am i doing this right?

I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way there’s a penis on this. None. I won’t accept it. It’s not like I learned anything after Minami-ke or Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru.

(Needless to say, I’m conflicted. Please don’t make me write a post on this show. You can stop sending me e-mail about it. Thanks.)

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  1. I was expecting an April Fools joke and I got this.

    Turns out the only ‘April Fools joke’ was our sexuality… OH GOD!

  2. Yes, you are doing it right. Carry on.

    Mole: On the right side of her face.

  3. You’re right. There is no penis on this.

    Um… That is the twin sister, right…?

  4. Totally Shizu :]

  5. I hope it’s Shizu, I really really hope it is.

    To be honest though I find Kanako to be far more delicious.

  6. It’s totally Shizu.
    I know, because I confused her with Mariya too many times.

    But anyway: FFWL

  7. To quote an old post:
    “Maria: The cross-dressing guy who is pure evil. I actually think Aya Hirano would be perfect for this role, but alas.”

    Amazing how close you where on this one. Reallly it is scary, like the Japanese read this blog or something.

  8. if this isnt what i think it is, then the world is really full of conspiracies >.<

  9. Yes, you are doing it right (for once).

  10. Delicious sister is delicious.

    Truth be told, I was actually surprised it took this long for Jason to make a somewhat dedicated post to Maria†Holic. I mean, traps, lesbian tensions, even a Gundam jibe in the first episode…it seriously screams out “Blog me Jason”

  11. For the sake of my sanity, that’s the twin sister. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME THINK OTHERWISE

  12. That so has to be Shizu…. for my sanity and sexuality. (hoping to god here)

  13. It’s Shizu; the mole is in the right place. She has the real deal. So yes, there’s no penis on this one. I can link you to the trap, if you’re looking to practise denial…

  14. @quigonkenny

    remember fap first worry later, so who cares

  15. So the April Fools joke is that Jason posts a not trap? Completely in line with this blog.
    Unless that’s Mariya checking out his reflection…
    Or its’ from gender-swapped world where Mariya is a girl attending Kanako’s all boys school and Shizu is the boy attending an all girls school…
    Or any number of other things even I’m not broken enough to imagine…

  16. Fission Mailed Jason. The mole obviously points to it being Shizu.

  17. “So the April Fools joke is that Jason posts a not trap?”

    Ah! I’m so confused! And yet, strangely turned on…

  18. Kanako FTW

  19. What best about this show is the loser main character is girl and not the guy. I very funny when you see the female going after the same sex in the series. So yeah, you are doing right, very much. Now is it wrong for me to like Kanako more than Maria? I would go for Shizu but there not enough screen time for her :/

  20. Now is it wrong for me to like Kanako more than Maria?

    Only if it is wrong for me to like Mariya more than Shizu.

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