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I’m so excited in writing this post that I didn’t even realize that all my shirt buttons have become undone somehow.

Remember how I wrote about the five types of comedy? One type is the “shared history” which is basically comedy generated from knowing the history and applying it to the present. Minami-ke Okaeri led with a Hosaka joke, only you would only know it’s a Hosaka joke if you watched the original series or Okawari (or read the manga). For people who haven’t, they’re probably wondering, “Who the hell is this guy?” Those of us who are continual fans of this series know better and can’t help but bask in the glory that is Hosaka being Hosaka.

Just a warning that this post will be this long. Please don’t read this while you’re sitting on the toilet– I’m not responsible for any hemorrhoids that you might get.

(And happy Square Root Day.)

Why the hell is Asread doing this season? *deep breath* Now they took away the classic Bible Black faces this season, an unconscionable decision on par with signing Jerome James to a fat long term contract. The animation quality is even worse than it was in Okawari… look at Haruka’s thin chicken legs. Haruka doesn’t have thin chicken legs! *sobs*

(It’s a no-brainer Doumu should be doing any and all Minami-ke work. Thinking anymore about this is definitely bad for my blood pressure.)

Zettai Colorful Sengen sounds more like something that would be in the Goddess Fantastic Club’s wheelhouse. I’m still trying to get over Haruka’s outfit… if all else fails, fanservice fanservice fanservice.

The most riveting part of the first episode was when Uncle was divining the location of Kana’s future perfect husband, and it turns out to be Fujioka, only Kana’s too dumb to realize this. That’s the logical outcome, but can you imagine the riotous laughter if it turned out to be Mako-cakes instead?

Helloooooo nurse! I can’t wait for her to be broken by Kana somehow. I hope it involves thermometers.

I enjoyed Uncle hitting on Chiaki’s hawt nurse. Anyone else notice that Asread screwed up the zoom-in and zoom-out of what Kana was eating? In one scene, the camera is zoomed in on Kana, and we see her eating a steamed bun. It then zooms out, and she’s eating the cracker. And vice-versa. *shakes fist at Asread like Grandpa Simpson shakes fist at clouds*

The cup yakisoba bit would be something more in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei‘s playbook. In fact, it might have been an SZS episode.

(I’m gonna miss SZS. Don’t they have like 20 more students that they need to get to that the anime hasn’t introduced yet?)

I can’t decide– do you think Fujioka’s devil side looks more like a street performer for San Fran’s Castro street or an extra for XXXholic? Or are those two the same thing?

Angel Chiaki sure reminds me of Taiga…

Devil Chiaki… awesome. If Chiaki developed like that, she would be the Anakin Skywalker to Haruka’s Obi-wan. Haruka’s all fine and dandy and amazing, but Devil Chiaki… mesmerizing. I’d follow her every command, that’s for sure.

Everything is for the love of Tumeric!
Mexican Mexican Jalapenos!
Don’t want to cry, Cinnamon, Cardamon
It’s no use, Paprika
Green Green Corianders
Confusing Saffron
A little bit of Chocolate!
Followed by Garam Masala
But, if there is tomorrow, Cinnamon, Cardamon
Tasty curry is served!

(That dekigari at the end was fabulous. Nothing more needs to be said about Hosaka’s brilliant Curry Fairy. Let’s just bask in its glory a bit longer before moving on.)

For the ladies… if any actually visit this blog.

(I’d love to see Hosaka go up against Chiaki Shinichi in a musical battle. I want to see this more than Bunny Girl Haruhi rocking against Krauser II. Okay, that’s a lie… satsugai satsugai yo! But I think Hosaka would cream Shinichi… Shinichi’s only chance is if Haruka was in the front row wearing a plunging neckline dress.)

(I also like the heavy organ music that seems to accompany Hosaka– maybe a Phantom of the Opera-ish reference. Mmm…)

Beginning to think Haruka’s *gasp* not good enough for Hosaka. This early on in Okaeri, he’s just blowing everyone else out of the water like 00 Gundam slicing through Flags and Hellions. I might start rooting for the Devil Chiaki x Hosaka pairing. Can you imagine a Toradora-like version of Minami-ke where Devil Chiaki and Haruhi are competing for Hosaka?

