eden of the east 4

Please continue being a Messiah.

With only $100 million, how can one change the world, let alone be a messiah? It’ll be interesting to see how everyone used their money to try to win the game, but everyone who runs into Taki seems to not live long (the Yoko Ritona Memorial Black Widow Award of 2009 is yours to lose Taki). If you had $100 million, how would you use it to save Japan?

(And why does Japan need saving? What is the problem that needs fixing in this 2010 Japan? Besides that Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya still hasn’t aired yet?)

I’m not sure what I would do. Give out free Taco Bell tacos? Build the world’s most awesome convention center and have it host a continuously non-stop Comiket? (With something like Yankee Stadium weighing in at $1.5 billion, this might be out of budget… especially if land in Tokyo is more expensive.) Animate Hanaukyo Maid: The Definitive Collection? Use the money to stage a takeover of Sunrise and save the Gundam franchise?


Saki’s family has a bakery?! I don’t know what to do with this information… do I crack a Nagisa joke? Or do I go with a “This is JA-PAN!” line? Or maybe something that involves melon-flavored bread.


“Johnny! Johnny!”

Okay… they remind me either of those spirit creatures from Princess Mononoke or the fanboys ogling Mio. Does it matter either way?

Quadrophenia… egads, another movie made almost a decade before Taki was born. I actually had to look this one up: “The film, set in 1964, follows the story of Jimmy Cooper (Phil Daniels), a London Mod (one of a group of fashion-obsessed working-class youths who listen to African-American soul, Jamaican ska, and British beat music and R&B, take amphetamines and ride Vespa and Lambretta scooters).”

(Needless to say, that would be an awesome plot for K-On!… the girls listen to soul, ska, beat, and R&B while taking amphetamines to expand their minds. Especially if Mugi is involved expanding Mio’s and Yui’s minds. But… uh… what’s this reference doing in Eden of the East?)


She doesn’t watch a lot of movies, but there’s a movie poster in the vestibule of her house? Suspicious. Let’s play detective (though this is probably as fruitless as Higurashi) with the movie clues so far:

The Bourne Identity
Taxi Driver
Kate and Leopold
The Cold Blue

Mmm… Bourne Identify is about a secret agent who loses his memory. Okay, I can kinda see how that fits. Taxi Driver is about a taxi driver saving a prostitute (not sure how this fits, unless it’s the ‘nam portion of the film or if Saki’s turning tricks). Kate and Leopold… uh… I neither deny nor confirm that I have seen this movie. Quadrophenia… haven’t seen it, but it seems to be about rockers and drugs. And The Cold Blue, which is fictional. Though I love the cast list for this movie: “Twentieth Century Bros. present The Cold Blue starring Matthew Home and Adam Baldwin.”


Maybe… The Matrix would be more appropriate, no?

(This episode was basically a 15 minute long explanation of the game, which is fine, except we’re episode four… and there’s only 11 plus some “movie.” I get the feeling we’ll be left hanging, and I don’t like that.)


This poor boy’s in a world of disappointment… though I think it would have been funnier if he were shopping at Animate with Kona– err– Customer A– running around in the background.


Saki’s wearing jeans under her skirt?


“Juiz” is awesome. Though I kinda picture her as an operator, but wearing a Maria-styled meido uniform while doing so. Is that so weird? Juiz might be Maria after Nagi fires her after catching her forcing herself on a crossdressing Hayate.

(NEETs prefer Converse shoes…)

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  1. This post is not full of MoeMio…YOUR JEDI (MOE) SKILLS FAIL TO IMPRESS ME!

  2. The Cold Blue is a reference to the French movie “The Big Blue”. They probably had rights issues with the producers so they had to change the title. What matters here is that we had the confirmation that Saki’s first love was her sister’s husband.

  3. it’s episode four, not episode 5

  4. Um, don’t you mean Ep4?

    And on your list of movie references,
    Wasn’t there one in Ep3 on Dawn of the Dead?

  5. >> it’s episode four, not episode 5
    This is why I shouldn’t blog when drunk.

  6. So the assumption is that all of the movie references have charachters based on them in EotE, right? So … #1 is actualy Hugh Jackman who invented the elevator and was sent to 2010 from 1876 and the Black Taxi Driver from episode 1 is actualy Black Selecao De Niro and Saki was turning tricks before getting to DC? As a meido?

    Sheise, i just spoiled everything.

  7. I think the “Taxi Driver” is a reference to this:

  8. Instead of puckering up, Taki’s Black Widow effect is to get beat on or drugged up and puke. So unless Saki has a turn for a dominatrix-type personality, we’re in the clear for at least a happy couple.

  9. I wouldn’t mind if the show went shounen on us and Taki spends the rest of the series killing off the other selecao, who will probably die anyway by the end. Also, Juiz is GLaDOS.

  10. >>I’m not sure what I would do.

    Don’t lie Jason, we all know you would build “The Unforgettable Gym Storage Shed Experience” ride.

