Wario clip is awesome and I’m gonna show it to every geek I know.

    Also, Toilet petto. I friggin lol’d.


  6. It’s disappointing if you bought both the original version, then discovered the new one and bought it as well I suppose. On the other hand, if you bought just the Ecstacy version… ^_^’

    To be honest, of the three new routes, I thought that while the characterization of the 3 new characters was well done, the content of the routes were simply additions that had no way of being intergrated with the original story without major rewriting. The route for the twin of one of the original heroines is probably the only one that could be properly integrated. The new character’s route was fun, but is basically “LOL, new heroine”, while the other side character’s route is a hilarious, but somewhat lame addition, storywise.

    The new routes were enjoyable in any case. XD

    As for the H scenes, I felt that the original game had a few openings for such scenes to be added, but they weren’t added due to the All Ages thing. That being said, quite a few of the added scenes feel a bit tacked on to me too. Tomoyo After still has the best integration of such scenes to the story so far.

    I wonder if the LB anime will include the EX character routes as well?

  7. They’ll do Little Busters after they do me my Tomoyo After series and new season of Full Metal Panic.


    Also, dubbed Mushishi? That’s like saying they’re giving away a half-eaten cookie. And it’s a special Freedom Edition ™ cookie that is only allowed to be eaten by Americans and not those filthy non-Americans. Regardless, it’s a fantastic show but watching with a horrible overacted US dub would ruin a lot of the awesome eastern atmosphere it has. Besides it’s been available on DVD for ages. The DVD release was excellent. Everyone should get it.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.....re=related

    I always enjoyed the toonami promos that showcased the entire block, rather than just one show.

    This is another epic (mostly) Gundam W promo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.....re=related

  9. Yeah, I always liked the two minute-plus Toonami promos; they gave the block some actual character. That’s almost a lost art these days.

    >> Also, the ecchi events really feel tacked on, more so than Tomoyo After.

    I can only imagine Myssa with eight monitors in front recreating Keima’s capturing mode… that’s pretty cool!

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.....re=related

    “Accept no substitutes.” XD

    They sure don’t make ’em like they used to.

  11. Parallel Works 8 was definitely my favorite. I’m glad they gave Lord Genome a tribute fitting for his level of badassness. If I remember correctly didn’t it take Simon around 15 minutes to charge up for the Chouginga Gurren Lagann transformation? Lord Genome was ready in what looked like seconds.

  12. are we going to get Little Busters before or after Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya?

    I’ll give you 50:50 odds on it, unless Toei announce they’ve taken it up, in which case it’s a foregone conclusion in favour of the former.

  13. And of course, that last video had to contain Luluko…

    I should have seen it coming.

  14. Hearing Lulu with Christian Bale’s voice feels… wrong somehow. Like NGE’s Shinji being voiced by Christopher Lee or something…


  15. Damn Jason. With all those link in that paragraph I thought you might be trying to send us a hidden message or something…OH SHI— have the broken masses caught you Jason! Be strong my friend, be strong.

  16. O.o I’m surprised Jason hasn’t seen the LB!EX opening long ago…

    @ Myssa: Have you played through all the routes twice? Cuz from what I’ve read in G’s Magazine and the like, every route has differences based on whether characters have been “released” or not, as well as whether or not you’ve learned the world’s secret–mainly that in extasy there’s a lot of scenarios even amongst the original scenarios that they expanded with added content or additional endings possible once you’ve learned the world’s secret?

    @ the Geass Video
    meh. I prefer official defacements of Geass to be highly more enjoyable. especially things like the following examples from the games.
    …Though I think Suzaku is enjoying that far too much. At least Lulu is ashamed of it… but the main char is like “that looks really good on him.” So I don’t know which is more broken.

    Here’s this though for any higurashi fans:
    It’s the DS version’s theme song. The title, kanji wise is written “Remembrance of Despair” which of course is appropriate as you hear it at the end of the game. However, if you go by sound only “Tuisou no despair”, the songs title can also be “Pursuing Despair” as in Despair chasing after you and hunting you down, which also fits higurashi. The lyrics too pull from Higurashi and are kinda creepy as one would expect.

