spring 2009 needs more roses, fewer thorns

I’m not really impressed with the spring 2009 anime lineup. Hatsukoi Limited is by the Ichigo 100% dude, and I didn’t like Ichigo 100%. Anything from Gonzo is suspect. Full Metal Alchemist is a remake, but I suspect the first half of the series to be similar to both the manga and the previous 2003 incarnation. K-ON is Kyoto Animation working with a source material that involves 4 high school girls killing time in a 4 koma. I’d be in if I can get assurances that Taniguchi is prominently involved. With Gundam 00, Toaru Majutsu no Index, Toradora, Clannad, Minami-ke, Michiko to Hatchin, Druaga, and Asu no Yoichi ending, what the heck am I going to watch? This has to be a record for the steepest fall off for number of must watch weekly shows. What do you think you’ll be following? Oh well, at least we’d have Maria back in our lives.

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  1. Fullmetal, of course, but then again pretty much everyone will be.

    I’m currently betting on Basquash this season for my big budget blockbuster anime. It looks great, there’s that Oban Star Racers guy and Shoji Kawamori behind it, and cars in GERWALK playing basketball. It can’t possibly fail…

    Can it?

  2. Sora Kake Girl

    Watch it. Sunrise might be suspect with other types of anime, but they know what’s funny. The show is 26 episodes, so it would last you quite a few months. Get cracking!

  3. Again, I’m amazed that you aren’t following Hetalia, Jason. As many traps as it has, you’re overlooking it? Seriously. I haven’t really bothered with much of any anime this season except Hetalia (and the occasional shot of Toradora).
    I might check out an episode or so of Valkyria Chronicles. I have no idea what the story is, and I do not know anything about it except that it 1) is based on a game and 2) milady Himeka is performing the opening. Naturally, there is no way I’m going to miss hearing that. Fullmetal Alchemist might be worth it if there’s a chance of Mei making an appearance.

  4. Valkyria Chronicles is number one on my list just because I played and loved the game, as well as hayate 2 and fma just to see what the hype is about, oh and Sengoku Basara because I’ve played that too I guess. I think K-ON might have some potential, I looked at Lucky Star the same way when it was getting advertised but it ended up being entertaining in many ways, I think if you take Lucky Star and add a musical element into it I’m sure it can work out.
    And yeah Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo is very entertaining, sunrise has made some strange plays in the past (none that I haven’t enjoyed) but this is very solid so far.

  5. I’ll be watching Saki. Because I adore the manga. I’m so very terrified of what Gonzo will do to it though. And Spice and Wolf 2 is starting soon isn’t it? K-on could also be alright.

    Hayate is what I’m pinning my hopes on though. It’s got to be good. It just has to be. God help JC Staff if it turns into a crap fest of Zero Not Tsukaima proportions.

  6. K-on, Valkirya, Pandora Hearts and Asura are in the top of my list, without counting the remakes/continuations of the other of course.

  7. This season’s been the best for quite a while (i.e. I’m actually following multiple shows) Since I’ve been following the 16:9 versions of Clannad and Asu no Yoichi they’ll at least last me a while into the spring season.

    Graa, what are Kyo-Ani playing at making yet another show that isn’t Haruhi? They’ve really dropped the ball in their terror that it will be reviewed poorly against the first. I guess after K-ON it’ll be another Key game.

    I guess I’ll end up seeing if anything catches my fancy.

  8. I think full metal will definitely be worth watching. The manga and the original show diverge when they meet greed which is about 20 episodes into the first series but the first series had some filler episodes so it should be earlier in the new one. It would have to be if they want to make it 52 episodes-ish again because the manga goes a lot further than the original show did.

  9. Well, at leasy you still have 2 episodes of gundam left. Which brings me to this point of Setsuna.

    Since he just went Super Sunrise and brought everyone back from the dead, including Lockon I, made everyone telepathic, and saved the day by flooding the world, i have to ask: Does that make him Gar status? Yes, he hasn’t mounted anyone yet and started out as a wuss, but i think everything that was previously stated qualifies him for at least a nomination.

  10. I’ll be checking out Pandora Hearts, Eden of the East, Shangri-la. Lupin III vs Detective Conan mashup of my favorite oldschool characters will hopefully be good.

    Oh and hell yea more Tsubasa OAV’s by IG!

    I guess this season is good for people with a backlist of anime to catch up on. I for one still need to watch Afterstory.

  11. K-on: Honestly, at this point I’m willing to give Kyo-Ani the benefit of the doubt that it’ll be entertaining.
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Never seen past the first few eps of the original series. Maybe I’ll watch both simultaneously.
    Eden of the East: That description sounds awsome. Plus, possible Obama cameo.
    Natsu no Arashi: Shaft + creator of School Rumble? Yes please.
    Higepiyo: From the Author of Ebichu. ‘Nuff said.
    Hayate 2: Of course.

    The OVA section actually looks more interesting than the rest of the series.

  12. Really Jason? I thought Spring 2009 looked better than Fall08/Winter09 …

    FMA for sure
    Eden of the East – looks interesting, has a Morita clone and OP by Oasis?
    Hayate S2 – <3 Hina , scared of JC Staff
    K-On – for the Nagisa clone and cause KyoAni seems to know how to do music sequences
    Saki – from the PV it looks like they turn a game of mahjong into some super battle thing… made me ‘LOL’
    Valkyria Chronicles

  13. Just realized Basquash! would be perfect for Jason. He can throw in as many NBA references as it likes, and it will …wait for it…

    actually make sense in context!

