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For when I return.

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  1. I’d say that the pic is pretty well-done, if a bit on the Shoujou side. Heck it even made Nina and Chiba pretty! And no Miya ‘Nani mai hunni’? :)

  2. you’ll have a field-day

  3. Arthur survives the series, riding on Anya’s head, a la Makoto & Piro. That is all you need to write about.

  4. As disgusted as I was with this series, I’m sad to see it go. Look forward to your thoughts.


  6. does anyone consider lulu emo? i mean he wants all the people in the world to hate him and ask a certain someone to stab him.

    sure he wants everyone to be happy but that still does not mean he is not emo from all the self damage

  7. No, Lulu can’t be Emo because he wants to HELP people by hurting himself. An Emo is selfish, who hurt himself because he is sick of the world and want to leave it.
    It was all an act; Lulu wants to create a fairytale ending when the big bad man dies in the hands of an invincible warrior of justice. People would use the event to educate their children, showing that good can triumph over evil.

    Yes, it’s all faked. But you need to BELIEVE good can triumph, or no one is ever going to try. By believing the world is a better place than it actually is, the people of the world can make the false-tale, a reality.

  8. I still say Arthur was behind everything. Even the… well, I won’t spoil. Let’s just say that cat kept a code warm… =P

  9. I’d say it’s good they didn’t kill C.C…OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …^^

  10. Ah. Very pleased with the ending. Code Geass hath been redeemed.

    Eagerly awaiting your post.

  11. Once again, Code Geass has done the one thing that no one expected; actually having a good last episode

  12. I’m just flabberghasted that Sayoko was nowhere to be seen in the ending.

    Why the hell was Orenji-kun harvesting his oranges with ANYA!?


    Still, the series was redeemed in my eyes. Good job Sunrise, despite picking the wrong flags ALL THE TIME, you still got the Good ending.

    And why is NANI MAI HANII!? in the wedding photo? :s

  13. I have been generally disappointed w/ R2. However Since Rolo’s death it triggered unfounded epicness that has generally been increasing.
    This ending redeemed Code Geass in my heart. I could not of have asked for anything better.
    Except for maybe some Sayo w/ Orange-kun at the end. I understand though that Anya was w/ Orange-kun cause he fixed her memory problems, but Sayo could of perfectly been there too.
    Lulu is now my favorite Super Hero. And he is indeed a Super hero because he has
    A) A unique power
    B) Is like Batman, an entity above that of a Hero. One which the world/Gotham perfectly needed at the time. What ever it takes to save the world.
    No one has anything on him! He brought World Peace, other crappy heroes just save the world a billion times to make themselves seem cool. Oh and…
    Code Geass Ending >> Macross F ending

  14. Do they ever tell us what C.C.’s name was? And was I the only person who saw Guilford run those stairs and thought “OH GEASS NO he’s gonna use bullet time!”

    The pic was cute and very shojo-like.

  15. Looking forward to your comments on the last episode!

    Loved this episode. Whatever chaos the 20+ episodes did, is settled with a bitter sweet ending… best last nine minutes (15:00++)of any anime I’ll remember!

  16. Mai hunny-Miya isn’t actually in the wedding photo i think. One of the bridge girls look alot like her. Its hard for me to remember, though, since neither character got much screen time.

    It actually was a pretty good last episode. I wish they would have given the chinese loli a smaller cross. Would have been adorable.

  17. Lelouch did teh right thing in the end. For that, he owned my respect.

  18. Shirley looks terrifying. I keep trying to look at Kallen and Milly’s hawtness, and all I keep seeing is a huge, deformed face… *shudders*

  19. LOLplaceholder i like it very much C:
    i wanted a hot sexy trap like before..

    “Uh professor.. that’s a boy.”


  20. Just to get it out of way first, for one final time… OH GEASS NO! The show’s ending!

    Ahem. CG has been a highly enjoyable and fun trainwreck of a show. Sure, it has enough plot holes to drive a cavalcade of knightmare frames through, gives little screentime to much of its all-too-large secondary cast, as well as not much in a way of proper closure to many plot threads, but… who cares! CG is not a thinking man’s show, at least not from my perspective, resembling TTGL a bit in that manner. All the faaabulos and ploooot tweeeeest and zomg cliffhanger and power escalation and emperor Wakamoto and ALL HAIL BRITANNIA! is enough of a reason to watch.

    >> “does anyone consider lulu emo?”

    No. He was going emo at one point when he lost his sense of purpose but got cured of that. What he did was take all the world’s hatred and focus it upon himself, then as his final JUST AS PLANNED gave himself a vile villain’s ending, at the same time giving a last brush stroke to the legend of the masked ally of justice, Zero. This was how he gave closure to everything that had transpired during the show’s two seasons, a death stroke to the last figurehead of the old world order.

