rie kugimiya continues being a busy woman

Question: is Rie Kugimiya less or more important to JC Staff as Aya Hirano is to Kyoto Animation? I’d say more, just because Rie’s the linchpin of their wrathful DFC system the last few years whereas Kyoto has a lot of franchises that do just fine without Aya (Clannad, Fuwa Fuwa Metal Panic)… though I think Don’t say “lazy” is just an A+++ now but could be an A+++++ in Aya’s hands. Anyway, we’re getting a third season of Shana anime. This is as surprising as finding out that Kate and Jon are having marriage issues.

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  1. YES!!!!! I heard it here first! I haven’t had an overload of real Shana Urasais in a long time…

  2. 3rd Shana?
    They are truly milking the series.

  3. Hopefully this’ll be an improved over the yawn-inducing start of the second season.

  4. A lot of people dropped Shana thanks to the horrible first half of season 2, even after it picked itself up afterwards. JC Staff is going to need to come up with a really strong opening to win fans back or risk killing the series.

    I think Kugimiya Rie is JC’s bread and butter :P

  5. While i’m stoked for a 3rd, and hopefully better season than the last of Shana, is it so wrong that i’m more stoked for the 2nd season of Haruka-chan and her extremely hot loli pervert of a sister?

    There surely is a level of hell reserved just for me.

  6. I don’t really care too much about the series proper, but if it means more shana-tan ova’s then it’s aaaaaalllllllll good.

  7. There’s been some speculation in a few boards that it may be a reboot FMA:B style, considering how much they screwed up the adaptation in the first 2 seasons, and how difficult it’d be to continue using them as source material with all the changes they did.

  8. How does Shana keep getting sequels, while O-Haruhi-Sama only gets like 10 episodes “added” to a re-broadcast?! How has Shana managed to go so long without a) him revealing ANYTHING or b) anybody coming to an actual decision via their convoluted love-pentagon?!

    The wrath and the fury… I’m going to go and watch something mind numbing for a while….

  9. They should just do the whole season Shana-tan style.

  10. >> O-Haruhi-Sama only gets like 10 episodes

    28 – 14 = 10??? I knew things were bad in American schools, but this is ridiculous. 14 is already more than what we got for Kamen no Maid Guy.

    There’s been some speculation in a few boards that it may be a reboot FMA:B style

    Wishful thinking. You reboot a few years after you finish off the story. That’s how you properly milk a franchise. I’m with the people calling for a season of Shana-tan… though I really want a Shana-tan, Canadian-tan, and Index-tan crossover where the three compete Toradora-style for Gan-chan.

  11. Rie Kugimiya leaving JC Staff would definitely be far more painful to them than a global recession.

    A 3rd season? Meh. Until the associated Shana-tans come out.

    Speaking of which, Shana-tan also appears to be Keima’s next target in TWGOK (well, ish).

  12. I though she reminded me more of Evangeline, if only in appearance and art style. (Latest TWGOK)

    And jason, how could you not do a TWGOK update post especially with ch.42s gold. All of elsee’s fire truck files had me rolling. More people need to enjoy this. The word must be spread!

  13. I’m kind of happy that they got so many not-often-used voices for K-ON! still myself. Since I think too much of a voice is a problem sometimes. That and its always good to give new actors a chance instead of just falling back on the old faithfuls.

    I mean, I love Aya, just not sure if “don’t say lazy” would of really been much better myself. I like variety in my voices damn it!

    Not much else useful here I guess. Just some thoughts.

    ANd stuff.

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