eden of the east 5, 6

Leave my Johnny alone!

(Rejected post intro line: “Johnny 5 is alive!”)


Normally, I’m for the introduction of a fanservice-soaked crazy psycho bitch, but once I realized that she has cut off 20,000 Johnnies already, I start wincing whenever she’s on screen. There’s so many levels at work here…

… “This is actual broken brokenness, no?”

… “Is she killing 20,000 Johnnies in order to evolve into the first ever level 6, much like how Accelerator was trying to kill 20,000 MISAKAs?”

… “Eden of the East uses ‘Johnny’ as a misplaced but well-intended euphemism more than blog好き uses ‘melonpan’.”

… “Ohsugi is the most pitiful character in anime this season, substantially more pitiful than Tears to Tiara‘s Arthur.”

… “Getting rid of 20,000 penises from Japan ain’t going to save that country… they have enough manga and anime about what happens when penises go away, and it ain’t pretty. Okay, I lie. It’s pretty… pretty disturbing.”

… “They stole this idea from Mel Brooks’ character in Robin Hood Men In Tights.”


*shakes head at complete lack of Mio fanservice*


Saki-flavored bread, melonpan, and choco coronets… sounds like my type of bakery. If only if Ryosuke make some inappropriate comment about Saki’s sister bread which causes her to run out sobbing…


If Taki would have given us a Sunrise-class emo facial distortion during this scene, it would have made my day.


Taki’s “Why is this girl still going on about her stupid issue about being madly in love with her brother-in-law when I’ve got more severe ones to deal with right now” face. Two things came through my mind during this scene. The first is that it’s interesting how Taki and Saki both have their own problems, only Saki’s is fairly normal for normal people, yet she’s devastated by the turn of events. Meanwhile, Taki has problems that can only occur in fiction, yet he’s cool and calm about the whole thing right now. Nonetheless, the issues that the two are dealing with can only be resolved by resolving each other’s issues… kinda awkward to explain, but it works wonderfully from a storytelling standpoint. The juxtaposition of their issues and problems being presented isn’t any different from seeing Yui completely unaffected by Sawa-chan’s costumes yet Mio is completely affected.

The second thought is “if I were in Taki’s shoes, what would I do?” Stand there and look cool until she composes herself? Give her words of encouragement? Yet Taki does what the manly men of anime do (and there’s not many of them)…


… Taki, you’re the frontrunner for the Archer Memorial Gar Award of 2009. Just please remember to pick it up…


He even makes riding around on a mechanized bear seem gar. Now that’s an amazing feat.


Want outfit did I want Taki to pull out?

A. Meido uniform, complete with nekomimi upgrade kit.
B. Mio’s from Don’t Say Lazy, complete with Rocky Balboa-styled hat.
C. Bunny girl.
D. School swimsuit.
E. Bonta-kun battlesuit.


Well, I had another thought… the animation of this show is incredible. A lot of studios would just stick up a static background and call it a day. Production IG does a step further and makes subtle changes in the background to make it seem more vibrant. The lights move, and the water ripple. Fantastic animation. Congrats, Production IG, you just leapfrogged Kyoto as the Alpha Dog of prettiness.

(Yes, Kyoto, you blew it with that Thelma & Louise video.)


Very, very pretty show.

(They still need to do more with Saki. She has pig nostrils.)


Their “Eden” cell phone program is pretty cool. I immediately went on my iPhone to see if an Eden-esque app were available, and nope. Sigh.

(Though for Saki, there should have been another annotation… “Now 25% less frumpy!” Honestly, with the size too small gym outfit, she was looking frisky.)


Heh, like the “I & G” poster in the background.


Loved Taki’s bullying of Mittan. Can we swap Tomoya with Taki to see how Clannad would go in that case?

(There’s no question Taki’s going to “win” this competition. Though I wonder if given Juiz and 10 billion, could Tomoya win it? Mmm… Tomoya saved a lot of people by just playing sports….)


Mmm… out of all other anime characters, who else could possibly win this game?

Haruhi would blow her 10 billion costume raping Mikuru, which isn’t a bad thing, but it only saves the traditional male population of Japan, so Haruhi’s out.

