you can’t censor their love, month of mio edition

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  1. !

  2. Tasty.

  3. I’ve been awake for 48 hours, cramming a research paper due in another 36. Thanks for the blood rush.

  4. Much obliged! :D

  5. My initial reaction: “Mio and Miyo?” And then that gives me the entertaining vision of Mio going Higurashi on Ritsu.

    And then I realize that the above comments make sense to… oh, say… 2% of everybody. ORL

  6. “Dear mother in heaven, please show Mugi the path to brokeness…”

    Go for it Mugi, dont be lazy, be crazy!! Yuri-rape-crazy, I mean. Soon, K-on! will become Mugi personal yuri harem. OH YES!

  8. Frakkin’ A, dude. But for just an instant, I saw Chiaki and Mio. Then I saw Chiaki and Kana. And then I sploded. Because Haruka should have been invovled in that brain confusion somehow.

  9. Left side of the pic, about 2/3 of the way down. That’s some classy attention to detail right there.

  10. Delicious.

    Sidenote: people need to stop mixing up orz and OTL

  11. It is a good thing i have my own office.

  12. Picture saved.

  13. No-brainer for guessing where Mugi’s left hand is–or what she’s doing. :3

  14. @Skributous …eating delicious cake?

  15. @silversoul

    It’s actually pie, if you know what I mean. ;)

  16. So does that make Mugi a leftie or a rightie?

  17. yes. Yes. YES. YESSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


    Now all I need is a Yui x Ui Incest Fest and I will be happy.

  18. @Niles I would say ambidextrous! *eyebrow waggle*

  19. !!

  20. @picticons are srs bsns
    ORL is a fapping OTL and thus its usage is acceptable here.

    Wouldn’t “playing Mio’s keyboard” be more appropriate given the musical notes in the background?
    Wait I get now, it’s another trap isn’t it. This picture isn’t ecchi at all, just the Mugi using Mio as a human bagpipe. The trap is getting us to act like perverts over a perfectly innocent depiction of the fine upstanding young ladies of the light music club expanding their musical horizons and exploring their instrumentality while Jason forwards all our IP addresses to Chris Hansen.

  21. Rock on Mio!!!…^^

    It makes me wonder if this will be the way Mio’s band (it really doesn’t have a name yet isn’t it?) will take to conquer the music industry…^^




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