    While suspected Lulu would probably die in the end, both the manner of his death and the circumstances there’s no way I could have guessed them. Emperor Wakamoto for one took exit stage left earlier than I had anticipated, I was sure he’d be the final boss (turn out it was Lulu himself). Though it is very Sunrise to pull unpredictable stunts, perhaps just for the sake if it even, they’ve done good here. The ending made a lot more sense than I had feared it would.

    Thus… ALL HAIL LELOUCH! ALL HAIL LELOUCH! I’ll miss looking forwards to the next episode.


    Good ending, though what will we do without our Code Geass trainwreckiness?

    Fall slicing is coming up soon!

  22. THe ending, although it was tear-jerking and sad, was indeed a fitting end for Lelouch and the entire series. Thanks for the ride! I enjoyed the series in its entirety!

  23. The fact that Jeremiah turned out to be the most GAR out of all the characters probably wasn’t something you saw coming when Geass started.

    How the hell does Ougi get to be happy? I hate that douche.

  24. Heh, let’s not even get started with Jermiah. No, scratch that, let us. Who would’ve thought that “orange-kun” would finish up like that? And even bags a loli, no doubt much to the joy of all DFC fans here. :P For every episode after his return, especially after he switched sides, I was expecting him to die in some manner. Only towards the very, very end I thought “perhaps… perhaps he’ll live?”

    As for Ougi, I think he represents the “normal guy” in the cast. Not a great leader, not an ace pilot, tries to do his best, tries to do what he feels is right, tries to be honest with himself, hounded by doubt and questions where to put his loyalty. Survives through it all and bags one of the biggest hotties of the show. Yeah, I’d go for that.

  25. Disappointing, but I guess it couldn’t end any other way for Lulu after the last month of episodes. I’d have preferred to see Lulu live, Suzaku, Schneizel, Ohgi, Viletta and a bunch of those other filthy turncoats from the Black Knights die (in order of preference), a lot less necromancy, and Nina to get at least a little comeuppance, but I guess it’s a lot less ridiculous than I was expecting.

    One of the highlights of this episode for me had to be Orange-kun actually using his Geass canceller. And Nunnaly falling out of the chair, but I admit to feeling a little guilty for laughing at that one…again.

    Overall it’s a real shame Sunrise made such a hash of the second season. I’ve enjoyed it, but initially only for the LOL, PLOT TWIST, and after that just to see if there’s a limit to the depths Sunrise is willing to plunge to. They had a chance with Zero’s unmasking in the first season to explore the characters more, but in the end they just threw that away, along with all that character consistency and well plotted rational storyline crap.

  26. Well that was fun.

  27. I still think Lulu is alive. Charles had to have given Lulu his Code when he was sparkled to death. Evidence also points that Lulu has a Code because Nunnally saw his memories. And the fact that C.C. looked towards the driver when she talked “to” Lulu.
    Well I think either that is the case or Lulu gave Zerozaku his Code to live forever as Zero.

    Also Sayoko is at the cabin making dinner for Orange!

  28. >> I still think Lulu is alive. Charles had to have given Lulu his Code when he was sparkled to death. Evidence also points that Lulu has a Code because Nunnally saw his memories.

    Except Lulu could still use his Geass.

    Oh yeah, Sunrise, “dying”, and consistency; you’re probably right.

  29. @emotoaster:
    Why would Charles give his immortality to the man who has just ruined his life-long plan?? I prefer to think that Lelouch died as a martyr. C.C. was just talking to the sky. And no, she didn’t look at the driver. Rewatch the scene.

  30. Anyway you look at it, the ending is obviously manufactured so as a new Code Geass can be created if the execs at Sunrise deem their not making enough money; or, looking as if they redeemed themselves by keeping a dead character dead.

    At any time, Sunrise can use any of these 3 reasons:
    1. He’s dead, you all saw it.
    2. He’s not dead, you all saw C.C talking to him, he’s the cart driver, fools!
    3. He’s dead, sorta, he’s in the World of C (or whatever else Sunrise can pull out of the deus ex hat of convenience and call it), you all saw C.C talking to him.

  31. I hated how only Lelouch got to die…a lot of people deserved to die way more than him but in the end only Kallen, Suzaku/Zero, Ninja Meido, Nunnally, Jeremiah and maybe Todou knew the truth. Also it ended way too happy with basically everyone having a good life except Suzaku who is now stuck in the Zero mask and having to live alone and with the guilt of killing his best friend.

    I think it’s funny how so many people still believe Lelouch is alive. I think that until we get some kind of confirmation the guy is dead.