    In other news, I heard the Valkyria anime was done by the people who gave us the really bad Persona anime, so I’ll probably thread lightly on that one…

    But yeah, looks like a season to dust off the backlog.

  14. There are a few shows where I am going to watch them, if only out of idle curiousity, but i must say that not much is jumping-out to me as “Have to see.”

    Gonzo I’m willing ot give a chance with Shangri-La. Its not their source materialt o start wtih, which help. Range Murata character and mechancial designs tend to be a good thing (only two things to goon that so far though.) And I think Druaga made me not think of just ignoring the show every step of the way, which helps.

    Queen’s Blade looks like its going to be pretty crappy. I mean….it will probably beuseless T&A with poorly not have too good of animation. The studio has moslty hentai under its belt as I read. So…yeah.

    Basquesh! looks to be decently wtf in its look, have cool character designs and playing up the sports naime thing with good mecha animation and overall weirdness. I think it would be worht a shot. Nike probably will have their logo everywhere but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    K-ON will probably trap me. I’m a sucker for teh slow, boring anime. Don’t ask me why. But I think the dry humor has grown on me and the moe is slowly infecting my brain. We’ll see I guess.

    Higashi no Eden might be good. It might also be another Ghost Hound. We’ll find otu on that one I guess too. But Production IG is sorta hit-and-miss on getting me to actually be itnerested in watching their shows. Ghsot Hound looked cool but….I was bored. Really bored. So I will have to wait and see to think more on it.

    That said, the season has to do some impressing. But I have gone into seasons pretty pessemistic and came out impressed, so it could be pretty good.

    And stuff.

  15. Here’s to hoping Ristorante Paradiso will deliver the next GARtender…

  16. Wow, a lot of game-to-anime adaptions this coming season. Probably skipping them and will just read about it in blogs–OHMYGOD NEW MAZINGER Z FUCK YEAH

    @Tally Solleni

    Wasn’t Hentalia canceled?

    @Vallen Chaos Valiant

    Seconding this recommendation. At the very least, there’s plenty of ammunition for Lulu jokes aplenty. But I’m in it for the cutest mecha whatsits ever.

    …Yay! Chii!

  17. More thorns, less peddles…the beginning of an Addams Family anime.

    12 days (or so) and counting to see just what KyoAni is up to.

  18. I’m willing to take a look at Valkyria Chronicles, since I loved the game.

    K-ON looks interesting, as well as Hatsukoi Gentei (JC Staff did ToraDora, right), and well, that’s pretty much it. I’ve had not much love for FMA and Hayate, so I don’t think I’ll watch those a lot. Ah, well, more time to kill on Street Fighter 4 for me. Or to study.

  19. hey jason i 2nd VCV’s suggest of Sora Kake Girl

    the show is best describe as the result of a 3-way orgy between Lulu, mai-hime and super robot wars.

  20. My preliminary watch list includes Hayate 2, FMA remake, K-ON!, East of Eden, Shangri-la, Ristorante Paradiso, and Saki. A fair enough variety and quantity of new shows so that I’m not afraid to drop something if it turns sour or GONZOs in my face. Yes, “to GONZO” is a verb.

    Wait, I get it now. This is just Jason’s thinly veiled rant about the lack of a proper Sunrise trainwreck anime this coming season. No Gundams, Geasses, or Otome spinoffs to pad the blog with automatically funny posts that pretty much write themselves, huh? We’ve been pretty spoiled the last couple of years in that regard. I guess we’ll have to discover alternative sources of unintentional comedy, before Sunrise begins to prey on our dependence of it and fling us into a recession bad times.

  21. Dunno about u guys but im thinkin about pandora hearts and 07-ghost…lets see how things turn out for next weeks lineups (or the week after)

  22. @ Skribulous:
    Kinda. The TV broadcast of Hetalia was indeed cancelled, but it’s available through a streaming service, and the first DVD is coming out soon.

  23. I’m really liking Chrome Shelled Regios, which is about halfway through its initial season. I suspect Jason isn’t the type to watch series like this, but to each his own. It has peaceful, steady pacing, good action, interesting characters, and the snippets of scenes spoken entirely in Engrish just slay me. I definitely plan on watching this along with Hayate through the Spring quarter.

  24. As long as BONES is working on Fullmetal Alchemist its going to be a watch for me, the manga is really good, but i actually think that the Original anime actually had a better story overall, the plot in the manga is a little ways above predictable, but its still good.

    Soten Koro, since the production team is SHAFT, should have the attention span of a nat on LSD.

    07-ghost looks like a Shonen-ai anime(and i generally stay away from those, but at least the scource material is good).

  25. Hold on a sec here…now that i got a good look at all of them, they all look sucky (except for FMA and that new tenchi! spin-off). Thank god Dogs: Bullets and Carnage is being animated, and i give a the “Thank god there is more of it coming out award” for more Hayate. That is all.

  26. Gunna see what Valkyria Chronicles is like, since I loved the game. Might watch FMA, but will try to watch some of the older Gundam series, seeing how much I liked 00.

  27. Also might watch Dragonball Kai, since I didn’t have cable when it aired via Toonami.

  28. How about meido? You always need some meido, right?

    How about Mori-san? While she didn’t do much more than provide inspiration to Mikuru before…what about Super Meido Mori-san(-chan) from Haruhi-chan (12)? Also with a hint of possible combat with LOL-FANG-tan.

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