VOTE shitara lalala

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Remember my old Obama My Star post? Well, Atashi took it a step beyond and actually… well… listen. Six days to the election– remember to vote!

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  1. wozers. I almost spit tuna melt all over the keyboard.

  2. Are the other lyrics also changed? I thought I heard something about a “vote”, but it still sounds like incomprehensible gibberish (i.e. Japanese) to me.

    Now where’s the obligatory McCain Crevasse?

  3. Good god, Jason. o.o

    I didn’t bother with fixing the audio since I did it in the spur of the moment, so that’s why it’s still tough to make out the lyrics. What even made me sing this crack, I do not know.

    For clarification, the lyrics:

    Obama star × 7

    Baby dou shitai? Told you
    Hand it out gyutto register mou standby
    (Do you) want my heart & want my love?
    NO!? More! Swing states KISS!

    Campaign hanpa na style wa YES
    Button on jackets LOVE nara for me
    Beautiful! Excuse me!
    VOTEshitara lalala
    Well caucus round the world

    Point I do care dollars How much fake
    Point fix our country
    but ai nara Biden

    Obama star × 7

    Let me know what you want, I would give you!
    How fantastic to vote for you. My love!
    Let me know what you want, I would give you!
    How fantastic to vote for you. My love!
    Let me know what you want, I would give you!
    How fantastic to vote for you. My love!

  4. Oh…. My…. God…

    This just makes me want a song about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. You could have Sheryl and Ranka alternating rules. Obviously, Ranka would get the odd numbered rules and Sheryl gets the even numbers. That way Ranka sings Rule 11 and Sheryl sings Rule 12 (b)(6).

  5. >> What even made me sing this crack, I do not know.

    Wait, that’s you singing? Marry me.

    >> This just makes me want a song about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

    Failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted?

  6. I don’t really know what to say…

    Bestest thing ever?

  7. WT..WT..WT…god bless atashi!!!!>.<

    we CAN indeed…

    ps. this is better than Ga Rei Zero 4!!!

  8. Atashi, you are made of win.

    Jason, I’m almost… almost, mind you… ready to forgive this post.

  9. Yes.
    Pure win.
    Atashi, you have a nice voice, at first I thought it was a mix of the original.

  10. That made my day. Thanks.

  11. @beanbrew
    you should check out the songs this guy has written about copyright law, business law, government, etc..

  12. Have I already mentioned that you’re insane, Jason? Well, the insanity is spreading. Still, it’s entertaining madness, but, yikes… What’s next? I shudder that there might be a reader out there that might actually take up the challenge and do a McCain video next.

  13. Ranka and Obama. For once you political radar is dead on correct. Giant floating Obama in a dress singing to betray mankind.

  14. Ranka: Young, inexperienced and charismatic
    Obama: Young, inexperienced and charismatic

    Ranka: Has older rival that is much better than her
    Obama: Has older rival that is much than him

    Ranka: Mixed Zentradi and Human
    Obama: Mixed Black and White

    Ranka: Horrible taste in women (Alto)
    Obama: Horrible taste in men (Michelle)

    Ranka: Betrays humanity
    Obama: Will betray the founding principles of the United States
    Double Check

  15. Someone needs to photoshop or draw Obama doing the Ranka wink. NOW.

  16. >>Someone needs to photoshop or draw Obama-ko doing the Ranka wink. NOW.


  17. Hurrah for the Changer of Ways! Altdorf will fall!

  18. >Someone needs to photoshop or draw Obama doing the Ranka wink.

    Here’s a start: Obama on the trail yesterday.

  19. >>Failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted?

    That made much more sense last night… Oh well. I still want the song.

  20. This is the greatest thing anyone has ever made.

    You are all awesome.

  21. Myssa Rei: I’m planing a obama ko and joana mccain comic actually. It’ll have to wait till after the election though Halloween is busy time for me.

  22. >>Someone needs to photoshop or draw Obama- doing the Ranka wink. NOW.

    Copypasted from a comment in the link under video

  23. Roy Mustang: Wow, reading too much into the similarities much? Either that, or you’re much much more of cynic than I am. ;)

  24. Roy: many bricks would be shat if the founding fathers saw our country as it stands and it has nothing to do with a black guy being 9 or more points ahead in the polls. Ben Franklin wrote pretty extensively about the kind of shadowy bull shit that a large enough organization will eventually try to pull. He didn’t think things would last past 100 years or so with out be corrupted by human nature. Maybe you could try picking up a history book and doing some research before you start repeating the GOP propaganda ad nauseam.

  25. this is awsome!!!!

  26. Obama was disappointed that the Warren Court “didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution” in order to venture “into the issues of redistribution of wealth.”

    He seems to share your views on the founding fathers and the Constitution, kaze. The founding fathers were great because they set up a government accountable to the people. A democracy. A radical experiment at that time. For you spit on them because they do not fit your current modern standards of morality is disgusting. For you to use the race card on them is disgusting. You owe them your freedom. Be a little more respectful.