    One fact that most people do miss is that Nunnally wasn’t part of the OG Zero Requim the original idea was for Lelouch to geass Schneizel and have him take the throne while Zero kills Lelouch and becomes Schneizels new servant (but in reality he runs things). The plan was hatched when Lelouch thought he had lost everything and had nothing left to lose. But with the return of Nunnally he might have revised his plan…ofcourse this is pure speculation but still a motivation for him to revise his original plan…

  32. Lelouche is alive you fools. See pic for undeniable proof:

  33. Muahahaha! Did I call it, or did I call it??

    Erm, actually, no. I didn’t call it. Except for Nunally surviving in an angsty manner. Proof positive, that no matter how crazy you try to be, Sunrise can be even crazier. But good ending, nevertheless! They really pulled it out of the crapper in style.

    So what did happen to Sayoko? . For a moment there, I thought she was in the Zero costume — since Suzaku was supposed to be, you know, DEAD. (I know, I know….. Sunrise…sigh.)

  34. Well By sunrise logic Lelouche is still alive, since apparently no burial = still alive. At least if he were smart he would have faked his own death so he could finally have a chance to enjoy his harem of C.C., Kallen, and Kaguya.(and Nunnaly and Suzaku…)

  35. I was quite satisfied with the ending other than the fact of lulu dieing. I really thought for a seconf that Suzaku had really died.

  36. I can hardly believe how many people are deluding themselves into thinking Lulouch still lives. To speak seriously for a minute, I have 3 reason’s as to why Lulu died, definitively and conclusively:

    1) The death scene itself. We all joke around that “they ain’t dead until we see a body, and even then there are exceptions” but there is a conclusive indicator for major protagonist deaths Sunrise has followed throughout CG, and that is having a final death scene of the character. Think how much in common Euphy, Shirley, and Rolo’s deaths had:

    – a dramatic, story-changing scene that was preceded by a major plot twist/allegiance changes/mass confusion
    – the character is laid out on his/her back, bleeding profusely, in the arms of a beloved sibling or friend
    – lots of sobbing and screaming by said sibling/friend while the dying makes his/her final remarks about life, love, or friendship
    – the slow closing of the eyes and a peaceful look on the face as they resign themselves to death

    All the flags were eerily paralleled in Lulouch’s scene. For all the cliches and formulaic turns Sunrise writers utilize, none are more often done than that of a protagonist death scene. Random character deaths are good for shock value, but nothing has the lasting finality of a true Death Scene.

    On a side note: since Nunnally has mind-reading Geass with the touching of hands, we all accept her ability to instantly know Lulu’s grand plot in an instant (she probably also knew what he had for breakfast three days previous and the last time he brushed his teeth), but some conveniently don’t believe her ability to judge the relative deadness of her own brother?? Talk about selective analysis.

    2) About those Sunrise writers… Throughout the entire 2 seasons CG aired, have they ever shown any desire or ability for nuance or subtlety? Any evidence of artful crafting of hints and clues WITHOUT an in-your-face, beat-you-over-the-head conclusion? I don’t mean that Code Geass hasn’t been clever, but every step of the way, it has always done its business in the loudest, most heavy-handed, shock-and-awe manner possible. What people are insinuating happened at the end of R2 is something beyond the scope Code Geass writers have ever shown capability for

    3) Thematically, Lulouch had to die for his character, and the series, to be at all redeemed. “Sure,” you say. “The CG world needed to think he died, at the hands of Zero, to transform into a peaceful and happy world. But can’t he live on secretly with C.C.?” No.

    If Lulouch lives, if he faked his own death, he’s simply the trickster, the master of deceit and lies that everyone already thinks he is. An end produced through more manipulation and scheming. His legacy would be of a devious plotter through and through. There’s also a question of the need to deceive Nunnally, Kallen, Suzaku and Orenge-kun into thinking he’s dead at all? Surely, being his closest allies and most understanding friends throughout the series, they could be trusted if Lulouch doesn’t really want to die, but still change the world for good.

    However, if Lulouch dies, he’s a hero, a martyr, a Christ-like figure. Not to the Code Geass world who’ve painted him the personification of corruption and tyranny, but to those who actually knew him, Suzaku, Nunnally, Kallen, and us, the real audience watching CG on TVs and computer screens. To have the world in his hands, everything and everyone under his complete control, and then he gave it all away and forfeit his life for the sake of others, is a sacrifice whose magnitude is seldom fathomed, much less matched. Lulouch had to die to show his true resolve to making a better world, to give finality to the epic struggle throughout the series, to give his sacrifice real meaning. I would think that is the ending any sensible storyteller would want.

    That’s all I have to say about the matter. I hope it changes some minds.

  37. I am surprised that some people thing Lulu is still alive. As the Cadian guard above explains in a rather verbose manner, there’s many convinving reasons to say he is not. I would especially stress the third point: the story demands his death. If Lulu did not die, whatever meaning Sunrise managed to insert into the finale disappears, and with it collapses most of the “serious” plot in the show.

    I am curious about how they originally planned R2 (I suppose all have already read about that). Hopefully Taniguchi some day speaks about it.

