eden of the east 8

With 75% less Johnnies and 200% more jealousy than the previous episode.


Look, Ohsugi, I know it sucks that the girl you like is fond of someone else. It happens. Maybe you didn’t strike while the iron was hot (you couldn’t have gotten Saki drunk somewhere while you were in NY?), or maybe she’s just not that into you. But you can’t think that if Taki goes away, Saki will be all yours. She won’t.

(I’ve watched enough of The Bachelor to know that the “she’s not who she think she is” behind the back comments don’t work. And that’s kinda what Ohsugi is doing. You know what works? A sense of humor, non-insane look in the eyes, and ample hopes and dreams… but not sure how these apply to Ohsugi without making things worse… mmm…)

Best case scenario, you chase Taki away, but there’s yet another guy you gotta deal with after that. And Saki will always have some resentment that you pushed Taki away.

Worst case scenario: you’re exposed as a conniving jealous ingrate. Fantastic.


Of course, may favorite subplot of this season is how Saki is juggling three men, yet Sawa-chan can’t find a boyfriend. Only in anime does the normal girl who wears jeans under her skirt for a week in a row get fought over instead of the deliciously proportioned, costume raping-crazed teacher.

(Of course, only in anime can we have a cell phone that never runs out of power. Oh wait, neither does Jack Bauer’s on 24. Scratch that.)


“Eden of the East” sounds like a great name for a band… though sounds horrible for a search engine. Names are important… “Boobie Gibson” and “Adam Morrison” just don’t sound inspiring or intimidating. What would you call their company? I would definitely have to go for “Johnny5” or “Johnny Love”.

(I’m dreading “Afternoon Tea Time”… while it fits, I really think they should be called “Mio and the Nekomimi Meido Band”.)

(*snip* I went on a K-On! rant… I’ll save it for another post…)

(Probably shouldn’t use a “snip” emote for an Eden of the East post…)


I gotta say… it takes a certain set of balls to name yourself “Panties.” (Definitely bigger than using a Mariya gravatar for this site.) Though he takes a liking to Micchon more than Saki, which doesn’t surprise me as maybe NEETs prefer the short, DFC build (and hence why JC Staff endlessly trots this body type out). And, yes, I thought he would have opened the door immediately if Micchon were wearing Azusa’s nekomimi.


Eden of the East is pretty enough that I’m so tempted to slip a screenplay to Production IG and Kamiyama about cyborgs and government conspiracies originating from a hidden complex under Grand Teton National Park.


So pretty… I wondered three years ago if anyone could surpass Kyoto Animation. I wonder who can surpass Production IG? It has to be Sunrise, right? They’ve been making the biggest jump (from the endless loops of Archangel getting rocked by missiles to how well 00 S2 was done). Though I’m secretly hoping for Lucky Star 2011 to blow everything out of the water in an alpha dog defining moment for Kyoto, much like Jordan leading the 95-96 Bulls to 41-3 and dominating the playoffs.

(Bonus points if Tsukasa gives Mio a Mutumbo-class finger wag.)


Though Production IG needs to work on their moe levels. I think Kamiyama needs a fashion and moe czar more than I do.


“A man’s jealousy is so unsightly.”

That’s not a quote from Eden of the East. That’s from the stereotypical gay guy from Valkyria Chronicles, but I think it works better for this show. Though I know what Ohsugi’s problem is: his cheeks are so damn red, he looks like Bozo the Clown. No wonder Saki is giving him the, “Let’s stay friends” treatment.


Wait, so what happened to Kuroha after the previous episode? I was hoping for some resolution of that arc beyond Taki hallucinating about Johnnies.

(I wonder what did Kuroha do with all those, uh, snipped Johnnies? Did she toss them out? Have Juiz deal with their disposal? Mount them in a frame like how Welkin mounts butterflies in frames? Turn them into Soylent Johnny?)

(The $100,000 question: what needs to take place to get Mio to start hallucinating about Johnnies? And why haven’t we started on this plan yet?)


What self-respecting NEET otaku/nerd/Unix guru would have a boxed copy of CentOS lying around? (Third box from the bottom.) BitTorrent it!


“Earth” shows up a lot during this episode as decorative text (earlier on Micchon’s sweatshirt). Wonder does this have any meaning. Also, Panties is wearing a Cincinnati Reds T-shirt. I’m not sure what to do with this information… I don’t think I have ever met a Cincinnati Reds fan before.


Loved Taki’s smile during this scene. The only way it could have been better is if he went “Nii-pah!” I think for season two of Eden of the East, we need to do a couples competition and pair up Taki with Sawa-chan. I guarantee results.

Niles: Is this what Sawako-sensei is going to turn into in a couple of years?

If. There. Is. A. God.

Rajion: It seems like he’s now playing Monopoly. Great, now i have Juiz speaking Monopoly in my head. “Noblesse oblige. Please go directly to jail. Do not collect 20000 yen.” Oh my god! Mr Monopoly is Mr Outside! Now it all makes sense! “Noblesse oblige. Please continue buying Mediteranian and Baltic Avenue for the sake of Monopoly Slum Lordship.”

Yep… these are my readers.

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  1. Please tell me I’m not the only one getting entirely confused by this show. I’m digging it but how they have a hell of a lot to explain in 3 episodes, even with a movie.

  2. “Panties” is played by Nobuyuki Hiyama, aka “Viral,” aka “Guy Shishioh,” aka “Adult Link,” aka “that guy with the kickass yell.”

  3. Lucky Star 2011

    Oh HELL NO. Please don’t give them ideas. At least let them finish FMP and Little Busters! first.

