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High rez.

Mr.K : I really doubt you’ll be blogging by 2011. Reason, death by overdose of moe and traps.

I think being hired as “Creative Director, Sunrise Inc.” is a more realistic scenario. YES WE CAN!

(In fact, I have a pitch for a new Gundam series. It’s going to be slice-of-life crossed with giant mecha… following the adventures of four girls as they enroll in a military academy. Instead of a long 50 episode long mishmash opera, it’s going to be episodic like Darker Than Black where every story can be resolved in neat hour long chunks.)

Neriya: I don’t envy KyoAni. Like cheez-it said they have a massive amount to do to meet expectations. And also I’m now watching the series with knowledge of the novels too…

Just interesting because in 2006, School Rumble S2 was the hot property, and people thought I was crazy for picking Haruhi ahead of it. Now, I think Haruhi is where School Rumble S2 was back in 2006… with Eden of the East being the clubhouse leader. I’d even say K-On! is more interesting just because I know what happens in Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, and nothing Haruhi does there tops what Sawa-chan has unleashed so far. And, really, there’s no way Kyoto was topping either Hare Hare Yukai or Don’t say “lazy”… that’s like Apple trying to top the iPhone.

My expectations are actually quite low… I’m not expecting an A+, let’s just say that.

(Though I love Haruhi-chan. There’s something to be said about not knowing what happens next… maybe this will teach me to read. Kids, reading is bad! Don’t do it! Stop reading this post for Oyashiro-sama’s sake!)


CharmedOutlaw: Sorry to tell you this but Duke Nukem Forever is never coming out since the company went belly up

Why do you think I mentioned it… connect the dots, man.

Giant Humanoid Robot: Anyone else think Kyoto Animation should use the sliders angle to do a crossover à la Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle? Who wouldn’t want a canonical team up of Haruhi and Konata bullying Kotomi and Mio?

I’d rather see Key produce an All-Stars game like Super Robot Wars. Basically, it’s a standard eroge, only the hero will occasionally warp in haremettes from other Key games. By doing this, the hero’s harem selection will change as all of the haremettes indigenous to the hero’s world will be offspring of the pairings from other Key games. For example, let’s say that one of the potential haremettes in the beginning was Ushio. If, by whatever chance, the hero warps in Nagisa, then Ushio would fade out of the game and be replaced with Kotomi-chan Jr. (Fuko Jr. if you really screw up) or something.

zoupzuop2: The art quality is my only real disappointment. It’s only juuuust noticeably lower than the first season, and you can tell in less than a few seconds that they’re working on K-On at the same time.

I think everyone has been watching the MX version, since that’s the one that airs first (and the ones 80% of the fansubbers use). I watched the D-TVS airing, and it’s fantastic. The art quality is the same as the first season, only one major thing happened since 2006. A lot of studios have caught up or surpassed Kyoto, including Production IG and Sunrise. Watching Haruhi after, oh, Eden of the East is a different beast than watching Haruhi after, oh, School Rumble S2.

Also, Kyoto choose to keep the character designs the same as the first season. I like this decision because I’m not fond of the Minami-ke approach where each season has its own stupid art style. There’s something good about continuity. This also means they pretty much locked into the same level of details that they had before, which isn’t a big deal except detail levels generally increase as animation becomes more modern. As a result, you can tell that more lines are used to draw Mio’s hair than Mikuru’s.


Rajion: Move over, Mio May, Suzumiya Spring and Summer is upon us and is going to steamroll you.


(And you got your event name wrong… May is the Month of Mio.)

Gorbash Kazdar: KyoAni really needs to get a farm team going. They’ve got too many major league titles (Haruhi, Full Metal Panic!, Mio, etc) already; they need to send some of them back down to AAA for a while. I guess the question is, who do we want as the Pawtucket to Kyoto Animation’s Red Sox?

