macross frontier 25 placeholder

For when I return.

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  1. First.

  2. I’m going to pretend that’s Grace.

  3. Might be funnier if Michael was using an iSlug to take puctures.

  4. I hate you.

  5. Shota x trap ending? I wonder if they put make-up on his face again.

  6. wp: Or maybe it’s Alto’s mom.

  7. Michel is pointing it too high.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually did that in the anime… It’s a possiblity.

  9. Alto Seitenkan?

  10. As I said to Myssa Rei, once you start down the Trap side, forever it will dominate your anime. And you blog. And then your love life. But no, she didn’t believe me… she thought of it as harmless. Broken, she is.

    But onto topic: Kawamori is an epic troller. Rick-roll at Macrosspeed!

  11. I officially hate you, you bastard…
    and how come i dont get to see the front?…

    crap, dammit!!!
    *kills himself*

  12. It happened in the anime… sorta… they just didn’t do the hair ^_^ ROFL!

  13. first time posting….
    waiting for the real stuff….
    (i rewatched Frontier and I noticed I was always forwarding to see shery’s skimply outfits and look at Ranka’s face…I was probably waiting for another ALTO-HIME moment..-_-)

  14. Where’s my Lunar sub??

  15. I want Ranka to make my tummy glow too…~

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