  38. @Kadian1364
    for all the points given to prove Lulu did die in the end, each can be used to counter itself back.

    1)”dramatic, story-changing scene, bleeding profusely, in the arms of a beloved etc”. You would think of that as a decisive point as Sunrise writers are not noted for being subtle when ringing in the death of a character. But then again, Sunrise has been relatively successful at trolling the fans in recent works and the final episode was actually quite well done in contrary to what some would have thought the writers was capable. I would seriously believe that Lulu, being the main character would be somewhat given “special” treatment in contrast to others, and it is possible that the deaths of the others as you stated was simply used in the end to set up the fans.

    Nunnally did not have a mind reading Geass, the memories were passed to her as is how it was shown by the others who experienced this, so did she really need to judge the “relative deadness” of Lulu as you said? She saw Lulu die, not by Geass or whatever else that told her, she saw what she saw.

    2)The Sunrise writers, being Sunrise writers, (my best guess) would have been told to leave the ending as open as possible, they’re just writers.
    “What people are insinuating happened at the end of R2 is something beyond the scope Code Geass writers have ever shown capability for.” Is because the final episode, again as I said, did end rather quite well, you have to give credit to them, for the very fact, as you pointed out, that they’re SUNRISE WRITERS, it did troll a hell lot of response from fans.(like now)

    3)”he’s simply the trickster, the master of deceit and lies that everyone already thinks he is…more manipulation and scheming…” He already showed us he’s more than capable of that dude. ”

    “His legacy would be of a devious plotter through and through…” Who needs to know about his legacy? I definitely would think that the last thing Lulu wants is to have people know it was “JUST AS I PLANNED”. The world already hates him as THE EVIL DICTATOR (which is what he wants), it’s not as if he’s going to write a tell-all book and cash in in the end.

    deceive Nunnally? Check, since season 1, he even GEASSED her in the end, the ONE thing he thought he could never do.
    Kallen? Check, see the ep when the Black Knights turned on him.
    Suzaku? Check, since season 1.
    Orange? Ahhhh, the most interesting of all, the one man that seemed so god damn calm in all of this, especially telling in the arrival of ZeroSuzaku at the execution convoy. I’m still wondering bout him.

    “Thematically”, Cornelia is suppose to be dead, Nunnally and Sayako is suppose to be dead, Marianne was suppose to be dead a hell long time ago. Guildford, GUILDFORD!!! is suppose to be dead.
    Out of those above, 3 were listed officially as dead on the official website. (and no explanation how the hell Cornelia was taken from Damocles, not to mention Guildford ….. and those sunglasses o_O)

    In the end, if Lulu REALLY is dead, that’s in the Code Geass universe. In REAL LIFE, I wouldn’t put it pass Sunrise to “reveal” that Lulu is alive. (Based on how freaking ambiguous they put the ending in.) Directors and writers are easily replaced, cash cows not so much. And that people, is what most probably will decide if Lulu lives or dies.

    If there is a new Code Geass sooner or later, I won’t be suprised.

  39. A Kadian1364 I thought that by the length of the post you were writing you might be Crusader returned. But he would never fall for the fake death scene. It is more likely ( at least in the sub I watched) that her whole speech about loneliness is because she is not lonely any more. Why you might ask? Because she has another immortal to spend eternity with.

    She would also have been much more heart broken if her one true love had died.

  40. >>If there is a new Code Geass sooner or later, I won’t be suprised.

    Hopefully if there will be a new one, it will be how it was originally supposed to be done.

    >>not to mention Guildford ….. and those sunglasses o_O

    I’m telling you he was unplugged before the FLEIJA hit. How else would you explain those sunglasses and slicked-back hair.

  41. There will be another CG. I was trying to think of some evidence why there would be another one ( besides the huge amount of toy and future vidoe game sales it produces) and then it hit me in the face like a Kyou ending would, we still do not know C.C. real name.

  42. OH GEASS NO, it’s spoilers!

    Lelouch’s death made the world a better place.


    Lelouch is Makoto Itou? @_@


    This is made of win and awesome.

  44. I hope this blog doesn’t end up like the animesuki forums; a huge war about whether or not Lulu died. That being said, I think it’s most appropriate that he died…. >_>

  45. It’s Schrödinger’s Lulu! He’s simultaneously alive and dead until Sunrise gives us an OVA or sequel to observe.

  46. But as much as I would like to see the Spice & Wolf-esqe adventures of of Lulu & C.C. the story is better served with him dead.

  47. OK, I wrote enough about the Lulu dead/alive debate that I don’t want to write about it anymore than this final thought: sure, there is the remote possibility Lulu COULD be alive. Sunrise can do anything they want, after all. But that ending is soooo much more dependent on stretching logic, word play, and intricate minutiae, that the more apparent and thematically superior end of Lulu dying is the one I’m believing in. I’m just siding with probability and thematic resolution.

