needs more time paradox selfcest

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  1. Wait, what, is Kadokawa trolling us again?

    I’m loyal to the franchise, but what the franchise-holders have been doing is ridiculous.

  2. I’m just happy for the random fanservice :-).

  3. A picture right of the novels…
    They’re good….. Trolling lickin’ good.

  4. When I saw that, my heart stopped for a second. I thought that the rumors of Haruhi S2 being mixed broadcast with the reairing of S1 were true, and this was from one of the new episodes.

  5. Wait, it’s out already? DO WANT NOW

  6. That’s some good Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoshitsu spoiler.

  7. My question is, does Oppai Mikuru check her own birthmark on deredere Mikuru by opening up her shirt? That would be the next logical move imo, and Kyon’s already staring in that direction.

  8. Time-space continuum be damned. I wholeheartedly approve of this threesome.

  9. Desktop background GET!

  10. OH MY GOD
    ITS OUT?!

  11. I have to say, if this picture is indeed a screenie of one of the upcoming episodes for the new season, then WOW, that’s really good production quality right there.

    If you guys have noticed, the animation style of KyoAni has evolved since the last time we saw Haruhi. It would make sense that KyoAni would put their best animation effort into their most arguably successful series.

    <3 Epic trolling. They’re really pinching our balls now.

  12. So where and when is this from?


  14. Looks like a preview image. Prehaps from a magazine or commercial for an episode that should be aired (best guess) in about a month. Mikuru(small) and Mikuru(BIG) together if fine too, but I imagine thing will be interesting once people see Haruhi.

  15. Anyone valuing their own sanity, please refrain from believing in season 2 until you’re actually watching it with your own eyes. And even then you should be very, very skeptical.

    Nothing inherently time paradoxal about selfcest. At least in this case as far as I know. Just good wholesome fun. Unless Mikuru (small) looses her star mole or worse during the act… but I don’t think we want to go there.

  16. spoiler or not, this is still appreciated.

  17. So if Kyon impregnates both regular and Supersized Mikuru, and Supersized Mikuru gives birth to a little “Kyonkuru” before the regular one, does that still make him/her the older sibling? Then what happens if Kyonkuru #1 goes back to the future with Supersized Mikuru, where Kyonkuru #2 has grown up? Would that make more or less sense than waiting over 3+ years to produce the sequel to the most popular anime in a decade?

    Some things just don’t make sense to me. :/

  18. Fucking awesome…. I don’t care if is trolling…

    Damn you KyoAni….

  19. @kadian1364’s comment:
    That would depend on when Kyonkuru is born. Assuming the Kyonkuru that you’re speaking of is the first born of both Mikuru (small) and Mikuru (big). Depending on where (or rather “when”) Mikuru (big) is in the time stream relative to Mikuru (small) (or vice versa). Or conceived, or some point in between conception and birth. Depending on when Kyonkuru’s discrete existence begins (i.e. the classical idea of quickening). Assuming there is such a thing as a discrete individual existance. Assuming time is unidirectional. Assuming time is one-dimensional and not 2+. Assuming “time” is not just an arbitrary product of how the human psyche perceives reality.

    >>Would that make more or less sense than waiting over 3+ years to produce the sequel to the most popular anime in a decade?
    Didn’t Haruhi’s power/universe begin three years prior to the events of the beginning (from Kyon’s perspective) of SHnY? According to what Mukuru, Yuki, and Itsuki’s organizations can tell, anyway. It actually kind of makes sense (in a sleep deprived, inebriated, extremely twisted sort of of way) for Kadokawa to wait three years from the first season to continue on. Not that I agree with that reasoning, or even think that it is theirs.

  20. Yea buddy I’d like to collapse her wave form! If you know what I mean. (saved as new desk top for life)

  21. Is it just me or does young Mikuru look even younger than before? …oh well, a loli Mikuru is fine too.


    Time Paradox Selfcest CONFIRMED

  23. Mmm delicious Time Paradox Selfcest and delicious Time-Space Paradox Self-synchronization. Also a loli and maybe bromance.

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