  11. >>Saki’s wearing jeans under her skirt?

    Wearing pants under dresses was a common fashion statement a few years ago. At the time, I also saw it done with skirts a few times too.

    It is actually not that unusual for a girl to put a pair of pants on under a skirt while sitting at home by herself. It feels somewhat awkward sitting in an unladylike way with a skirt on, even if no one is around. Also during winter, school girls sometimes wear pants/sweatpants under their uniform skirts while outside.

  12. Oh God, there’s only two more days to my three papers in four days week, and I just spent the last three hours going through Bill Simmons’ archive after getting hooked on his ‘I told my daughter Joakim Noah is a girl’ article. And then my brain farted out,

    ‘Would the harem anime equivalent of the Chicago Bulls be Del Negro as the spineless Keitaro lead who inexplicably finds himself working as the manager of a female dorm filled with pretty darn hot haremmetes and a Tomoyo/Kyou/Nayuki/Akiko tier lead falling from the sky and landing on his head complete with panties flash and accidental groping?’

    Now excuse me as I try to subdue subconscious reimagining of Noah as a trap by drowning myself with lariat ethers.

  13. “I wouldn’t mind if the show went shounen on us and Taki spends the rest of the series killing off the other selecao, who will probably die anyway by the end. Also, Juiz is GLaDOS.”

    So this is what was happening outside in Portal… Then Juiz will cut out sometime close to the end, you know it.

  14. “Juiz” is awesome. Though I kinda picture her as an operator, but wearing a Maria-styled meido uniform while doing so. Is that so weird? Juiz might be Maria after Nagi fires her after catching her forcing herself on a crossdressing Hayate.

    …Now I have an mental image of a meido Tachikoma, frills and all. OH GOD MY BRAIN

  15. I want this show to fail. And I can honestly say that without having watched a single minute. Judging from episode summaries, it’s cram-packed with the elements I loathe the most, and the one that takes the cake is the Monopoly money. I thought it was a mistake in the yen-to-dollar conversion, but apparently not.

    100 million dollars? That’s not seed money, that’s an Austin Powers joke. If you gave every member of Congress a cell phone, you’d need a new Congress by the end of the week. I suppose at best you could launch a clean water or disease treatment campaign in a developing country, until someone comes along and screws it up.

    If I had to script one of these shows on pain of death, I’d just dispense with the pretension and cast a bunch of girls with no relation to each other, then have them go after the same guy and spend all their time and resources undermining each other.

  16. Watched eps. 1-4 today, and this show is great. I cannot put it into words, although I think I found 3.
    Kick. Ass. Phones.

  17. @Niles: I thought 10 billion yen was pretty self-explanatory.

    And how dare you loathe Chica Umino’s character designs! No, seriously, how?

  18. Neil said: “If you gave every member of Congress a cell phone, you’d need a new Congress by the end of the week. ”

    BEST. IDEA. EVAH!!!!!!!!

  19. Uh, Niles… I meant Niles… damn brain farts…

  20. I still don’t get why so many people are so head over heels for this show. It’s only an 11 ep series and so little happens in each episode I find myself wanting to skip ahead frequently. There’s not much comedy, there’s next to no action, there’s some suspense, but it’s not handled in a particularly thrilling way and the eps keep bringing in seemingly random events/scenes without providing any explanation whatsoever. Is this one of those examples of an anime that’s good because it tells its story in a boring and drawn out way?

  21. @Yukimura:

    I think it’s because Saki and Taki make a cute couple and because I.G. Production is doing it. This is a shoujo series by its market demographic. No, seriously.

    Eden of the East is probably the only romance show I’m willing to watch this season. Or compared to any of the past seasons–unlike with moe-pandering shows, I didn’t feel the sudden urge to gag. The ED is also quite sweet, in a “d’aww” kind of way.

    But if you’re looking for action, suspense, or comedy, then you might have barked up the wrong tree. (And I knew precisely what kind of show it was before jumping in, what with the blogs talking about it.)
    The show airs in the noitaminA programming block, and that’s usually where you’ll find shoujo or non-otaku-centric anime. The reason why there’s so much buzz about it is because it’s got high production values, and quite the female fanbase growing.

    Also: Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want your own personal Juiz?

  22. First question that needs to be asked is what Outside’s use of “saving” means… is it the most good for the most people? A more nationalistic definition of perservation of territory or culture? Or, perhaps with all the religious references “saving” is more of a play on words or a “saving” of souls. Once you have a direction $100 million or Y10 billion can stretch a long way. Form a religious sect; terrorize the country to make it pull together (wait misssle strikes didn’t work without people dying); Form a charitable foundation; Start a scholarship; Assasinate an enemy of the state or opposing political faction. You don’t have to do all the work or start from scratch, just sway the balance or increase the momentum of events that have been set in motion. I would bet that is why the history of the Selecao are available… Can’t play chess without knowing where the other colored pieces are…

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