  48. how amazing was orange-kun this episode? i am now calling for a “gar power rankings” immediately.

    i guess the only positive about this is that tamaki opens his version of “cheers”, and ashfords swim team now has a legitimate shot at winning a swim meet.

  49. C’mon guys. We all that Sunrise is just trolling us, yet we argue about it none the less. Is it just too tempting?

  50. >>how amazing was orange-kun this episode? i am now calling for a “gar power rankings” immediately.

    i guess the only positive about this is that tamaki opens his version of “cheers”,

    Agreed wholeheartedly.

  51. What, no “Suzaku finally got inside lulu” jokes?

  52. How about that fabulous moment when Lulu geassed the WHOLE FREAKIN’ WORLD?

    At least, that’s how I cleanse my mind of the memory of when Suzaku finally got to ram his shaft into Lulu…

  53. Sorry, I know I said I was done talking about this, but I reread some previous posts and I just had make specific responses.

    >>> it is possible that the deaths of the others as you stated was simply used in the end to set up the fans.

    Sure, anything is possible, but I don’t see how citing remote possibilities can detract mounds of clear evidence.

    >>> “Thematically”, Cornelia is suppose to be dead, Nunnally and Sayako is suppose to be dead, Marianne was suppose to be dead a hell long time ago. Guildford, GUILDFORD!!! is suppose to be dead.

    Two things to say here:
    1) I don’t think you’re using “thematically” in the correctly. In fictional narratives, “theme” is a word that describes the overall idea or principle message the author wants to convey, and can usually be stated in one or two sentences. The theme at Code Geass’ conclusion was embodied in Lulu’s actions: freedom and mutual understanding are more important than control and domination, a point which Lulouch drove home with his death. None of those other characters were defined well enough at the time for their deaths to have any significant meaning (aside from Lulouch losing Nunally momentarily, but I’m getting to that).

    2) None of those other characters (like Nunally) had a significant Death Scene. I’m placing a lot of importance on the Death Scene because without the final speech, the mourning of friends&family, and the symbolic laying down of the body, there is no resolution, only the shock of character death. Think of every instance a character “died”. Those without an actual Death Scene (i.e. without final speech, mourning of friends, entire life flashing before them) all came back, but those with one STAYED DEAD. This is consistent. (Please, don’t mention scrubs like Romeyer or Knight of ump-teen something. They weren’t important) There’s a certain finality in the Death Scene, and I’m not seeing any of it put in doubt during the scene in question.

    >>> Nunnally did not have a mind reading Geass, the memories were passed to her as is how it was shown by the others who experienced this, so did she really need to judge the “relative deadness” of Lulu as you said?

    OK, I know she doesn’t really have a Geass, I’m just exaggerating her Handicapped Superpower of lie-detecting to equal one. Also, the memory passing scene was not “as is how it was shown by the others who experienced this”. There was no seizure inducing, inverted Jupiter flashing, and Nunnally only saw the pertinent memories for Zero Requiem, Lulu’s thoughts at that very moment. In previous instances of memory transfer, Suzaku&Lulouch season 1, Lulouch&C.C. season 1, C.C.&Anya season 2 (I might forget some others), there was the seizure+childhood memories. Hence, I chalk the memory reading as Nunnally’s own special abilities, not some Code transfered gibberish.

    >>> I was trying to think of some evidence why there would be another one ( besides the huge amount of toy and future vidoe game sales it produces) then it hit me in the face like a Kyou ending would, we still do not know C.C. real name

    It’s not necessary because we know her entire past, relation with Charles&Marianne, and motivations. What more can a mere name tell us that hasn’t already been shown? When you know the person, a name become unnecessary.

    >>> “His legacy would be of a devious plotter through and through…” Who needs to know about his legacy?

    WE need to know his legacy. The storyteller tells his tale to elicit interest and emotion from his audience, and in this case, Lulouch dying a martyr is the kind of lasting impression that is conveyed in the final episode.

    >>> Is because the final episode, again as I said, did end rather quite well, you have to give credit to them, for the very fact, as you pointed out, that they’re SUNRISE WRITERS, it did troll a hell lot of response from fans.(like now)

    I’ll give credit where it’s due: the final episode was pretty good in my opinion. But that’s because it happened the way I see it. Killing off the main protagonist, and imbuing it with so much meaning, is what gives episode 25 so much literary value. Sunrise aren’t the only ones trolling; for an ending as conclusive as one can be, lots of people are still spreading this nonsense just to cause confusion and strike up controversy.

    >>> I would especially stress the third point: the story demands his death. If Lulu did not die, whatever meaning Sunrise managed to insert into the finale disappears, and with it collapses most of the “serious” plot in the show.

    I’d like to finish up by quoting somebody who understood my rambling points. Thank you, Northernshadows!