Besides Curry Fairy and Devil Chiaki, the third funniest subplot of the second episode was “Come, let’s be friends.” So wondrous. I especially enjoyed the sound effects of Hosaka cracking his knuckles. I definitely enjoyed all the screams from the ladies fleeing from Hosaka as if they’re campers seeing Jason Voorhees. Though I really think what could have pushed this gag even more over the top is if Hosaka had a Hosaka fantasy to lead it off with and end it with the girl running away with a Bible Black face. *sigh*

Food is serious business. Did I spell that wrong? Fo0d iz srs bzns.

The only really interesting part of the third episode were the apples. I kept thinking “Ichigo Feast!” when Kana specifically tempted Uchida by telling her to stay away from the apples. It’s exactly like God telling Adam and Eve not to go near the apple tree… or maybe telling Harrison Ford that he should stop investigating those Replicants.

Not sure if I want to go with a Good Will Hunting or a Spice and Wolf reference… mmm… this is an anime blog, so…

“How do you like dem apples?”

(In terms of comedy, the apex has already been reached with the fantastic I’m Fucking Matt Damon / I’m Fucking Ben Affleck bits on Kimmel. There’s nothing that could top it. I wanted him to top it this year after the Oscars, but it’s just an impossible task. A better question, what would be the equivalent for Minami-ke? Wouldn’t the best choice be Haruka singing to Natsuki about Touma first, with Natsuki being so devastated about it that he seeks revenge by bagging Hosaka?)

“Hey Natsuki, did I tell you? I’m fucking Touma. I’m not imagining that it’s you. I’m fucking Touma. On the bed, on the floor, on a towel by the door…”

If the anime isn’t giving out the funnies, you gotta make them up yourself. In the tub, in the car…

(Though I like the blaxploitation music going on in the back. I always enjoyed that aspect of Minami-ke… I also enjoy the Bible Black faces… whatever.)

So the moral is flat = good, bouncy = evil?



I can live with that.

(Need more Devil Chiaki!)

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  1. To me, it was more that the anime design of Taiga resembled Chiaki. The novel and manga designs are much more distinct (and preferable…)


  3. And with that, the “Broken” have returned home.

    I wonder how many animation teams are on this. One of them doesn’t like Haruka it seems…while the other one loves her.

  4. Oooh, Minami-Ke Okaeri post! Yay!

    Our favoritie Trap takes a while to make his glorious reappearance, but the episode that focused on him REALLY hammers the point home that Asread LOVES Mako-chan. A little too much.

  5. Welll this is a surprise…the blog looks…different somehow.

    Maybe my sense of humor is worse, but I tend to find this season funnier than Jason puts it. Or maybe cause he’s only blogging the first 3 episodes and I’ve seen a couple more already.

    And why is Jason rooting for DevilChiaki x Hosaka? Shouldn’t you go for the DevilChiaki x Haruka end?

  6. I agree, with tidal. I love this season. It was like crossbreed of asread and doumu style. I miss the huge perspective disorder though, but the black faces didn’t go missed.
    I have to say though I don’t think the zoom-in and out of the food kana was eating was a mistack. I noticed that right away and laughed. I think she’s basically just grabbing food as this was too good of a show to miss, as she burns away eating at it. Or something vaguly like that.
    I think it would be to difficult of a mistake to make as you would have to redraw that area instead of normally just reusing that layer, like they did for the rest of Kana’s body. If it was shown at two different angle where you actually had to redraw something then maybe. But since you are would be reusing the same image layer, its more work and seemingly very unlike that it would be a mistake.

  7. I have a theory.

    Hosaka eventually gives up on Haruka, starts singing in a band, marries a teacher, and finds work as an electrician fixing light poles with some kid who saved his ass from having to pay for messing up some guy’s car.

    But he still savors his fabulous speeches.

  8. I think this post isn’t gushing about Minami-ke because Mako-chan doesn’t show up until episode 5 or so. At least he likes Devil Chiaki: she’s like the Urd to Haruka’s Belldandy. And yes. Chiaki looks a LOT like Taig, since they redid Taiga to look like Chiaki.

  9. Technical question: Are there suppose to be two of the same image in this post?

  10. Despite the animation quality I’m back on board this season, having given Okawari a miss.

    Episode 2’s easily been the best so far, one of my favourite unmentioned scenes was Hosaka and Atsuko in the library.

    It’s good to see more of C-list characters like Touma’s brothers, Keiko, Atsuko and Maki – though the largest focus seems to have been on Chiaki’s friends so far.

