may is the month of mio

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  1. Jason’s been broken again, only this time he’s been broken back to heterosexuality…

  2. Wow…. Your going seriously out of your mind for Mio….. I wish I could find some convenient way to exploit that for laughs….

    (and yet, Ive listened to the songs from the OP and ED soundtracks way to many times on the way home)

  3. I’m expecting a site rename to any day now …

  4. lol it did change, its Mio-Suki now lol
    Top right.

  5. Regardless of Mio Madness, K-ON just went up several levels of awesome with episode five. Not up to 11 yet, but getting there. Sawa sensei is made of win.

  6. @ Jason’s been broken again, only this time he’s been broken back to heterosexuality…

    We need Maria+holic season to 2 fix that.

    All hail Mio-sama!


    Moe Moe Kyun!

  7. Jason is a fanboy.

    Good man.

  8. YAY Alliteration!

  9. Mio-好き ftw!!!

    Regardless, next episode seems to be awesome too, with Mio singing. Too bad the song is a complete FAIL. Let’s see if even Mio-sama can make a WIN out of that one.

  10. Perhaps Jason should’ve done a circular reference and used “Mio on My Mind” instead?

  11. lawl, looks like somebody got hit by the moe moe beam.

  12. That’s it. Mio-好き is going to be my browser homepage at work now. May get me fired, but is Mio worth it? A new post of Mio in the Month of May is.

  13. Dear lord.
    For millennia, the greatest threat to this world’s economic stability and political balance, and the key to the final stage of human evolution, has been kept in check in the heart of Left-Central Dogma, guarded by the highly trained, elite members VESL, a secret quasi-military group that’s the result of a multi-trillion dollar collaboration of many of the world’s major governments. As an independently acting organization, VESL has always been the final resort the world powers turn to in times of global crisis, the ultimate protectors of human survival.
    But now KyoAni has triggered the Human Instrument Project, attempting to eliminate the AMP-Fields that separate human souls and force the assimilation of every living human into one, singular lefty-bassist existence. Oh the humanity! What horrors has KyoAni wrought?! May Haruhi-sama have mercy on our souls.

  14. Mio is such a nice way to wake up in the morning.

  15. it’s become apparent that jason has stopped taking whatever medication he was taking previously.

  16. Luckily Sengoku Basara is airing through May, otherwise I might not have enough man strength to make it through.

  17. oh you tease..

  18. Oh pure moe-moe goddess Mio, I feel my devotion to you wavering as I’m slowly being converted by Mugi-chan (specifically because of ep 5), who’s religion of harboring not-so-well-hidden support of female bonding would hopefully culminate in mass symmetrical docking (specifically between both bountiful goddesses Mio and Mugi-chan) in the near future.

  19. PS: if that doesn’t happen, i can always wait till the doujin…

  20. Btw, doesn’t it looks like she’s not wearing panties?

  21. Looks like the blog got a new name again.

  22. This pic is the best so far because her “hat” is of more correct size. That and the open dress shirt… Anyways I thought that ep 4 settled the size issue. I guess there are those who prefer bigger hopes and dreams, but would it really be Mio then?

    Quick thought. Since K-On has a similar style to Lucky Star, they would naturally be smaller to keep with the more cutesy theme. If KyoAni decided to use Clannad’s style, would Mio and Mugi’s be more Kotomi or Kyo?

  23. Isn’t it sad, Darry?

  24. Shouldn’t the title be: May is the Month of ***MAID*** Mio !?
    (Though if maids are no longer your thing then I’ll gladly take Maria and Matsurika…)

  25. Oh God, you really did change the blog name again. I guess it is a day of celebration for the melonpan faction of this blog’s readership.

    /is one of them

  26. @Spanky.

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    Negishi-chanSawa is awesome.

  27. Waiting for them to show that Mio is in fact a trap… LOL.

  28. Epic traps are epic. But Mio doesn’t need to be a trap to entrap. She’s become the long overdue image spam replacement for Mikuru. Though Mikuru will return.
    Speaking of traps, Mako-cakes still has a little bit left to show and of course Haruka is still Amazing.

  29. I’m actually getting close to retracting an earlier statement of mine. This is getting out of hand now. Like, I can’t recall any other time on this blog that there have been so many random tangental moe posts. . .

    Losin’ faith n ye Jason.


  31. ¡All months are the month of Mio!

  32. This latest episode was awesome. I feel strange though that the biggest thing I took away from it is wondering if Mugi bought Mio those $300 AKG K701’s…..Mio was awesome as usual.

  33. Yui is the fun one of the show, when will you understand :(

  34. mio好き? So it really has come down to this…. Jason’s KyoAni fanboyism has evolved into a small-hat wearing form.

    Moe Moe Kyun!

  35. … okay, seriously, K-ON! can’t be that good.

  36. Maybe yes, maybe no. But K-On!, like Lucky Star, is on at the right time, and in the right place, to gain the most attention possible.

  37. Every last one of you guys are heretics. You have abandoned the Grand-Goddess of Moe so easily… may the devine Haruhi have mercy, for ye hath abandoned the great Mikuru…

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