ga-rei plays nicely with month of mio

I’m staring at Mio from an old post, and I was thinking that the art style reminded me of Ga-Rei. Specially, Mio is almost a ringer for either Yomi from Ga-Rei Zero or Kaguya from original recipe Ga-Rei. I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought of this!


At first, I thought it was Yomi. Then I noticed the school uniform. Of course, this leads to…



Cross-series lookalikecest 4tw!

Oh wait… Ga-Rei… uh… they went too big and epic with the storyline originally, having Yomi being the nemesis of the first arc and pretty much resolving every plot point in the second one. I would have been fine if Ga-Rei ended there, but the manga decided to do a 180 and go the other way with the storyline and get smaller both in scope and characters (a lot of characters left the main plot, for now at least). Though, interestingly, enough, they bring back Yomi, and she’s fulfilling that Spy Hecate in Shana 2 role nicely. Except with more hopes and dreams and the beginning of a nice jealous streak. This is not a bad thing…


(Too bad they already had the possessed band story, or else I’d push for Mio to be involved. More so.)

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  1. Two great tastes that taste great together . . .

  2. Oh so sexy

  3. You got to love a woman who knows how to hold a sword.

  4. I must say i am amazed how you find these pictures.

    Not to go to far off subject…. I am looking for a previous mention manga from this blog. The Male lead moves in as a maid to 3 sisters (who toy with him) and tries to stay faithful to the girl he likes who he use to work at a cafe with (she went away for school etc). However he grows a spine and starts bedding the non-pedo sisters and mothers the yuki/SZS look alike. He was into archeology. I’m sure some outstanding person out there knows what i am talking about if not Jason himself who recommended it.


  5. Another Jason, you are most likely looking for Momoiro Sango. Except the guy is into oceanography not archeology.

  6. I just visited blogsuki and I jizzed in my pants

    wwwwwwwwwwwww xD

  7. Mio? Yomi? In the same picture? My head is breaking down already.
    In other news, I kinda liked the new arc for Ga-Rei. No doubt its a major mood swing from the previous epic ending arc, but its all still good.
    I still haven’t got over the shock that was the Ga-Rei Zero first episode though.

  8. Northern Shadow… You are absolutely right. I remember now. his father was into Archeology and he was at the ocean because he liked the ocean. Thank You

  9. I saw K-on a week after I marathoned Ga-Rai Zero, so yeah I’ve thought that Mio = Yomi for a long time now, glad someone else thinks so too!

  10. More lesbian pocky scenes are always welcome.

  11. Although this is totally unrelated to this post, I think Haruhi season 2 has just begun, there is rejoicing to be had.

  12. The month of Mio ends with the eternal summer of Haruhi.

  13. I was just about to ask what’s up with this “new Haruhi” episode I’ve heard about . . .

  14. Jason, you have me trained so well– as soon as I saw the new Haruhi episode, I came running to your blog.

  15. Ditto. Although I kind of wanted Kadokawa to troll us again, soaring to unheard of heights of dickery with another pull-the-football-away move. Am I sick in the head?

    I predict Kadokawa will make sure every new episode is packaged with old ones (current broadcast order would cover that), forcing people to buy the same material twice.

  16. I like how when I began reading this post ‘Paradise Lost’ started up on my playlist.

  17. @Niles,

    That’s true and ingenious. I just don’t know why they kept the lid on it. I mean there was hint but there was never a full announcement of when they would be broadcasting the new series. You think if they wanted hype they would have told us the first episode was coming out. Still it was really fun to see it and I have to give KyoAni a lot of credit for sticking to the original story. I also can say that they almost have to replay the whole thing in chronological order otherwise people would be confused. The last season was fine as was, but continuity becomes a bigger deal with the new content.

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