Hayate would lose the the money by episode three.

Shinji would be crushed under the weight of the responsibility of the task and continuously, uh, “relieve his stress” until the Supporter kills him.

Fuko would use the 10 billion to mass produce wooden starfish. This one is way too easy to guess.

Keima would create his own eroge company “Nero” and make the ultimate eroge, which is so successful it causes all the traditional male population of Japan to turn into NEETs… within 50 years, the population of Japan shrinks from 130 million to 10,000. This may actually be how Taki’s plan turns out. (His first plan was to turn NEETs into productive citizens, which worked, but didn’t save Japan… now he gets memory wiped and wants to do the opposite? Shades of Total Recall when Arnold was the bad guy, got wiped, and then became the good guy who saved Mars. If only Arnold could save California’s budget crisis instead… sigh.)

You really need someone like Taki… confident, not afraid to lose, and, most importantly, not afraid to challenge the status quo with outside-the-box thinking. If there’s anyone else in anime that could succeed, I would have to go with Onizuka-sensei. Assuming he doesn’t blow all 10 billion at soap land. Second place would be Kana Minami…

(Taki’s dog is awesome. I want one! Complete with wings. The only dogs I have ranked higher right now are Friender and Chiyo-chan’s.)


Wait, a club? I half-expected the club’s name to be the SOS Brigade the way things were going, but seems like a fairly simple, “Group of college friends have an awesome idea for an iPhone app, and Taki’s their angel investor” plot going on right now… which… uh… how does tagging everything we see with some sarcastic byline make the world a better place? I tag numerous screenshots a week with sarcastic bylines, and I don’t think the world is a better place for it.

(Highly disappointed Mittan wasn’t using a Macbook Air.)


Stealing poster girls 4tw! We need to get Taki into Clannad or K-On! at the very least.


He’s evil. Anyone who wears their class ring around has got to be evil.

(I love it when I see people wearing their high school class ring around… always puts a chuckle on my face when I see that. Not sure what that advertises more: “I couldn’t get in college” or “I make $8 an hour at Taco Bell”.)


Her bed’s Xbox-sized huge! But that’s a swank pad… but not as nice as either Taki’s or Major Motoko’s.


Not sure if they’re assholes or just typical internet trolls. Seems like trolls would be nicer.


Saki’s special ability is that she can label things with smug observations and self-deprecation? So she’s a master of Twitter?

(Oh wait, labeling things with smug observations and self-deprecation? Wait, that’s my specialty. Give it back!)


Trying to save himself by posting on an image board? Uh… wouldn’t text messaging anyone form the club be more effective? Or calling for help?


Methinks that the movie that was supposed to go along with this show is the movie that they are referring to. Does this mean the anime will wrap up in 11 episodes? Mmm… anyway, some reader e-mail about Eden of the East… and unlike my K-On! e-mail, there’s nary a YTAMR candidate amonst them… step it up people!

Virus2566: Without spoiling anything, you should read the following article before watching the newest Eden episode. One small conversation in the episode will make a whole lot more sense. Ciao!

skyler hewett: Just something interesting I found.

19 Responses to “eden of the east 5, 6”

  1. “… Taki, you’re the frontrunner for the Archer Memorial Gar Award of 2009.”

    Have you forgotten about OYAKATA-SAMA already?

  2. Hmm… wouldn’t Kana just gather thousands of schoolboys at a shopping mall to perfect their trapfulness?

  3. Hummm, 20.000 kids were abducted in Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex – Solid State Society.

  4. Jason,

    You had me at the Short Circuit reference but then you mentioned Total Recall as well? I resign my position as fashion expert candidate and would now like to apply to be your waifu. Unfortunately, I face some tough competition fighting against your hoards of broken male readers lusting after their Jason-ko.

  5. I follow what Freddie said.
    Seems to me that this show at some point is going to reveal that it is actually a prequel to GitS. There’s been so many references to it that it’s almost hard not to see them.

  6. I finally looked up “Juiz” – it’s “judge” in Spanish. Though it also sounds kind of like 11 in Japanese, too.

  7. I got a kick out of the “NEET in the Desk.” Came completely out of nowhere, giving me a giggling fit for several minutes.