    …”Panties” looks like me. OHSHI-

  4. Naoh: I am getting the feeling that they’re going to leave quite a few things unexplained. We haven’t even seen half of the selecao yet. If we doidn’t know a movie was coming up I’d say that by now a second season would be guaranteed; however there seems to be too much stuff for a movie to go over properly. We’re still in the “finding more questions to ask” phase and the show’s almost over. Not that it seems too willing to explain anything.

    Oh, and anyone else see that Eden of the East search engine potentially running afoul of privacy laws, especially if it is storing personal data…

  5. >The only way it could have been better is if he went “Nii-pah!”
    Frederica Bernkastel (Witch Rika) does a Nii-Pah here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC9hNTampmg

  6. @Northernshadows
    Eden of the east search engine is a stalker’s best friend. Imagine the possibilities! “Point, focus and stalk! – Eden of the east, making stalking easier!” It would also make raito’s death note easier to use. The possibilities, oh the possibilities…

  7. “I wonder what did Kuroha do with all those, uh, snipped Johnnies? Did she toss them out? Have Juiz deal with their disposal? Mount them in a frame like how Welkin mounts butterflies in frames? Turn them into Soylent Johnny?”
    Just a sick possibility, but if you are really that curious rewatch episode 5. You can clearly see that her steak is rare… *hint* *hint*.

  8. I have to stick up for Ohsugi a bit. It’s not that he’s a likable character because he’s not. But if it’s the open running joke of the club that he’s into her, why doesn’t she just tell him straight up that she’s not into him? The only benefit of the current situation is the slight possibility instead of getting more emo about it he’ll go full on yandere mode.

  9. word never seen a Reds fan before actually he looks like a young John Kruk LOL and yeah Ohsugi got to how can I say this STOP BEING A BITCH AND MAN UP you cant get the girl move on cause seeing a girl jealous thats hilarious a guy thats just sad and equally hilarious

  10. A guy with no pants and a girl who likes to snip off “Johnnies”. This could be a very dangerous pairing.

  11. I’m with naoh, this show seems to just pile on the confusion and then take its sweet time in doling out any explanation.

    On the Ohsugi front while I’m not really in his camp for Saki’s love (I think she should just be alone until she’s had some character growth) but I do respect him for being that nagging voice in the show that says “Hey, maybe the random amnesiac rich guy who lives in a run down mall and has a magic cell phone might warrant some serious looking into before hopping into his van and eating his candy”. I wish cautious or suspicious characters didn’t get such a bad rap all the time in fiction, especially when the audience is also unaware of the truth behind the target of their suspicion.

  12. >>(I wonder what did Kuroha do with all those, uh, snipped Johnnies?

    Put out a new line of leather handbags, belts, boots, etc? She is in the fashion industry…

  13. “Panties” is played by Nobuyuki Hiyama, aka “Viral,” aka “Guy Shishioh,” aka “Adult Link,” aka “that guy with the kickass yell.”

    Ya, I noticed that right off the bat. Very, very odd role compared to his others, reminiscent of Kakihara Tetsuya’s chift from Simon to Fujioka.

    And again with those creepy skinned skeletons with like, mask faces. . . *shudders*

  14. >>And again with those creepy skinned skeletons with like, mask faces. . . *shudders*

    And Taki calls them “Johnny.” I didn’t think much of that the first time they appeared, but it takes on a whole new light after the past couple of eps. I’ve heard of people anthropomorphizing their genitalia, but if that’s the way he does…

  15. “Panties” is played by Nobuyuki Hiyama, aka “Viral,” aka “Guy Shishioh,” aka “Adult Link,” aka “that guy with the kickass yell.”

    You forgot Madarame from Genshiken, so it’s not like there’s no precedent for this kind of character.

    I wonder if they actually modeled the Pantsu after him, cos the resemblance is uncanny.

  16. I think Production I.G. has a ways to go on their actual animation before I can hand them the crown. Backgrounds, CG, their whole graphic design is outstanding, really really good. When their animation starts conveying the same level of emotion as their CG, it will be neat.

    They loose points for their CG lego figure like crowd swarms in some of their backgrounds. Come on you can make more fluid walk cycles than that.

  17. Lucky Star 2011… I don’t think I can wait that long, can’t we have a Lucky Star 2009 too? :P

    Hasn’t anyone wondered how Saki moved a naked Taki? Then again, she’s already seen it enough in the first ep.

    Ohsugi isn’t only jealous, but a bit too proud for his own good. If he seriously thinks he can get Saki that way, then sad to say he will never be anything more than just good friends to her.

  18. Panties looks like an unbearded Jack Black…

    does Black have any connection to Cincinnati? ;-)

  19. AWESOME blog; You’re absolutely hilarious, I LOL’d so many times – especially at the CentOS comment and the “Soylent Johnnies.” XDDDD


  20. I guess i am one of your readers.

    The reason you havn’t met any Red’s fans is because all the cool kids follow the indians and cry in their cups of beer when they have a terrible season that, for whatever reason, is going on. Maybe Taki could bribe the indians into winning. But then we would have a field of dreams situation. But salinger would be kidnapped and we would see the ghosts of dead baseball players.

    Wait, what if that’s a plan for japan. Not to bribe baseball, but to revitalize sports and draw all of japan into one last game… where they force kidnaped Salinger to play.

    What did i just write?

  21. It took me a while to finally watch the episode (finals) but I just wanted to let you know, Saki isn’t wearing a skirt over jeans in this episode. It is a tunic (a really long shirt) and jeans. Very in style, especially with her layering of clothes.

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