    Let’s put it this way: what CAN convince you that Lulouch is dead? I doubt even Sunrise coming out and saying so would change some people’s minds (not that I would blame them, Sunrise having a habit of trolling recently). I’ve seen all the evidence the “Lulouch is alive” camp has to offer, but I’m siding with the greater assurance that visual examination and logic afford me and say he really did sacrifice himself for the world.

  54. Wow, guys this is only the placeholder, and ALREADY with the Lelouch is dead!/Lelouch is NOT dead! debate. Please. It reached ridiculous levels in the Animesuki forums, let’s not have that here.

    Instead, let’s discuss Sir Jeremiah Gottward’s retirement from being a super elite cyborg commando and his success at setting up an Orange Orchard business! Orange-kun’s Oranges! What a label…

    The only little thing that bugged me about that scene was… Anya? Where’s Sayoko?

    In all seriousness though, a logical plot would dictate that Lelouch would have to die. As in REALLY die, killed for real, with a bridge dropped on top of him.

    And yes that was Miya, ‘Nani Mai Hunni?’ beside Rivalz in the wedding picture. Notice the conspicuous lack of Xing Ke though?

  55. I will go with this, if they had planned the plot a little better like Gainax who did for Gurren Lagann. This series would have been very good. the fact I said this because of Lulu. OK, I know he not perfect, but he was the only character that I cared to see not die on me. Sort of like how you want to root for the villain in the show instead of the hero. And that there was no heroes to began with in the first place. Still I would like to believe that Lelouch become immortal and somehow is traveling with C.C for the end of time.

    Also I wish that sunrise explain some of what been going on in the series. I am not asking the impossible here like where such things called Geass come from, an why it exist or the fact what it the purpose of having it in that the first place. So on this note I would like to know C.C real name. I just felt that was left out for no reason what so ever.

    The only person I feel that didn’t comes out of this was Schneizel. The fact is will never have free will for this point on in the final episode was really mess up. They should at least take the command of serving Zero off of him.

    To finish up what I have to say on a separate note, I hope the ending for Gundam 00 doesn’t suck. No happy endings or everybody dies endings plz. Let the next Gundam battle start for Sunday, Gunbare !!!!!!!! :D

  56. There of course is a way too have it both ways as shown by Gundam.

    Zombie da

  57. >> “How about that fabulous moment when Lulu geassed the WHOLE FREAKIN’ WORLD?”
    Which was bit of a stretch frankly, since world-of-C or whatever had no eyes, so how you go about making an eye contact with it?

    Anyway I replied because this reminded me about that sunglasses guy, that one last surviving knight of Cornelia’s. Is he blind? I mean, did he poke his eyes out after learning that he had been ge-assed, so that Lulu could not fool him again?

  58. I like how a placeholder post is already nearing the 60-comment mark.

    That said, I believe that Lelouch is alive. I will miss Geass Sundays. ;_;

  59. I found it kind of hilarious that this show ended with Suzaku penetrating Lulu.

    anywhoos, a few observations/notes;

    Orange needs a GAR award, it would have gone to Ozma, except for that unfortunate “Charge, love heart!” line in ep 25.

    We needed more nunally with eyes open, and more of that red number with the bondage gear. No wonder lulu had a thing for her. Very cute.

    Ougi needed to die.

    Cornelia tried to steal suzakus thunder. He offs lulu and then she comes running out saying “fuck yeah, we’re in charge now!”. You did nothing cornelia. NOTHING. FOR THE WHOLE SEASON.

    I loath those open endings. A post from another forum compared it to Utawarerumono, and I think I agree. I hated the end to that as well.

  60. Really now, what happened to all of you being Jason’s readers… no “Lelouch asked Suzaku to stab him with Suzaku’s sword” comments? Since when have the masses grown above that?

    Either way, that’s freaking amazing. A fairly epic ending. I’m not too sure I like the Kallen epilogue monologue. Completely unnecessary, and it doesn’t give us anything to make wild conspiracy theories with. Thanks for taking the wind out of a lot of our sails and leaving us with “he’s alive” “no he’s not, etard” to play with until the inevitable Sunrise franchise milking begins anew.

  61. I’m waiting for the doujin that takes place between Damocles and the execution. Surely Lelouch had his last hurrah with slave-Nunnally.

  62. Now taking bets:
    5 to 1: New Code Geass unveiled
    9 to 1: Fills in same season and time slot in 2009
    20 to 1: Title: Code Geass: Eternal Love: Emperor Lelouch and Sir Kururugi’s Nights of Unbridled Passion. The Untold Story.

  63. Spike dies.
    Lulu lives.

    The nice thing about the ending is that everyone can believe in whatever ending they like.

  64. Av4rice, we all know that he would tap Zerozaku before Slave Nunnally. And I really need Orange x Sayoko x Anya dojin.