  11. Haha, I love Hosaka fantasies. At first I didn’t mind the bad animation quality but the last couple of episodes it has absolutely been killing me. I don’t know what they’re doing, but it’s really starting to not be funny anymore… Why are they destroying Minami-ke?! Oh well, maybe they can still salvage it with some more Hosaka and Devil Chiaki.

  12. JASON IS BACK! Nice to see you blogging again *thumbs up*

    On Fujioka’s devil side: Definitely a Castro street performer…or normie for that matter. Pass through there every day :D

    On Chiaki’s devil side: …hard for me not to make a comment on how hawt she she is

    On Hosaka’s glistening chest: *Actually is a female reader, for 2 years* Yup, I’m broken.

  13. Hosaka is amazing.
    Chiaki is amazing.
    Kanna is amazing.
    Touma is amazing.
    Mako-chan is amazing.
    Haruka is amazing.
    etc., etc.

  14. I love hating how the OP and ED don’t occur anywhere near the beginning or end of each episode, just arbitrarily inserted where Asread deems the need for Haruka’s melonpan. Also, TOO MUCH TOUMA!! She and her brothers aren’t that interesting! D:<

    To shift the focus to other things, Jason, you’re writing to people who surf the internets on tiny cell phone screens and read blogs while on the toilet?? I dread to think what you imagine your readership is like IRL.

  15. >TOO MUCH TOUMA!! She and her brothers aren’t that interesting!

    Blasphemy! You can never have enough of reverse traps!

    And about the OP and ED, sure the placement is as weird as showing a show about aliens, time travellers and espers in the wrong order, but look on the bright side, at least the songs are styled after season 1.

  16. The OP and ED are deliberately positioned so as to divide the episodes into multiple distinct storylines. The timing works out pretty well given that the source material is manga. A manga chapter usually runs about 20 pages and mapping those into 25-minute anime episodes is tricky; often manga-derived anime seem like they alternate between episodes that feel long and drawn out, and ones that feel like they tried to cram way too much in.

    The flow of this season, overall, seems more disorienting since they’ve tended to focus on a set of characters for a few episodes at a time rather than spreading the attention around. But the comedy has been pretty solid at least. Nearly fell out of my chair laughing when Mako-cakes’ secret was in danger of being revealed.

  17. I still can’t get over the soulless eyes.
    their irides are just too fucking huge.

  18. “For the ladies… if any actually visit this blog.”

    Yes. :ninja:

  19. What a tease! You post the most interesting screencap to lure us in but not a single word on the scene itself?

    And no comment for Kana “sharing” that picture to get Touma out of trouble?

    I feel betrayed.

  20. Probably because that wasn’t until the fourth episode. You got to wait until that gets blogged before that all comes out.

    First screencap is actaully from the OP…Haruka is wearing a different outfit when she actually does that in the show (episode 4).

  21. Bouncy = Evil. But it’s a good kind of evil. Devil Chiaki is just too mesmerizing.

    This season has been average at best and it really needs more Hitomi, Atsuke sensei and Hosaka senpai ,of course. Fujioka’s devil side does look like an extra for xxxHOLIC that just couldn’t cut it. I hear that he’s Mokona’s real form. The jury is still out on that one

  22. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

  23. So far this season Minami-ke is turning out like the NBA. You have some characters just phoning it in because of the pure dominance of characters like Hosaka.

  24. Two things are killing my braincells. Touhou.

    And Hosaka.

  25. ithekro: OOh, I didn’t notice :o

    My apologies for this broken outburst…

    Must be a side-effect from waiting for Ayako’s versions :P

  26. @ Sheba:
    Oh god, what if they combined? Someone get a ‘Creepy and Lovelorn Cooking Deity’ photochop in here stat!

  27. >> Oh god, what if they combined? Someone get a ‘Creepy and Lovelorn Cooking Deity’ photochop in here stat!

    Curry Fairy Hosaka + Yuyuko = May Yukari Help Gensokyo. Oh wait, she would be likely the one dropping Hosaka in this place for the lulz.

  28. It’s a little weird having the ‘ending’ in the middle.

  29. Welcome back! The “big boobs = evil” and the “flat chest = good” person reminds me awfully of Kannagi’s Lolliko Cutie mahou shoujo fight, and a bit of Tora Dora! as well.

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