eden of the east 2

Noblesse oblige.


I’m kinda regretting watching Eden of the East— this is a show that makes 23 minutes go by way too fast, and, by the time it’s over, I’m wondering, “What the fuck? Moar!” It’s definitely a show that needs to be marathoned. For people who haven’t watched this show yet, stop! Go do something else– plant a tree, learn how to play the guitar, write the great American novel, bake some pot brownies, turn tricks for cash– and then marathon four or so episodes. For people who are watching this show, well, let’s talk some Meg Ryan.


I like the use of the old Hollywood movies. I do find it odd that Taki doesn’t remember who he is, but he remembers all these movies. I wonder if that’s a plot point or a personality quirk… can’t really dismiss it either way. Though the movie he picks are weird. Taxi Driver? And now Kate and Leopold? I don’t believe that any young, heterosexual male would watch Kate and Leopold under conditions outside of “it was the only movie showing on an international flight, and I couldn’t sleep.” And definitely Taki shouldn’t know this movie better than Saki.

Please, for the sake of my sanity, make a reference to a movie that a 24 year old in 2010 would have watched. No Country for Old Men. Wedding Crashers. Fast and Furious. Brokeback Mountain. Dark Knight. Boogie Nights. Shawshank. Hell, I’d even accept Rocky IV even though Taki wouldn’t have been borne then.

(I wonder if I had my memory wiped, would I start referring to everything in terms of anime? Or the NBA? Or both? That would be weird right, mixing NBA references with anime?)

(And, yes, the whole memory wipe thing reminds me of the suicide booths in Futurama. I can imagine Taki walking into a telephone booth, inserting a quarter, and getting his memory wiped.)


“The flatness makes it pretty.”

Saki, are you referring to your chest or the tower? I think Taki’s confused too… he’s probably thinking, “Damn, why couldn’t I have run into Kotomi-chan in NYC?”

(It’s always dangerous trying to predict the near future… I mean… watch Escape from New York recently? It’s 1997, New York has become a maximum security prison… sigh. Anyway, Eden of the East is supposed to be happening in 2010… except that the Freedom Tower won’t be finished by then. Also, the Freedom Towers might be sunk by the recession.)


“I didn’t smile enough, did I?”

Even Saki knows she’s a bit of a frump. She’s the production model Zaku of heroines. And this is why she went on the boat with Taki– she knows she’s out of her league already with him, so she has to strike while the iron is hot.

(Andohbytheway, Adult Swim is airing Full Metal Alchemist 2003 right now, and it’s the episode with the Winry bouncing scene. Winry. Bouncing. They need to make a harem remake of Full Metal Alchemist. I would watch this– hell, even better if they turned Ed into the tsundere imouto. They already have the perfect seiyuu for it.)


This show is pretty. I’m sorry Kyoto. I didn’t want it to end like this, but I found someone who can draw prettier backgrounds than you. I’m sorry.

(I was thinking of what this show lacked– a Yoko Kanno soundtrack. The BGM of this show is weaksauce.)


Oh, yes, the plot. Still no fucking clue where this is going, but there are elements from Mirai Nikki (the numbered cell phones with an awesome power) and Liar Game (the money, the potential interaction of the cell phone holders). We learn this episode that each phone has (or had) ridiculous amounts of money (especially if the recession is still going on in 2010), and this money can be used for anything. Killing people, buying gum, skipping immigration, bringing Nagisa back to life– you name it, it can do it. Now, why do people have these phones, and why do they need to spend the money? Well, I don’t know. We’re not even into the Watanagashi Chapter yet. But do I want to find out? Yes. A billion times more than if KG is healthy or not for the playoffs.


“Careless Monday”… sounds like every Monday for Yui! *rimshot* Thank you, thank you. I just flew in, and, boy, are my arms tired. I’ll be here all week, and please try the shrimp cocktail. It’s half price tonight.

No, seriously, I liked how all these missiles were launched at Japan, and no one knew where they came from. You’d think the SDF or the American military would be keeping track of these things? And no one died? Though I’d think someone with one of those noblesse phones did it. It might even have been Taki.

(Oh, Death Note! Light-o just did the “JUST AS I PLANNED!” scene. You’d think L would have caught on by just all the evil, sinister looks that Light-o keeps making. Those are the same faces I expect my readers to make if they find Mio tied up in their rooms. Anime on Adult Swim hasn’t been relevant for some time now, I guess. How the mighty have fallen. Anyway, I need to turn the TV off or I’m never finishing this post.)


My favorite moment of the episode. Nice seeing a man acting like a man. Especially in anime.

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  1. Careless Monday sounds like Bloody Monday.
    Another fucked up manga you absolutely have to read.

  2. Please, for the sake of my sanity, make a reference to a movie that a 24 year old in 2010 would have watched

    Didn’t he tangentially reference Bourne in the first episode?

  3. Heh. The “Freedom Tower” name has even been dropped by now (it’s going to be “One World Trade Center”).

    I can’t over the fact that Saki fell so quickly for Akira. It felt rushed. Either that or she is too dumb. Both bad things.

    If they are not using the term “Noblesse oblige” randomly, this organization is supposed to be composed by powerful people with obligations towards the public at large.

    Let’s see where this goes.

  4. Bang.

  5. Reasons why Saki isn’t a frump:
    She has a well tailored coat and obviously styled hair. Other than general styling, presumably it is also dyed/lightened… like most “fashionable/trendy” Japanese girls her age (unless people in EoE have fantasy animu colored hair).