  27. I think the foundation of our country is one of the best things we have going. A central government with out a state sponsored religion is an idea you can’t beat with an electrified stick machine. Leaving the states to figure out how they want to run their business on an individual biases is also rock steady. These were good ideas, that being said some of our founders we’re pirates crooks and slave traders,(even lawyers) and i was just taking that fact in to account. I mean no disrespect.

  28. Stolen from my brother upon telling him about this:
    sheryl = sick person who might die soon
    mccain = sick person who might die soon

    it takes two to tango

  29. *cue Australian accent* Ah, ah! Over here! Crikey.. Here we see a gorgeous specimen of ‘Conservatis Neanderthallis’. Look here, see the furrowed, low brows and angry disposition? Classic features of this remarkable sub species o’ human. By gosh, he’s even demonstrating his kind’s ability to mimic each other vocalizations. Wow, just wow. Beautiful.

    You know folks, some think this ancient form o’ human is actually the missing link! Don’t you believe it tho… It’d be an awful big evolutionary leap, going from Conservatus Neanderthallis to Homo Sapien. No, mates, these creatures are a separate branch, more akin to Howler Monkeys. We know this because of their similar loud bellowing sounds that they use to communicate! Well I better back off now, don’t wanna upset the poor fella. Nasty temper they got, by George.

  30. Yes, Sheryl could have died while singing for humanity. And McCain might die of skin cancer because he spent years locked in a outdoor cage while in the service of his country.

    Just breaking…
    Ranka: Harbored an illegal alien (Ai-kun)
    Obama: Harbored an illegal alien (Aunti Zeituni)

  31. Two thumbs up. Wow. :P

  32. YES WE CAN!!!

    OBAMA WON!!!


    YES WE CAN!!!!

  34. Sigh….

    So will it be four years, eight years, or a reduced term?

  35. Warning: Spoiler Alert

    President-Elect Barack Obama. Or, as I like to phrase it, “Yes We Did!” ^_^_v

    I know that we have to wait 76 days for the new presidency, but how sweet it would be to wait 0 days to put an end to the faux Sarah Palin guest blogs. Barack Obama as President and Kogarashi as Official Guest Blogger of DbD? Yes We Can!

  36. It looks like Ranka Lee pushed Sarah Palin out of the chopper, helping Obama to a victory at the polls. That, and the current serving Republican president screwed McCain’s campaign so badly by publically supporting him even as other party members were trying to distance themselves from said President due to overwhelming bad press. I don’t think the choice of Sarah Palin helped matters any, especially not with the accusations of nepotism and having an unwed pregnant daughter despite espousing to be a conservative Christian who supported family values.

  37. And now I’m worried about my family under Obama’s ‘tax plan’.

    But at the very least we can move on right? I mean, I’m expecting Jason to do a victory post to gloat but after that, can we PLEASE get back to politic-less anime blogging? It’s making me sick.

  38. American citizens

    I’m quite amazed at the result of the presidential election.
    You did one heck of a choice!

    Would you exchange your Obama for our own Sarkozy?
    Because, frankly, I’m jealous.

    After 8 years of the WORST possible president, you have potentially a great one, but I must say that even Mac Cain could have been better than W….

    YES YOU DID!!! \o/

    And I’m jealous.

  39. I hope I get my free lolis and DFCs as I was promised!!…
    YES WE DID!!!!

  40. and here I was half expecting jason to live blog McCain’s consession speach he must be busy atm. Oh well his loss time for me to do this before he can;

    Who the hell do you think I am! Red states? Blue states? These are trifles to the Obama Brigade! Kick reason to the curb, even florida and ohio can be taken by a democratic canidate! Ours is the spiral power of hope that can pierice even the race barrier! Don’t be afraid! Belive in me that belives in you American! Yes we can!

    ps dfcs? I was promised hawt maidiio. oh and i saw delicous flat chest used in a compleate sentance watching kanagi today. It killed me…

  41. Hmmm. I can tell you why the more conservative elements of out population are afraid of Obama and the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party in general. They are afraid that a Democratic President with a Deocratic Congress will begin to take away their rights. They are afraid the nation will turn into a welfare state, a socialist state. They are afraid that if of more centralized government. The removal of more rights from the states. The potential removal of an amendment to the Constitution. Not because of the amendment itself, but because it could lead to more amendents being removed and eventually the Constitution itself being erased from the books.

    They are afraid that the United States will rollover without a fight to become something else. Prehaps something worse. They are afraid that what happened to Germany could happen here on a different level.

    They are afraid that “YES WE CAN” will turn into “Yes we can take away your rights and your constitution”. They are afraid that the country will not survive.

    Yes they are a little too afraid and too paranoid…but there you are. If they are right and things start to change like they think they will, the only thing that can legally stop both the President and Congress acting together is the Supreme Court, and the Military (because the Military;s oath is to defend the Constitition from threats both foriegn and demestic)…or if it is really bad, the people.

    This is why people are afraid.

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