shame exposing chapter

An episode about getting into K1’s pants and his sea bear. I’m at a loss for words. But I’ll find some anyway!

Move over Gundam Meisters, we have a new challenger for a “good” organization filled with volcanic overt homoerotic overtones– The Soul Brothers!

This really isn’t how you sell OVA DVDs. It really isn’t.

(Remember the awesome episode of Magikano that had magical panties? This one is like the exact opposite.)

(I think we need a parody of this scene but with the Gundam Meisters. Definitely Setsuna would be K1 and Lockon would be The Crappy Photographer. I think Tieria would be The Lolicon Doctor with Mr. Marie as Mr. Delicious. If you understood what I wrote in this paragraph, welcome to the next circle of anime hell!)

I am highly disappointed that this episode did not feature more fanservice for the heroines. There’s more screentime for K1 and his Soul Brothers in Speedos than there is of Sonozakis in bikinis. Way to give us what we want, Studio Deen. But let’s go through K1’s epic review of all the killer loli’s swimwear, in his own words:

“Rena’s wearing a bikini. She looks kinda embarrassed, but that’s the best part! I can’t resist when I see her blushing face.”

(Agreed. Rena’s swimsuit is awesome, and it does remind me of the original Haruka one.)

“And let’s take a look at Mion now. Her swimsuit looks like a Chinese dress. I can’t take my eyes off of her thighs. They look a hundred times sexier than when they are covered! But what makes me excited the most are the two melons on her chest! They are just illegal!”

(I don’t agree here about the China dress. Normally, I’m all for China dresses, but less is not more for Mion… she needs to be unleashed. And she’s probably the most legal of all the haremettes mentioned here…)

“Next is Satoko. I can’t ignore her promising body. I’m sure she’ll get a good figure! Besides that, her child-like swimsuit is making her more amazing! When lolicons see this combination, all of them will go crazy!”

(I think Sayoko has more potential to be the next Fuko as opposed to the next Feldt. In other news, Sayoko has just signed a 4 episode deal with NBC’s Dateline…)

I mustn’t forget about Rika-chan. Her figure is still like an immature, but I must praise her for wearing a bikini! And most important, the ties of her swimsuit. Any man would want to pull them gently. I wanna pull them, I wanna pull them.

(I definitely would like Higurashi more as a harem comedy where every 4 episodes, K1 dies a grizzly death because he keeps picking the wrong girl. I’d like Toradora to use this same formula… “Wait… Minori… why are you holding a knif– AAAAAAH!”)

I always said Higurashi works better as a harem comedy than a horror mystery. But I just know I’ll end up writing countless posts bashing Rika as the end girl over the vastly superior Sonozaki twins and Rena. “If you’re going to get hideously stabbed and gutted, wouldn’t you want your last image to be of bountiful melonpan? Thought so.”

(Wondering how K1 can keep… so… calm… down there when he’s going on fantasizing about the girls. It’s not easy hiding something wearing just some Speedos… unless his sea bear is more like a sea mouse.)

(Still not happy we didn’t get enough fanservice in a supposed fanservice episode.)

The writers tremendously overused the girls’ cute sounds this episode, but seeing Rena say, “K1’s sea bear is so cute, I want to take it home, hauu~!” it only makes me want to kill K1 more. Is that the plot of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei? Get everyone so jealous of K1 that the viewing audience wills him to death? I hope we at least get some classic meme like “symmetrical docking” and “bedroom eyes” covered over the next few episodes.

That’s definitely the “I’m Setsuna F. Seiei, and I’m undergoing innovation” face. I just hope his “undergoing innovation” doesn’t involve Mr. Delicious.

Seeing Mion jealous of Takano’s body is unparalleled. It’s like Tomoyo complimenting Nagisa on Nagisa’s bouncy breasts or Haruka telling Mako-cakes that Mako-cakes has fabulous thighs or Kogarashi announcing how proud he is of Naeka’s intelligence.

Greatest line of the episode, from Mion: “Where did you get those needles from?!” I want to know too!