  65. Nunally’s wails deadened me inside. “That’s not fair having a tomorrow without you in it.” I don’t know if its good writing or not I still think about it. Everyone hates Lelouch in the end except for the one person who mourns his death. Kind of gave me a Great Gatsby like feeling.

    I suppose it’s possible that Lulu is driving the cart,. Sunrise sure did a good job by putting a large straw hat and cloth to conceal any chance of seeing the cart drivers identity. The only way I really could see Lulu surviving though is through the power of the imortal, but he used Geass after getting rid of his power so I don’t think that’s really possible. I wish (or geass) for a world where Lulu, Nunally, and C.C. could live.

    Yeah Macross doesn’t even really compare to this.

  66. So, rise from hole-digger in an underground village to savior of humanity and freer of the universe, or rise from joke, citrus-based goofball badie to gloating over loli-pilots after self-destructing a mech in midair, and then ironically farming fruits with said loli (not to mention coming back from the dead twice)? You decide.

  67. Kadian1364: The answer? Both in their own unique ways. The only difference is that, while Simon eventually marries his ex-loli-turned-melonpanriffic true love, he also loses her in the end; Orange-kun GAINS a loli in the end, with the question of his relationship with the nina-meido open to speculation.

  68. Whoops, I meant Ninja-meido.

    This is an irrefutable truth in the Code Geass universe though: Orange-kun (ESPECIALLY in R2) is awesome.

  69. Alright I’ve been reading a lot of posts about whether or not Lelouch is still alive and I guess I wanted the chance to way in.

    I believe that he is. Instead of providing proof though I will go more based on Lulu’s character and his promise to C.C. when she stopped Charles from killing her. His promise was indistinguishable but in my mind it was that she wouldn’t have to be lonely again. Granting her the one thing she wanted, someone to truly love her. In that matter I don’t believe Lulu would go back on his word. With that said if C.C. knew that he wasn’t really going to die why was she crying in the church… Also Suzaku would also not have shed a tear if Lulu wasn’t really dying. So I guess the plan would have kept Suzaku out of the loop. Really whether he’s alive or not is up to the viewer to decide. My initial reaction was that he did die, but after really thinking about it for all of these episodes he’s been deceiving everyone with evil intentions so what’s deceiving everyone about his death. He accomplished what he wanted to accomplish and if he had a way to convincingly fake his own death there would be no problem. Plus when C.C. was killed in the first episodes it was always really convincing blood and all only for her to appear later completely ok. Lulu might have died, but he might have the code as well. He received the Geass from C.C. and immortality from the emperor as someone pointed out and the name of the series is R2 and LuLu in hirigana would have to be written as Ru Ru in japanese or Lelouch Lamperouge R.R.. I don’t know whichever way you want to see this. Regardless I hope Sunrise doesn’t milk this series anymore or make an OVA to clear things up because the final episode achieves some sense of beauty whether Lulu is dead or not. Especially enjoyed the fast switches between characters making one connected dialogue in the beginning, pretty cool.

  70. Damn it! I lost the count of how many times I’ve seen the final episode since Sunday morning. Damn you SUNRISE.

  71. So, no mention on how hot Nunally looked like with her red slave outfit?

    And more importantly, on how we almost got (before the arrival of Zerosaku) a nip slip form her?

  72. So, no mention on how hot Nunally looked like with her red slave outfit?

    Hmmm, loli bondage…

  73. For the people unsatisfied with some of the story elements of the series and can read japanese should check out the PS2 & PSPS game.

    I hope the DVD plus/ Picture Drama’s/ OVAs? come soon and answer some of the loose ends…or at least entertain the fanboys long enough…

  74. Unfortunately, the R2 in the title references something else altogether: an earlier interview (circa episode 4-12) with Taniguchi revealed that it was supposed to be Reconstruction and Revolution. So, definitely NOT a code name for a Lelouch-turned-immortal. Also, remember, waaaay back in the first season, C.C. actually mentioned that she GAVE HERSELF THE NAME, and wasn’t following any pre-defined naming convention for immortals.

  75. Yeah Nunally was looking lolilicious…I wonder if they can combine that redslave outfit with a Knightmare of Nunnally series…

  76. I lol’d at the GIANT GOLD chain links they used on Schneizel. I mean seriously, considering the guy’s geassed under Lulu’s control, were those really necessary?

  77. I think ppl are forgeting this is Sunrise here. Arguing about logic and cannon is like fighting a war with spoons.

    If Sunrise wants Lulu dead, he’s dead. If they want to another season, they’ll bring him back like weekend for berrnies and pettle him around.

  78. Orange-kun as farmer? If they would have added Sayako alongside him then I think we could officially say that Sunrise was getting all their plot idea’s from 2chan.

    I too loved that Nunally Bondage outfit. I think in a couple of days we will be seeing naughty fan-art of that scene.