They don’t need a farm. What they’re doing now is the right thing: making another studio team like how Sunrise has multiple teams (one works on Gundam, one works on Code Geass, one works on Mai Otome/Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo). Three years ago, Kyoto basically just had one team, and as such, they basically worked a season, took a season off. Now, you can tell their staffing levels went up as K-On! has basically a new team with some promotions from the old Clannad team to new jobs and new hires whereas Haruhi is worked on by the old Haruhi staff.

(Though I’m disappointed no one remembered my sarcastic jokes about how Aya Hirano isn’t involved in K-On! because she’s too busy recording the sequel to Raki Suta… even pointing out later on what I meant by “Lucky Star”. Sigh.)

Alex Lam: After reading Yuki’s wishes, one does wonder if she is one of those “beings” earthlings in Gundam 00 is awaiting to meet with…

No, Gundam 00‘s movie is actually to resolve Prince of Darkness. Damn it, that’s a sequel that needs making.


Ministro: I bust gut when I spotted the book Yuki was reading: “Time Enough for Love”, By Robert A Heinlein. although “Door into Summer” might have been a better choice given the methods of time travel used…

Damn, completely forgot my Heinlein… was Time Enough for Love or Stranger in a Strange Land the one about the genderswap? Maybe that’s what Kyoto is trying to imply. (Thinly veiled excuse to work some Kyonko into this post. You can thank me later. After you enjoyed a bowl of rice.)

Myssa Rei: (To arms! To truth! To faith! For the truth has been revealed, and the Goddess is amongst us again! For she will liberate us, with her holy sword and cleansing fire, from our bassist overlords, for now the faithful can rally again to her mega-tsundere banner.)

Yep… illa es meus lector.

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  1. Ah, the ‘Reply to Haruhi Episode’ posts, how have I missed thee…

    Interesting for you to note about the quality of KyoAni’s works, as the other studios really HAVE surpassed them in that aspect (Eden of the East is too amazing, really), but at least they’re consistent about it.

    Speaking of which… Stratos is back! I was wondering where a.f.k. went, but lo and behold…

  2. Staring Kyonko’s panties in that last pic (I just realized who kyonko is…), I just noticed that I haven’t seen Kyon’s Imouto yet and am looking forward to it.
    I need to read up on Freud to analyze what I just wrote. ORZ

  3. Oh, and Haruka does Flotation Devices better (why do I want to cap those words?). Mio with such huge assets is… off.

  4. … Though, I was kind of wondering why not one reply from the last post mentioned anything about the fact that, well, Yamakan isn’t around for this iteration of Haruhi. Lack of choreographed dancing aside (which got transposed over to Kannagi, of all places) of course.

  5. To your reply, Mio May just makes more sense to me then May is the Month of Mio. And Suzumiya doesn’t go with August. Damn, i could have done Midsummer Mikuru instead. Oh well. I’m going back to my batcave to pray at the Gods/Jupiter for a FMP season by 2011.

  6. Ooh, didn’t notice the Kyonko pic (stupid offiice settings and not displaying any pictures). Which reminds me… Nah, that would just be too weird. Plus, KyoAni isn’t like SHAFT (who really seem to be spending too much time on 2chan given the amount of references they squeeze into the series), and I doubt that the author would even think of giving the meme-makers recognition.

  7. At least Haruhi-2 is better than Haruhi-1-and-a-million-fanmade-images :)
    Enjoy while you can.

  8. Yup, Time Enough for Love has some genderswapping. Although, it’s pretty sad, but not unexpected, that you made that connection.