A Ciel emo facial distortion! I feel like I’m witnessing history, like electing an African-American president. My favorite part of Ciel’s appearance is how easily she was tricked into believing that K1 has curry in his pants. If she did de-pants K1, it could be the first ever student-teacher-Roa-curry sex scandal.

(Loved how they introduced curry as Ciel’s weakness, since that was her weird fetish from Tsukihime.)

(And Mion gives another A+ line: “She should use her full round body for other things instead of curry.” Mion, I want to hire you as a staff writer for blog好き. I’ll have my people fax you a proposed contract, please look it over, and get back to me if you have any questions. And the “staff uniform” clause is definitely negotiable.)

I’m going to take a 30 minute break to play some Melty Blood. I’ll be right back.

I thought it was funny how K1 is running from the girls, but they’re all swimming at roughly 1/100th the speed of Michael Phelps to catch him. Then I thought about the funniest possible random cameo appearance for this episode, and number one has to be Phelps with a huge sea dog-shaped bong, wouldn’t it? Second would have to be Subway’s Jared as the fifth member of the Soul Brothers.

Anime should really stop making fun of its prime customer base. I mean, the economy is in the shitter– be nicer to your customers!

Divide and conquer 4tw! The killer lolis are also an impressive four person team, and I actually don’t mind overflowing homoerotic overtones amongst them. Mmm…

Loved the ending where Rika sells out K1 by leaving his name on the magical Speedos. I haven’t felt so chilled by an ending since I heard “Sweep the leg!” in Karate Kid.

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  1. If I worked in anime I would probably want to make fun of the customer-base too. I’ve always supposed that manservice is a similar reactionary phenomenon, though it’s a good deal funnier.

    Shiho freaking out while psychometer-ing Kaoru’s family’s fanboys in ZKC was pretty good though.

  2. >>(I definitely would like Higurashi more as a harem comedy where every 4 episodes, K1 dies a grizzly death because he keeps picking the wrong girl. I’d like Toradora to use this same formula… “Wait… Minori… why are you holding a knif– AAAAAAH!”)

    We already had that, it was called School Days.
    Though I would gladly fund yandere-Minorin!

    Also, geez Jason — 3 posts and you’re already getting me to look at lolis in swimsuits. While at work.

  3. Too much Soul Brothers and not enough Mion, Shion, Takano, and Ciel. This is NOT how you do a water park episode.

  4. Needs more Gundam 00. I’d watch it then.

  5. While I love simplicity of a one column website the lack of easily accessible navigation links (read: not at the bottom of a long entry) is slightly frustrating. Any possibility of including a “next” and “previous” link at the top of entries?

    That being said I’m a long time reader of your blog (just never comment much) and I love the fact that you’re back. So if it isn’t a 30 second fix don’t worry about it. :)

    My 2 cents: I think you ought to write whatever is on your mind. Personally I don’t read your blog because it discusses anime, I read what you write because you are a very talented writer. I admit the anime focus is alluring (and a nice anchor to keep the blog focused), but I wouldn’t stop visiting if you suddenly wrote about the latest thing on your mind.

    Glad to read your writing again.

  6. I commend Rena on her choice of a little yellow bikini. And her zoning out followed by a nosebleed. “Hau….hau…hau…hau!”

    Hanyuu, while getting little time, was funny in her own right…she does stuff for creampuff and stops time…plus her own personal “niipah” was cute. Leave it to Hocchan to do cute noises. (or sexy noises, depending on the show)

  7. I lol’ed at the Soul Brothers’ entrance…
    I lol’ed at the attempts made by Takano and Chie-sensei…
    But most of all, I nearly died laughing from witnessing the GARness of Soul Brothers Tommy when he blocked the bullet for K1 using his chest… That was an awesome scene…

  8. Is it just me, or do the character designs look….better in the OVA? The first season really seemed to get sloppy on keeping things on model and stuff looked weird sometimes. I heard it got bette rin Kai, but never watched that far to confirm, really.

    And stuff.