  17. I’m probably one of the few people who does want Little Busters before more Haruhi.

  18. This is my personal favorite Code Geass OP switch

    Also, no more parallel works? Boo hiss boo!

  19. Yukimura: My good friend Doug Weeks called the Parallel Works 8 video ‘the Rise and Fall of Lord Genome, ultra-condensed and sped up 100 times’. It’s kind of scary how similar Simon and Lord Genome were (judging by the vid), up until the Anti-Spiral illusion.

    Jason: Pssh, as if. My salary can’t afford such luxuries… Thanks, but I’ll continue to use my 2-year old 18″ monitor until it gives out.

  20. I loved Toonami bumps soooo much. I went ahead and watched the Tenchi one again, and now I remember what made watching the dub bearable: Toonami. Serious, look how awesome and badass the bump made Tenchi look. TENCHI. And then Williams Street ditched Toonami for [AS]. :(

  21. OH MY GOD. Todou as Morgan Freeman. EPIC.

  22. “…Though I think Suzaku is enjoying that far too much. At least Lulu is ashamed of it… but the main char is like “that looks really good on him.” So I don’t know which is more broken.”
    *fetal position*
    there is no such thing as traps, is all in my head, tehre is no suhc thgn as trpa is all head, trehe no trp all hd…

  23. Kouryuu: I did. Thrice. While base-painting my quintet of Assault Terminators. Plus helping edit a Touhou doujin. What? I’m not obssessive with my hobbies…

    The extra scenarios and added scenes did NOTHING to enhance the play experience of Little Busters, which is why I wasn’t exactly wowed by the Ecstacy remake. Plus, as stated by another poster, the H-scenes felt REALLY tacked on, as if the scenario writers wrote them in purely to have the characters go at it like bunnies.

  24. Well, not really obssessive… The average scenario in Little busters takes around 2-4 hours to complete, which is about the same time it usually takes me to finish ONE COLOR on some of my 40k figures (I color in one base color at a time, since it’s easy to fix mess-ups that way). So, really, it’s more efficient to do them at the same time. Plus, as a VN, I can just take Little Busters a scene at a time and read at a casual pace.

  25. The new poll is sort of limited from our usual options, isn’t it. Minority vs. Minority (Black vs. Veteran).

    My father got some guy (during the early PC era) that called him about hiring minorities at his place of business (My father owned a small hobby shop at the time and was the only employee). The fairly obvious African decent male on the other side of the phone was happy to hear that my father only hired minorities. Then get threw for a loop when he said that he only hires “White, Anglo-Saxon, Vietnam Veterans”.

    Now if this was about the Vice Presidential cantidates….Some White Guy vs. MILF. How do the broken feel about MILFs?

  26. @Myssa
    Ahh. I’ve been trying to play it through myself, but not much time. (Translating Vifam, Soul Link, Studing for JLPT 1, college classes, etc.) so I never played the first one. I’ll report back when I finish extasy. Though I imagine the H-scene thing would be right, since A) they’re optional, and B) were tacked on. From the magazine I read you can choose not to go through them and it doesn’t even affect the story much? IIRC…

    My usual favorite when it comes to models and model painting is popping on some Gundam to watch while I build Gundam models.

    (On a side note, 1) do you visit the gemot visual novel forums? 2) You edit? Would you be interested in more editing? I don’t have anyone editing Soul Link for me yet?)

  27. @Ithekro
    Quite honestly, between McCain and Obama, I can find aspects on both issues where I support them, but Obama’s “Broadband for everyone!” is enough to throw me and my 28k dial up connection onto his side.

    As for MILFsーーAs long as they look like this.

  28. >> The new poll is sort of limited from our usual options, isn’t it. Minority vs. Minority

    Indeed. Where’s Tomoyo, Maid Guy and Keima?

  29. Shiro Long Tail – thanks for that link. I’m strongly in favor of anything involving that song.

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