    Also, lack of luggage sort of prevents her from changing out of her most likey choice-driven-by-comfort traveling clothes. You don’t wear dresses when you are going to be on a plane. That shit is cold. Also assuming lack of money probably prevents her from being too fashionable, I would say that she is average dressed but fashionably aware.

    http://img.thesun.co.uk/multim.....02591a.jpg essentially what she is wearing but with boots and without accesories. Apparently red coats are a hot trend for 2009, which would explain her choice, bought on discount the next season.

  6. Why she go with Akira

    A) She wants to bail out from his sister’s family of worries. She’s not Stephon Marbury huh?

    B) I keep remembering Kyoshiro to no sowa anime line “Let’s go together.” by Kyoshiro Oh for some reason Saki reminds me also of the main heroine of that particular anime.

    C) She hasn’t revealed her flat self yet to Akira which is unfair to Akira for revealing his wares to her. Love at first sight on his wares.

    D) I already figure out the potential end of this anime.
    – It is similar to the Phantom Anime although IX is not the witness here, Saki witness something she shouldn’t have and IX(The numbers is nostalgic as a Black Cat reference from killer guy to nice guy) is ordered by the higher ups to kill Saki for assurance (but Saki seems don’t remember any detail of it for some reason but the higher ups still want her dead) upon seeing her picture makes him remember she’s the one on his childhood days that did something for him and IX have requested on the *magic lamp of cellphone* that’s what would I call it from now own cause it could grant valid wishes *clearing a way, making a guy pull down his pants, almost same effect as Light’s Deathnote can order someone to kill anyone as shown in the end of this weeks episode* to wipeout his memories at the specific time *before he even pulled the trigger of his gun on Saki* (he already remove all his clothings before proceeding on eliminating Saki) he did all that because he loves her. Now he would remember it very soon as he and Saki together getting part of his memories day by day. *What’s this!? Kurogane no Line Barrels plot where the heroine lost her memories as well and regaining it day by day*

    To make it short this story is a Love Story like Honey and Clover at the same time action like Ghost in The Shell now it figures probably this would end in the movie.

    I want those magic lamp of phones too… lots of money.

    Derrick Rose = Akira

  7. I don’t believe that any young, heterosexual male would watch Kate and Leopold under conditions outside of “it was the only movie showing on an international flight, and I couldn’t sleep.”

    Stop reading my mind. I even watched it again in Greek. It was a long flight. OTL

  8. There seem to be 12 phones. What’s his face cop dude is alive. There were 10 missiles. I wonder if those missiles took out the other 10 guys. And how the hell does nobody die in JAPAN when whole city blocks get leveled? There’s something wrong here.

    Finally we still have no idea why that guy from the first episode gave Taki his pants, and why all those people were clapping at the convenience store yet. Perhaps some kind of mind control?

    Interestingly enough, Taki’s phone sound which erased his memory in the beginning, sounded very much like Spy Numbers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numbers_station

  9. Well I suppose the OP by Oasis makes up for the bgm…It’s frickin Oasis, for crying out loud. ED sequence is also win.

    You were right, Jason, this show is shaping up to be a damned good watch.

  10. Totally agreeing on the marathon aproach, I just watched the 1st 2 episodes and feel both enchanted and confused by the plot. But predictions and criticizing aside, I was wondering if I’m crazy but did they put in a small Ghost in the Shell: SAC reference about the plane crash? “A boy and a girl, both six, were miraculously saved…cause that’s exactly the origin of Motoko and Hideo Kuze. Seeing as the story takes place in 2010 and the storyline of 2nd GIG starts in 2032? So am I imagining things or just simply stating the obvious?

  11. Damnit, these episodes don’t come out fast enough. Might end up being the best show this season if they don’t fail the ending :P.

  12. What’s weird in being attracted to a handsome, nice, mysterious guy?
    Saki is 21, she is looking for her “prince” and she doesn’t want to be more of a burden for her sister’s family. Seems perfectly normal to me that she is besotted with Akira.

  13. I think that it’s going to turn out that he erased his own and her memory initially to (somehow) save Saki, which obviously didn’t turn out well.

  14. Juiz, blow me

  15. “Careless Monday” was on November 22 of “last year” and Nov 22 2010 is a Monday. Then, at 6 minutes into the episode, Kondo (#IV) looks at Akira’s record of transactions and sees his purchase of the gum for ¥100 which is dated 2011/2/14. “Melancholy Monday” is Valentine’s day of 2011.

  16. Also, it seems like Akira isn’t really up-to-date on his memories of background data – he remembers 9/11 but not Careless Monday or the Freedom Tower. I’m betting he had all his personal memory wiped plus all memories of any kind from a point around now – either that or as a side-effect of the personal memory wipe he lost general knowledge of the last year or two. (Which is a clever way for the writers to have an excuse to explain things to us viewers in 2009.)

  17. I love this show. Somebody needs to make that freakin cellphone, I need one like that.

  18. “Please, for the sake of my sanity, make a reference to a movie that a 24 year old in 2010 would have watched.”

    Sorry, but Taxi Driver is considered a masterpiece and many, many, many people have seen it. Just not sheltered anime fanatics. It’s a film for a REAL film fan, not some Old Men/Shawshank shit which every Tom, Dick and Harry has seen and then PRETENDS that they know film and they enjoy quality stuff.

    Oh, plus The Dark Knight was shit, and Brokeback Mountain was a much more artful film from a much more respectable director.

    Blow. Swallow. Repeat.

  19. Taxi Driver is an extremely well known movie.

    That said, I do feel that this anime makes references to some obscure films, and I don’t know why. The only explanation that I can think of is that the creator was a big movie buff in real life.

    Anyway I just stumbled upon the blog and love it.


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