    @Alice: Last sentence = most disturbing comment.

  8. Isn’t this being directed by the same person who directed GitS? I would assume its going to feel a lot like GitS much like how Steven Spielberg movies feel similar. Strange how he seems to be obsessed with the number 20000? Maybe he’s trying to start a new meme. Its OVER 20000? Maybe? No? lol

  9. >> Congrats, Production IG, you just leapfrogged Kyoto as the Alpha Dog of prettiness.

    That’s what happens when I.G Production gets their shit together and I love them for that <3

  10. Funny you should be making Short Circuit references, I have a theory “Johnny” was also a reference to El DeBarge’s “Who’s Johnny” song (which also happened to appear in SC’s soundtrack). Check out the video:


    And notice the parallels with what’s currently going on with EotE.

    Congrats, Production IG, you just leapfrogged Kyoto as the Alpha Dog of prettiness.

    To be honest, the only reason why I warmed up to EotE and PIG (er…), besides you blogging your reviews on it, is that Mamoru Oshii is not involved in the series.

    He’s evil. Anyone who wears their class ring around has got to be evil.

    OMG Stephen Colbert is a Selecao! OTL

  11. >> I would have to go with Onizuka-sensei. Assuming he doesn’t blow all 10 billion at soap land.

    Yeah there’s no precedent for Onizuka blowing money away…in at least 4 volumes out of 25.

  12. One theory circulating on ADTRW is that the 20,000 figure is the press getting Akira’s escapades confused for the Johnny Taker’s. If she’s really cut off 20,000 cocks, that’s just ridiculous. If she’d been going at it for 10 years, she’d have to average over 5 a day. It seems far more reasonable for her to have cut off quite a few, and when Akira did his thing making a bunch of NEETs disappear, it was wrongly attributed to Ye Olde Taker.

  13. Is anyone else a little confused about how they plan on saving Japan with this image capture software? I don’t really get how turning Japan into a haven for unemployed people will exactly save it, or how this Eden of the East program would accomplish that anyways.

  14. I wonder what Maid guy would do with 10 billion. Hmm.

    “Kukuku. I simply would clone the money with my 36th sense, kill the supporter with my hair, buy up all the lions in the world, and wrestle them. Kukuku.”

  15. naoh: AFAICT, it’s by being able to show that they can get more use out of thrown-away things since the software will point out the usable stuff in the trash, or will point out new uses for things. Seems not all that impressive but maybe later episodes will explain further.

  16. @Rajion: “kukuku. Then when I spend all of my Yen wrestling lions, I would steal the other Selecao’s phones, hack them, and then use them to buy and wrestle all the bears in the world. kukuku.”

  17. The visual with the Johnny cutter and the cigar was possibly the most disturbing thing I’ve seen… well, more disturbing than any horror movie I’ve seen.

    @Yes_Cantaloupe : If she’s really cut off 20,000 cocks, that’s just ridiculous. If she’d been going at it for 10 years, she’d have to average over 5 a day.
    Yeah, this doesn’t seem plausible, she seems too lazy to do anywhere close to that. Seeing as she seems to do one at a time, and she passes out before she even calls Juiz for disposal. Furthermore, no one got suspicious of random hookers with purple hair roaming the streets after the first 10000 cocks were taken? Really?

    Also, thank Haruhi this is airing in high def and widescreen, it’s beautiful (apart from the creepy/disturbing bits).

  18. The Dubai article was really interesting, but I’m not quite seeing the connection to episode 6…anyone care to enlighten me?

  19. @Moe-Moe-Kyun: As the article emphasizes, most westerners are oblivious to the fact that Dubai is bad. Thus when the ex-NEET said that Akira sent them to Dubai, Virus2566 thought most westerners would interpret this as a vacation, not a slave deal, and thus be confused about why the ex-NEET was unhappy. Why the Japanese would be any more enlightened than us is beyond me, though.

    Personally, all the Bush made me believe that Mid East = Bad, so I didn’t fall prey to Vrius2566’s perceived trap. Bad presidents are good for watching anime.

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