  9. Time Enough for Love also has the main character banging his own mother during a trip to the past…

  10. Time Enough for Love is proof that Heinlein is broken in more than some ways.

    But its not like KyoAni has shut off its ears to memes, I mean look at the Churuya web shorts and Lucky Star in general (although Lucky Star runs off that stuff, so maybe they purposely went to research)

  11. >> Decel: Staring Kyonko’s panties in that last pic (I just realized who kyonko is…), I just noticed that I haven’t seen Kyon’s Imouto yet and am looking forward to it.
    That has to be one of the oddest reasons for remembering something I have seen yet….
    It is very good for Suzumiya to be back. I must admit, I was almost drained of life a week ago. I was barely able to be bothered to stay awake at work. And then my twitter flared, and then I saw something mentioning new Haruhi. And the ball dropped. I remembered. I remembered what was coming out. Its like in that instant I was filled with energy (no doubt from Haruhi-sama’s piercing glare) and re-found my myself. I cursed myself for forgetting, for neglecting to remember the promised day was upon us. But there was not much time for that, as I needed to start downloading. Which I did. Twice, even. And after digging up a sub-par quality pair of headphones from the back of the IT equipment shelf, I plugged them in and ate my lunch at my new laptop, taking in the (low quality) glory of new Suzumiya.
    The amount of Mikuru cowering, searching for the TPDD, and even waking up was cute. Cant deny that.
    And its good to see a.f.k subs back. But I wish he would release MKV’s for his subs. Then again, Meh. I know this will be picked up by the US soon enough. So Stratos will be my Japanese episode provider, and I will get the DVD’s at a later date. *downloads afk sub to laptop*
    Huh. I just noticed something Funny\odd. I got a new laptop recently. I named it according to its role. It is a powerhouse of speed, backed up by an almost lazy method of use. It will watch plenty of anime, and will indulge my MMORPG playing….
    I named it Konata.
    And now, any file I select on the computer has the “Owner” set to “Konata\Cyclops”… Very ironic since I looked at it while I had [a.f.k.] The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2 – 01.avi selected.
    (makes sense. Im sure I would have the same set of files as her.)
    (My old laptop was called Kyon. Because it was a not-so-powerful system that followed me everywhere, carrying my stuff and being treated like a bag of potatoes…. In the end, I was storing some pretty important stuff on it, so it in a way was very important.)
    Myssa Rei: It is now time for the legions to march forth. The wait has been long, but now only the true devoted remain! Our just cause has only gotten stronger in time. Little, Brown has brought our scripture to print, and Bandai Entertainment have spread our tales wide and far. Many of our number, me included, have turned to corrupted versions of the teaching. But the call of the true Goddess has been heard. As the second dawn is upon us, we shall not give up, for we knew the day would come where we could once more raise our red banners high. All hail the Messiah. All hail Haruhi!

  12. Also his clone twin daughters. It’s basically Heinlein’s book about how taboos are silly and you should feel free to sleep with anyone. Not that I necessarily disagree in theory, but…I felt dirty after reading it.

  13. I love how you’re still angry about nadesico. I’d be a about as thrilled to see more of Ruri as I was to see a new season of slayers come out. Given how often the industry makes a blatant Ruri clone character some designers out there must feel the same way. We need more of Captain Ruri sitting at in command staff meetings. We need more Yurika being Yuika moments. We need a Gai vs Kamina zombie gar off. And for the love of we need more Izumi jokes. (and more cow bell)

  14. I favor Haruhi over Mio… unless Haruhi starts wearing ridiculously small hats. In that case, nuts to both of them and back to Ama and Asa.

  15. Kyonko et. al are basically in an alternate world – which means if they somehow appeared in the actual series they’d be the sliders Haruhi keeps asking for. Come on, KyoAni, don’t disappoint Her! Bring Kyonko over!

  16. While Time Enough For Love does have some genderswapping ,as has been pointed out, you’re probably thinking of “I Will Fear No Evil”.

  17. >> Now, I think Haruhi is where School Rumble S2 was back in 2006…

    Please no! There’s a sequel that killed the franchise for me. Though that was probably more the fault of the source materials one step forward and two steps back approach to story progression.

    >>Like how Sunrise has multiple teams (one works on Gundam, one works on Code Geass, one works on Mai Otome/Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo)

    All of whom look over each others shoulders and give helpful comments like “needs moar explosions” and “Wait, isn’t that a continuation of the plotline you used last episode? The viewers will have forgotten it by now!”. Jason for Ultra Director.

