mio好き derailed by darry

I probably would have gone with Yoko/Mio (body type and how increasing embarrassment increases moe)… Timeskip Nia/Mugi (similar smile… also seem most suggestables)… Timeskip Darry/Ui (Gimmy would be Yui?)… Yomako-sensei/Sawako-sensei (hidden pasts 4tw)… and, finally, Original Recipe Nia/Ritsu (is original recipe finger lickin’ good?).

And turnabout is fair play.

(Darry) (Yoko) (Mio)

14 Responses to “mio好き derailed by darry”

  1. The perspective on Yoko’s body just creeps me out. Her breast seem like they are at her belly button.

  2. This is win.

  3. I’m imagining a “Derailed by Minami” related to K-On in the next two weeks.

  4. Surely you mean Derailed Mako-cakes, amirite?

  5. Mio+Yoko=delicious confusion

  6. That may be the sexiest fusion of characters I’ve ever seen. I have no interest in Mio at all yet Yoko suit makes anything hot.

  7. I have said it before and I will say it again.


  8. Yes gravity is doing some wonderful things in the last picture. A++ on the guitar strap detail. Wouldn’t a FLCL cosrape have made more sense though? Haruka has a left handed bass after all…


    Wait, would that make Nia Yui?

  10. Okay, thanks to the last pic I’ll have guaranteed erections for the rest of my life.

  11. No sorry, that last picture creeps me out as well. I rather have the original Mio with a petite body…

  12. The last picture is awesome. Don’t really like the view on the other two, though.

  13. Mio, you have …
    The bass that will pierce the heavens!!

  14. I just shat bricks of joy.

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