  79. All Hail Britaaaaaaniaaaaaaaaa!! All Hail Lelouch!!

    I believe he is alive and well, living with C.C.

    The Witch and the Warlock

  80. The last episode was set up in a way to generate speculation over Lulu’s death. Is he dead or alive? Because it was crafted in such a way, it is fair to say that there is a possiblity of him being alive. Will we ever know for sure? Probably not.

  81. Ryuuku has it right, but I’m going to switch subjects for a second: Kallen.

    Rewatch her reaction to Zerozaku’s appearance. She’s as floored as everyone else for a moment, then goes “Could that be his plan–!” Then she’s yelling at everyone that it’s Zero. It’s the real, actual Zero.

    I believe that Kallen, without the advantage of Nunnally’s power (or Lelouche’s Geass broadcasting), figured out his plan in that instant. She looked at the fake Zero, looked at Lelouche — judged he was actually not surprised — and decided to support him and his plan to the end by declaring that it was Zero, not an imposter. Call it “the Legend of Zero” or “the Mask of Zero”; for it to work, everyone had to believe it was Zero, and as commander of his personal bodyguard and one of the closest people to him, she was in the best position to “vouch” for him in the moment.

    It was her last act of loyalty to the man she was still in love with.

  82. @Ryuuku

    Hopefully not, personally, I loved the open ending.

    However, this being sunrise, I don’t know if they will resist the urge to keep making money.

    In any case, I suppose some OVAs about the geass civilization or about whatever happened to the rest of the cast aside from what little we get on the epilogue (except for Lulu and probably C.C.) would be nice.

    And while Mai Otome sucked hard, I suppose some parallel world wouldn’t hurt either.

  83. I have to admit, I was convinced we would get an ending in the same spirit as the end of Death Note, just done poorly. I’ve never been more glad to be wrong. There just aren’t enough anime about successfully conquering the world, even if it is for just two months, and even if said conqueror does not declare himself god-emperor…

    If we learned anything from Gundam, it doesn’t matter who lives or dies. Recall that Char was quite dead at the end the original TV series, but when the series was re-focused into a movie trilogy 3 seconds of Char’s silhouette was all it took to build a franchise. Even so, it’s safe to say that Lulu’s status, living or dead, is irrelevant to the fact that there will be more Code Geass, in some form or other, in the future. There is far too much potential for milking this franchise- potential that will likely be squandered, but profitable.

  84. Does anyone else see the awesomeness in Orange-kun harvesting oranges with his loli-mistress? I mean, seriously, he’s the least gay character in this entire show. (You never would have guessed in R1.)

  85. Oh yeah Hak, they got married. You know how I know?

    Anya has an orange bra on.

  86. Wow, definitely pantheon-level ending in my book. Too bad R2 has this slight sour aftertaste plot-wise, but the ending? E-P-I-C.

    Xing-Ke is dead, Lelouch is dead. Why else would C.C. be praying when he got killed? Everyone knows C.C. wouldn’t waste her time praying/crying unless she wasn’t going to see Lelouch anymore. Also, while not a concrete proof, Lelouch did have his life flashback.

    Lelouch’s death by Zero’s hand was the ultimate checkmate he could have done to the rest of the cast questioning his motives.

    And did I mention Epic?

  87. McCoy: “He’s dead, Jim.”

    Spock: “I’ve been dead before.”

  88. People die when they are killed.

  89. Am I the only one that couldn’t stand this ending? I was expecting Lulu to die as the evil bastard or to live as a nice guy. I can’t stand that they left it open. This is the only anime series i’ve seen where I can’t stop thinking about how the ending could be better, it’s driving me crazy.

  90. ^ When I said evil bastard, I was thinking evil intentions. He died as the evil bastard with good intentions.

  91. He will not die even if we kill him.

  92. That is not dead which can eternal lie.

  93. Guys, an idea came to me at school.
    When C.C. became a slave, she was able to seal her smart mind inside the World of C. Is it possible that her “praying” was locking lelouch’s mind inside the world of C before he died? Then nunally seeing all the memories could be an effect of being in contact with someone going into the world of C.

    >>People die when they are killed.
    Orange was killed twice I believe. Once at the mountain and a second time by C.C. pushing him to the bottom of the ocean.

  94. “People die when they are killed.”

    This. Is. Sunrise!


  96. >Giant Humanoid Robot:

    “That is not dead which can eternal lie.”



    (or should that be “Cth-LULU”?)

  97. >>(or should that be “Cth-LULU”?)

    No, no, no. Cthlulu-KO

  98. @Kadian1364
    I get your point that thematically, Lulouch is better off to be dead because that’s what make him a hero in CG world. However, what’s the point of giving ‘additional’ scenes that increase the chance that he could possibly be alive? If it is so important to show that he is 100% dead, why would it turn out to be ambiguous?

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