    >> Yep… illa es meus lector.

    You’ve done it now. Prepare for floods of latin spam.

  18. Neriya: Nihil declarandum.

  19. Some rather ominous statements there, but justified.

    Perhaps three years was just too long to wait for the second coming? Now they have to contend with higher production quality at other studios and a fanbase that, for the most part, knows exactly what to expect.

    Of course, I doubt this spells a death-knell for the series, but you think that maybe these factors kneecapped it a tad?

  20. If you are looking for gender swaps, I would really advise reading “All You Zombies” also by RAH. TEFL does have some gender swap though and indeed some time traveling.

  21. Enjoy the “Month of Mio” while you can, K-on fans. Come late August, when the Disappearance episodes start airing, that overrated whore of a bassist will be forgotten and the only girl on the minds of the otaku horde will be a cute, shy little purple-haired bookworm. Mark my words…

  22. Not forgotten. Because we already praise the Nagato, but thus the Mio will be added to the list for the future membership in the KyoAni Empire.

  23. Hey, Cyclops, how do you name your laptop o_o?

    Thanks in advance.

    I don’t think that this season will be anywhere near as good as the first one, but still be in that “above average” range. Not as good as a good ol’ Gundam trainwreck though.

  24. >> They don’t need a farm. What they’re doing now is the right thing: making another studio team like how Sunrise has multiple teams

    My bad, I somehow forgot they were doing that when I made my post. But doesn’t KyoAni’s second production team fit the farm team analogy even better? They get to develop talent in a lower risk setting, and eventually promote the ones who deliver to the big leagues (primary production team), and it’s all under the umbrella of the same organization.

    On a separate thought, after I made the first post I spent the rest of the day thinking about how SHnY is the Manny Ramirez of anime series. Top tier talent, totally unpredictable in a way that delights fans and enrages detractors, spends more time working on the little things than usually recognized (hitting/background animation), better throwing arm/plot than expected underneath the wackiness, and prone to disappearing for long stretches for no logical reason. S2 is even going away for a stretch in the middle of the summer.

    After that I started to try and assign the other KyoAni franchises to players. K-On! is Evan Longoria – lots of potential, shows flashes of greatness, hasn’t put it all together yet, has occasional moments of ineptitude, on a team that’s moving in the right direction but not quite there. Full Metal Panic! is Jason Bay – a very good but not great player on an inferior team who made the leap after joining a contender. Lucky Star is Dustin Pedroia – does more with less, somewhat of a slow starter, is either overrated or underrated and no one is really sure which.

    I wanted to go with the level players are currently at, but Derek Jeter back in his prime is too perfect for Clannad. Simultaneously recognized as being great yet manages to exceed expectations, does almost everything the right way, has a glaring weakness that gets glossed over (defensive mobility/Nagisa ending). As an added bonus, the After Story has the potential to match with the current Jeter – survives mostly on reputation and way overrated, but sometimes still manages to remind you of past greatness.

    I haven’t figured out Kanon yet.

    Also, I’m insane.

  25. Oh you guys……..
    I love both shows, and will add them both to my anime harem.
    Good show’s never die. Just look at my Strike Witches and Rozen Maiden image folder if you don’t believe me.
    Speaking of which, an Obligatory…

  26. Re:
    Kyonko et. al are basically in an alternate world – which means if they somehow appeared in the actual series they’d be the sliders Haruhi keeps asking for. Come on, KyoAni, don’t disappoint Her! Bring Kyonko over!

    It’s fairly clear that Kyon is the slider, although if the author will ever reveal it as such is a good question. You don’t start a series with “1,2,3,4”, then introduce 1,2, and 3, but not 4. I think, if it’s ever revealed, that it’ll be done very tastefully (because the stories are THAT GOOD).

  27. The Endless Wait seem to have ended.

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