  9. I can’t believe I didn’t know this was coming out. Thank You Thank You for pointing it out. I laughed so hard this entire episode. It’s nice to see a completely “normal” episode where all of the characters aren’t trying to kill each other. Plus Rika’s demon mode is awesome. I love how she controls Hanyuu. This episode rocked and I can’t wait for the next OVA.

  10. >>Way to give us what we want, Studio Deen.

    This is Studio Deen we’re talking bout. Just wait for Rei’s inevitable depressing Satoko abuse chapter, except this time her breaking comes not from her uncle but from her Nii-chan rushing to K1’s arms as they prance through a pristine meadow surrounded by shōjo bubbles/sparkles/flowers. The resulting stabbiness is defeated by Brother Tommy’s MANLY CHEST and the Soul Brothers Plus One live happily ever after.

  11. Was too busy laughing to notice the underachieving fanservice… I’d be plenty happy if, since they pretty much wrapped things up at the end of Kai, they just released love-com OVAs from here on out.

  12. They earned some happiness. I also wanted to point out that Mion has to wear the covering swim suit because she has a huge freaking ogre scar on her back. I think it’s nice that they try to keep some kind of consistency. Oh man I nearly choked trying to write that out.

  13. Hahaha, brilliant episode. When Higurashi doesn’t take itself too seriously is when it really shines. I’m not sure which bit was my favourite; Rena, the GAR rescue by the soul brothers, Rena, Rika’s and Keichii’s grabbing thoughts scene, the ending scene, Rena, or a manipulative Nipaa-ing Rika…

    >> I definitely would like Higurashi more as a harem comedy where every 4 episodes, K1 dies a grizzly death because he keeps picking the wrong girl.

    You’ve got it! A lead male rehabilitation course! I want Aizawa Yuuichi booked in ASAP!

    (And please disable monotone soon…It’s a clever theme, but it produces some horrible background colours…)

  14. Rena was great this time. She has that nice mix of embarrassed, kaii mode, and slightly turned on to make her desireable.

    Mion is nice but worried for much of the time. Of course she doesn’t want K1 turning gay.

    Satako isn’t all that effective here.

    I still think Rika is the most perverted of the group though.

  15. Oh, and important question. What did Mion say to Shion to make her face light up with a Miki-class grin and agree to help hunt down Keichii?
    A: Shion, K1’s hiding an enormous sea bear in his swimming trunks!
    B: Shion, if you help me get K1’s swimming trunks off I’ll wear a flimsy white dress for you and let you lock me in an underground cell!
    C: Shion, K1’s hiding Satoshi in his swimming trunks!

  16. @ Neriya
    I could take a guess but let’s wait for NewType to answer that question for us.

    The OAV was alright. There are two things that I learned from the OAV actually. The first was that Chie-sensei had D-swords and the second was that it should’ve featured more fanservice for the heroines. However, it seems like things are getting better in the next OVA with the return of psycho Rena.

  17. keikakudoori: They’re T-Keys, actually.

  18. The old one missing out on showing off her body is Mion’s Mom. The other two moderately desireable females in the series get to adequatily display their well rounded bodies off.

    Mion’s thoughts on Takano seem to be about just how much Takano is showing off. She presented like a French or Swedish model for that timeperiod. (summer 1983)

    Chie-sensei, even in such a typical swimsuit is sort of inviting in her own way.

  19. I can’t believe that it’s actually called the shame exposing chapter. I thought that was a joke-name XD.

  20. this episode was hilarious, just because of the ridiculousness of it all (like tomitake taking a grenade to the chest, WTF?!), it departed completely from the seriousness of kai. i see this episode as a joke and not tied to the main plot. though if you think about it, this episode mustve chronologically taken place before kai (for several reasons). it feels weird watching this after kai because you know that theyre all going to die in june. i also wished there was more fanservice, other than takano, who was wearing barely anything (i look at her and think, well she has a nice body, but on the other hand, she was responsible for killing rika and causing the “great hinamizawa disaster”, then there was what happened in ep13 of kai)

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